Presentation Secondary School, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary

My Little Voice

This poem is not romantic, uplifting or amusing but it is honest, the way I try to be.

Stop being unrealistic is what I’ve been told,

As I adventure out on my ‘unrealistic’ goals.

Feck that and feck you for telling me what to do,

I want to make something of myself regardless of my feelings or anyone else.

Pressure isn’t even near to what I feel every day,

As I wipe my tears and act like I’m ok.

Sadness is another word for I can connect with,

Your absence is heart breaking, I just can’t bear with.

Every day is a strain as I decide whether or not to accept the pain,

The sad part is I can’t remember when I last was myself just always feel the same, 

Every time  I answer  a question  I always doubt myself, I know I shouldn’t but it’s become a habit.

My little voice inside my head gets me miserable, depressed, biter and joyless.

Being my own self is just not good enough to me, always have to be better to feel like a somebody.

Well I guess it all comes back to your absence, not getting to say goodbye.

My little old friendly self is not so friendly anymore as I don’t talk about my feelings I keep it behind a closed door,

Yes this is intense, I wish it could not be this way but this is me which I am proud to say.

Getting through each day is a struggle for me but I know there is people worse out there and I wish it could not be.

If I could offer any advice for people out there I would say despite of what you’re going through, there is always somebody there.



The Distant Future

I’m closer now than I’ve ever been,

To what looks like my future.

The unrealistic appealing dream,

To change, yes, my future.


My world is evolving, day by day,

But my body parts they stay the same.

My clothes, my hair, my beard I cant grow,

They’re there, in my future.


The longing I hold, to stay young and not old, 

Prevents me from grasping, a new physical mould.

With no unnecessary breast, just my own chest.

But with all this time, I feel this a crime.


To not pursue what I want.

Why am I holding this front?

Is she that more important?

Well, I suppose it’s apparent

That yes… she simply is.



Always here


I look at you so brave

I look at you staring at the grave

I know you looking 

And I also know you are breaking down.

I’m here for you always and always will be

You’re my best friend and nothing can come between.

I know right now it doesn’t seem real but he will always be there in your dreams.

As from now I’ll always be here, when you’re their shredding a tear. 

Sarah Hawkins.

To dad

Ever since the phone rang that day

And I answered it And it was your best friend

Wanting to speak to mam I knew something was wrong.

I’ll never forget my younger sister

Watching her play outside the window

While mams face got pale on the phone

And the hours between the first phone call

And the second one that where filled with

A little hope and lots of fear

Of what will come.

And in the evening

When she asked me ‘is this real’

And I couldn’t even answer

And the day we saw you for the last time I couldn’t go into the room

I just stood in the door and couldn’t move.

Seeing your hand

The day of the funeral I didnt want to go

And mam was just trying to be strong

For us

Ever since the phone rang that day I miss you more than I can say.



Individuality and Personality


You think you have to be like everyone else,

You don’t have to be skinny, 

You don’t have to have fabulous hair,

You don’t have to have flawless skin,

You don’t have to be like everyone else,

It’s ok not to be skinny, have fabulous or have flawless skin

It’s not all about what on the outside 

The inside counts too 

So it’s ok not to be like everyone else


It’s not all about the looks

It’s all about individuality and personality


Aoife McEntegart

Don’t worry

I want to be happy
I wished I was free
Of my own worries
And dreams of who I want to be

I want to do what I like
Whenever I do
Without having to justify
Myself or being like you

I want to be happy
I don’t want to care
What people think of me
I don’t think its fair

No one should be judged
For the things that they do
Especially if
It does not affect you

Why bother to insult
Other peoples styles
It makes them doubt themselves
And you don’t gain any smiles

Just love the diversity
Admire the colours
They don’t judge you
Don’t you do it to others

Clara Schubert


Never be BeautifulI want to be able to see myself as Beautiful.

I want to be able to like myself.

