Ashbourne Community College, Co. Meath


Try It

She has a radiant smile  

She has a glow that makes others around her happy  

She has a natural look and long flowing hair the reaches half way down her back  

She is friends with nearly everyone except the girls who envy her  

She helps any of her friends who need her and always makes sure they’re happy  

Yet no one sees if she’s happy  

She sees a therapist every two weeks  

Her parents fear her problems will consume her one day  

She stays at home all the time apart from when she’s at school 

That natural look she has, took her an hour to make 

She feels a pressure to look good  

But that pressure, she created  

Her worst enemy is her mind 

Worrying thoughts that devour her realistic ones 

She cries a lot but hides it in fear on being a burden to the ones she loves  

She feels lonely though she has many friends  

She feels unloved  

You could change that  

All it takes is one simple question to make someone feel good 

To feel   

“How are you?” 

Try it.  



Life is Strange

Life puts so much pressure on people

Its expect so much and gives very

Little back

As a teenager you’re judged on looks,

And as an adult you’re judged on bucks

If you don’t drink you get called names

And if you do then you get called names

“Life is strange.”


In The World Today

In the world today no one knows

Who’s good or bad

Because apparently they’re all good

Just protecting the peace.

Yet by protecting the peace

They just cause more violence

by bombing.

Zak Ghazouani


Every day I come into this place,

But people still think that I’m not great.

I work hard every single day,

But sometime this just doesn’t pay.

I can’t keep the pressure off my mind,

And it gets worse every single time.

Test it’s what they call our biggest challenge,

But really they don’t care what actually happens.

So I say we do it at our own pace,

And don’t care about what others might say.

Slow and steady will win the race

So stop pressuring yourself from today!

Jack Lee

Leaving School

If school is not for you

Just leave when you’re 16

Get a job

It will be grand

Do what you want

Don’t let anyone change your mind

Do what makes you happy

And your life will be grand



Why the Department of Education is a Department of Corruption

Maths. English. Irish.

All compulsory subjects required for admission to any college.

You want to do an arts degree?

Get at least a C3 in higher level Math.

You want to become the next great mathematician?

Learn endless lines of quotation from Hamlet or Macbeth.

What have they got to do with my future career you might ask?


Absolutely nothing.

Yet the Department of Education has made these subjects compulsory regardless of your choice in career.

You will not get your degree for food science based on your ability to put Pythagoras’ theorem to use or to solve an algebraic equation.

Your ability to use key poetic techniques will decipher whether or not you pursue your dreams.

This is all thanks to the education system set by none other than the Department of Education.

Emma Bruun



It surrounds me

I can feel it

It takes over

It feels normal

Like its natural

I’m not trying to get rid of it

I’m not talking to anybody

I probably should

I still can

Its not too late

Its never too late….



Growing up as a kid, I lived with my mam and dad, they were young

Grew up in the worst part of Dublin, amongst the scum

Living in a crappy estate with a drug dealer next door

Having to listen to fights from the second floor

But one night a gun shot came through the road

The dealer was killed, everybody was told

It was an accident, well we all know what really happened there

None of that bull sh*t, the house was for sale in fear

Two weeks later my mam and dad got married

Moved to a brand new house it was small but happy

There was two shops but nothing else around it was sorta crappy

Knowing where my mam and dad came from they turned their noses at us

Hear us talking and assumed that we were trouble there was such a fuss

But to be honest schools did reject me simply for the reason of the name of my family

But im not like the rest I swear were different the persecution trailed onwards

Getting called useless, a menace, and everything else our appearance was looked over

The humans on a shelf

Skip to a new school I’m a little bit older

Now I had one friend ’cause everyone else gave me the cold shoulder

He stood up for me when times got really rough

But I’d get into a fight when I thought enough was enough

Black eyes, bruises, every name under the sun

All because when it came to knowledge I was number 1

But one day he just moved away, the bullies closed in on my and still to this day

I want to hurt them as they did to me

I’m sick of this game… but they cant see me bleed.

Got depression, my mam and dad were always fighting, because for my dad the smell of alcohol was just too inviting

I turned to food I ate my way out but apparently that puts on weight… did you know that?

And everyday I walked back into school to talk to my teachers but even they didn’t care

I went home and locked my bedroom door turn on my PS1 and escape to a world

These games, a piece of code can change the way I feel

Those images were worth more than words.

Five years passed and by then I was hooked, I was fished out from the real world and thrown into books

But the games were always there for me cause when I game, my imagination is set free

Art and music were once to me meaningless

Now  a way to escape everything, no more nothing less

I got my dad to play games we bonded he became more than just a shadow

My mam heard the laughs and came into the room

And suddenly everything felt so new

Because of games life has never been so good

Think of this before you call those guys a bunch of nerds.



Americans (North)

North Americans in general are pretty stupid with the gun control which is pretty much none existent and a lot say they preach to the lord and they believe in god and all that but the reality is if Jesus came back today he would not be able to get an American visa.

And then there’s the whole f**k up in the Middle East they needed oil so the crash to planes into iconic building and use it to launch there crusade in the Middle East.

It was an brilliant political move by Bush but the war has dragged on and on its expected to cost the government over 10 billion dollars that’s enough money to wipe out world hunger.

