Maria Immaculata Community College, Dunmanway, Co. Cork


As I rise to catch the ball,

Jumping high, soaring above them all,

I get a feeling in my heart that I am doing what I love,

And it’s just right,

I take flight, gliding at an almighty height,

I see the silhouette of the ball, in the middle of the floodlight,

I grab the ball in my hand,

Just floating there in no man’s land,

I slowly start free falling,

I hear my manager calling,

“What an amazing catch!”

I now feel that we can win this match.

Padraig Burns



I got a Jack Russell his name is Scholes

He likes to eat some sausage rolls

He eats his food out of a bowl

He then fell over

When he went for a stroll

And know he looks like a troll

KT Hennessy


I Wish I Could Stay Young

I wish I could stay young,

Not let my mind turn into a coal miners lung,

Worrying about bills,

Forgetting about life’s thrills,

Looking in shop windows,

Kids seeing Nintendos,

Parents looking at the zeroes,

Never want to grow up,


Ryan Croke


Sporting Field

As I stand on the green grass

The sound of the roaring crowd as I score

Drinking plenty of water to keep going longer

Championship day is the most important of them all

We sacrifice everything to win the game.

Noelle O’Mahony


Everyday Things

Everyday things are real

But everyday things are dangerous

Getting called names can feel

Like getting hit by a bus

It’s happened before

And it hurts like hell

Take my advice

And leave things be well

If no one says anything to you

Just leave it be

Because sometimes it’s the best thing to do.



Underage Drinking

People buying the drink I don’t know what they think

Trying to sort out the money asking their overage friends

What do they think putting their lives at this risk

Does it have to be done putting that pressure on all of the fun

Why does everyone give into the pressure

It’s not as if they just take a sip or even have one

It’s getting younger and younger, 3rd year then 2nd what are they thinking

Do they want to have a future without the photographic evidence from that one time

They tried to impress their friends and instead they spend the weekend trying to make amends

With the people they hurt with the people they put in the dirt..

It never ends well makes everyone’s head swell

Bad for your health and bad for your grades

Hungover the next day with a pounding head and your parents on your case.

The trouble is hiding it when they come in that night how do they do it ?

Chewing gum doesn’t work, do they think it does ?

Standing in the line waiting to get into the underage night club

Falling around as if they drank a whole bath tub

It’s a disgrace, 14 or 16 years of age drunk and yet allowed into the disco

The funny thing is when they get checked by the bouncer they hold their posture straight

And everyone knows their only trying to impress a mate it’s all fake.

Then coming into school chatting about the night before

We can all tell you lie you say you don’t remember anything

And guess what next you then tell us a big speal about

Someone else who did something cause they were so drunk and everyone was laughing

That’s not funny we know you weren’t drunk

Your only putting pressure on people thinking they have to take part in this rotten game

And in the end everyone turns out the same.



The Poetry Book

He sits alone in the library.

His spine against the wall.

His edges torn and tattered

His voice shaky and small.

No one notices the illustration on his face

The longingness of someone to pick him up.

His pages tell a thousand tales

But he still remains closed up.

His words surround his body

But still no one bothers to read them

People pass in and out

But no one chooses him.

People will never see the importance of this one

Will anybody ever look?

He must sit and wait in the library

For someone to pick him up, the poetry book.

Niamh McCarthy

Deep Web

So I boot up the old Tails,

Now I’m officially off the rails

Synchronizing my systems clock, What For?

Well what were you expecting, It was obviously Tor.

Well now I open the firefox,

Not the usual one, this new secure toolbox,

Type into the search bar,

Hopefully I haven’t been followed so far

Open the new hidden wiki, censored alright

As I open this strange link, I pray with all my might

That whatever’s beyond this link

Will not give me an almighty fright

It’s alright

Only an assassination site

Let curiosity take its course

How much for Mrs. Wainwright?

Next link called Cheese Pizza, what could go wrong I suppose?

Oh God lets just close

Never was expecting that

Filled with children, blood and sweat

Too much death videos

Next page there’s these hacked up bimbos

If you want to look at boobs, the clear net is the place

As with any porn on the deep web

Satan himself would call it a disgrace.

Finally let’s check out that brilliant site,

This one called Hackers Unite

I got on a watch-list for participating

But it feels so liberating

Being able to speak your true mind,

In a place where no one’s ever going to find.

I love Tor for it’s protection

Avoid all those SQL injections

Although the content is questionable

It protects us from those three letter agencies

You know the ones that restrict our liberties

Why do we hate Tor you may ask?

Why would I need a mask?

I’ve got nothing to hide?

Well you might as well say

that you don’t need free speech ‘coz you wouldn’t use it anyway,

I wouldn’t blame you for hating Tor

It sounds like its for conspiracy nuts, those ones that constantly
lock their door

I guess it’s the human condition, the fear of the unknown,

That nothing good can come out of an anonymous zone

So there is my experience with the deep web

1 watch-list and zero arrests

Good enough for me,

Farewell and goodbye from an0ny0musUs3r123.