I want people to like me for me, not for the way my body looks like.

I want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I want to be able to be me without getting judging based on my weight.

As I do not see myself in anyway other the FAT,

I have a big problem when it comes to meeting boys. I have been called fat by boys before. I will always remember it.

It has mentally fucked me up.

I do wish that I could be more confident.

Thanks to society I cannot go out and feel beautiful or pretty or anything other than fat, ugly, whale. When people would complement me over my looks when I sometimes tell them how I’m feeling about the way I look I cannot believe them.

I wish I could but something inside says “no you’re not good enough you will never amount to anything, you will never be beautiful,

you will never be pretty, you will never ever be skinny”.

This is all down to society and its views of beauty.

Society is ugly…

Grace lee 🙂

Christmas Eve

Remember that day,

It was a frosty morning

You sat by that fire waiting for him

It would be hours till he got here

And by that time you’d be dreaming of

The bows and the ribbons on the boxes

That were to come in the A.M


Your were so full of excitement that

Your family were slightly frightened,

You made sure the carrots were fresh

For his arrivement


When you thought of it coming you couldn’t hold on

You burst into a fit of the giggles,

And grabbed your teddy, Wiggles

When your mum told to get to bed

Before he came,


You remember whats coming and find it hard to sleep

Forget the sheep, forget the rest

The only thing you’d be dreaming of was the snow in the morning,


When the sun came up to melt the ice

You ran down the stairs,

Quicker than mice,

It was finally here

Your favourite time of year,

Christmas had come and a new family member

The puppy leapt out of the box,

Bounding towards you,

It was love at first sight,

Do you remember what you called him?

How could you forget,

Charlie was his name,

The little retriever.


-Maegan Cadogan

Don’t Leave Me

Whenever I saw you,

You lightened up my day.

Whenever you left,

I felt down inside.

We talked every night when you were over,

We laughed so hard we couldn’t breathe.

When I heard you were sick,

I broke down inside.

Whenever someone asked me was I okay,

I would say yes but I knew I wasn’t and,

I would run upstairs and cry for hours.

When you told me you wished,

You would rather be dead,

It killed me inside.

When I found out you were getting better,

I felt a sigh of relief and cried a little more.

I hate seeing you sick and you know I do.

You always say you want to be at my wedding,

I hope you are,

But we can’t say you will be there for definite.

I want you to stay with me,

Until I die, but I don’t think that will happen,

Becomes that the way the world sadly works.

I love you xx

Clodagh Duffy


No one hurts more than the girl with the smile,
Because she was the one that kept it all inside.
The Stars were her God and the moon her first love,
He lit up the sky like a hand fit a glove.
Little did they know she cried herself to sleep,
But she laughed at emotions, how shallow it seems.
She lived in her mind, no better place,
To escape from the shit that she faces everyday.
She lets no one in, this creature of clay,
For fear of being broken by the lies they portray.
So she just keeps smiling and laughing away,
But what if the pain gets too much one day..?

Just Another Day 

 The damp dawn is here 

It’s once again that time of year

 Alone on the corner of the street

Thin layers wrapped around cold feet

From afar he watches the city wake 

Dark inside, heavy heart about to break

Some of us just are not as lucky in life

This festive holiday replaced by strife

Of the Christmas happiness and love he is deprived

For him just another day on the calendar has arrived 

                                                                                Aoife O’Farrell


Better Days

I’ve seen better days, 

But I’ve also seen worse.

There’s days I’m grateful for.

 There’s days I’m hateful towards.


I don’t have everything I want, 

But I do have everything I need.

I woke up with hurt and pain 

but that’s natural I maintain.

My life may not be perfect 

I’m living with invited guests,

But I guess I’m blessed. 