The people there live every day in fear that one day out of nowhere a missile will come crashing through there ceiling killing their entire family.

There were 4 people on Americas kill list after 9/11 but today there thousands so they are accomplishing nothing as for every tourist they kill they create 2 more.

This is a lot like there war on drugs the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result and this is why I think that the American people in general are stupid.

Steven Carragher

What is life?

Opinions are not facts

You can be who you want to be

A statue has never been erected for a critic

Live your life the way you want because there’s no reset button.

Jesse Keogh



I hate the way we are judged in school by teachers

Just because you like to have a bit of banter in class doesn’t mean that you’re a waster or a messer

Some times we have to have fun

You cant spend your life not living to the fullest,

Then they wonder why we judge them after them giving us notes in our journal.

If you have something going in your life don’t take it out on your students

We get judged all the time by teachers

We cant do anything about it because they’re the ones in power.



Society says ‘be yourself’ but how can you, when society’s the one who closes your mind off

The media straps you to a chair and brainwashes you to think that ‘perfect’ is somewhere between 2 tonnes of makeup and a stick-thin figure,

We’re put on a diet of magazines and ‘role models’ who think skipping a meal is more important than the person they are inside, that being original isn’t acceptable.

But what if you’d rather be an unknown artist than Van Gogh

A fish launching out into the open water than to follow a school of fish.

But we have to be ‘perfect’ right?

We continue on to be brainwashed zombies with only one goal in our minds,


Nessa McHugh

Step Parent

Dad left when I was 5 years old,

Always wondered, was it because I didn’t do as I was told?

It wasn’t my fault, everyone knew that but me

I felt like I was the one who should be saying sorry

Stayed living with Nana for the next 3 years

Going into school every day trying to hide the tears

Began to fear the interaction, nobody knew

What the hell I was going through.

Teachers always claiming they know how I feel

It was a never ending circle, felt like a cart wheel

Then I changed school again

Had to go and make a load of new friends

It really felt like the beginning of the end

Left the old friends behind, then got back onto the daily grind

Then came stepdad or as I used to say step-prick

No one could replace dad, calling him that made me feel sick

Not long after we were like best friends

But unfortunately that’s not the happy end

Dad came back one day and after not too long

I was starting to sing a different song

Arguing every day, getting real thick

And that’s when I started calling him step dick

Dad comes maybe a couple times a year

It’s step-dick’s fault that he wasn’t here

I’m screaming on the inside

But no one can hear.

Dad, I wish you were here…



From the white zone house, or so people think, to the hell-hole prison, we call school.

From the late night thoughts, to the stomach of knots.

From the judgement and tears, with the hope to disappear.

To the life at home, no one understands.

From the urge to cry, knowing your still here.

From the fake smile on your face, only wanting to be free.

Knowing you spend the majority of your life in school, no time to be you.

Stuck it studying, resulting to stress.

Exams making you cry, people expecting the best.

Only to be disappointed, loose their train of thought.

Feeling like a disappointment, only to give up.

School can ruin somebody, as it done to me.

Life’s hard being a teenager, no one seems to listen.

Not wanting to be around, not like you’d be missed.

You then fall into depression, scared not knowing what you feel.

Everything’s then a blur, life seems to fly by.

But your still stuck here, all you can do is cry.

Life’s not easy, but you must go on, Think of your loved ones.

From the safe place people call home, to the prison we call school.

School can cause depression, just like people.

School is irrelevant, just like me.

Leah Connolly

Things that piss me off.

There is a long list of things that piss me off. Such a meaningful thing to say right? But that’s just how it is.

First of all, being a teenager pisses me off. We’re not young enough to enjoy little things like climbing a tree or talking to an imaginary friend and yet not old enough to make our own decisions or be listened to. For example, I live in the countryside and the one thing about it is that it’s so lonely and boring. People don’t think that’s a problem.
They say that “oh, you’re lucky to live in the countryside”, but what they don’t understand is that not being able to talk to anyone but your family can quickly turn from lonely thoughts into real-felt depression. Suddenly, it seems the world doesn’t care anymore and the pain is unbearable.

Not just emotional pain but physical. Along with the thoughts of hopelessness comes a blinding headache and a complete lack of motivation to do anything.

And then the pain goes away and comes the “feeling” of purgatory, or nothingness if you like. And this feeling is worse than anything. All you want to do is feel alive and nothing seems to work.

You want to try anything: drugs, sex, self-harm. Anything. But none of it works of course. Because you’re a f**king teenager. You can’t have sex can you? You have to hide self harm. You don’t have the time or money to do drugs. Again, purgatory. You’re back to the start.

And then of course society is just a mindless, sheep following load of bollocks really. “Oh that person likes this, that clearly means that I have to like it too.”

And it just turns into this contradictory cycle of people doing things they don’t enjoy. Because it’s cool, because it’s what you SHOULD do, because why the f**k would you be able to make your own decisions?

It also seems the brain, or mine at least is constantly arguing with itself, contradicting itself and ultimately ruining itself. For example, you finally begin to enjoy yourself, and then the social side of your brain begins to tell you that it’s pointless, because you won’t be able to use it to your advantage, because it’s not “productive”.

But your brain never tells itself “do this because you enjoy it”. No. Because it seems being productive has now become more important than being happy. Than being healthy.