/*Disclaimer : I never took part in any activities that are illegal
under the Irish court of law /*

Conrad Crowley

All the Boys on the Dole

All the boys on the dole,

Smoking da roll,

Matte black Mondeo

Illegal reg. Mayo,

Pushing the first gear,

Beer by the steer,

Engine fuming,

Fuel bill booming.

On the way to the fás course,

Being chased by the police force.

Paraig Galvin



Cute cuddly furred feathered

Feral poisonous predatory pygmy

All different shapes and sizes

Gregarious animals in packs

Aquatic mammals in shoals and pods

Flying near and far

Migratory nocturnal omnivorous all

Different sizes big and small.

Ciara Hurley



Teenagers are majors in society,

We want to fit in this world,

But can’t because of this anxiety,

Taking away our dream world.

Navigating the field of boys,

Trying to figure out the minds of girls,

Getting little joys,

Whilst fixing our curls.

Downing our feelings,

The pressure putting us reeling,

Too quick for us to think.

Ruining ourselves and our lives.

Orla and Eimear




Secondary School

Teachers In school

Think there cool

But there only fools.

They chill In the pool

While were worrying about school.

Were trying to do our best

By getting an A in the test

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter,

Because were all going to scatter.

Cathal Kelly



There Was a Girl

I know this girl,

Who was called names and isolated her whole life.

From the age of five, to the present day,

She felt alone!

She grew up in a town and couldn’t get away,

So her parents decided to move.

They moved to the country which didn’t help,

With no one around

She felt alone!

She always tried to fit in,

But she was so different nobody wanted her around.

Her mam always told her,

“You’re beautiful; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

But when she tried to express herself…

She felt alone!

By the time she got to secondary school,

Things got worse.

She tried to be pretty and cool,

But instead her feeling got thrown to the floor.

She hopped from one boyfriend to the other,

She didn’t like the feeling but…

She felt alone!

She reached to age of thirteen and started smoking,

Then it moved to alcohol and drugs.

By the age of sixteen she had enough,

She’s an alcoholic, a druggy and she cuts herself,

Even though the drugs make her happy for a while

And a boyfriend who loves her…

She feels alone!

Nobody understands her, they don’t know how she feels,

Her boyfriend is worried and wants her to talk.

“I can’t” she says but knows one knows why,

“Nothing I felt or thought was real.

And I still feel alone!”

Her parents are shouting,

Saying she has an attitude.

She gets angry and shouts,

Then all hell breaks loose.

She goes to her room

She feels alone!

There was a girl who felt like she had no one, misunderstood

Rejected, useless, weird, different, unloved, powerless, ugly, skinny

You pick,

But even though she felt alone, she knew that some day ,

Somebody will understand ,

Somebody will make her feel loved …

And that is something she holds onto,

That is what keeps her going one extra day!

She is alone

But she is dealing with it!

Neesha Faller


The Baker

She is a great baker

an epic alcoholic

whose changing voice

and scribbled hands

carve chocolate roses

from dust.

Rosie Richards


Everyone’s Unique

Everyone so unique

Some people are weak

They want to be someone they’re not

So they do things to themselves that are not for them

Sometimes they get into a knot

But no matter what they do

They will always be who they are and nothing people can say or do will change that

That’s a fact

Everyone has an opinion and everyone’s perfect the way they are

Their creator made them for a reason

No one should have to change.

Mary O’ Driscoll



The blood in my veins is made up of mistakes

Felt by no one but me

I can feel the aches

Left behind where no one will see.

I want to pull the breaks

And end this fleeing.

But I know in my heart

However long it takes

It will get better for me.




We’re all self-conscious, we’re all jealous.

People  have glasses, braces, problems,

But we all deal with it differently.

I have problems, I feel like I’m not good enough all the time, my parents are what I feel are alcoholics and I’m not okay with that.

We don’t have to be.

I don’t have to be.

This day last year I was preparing for my Junior Cert Pres. and I thought that was the most stressful thing I would go through as a teenager, exam pressure.

But that’s not the case, there is pressure everywhere and we all feel it, popularity doesn’t numb it, nothing gets rid of the pressure.

Don’t feel that you are a bad person for being self-conscious or jealous of someone else.

I’m one of those people too.




In my days of struggle I go around wearing a roman mask to cover my

Broken face and soul so that people wont look at me twice and just

Walk past like nothing is happening, but what is really happening

Is just on another level of fear, like going up an escalator

The wrong way going no where but trying my best and going nowhere

But after a while it will take its toll and I will fall to the bottom where everyone has

Predicted where I would be.




Our Generation

Our generation will be known for nothing.

Never will anybody say,

We were the peak of mankind.