                                                           Katie Fitzgerald

Remembering you

When I was younger,

I always looked  up to you,

You were there for me,

When my dad wasn’t,

Before my birthday,

You used to have a card for me early,

I waited every Saturday evening,

For you to walk in my door,

Until one Saturday you didn’t,

We got a phone call,

To say that you have passed on,

My heart broke into two,

I knew that this couldn’t be true,

I sat by your side when you passed away,

I didn’t want to let you go,

But now I know you’re not really gone,

I just have to keep holding on.


Chloe Lawrence

I thought

I always thought that life is tough,

I always thought that life ain’t great,

I always though that life is mad.

But, if you have that one friend,

No matter where and when will be with u,

The life is great when friends are there.

The life is fun when friends are with u,

No matter what and when they always there.


The life is fun the life is great, able to enjoy it 

While you can, while you have friends the life is special.

Not everyone gets that opportunity to have them there.

Not everyone has friends who make the life to be a better place.

I always thought, that I got no friends,

I always thought that they not there,

But I was wrong… they are there…somewhere there.

It just takes time to find them there.

 I always thought……  


I love my friends I know they are there.

No matter when I ask for help they will help out,

I know my friends very well,

Witch one are fakes and witch one are real.

They are my friends no matter what,

And I will help them if they struggle through their life.

Friends are there to be with you,

Friends are there to cheer you up,

But not every friends is there for you.   

Aneta Kocan


We blame society for things that have happened,

The who, the what, the when, the why,

The different things we have been maddened by.

Yet we are society.


We blame society for drugs and drink,

Suicide attempts and not being ourselves,

On negative things we constantly dwell.

Yet we are society.


We blame society for never changing,

People everywhere constantly raging,

Yet we are society.


                                                        By Hayley Carroll

Childhood Sadness

I was four when you walked out the door

You left me broken

My mother would stay unspoken

I would always ask ‘when will daddy be back?’

‘Later love’ so I waited, anticipated

But nothing

Sometimes you visit, just for a couple minutes

You tell me you care, I look back with a blank stare

It is just the alcohol talking so I suggest you keep walking

Yes it’s still tough but I have had enough

I’m improving and moving on with life now

But it is you that I am removing


Life Is No Game

Delicate as a snowflake 

Strong as a lion

But maybe if you read between the lines

Everything is not what it seems 

But we were told to believe                 

Look around, feel the wind wrap itself around you 

The comforting breath of a mother but what would I know

As hard as it may seem to stay strong

As hard as it may feel to say “I’m fine”

All the struggles to ignore the urges

All the deep breaths, don’t cry not here not ever

But you can’t keep it locked inside

The memories, the events you can’t remember because your brain didn’t want you to

That awful night, the pain of never knowing why? 

Will it come back to haunt me?

The never ending pressure and the fake smiles

A dream burning brightly only to turn to dust

Dreams of a childhood that was never meant to be 

House to house, trying not to trust but you must

Knowing that they never will treat you the same as family

Will the future be brighter?

Learning to laugh through the pain 

Life is no game

But you have to face it

Or you’ll end up the same

Mairéad Brown


Society today don’t take you as you are,

They take one look at you and try turn you around,

It’s okay to be yourself,

You don’t need to be like anyone else,

Don’t fret,

Just cause you’re not like the rest,

You’re the best,

Don’t let anyone tell you different,

Be individual, don’t live by anyone else’s principal.

                                                                                                Sarahjane Dee.


In life it’s hard to be yourself,

But you’re exactly like the book on the shelf,

Sitting there all alone,

Without a single groan.

Hard to express,

Constantly feeling so less.

He looks and sees all the other books,

But he’s nothing compared to those old crooks.

Always seem to be having fun,

He just wants to be handed a loaded gun.
Keisha O’Shea

Look Up

I believe that the answer is in the stars.

The answer to what though, is what I fail to comprehend.

World peace, who we really are, what actually happened in Vegas.

The stars hold the key to the door that we don’t even know exists.

The problem is though,

There are too many stars and too many miles to travel,

Too lazy to connect the dots that are hidden in plain sight

Like the coyote and the Road Runner

We are just not knowing enough to envision that all we need to know is there

If we just look up.

So we just keep wishing on the same stars that we see,

The same stars that have always been there

The same stars that everyone has wished on

I, however,

I will be counting and connecting the stars

And maybe I will realize that the problem isn’t that there is no answer

But that there are so many answers

When we just look up.

Rose Logue-Hallinan


Why is it That…

Why is it that,

The parents are drunk but so are the kids,

They feel as if it is needed to fit in,

It’s not


Why is it that,

Society these days are so fast to judge?

Judging a person does not define who they are

It defines who you are

We all deal with being unfairly judged


Why is it that

In our society we are pressured to receive the highest grade

That will just fade before the days end

A grade does not define a person

The information will get us through school but not through life


Why is it that

We blame society

Yet we are society

We have the power the change it

But we are not …..





Life isn’t all flowers and chocolates

It may be fun and full of games

There’s a beginning and there’s an end

There will be twists and bends

Its up to you to make it a good end.

I dream of a day with no pain

As I watch the rain go down the drain

I smile back when I look at the past

I knew the pain wouldn’t last

Time has passed and I’ve realised that

Life is a test but its up to you to

Make it the best and pass the test.

Jordan Ryan

The Book on the Shelf

In life it’s hard to be yourself

But you’re exactly like the book on the shelf

Sitting there all alone

Without a single groan

Hard to express

Constantly feeling so less

He looks and sees all the other books

But he’s nothing compared to those old crooks.

Always seem to be having fun

He just wants to be handed a loaded gun.

Keisha O’Shea


The Bath!

I won’t get into the bath

The water is too cold

There’s something in the corner

EW! I think its mould.

When I’m in there I’m freezing

And I have nothing to do

All I hear from outside the door is

“I have to go to the loo!”

There’s water in my eyes and I can’t see

I’m not going into that bath again

You can’t make me!

Niamh Power


I Loved Alone

He’s coming home for Christmas

How dare he dream to excite me

As he offers his forgiveness

With his ruthless personality.

With every hour that went by

My efforts to make our friendship grow

He didn’t even want to try

I loved, I loved alone.

Leah Murray

Controlling Feelings

Controlling Feelings is Hard

It can start with anything, or nothing at all

The way someone looks at me, can make me put up my wall.

I can’t control how I’ll react

I’ll struggle to make eye contact

I never notice my mood change

Until I see the looks people exchange

When I get angry and I don’t know why

Or I feel so exhausted that I’ll cry.

Often suddenly anxious or paranoid

Or I’ll zone out, stuck in a puzzling void

I’ll dismiss it as moodiness, or teenage hormones

But to be honest the actual reason’s unknown.

Elevated or deflated, it changes with the hour

Anxious or obnoxious, I can go from happy to sour.

I come up with excuse after another excuse,

So nobody notices enough to accuse.

Counsellors, teachers, family and friends,

None of them have helped this come to an end.

But it’s not their fault, because how could they know

When I don’t say a word about this puzzling woe.

And here I’m writing this now, in a classroom at school

With no reason or logic, just following rule after rule.

Emma Wroblewski


Self Harm

I lay in bed at night

Wishing everything would be alright

Tears streaming down my face

I’m a mental case.

Looking down at my skin

I take the safety pin

Press it hard against my wrist

Wishing that I could just cease to exist

Blood oozes slowly out of the slash

And in a dash

I put away the pin

My frown turns into a grin

Mental health is not a quip

It is not something very hip

And I just wanted to say

It does get better someday.




The Girl Next Door

I pass her everyday

She never really fails to say hello or hey

Other than that we don’t really talk

Just regard each other as we walk

I heard that she dropped from school

She found it hard, or it wasn’t cool

Lately she looks sick, and pale

And just I guess maybe, not okay

But she’s always as nice as she’s ever been

No strange looks, just a smile as sweet

Her friends had been talking

And I guess they fell out

Because they talked about how much she has changed

Without a reason, or even a remark explained

I didn’t take much notice or open my mouth

Just sat there quietly facing the ground.