This is wrong, the truth is,

Our generation was a failure

Thinking that,

We could actually succeed

Is a waste and we know that

Living only for money and power,

Is the way to go

Being loving respectful loving and kind

Is a dumb thing to do.

Forgetting about that time,

Will not be easy, but we will try

Changing the worlds for the better

Is something we never did

Giving up

Was the way we handled our problems

Working hard

Was a joke

We knew that

People thought we couldn’t come back

That might be true

Unless we turn things around.

(Now read from the bottom up)

Megan Hilliard



Sometimes I have a bad day

Sometimes I try to make hay

Sometimes I try to be nice

And then sometimes I fall on ice

Sometimes I try to get through pain

But sometimes I’m blocked by rain

Sometimes I try to go mad

But sometimes it just goes bad.

Oisín O’Leary



Life as a Teenager

How do you say what you want, if no one listens?

Why do we stare and walls and mirrors?

Why do we let out our anger, our struggling on something that doesn’t care?

Because why would we reveal something that would change the worlds view of us?

Why do we even care about how we live if we say the world isn’t fair,

Because every person in this room tries to find who they are…

But the world tells them the exact opposite.

What they have been searching for doesn’t apply to the real world..

Or so they are told, they’re teenagers sure,

They have to learn what the world holds.

Joanna Ross


Nathan O’D.

I’m Nathan O’D., I’m the one you wanna be, sick of this world I’m bout to flee.

Heading to Miami to see my women, gon’ be drinking and gonna be swimming.

Before I go gonna say goodbye to my fam, tell them im going cause I fecking can.

Only fifteen but I am a gangster, living the thug life with my hamster.

Shot a few homies but only for the craic, blew off ones leg and that was that.

Your man came to my house and brought a gun, I answered the door and he started to run.

All my friends are scared of me, I think its cause I bench 90 kg.

Nathan O Donovan


Underneath It All

Life’s a struggle, you gotta fight,

Yeah well life would be a breeze,

If we were all treated right.

Appearances and results are all that matter,

Never are words intended to flatter.

Forming opinions

Everyone observing,

Constantly watched. It is unnerving.




Schools these days is all about image and impressions,

No one sticks around to get a real impression.

School equals pressure and trying to achieve high results,

Because everyone needs brains to get through life.

As a teenager you’re judged on looks,

And as an adult you’re judged on bucks.

For our society to change people need to be brought down to base and shown what real bravery and individuality is.



Life is Hard as a Teenager

Life is hard as a teenager,

You get judged on everything you do,

Between getting judged about your appearance

And what you do in your free time.

We get pressured into doing stuff we don’t want to do

Like drinking, drugs and smoking.

If you don’t drink you get called names

And if you do then you get called names.





Every day I wake up jumping out of bed, rush out the door before mam declares me dead

Hop on the bus just sick of it, rather be at home shovelling shit

Watch the clock until the bell goes, suddenly happy as Larry and away from my lows

Run onto the pitch play Abita ball, only waiting for a call

A call to go out and farm the farm, love it so much cause it does no harm

Play some PlayStation and hit the sack, just dreaming how ISIS will attack

It doesn’t matter anyway the world is going to die, we are killing ourselves and just making up lies

Global warming has us creating heat, polar caps melting we be flooded in a few weeks.

Jeremiah Hurley



Teens Mess Up

School is like a swimming pool.

It can be hard to stay afloat

Sometimes you just want to hop on a boat.

But no one is there to keep you afloat.

So teachers should stop being preachers

Parents should stop pressuring teens

To not do stupid things when in fact we are teens

So please just leave and let us be.

Keep in mind you once drank in the park

So don’t be a nark – so leave it in the dark

We’ll be fine no need to keep us in line.





Coming out is a difficult thing to do, the pressure is all on you, what your friends, family and close people around you think. The first thought in your head is that they won’t treat you the same, that they won’t accept you and the worst one is that they would disown you. Did you know that 40% of the homeless youth are LGBT that their parents disowned them for coming out, it’s a hard life being in a home with homophobic parents ranting about how they think it’s a ”PHASE” and how they think you’ll ”TURN BACK” when you’re older, it’s the twenty-first century and people need to get into their heads that 211.38 million people are either gay or bisexual in the world, 7,386,539,972 in the world. It’s hilarious because people call you gay and fag and think that it affects you but in reality they are just stating facts, it’s just like you saying someone is straight, it is clearly just stating somebody’s sexual orientation and is not an insult.





The only ways there’s the one,

Is if it’s one of a lot,

I’ve never been called perfect,

But I have been called hot.

I shift a lot of guys,

But that don’t mean I’m a slut.

I don’t need a boyfriend,

I love myself enough.



A Poem

Writing a poem isn’t easy

My page is blank

And I’m feeling sneezy!!!

Cathal O’Regan