The next day I walked my usual route

Waiting to say hello to the teenage beaut

I was almost home and no sign of her still

It was unusual, where could she be?

I pushed the door open and walked inside

My mother on the phone

“That little girl, she has died?”

I sat there waiting, looking for the news

She got off the phone looking rather blue

I sat there, and starred at the blank wall

And tried to figure out how we could have missed it all,

The guilt ran through my veins

No words to comfort, no sadness explained

I wish that I could have heard her once more

The tragic story

Of the girl next door.

Courtney McGuire


The Night Out

The idea of a night isn’t worth it if your hand doesn’t contain a can

That your first problem: how will I get my drink

And not what will I wear

And this is all because it’s the “thing to do”

Although there are consequences

But not enough to stop some of you

The morning after a pounding head

No memories you say

All though you gossip about that girl or boy all of the next day.

It’s like a competition on who made the biggest fool of themselves

And everyone is pressured to take part

Although some of us are happy to go on a night out being ourselves

And not being controlled by the can

There looked down upon and told they’re “not fun”

But it’s to those people I am a fan.


Fair World

Since you’re not popular, we will not give a f**k

You’re nothing but a zero, between us all.

We always see you bawl, along the school halls

but we don’t care since you’re not one of us.

We will not include you in any single group

since you’re profile doesn’t have the looks.

And don’t be surprised if one day you get a fright,

Because we have the power to change your life around.

You’re family’s just a joke who’s always on the dole

You’ll never reach a goal, you might as well go.

So please excuse me for everything I said

But that’s just the way it is

In our fair loving world.

Maggie Zacharczuk

 Angel Like You

Never gave out when I was bold,

You always tucked me into bed

And when you left my heart it bled

I never knew how sick you were

It all seemed like a massive blur

I missed you for those 7 months

I missed your laugh

I missed your hugs

But now you’re back and I’m filled with joy

So happy I could almost cry

God clearly thinks your work is not done

Your smile it is second to none

I can almost see your halo

And I know that it is true

Because God only gives one

To an angel like you.

Gemma English


There’s litter all around the place

People walk by at a slow pace

They don’t pay attention

Because it’s never mentioned.

Nobody gives any aid

Because they’re not getting paid,

Every day I do my bit

I am not willing to quit.

There’s bins all around the paths

Can people not do the maths?

That if they don’t stop

We will all drop.

Amy Norris


Goodnight Sarah

To the nine year old sister that I never had

My youngest best friend, that drove me mad.

Born with down syndrome, and big blue eyes

When you played your Nintendo you made a

Humming noise.

You’re up with the angels now, leaving many

Broken hearts behind, there’s not a day that goes

Past that you’re not on my mind.

Someday we will definitely meet again

I don’t know how

I don’t know when.

When I was walking out of the room,

Seeing you for the very last time, I didn’t say goodbye,

Goodbye lasts forever so instead I said good night.

Amy O’Donnell


Facebook Likes

If you don’t get over 100 likes,

You’re not cool.

If you get over 600,

Apparently it makes the boys drool.

You won’t get ten likes if you have any weight

You have to have abs, boobs and an ass or else you’ll

Get hate.

Amy O’Donnell


Kids and Parents

Kids are weird,

They don’t have a beard.

Kids are wrong

They can’t have a bong.

Kids are loud

They don’t make parents proud.

Kids hate school

Cause it ain’t cool.

Kids can’t play

Cause it ain’t May.

Kids misbehave

Because they think they’re brave.

Kids have trouble

They like to play in rubble.

Kids are misunderstood,

But don’t think they should

Kids have it hard

Some parents aren’t around.

Parents need to stop and think

Or else they’ll make their poor kids sink.

Karolina Lenczewska