St Louis Community School, Kiltimagh, Mayo

Time flies away

It has been two years since I said goodbye,

Memories are distant but still alive,

Looking at old photographs with tears down my face,

Life without you has a part of me erase.


I remember your warm touch, laugh, your gleaming smile,

Your sense of humour, kind heart, unique style.

Frail hands, red rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes,

Your passing was a heart breaking and unforgettable demise.


You’re always in my thoughts, always in my heart,

You may be up in heaven but we’ll never be far apart.

I miss you more than ever, I think you each day,

Appreciate every second, time flies away.


Sabrina Cunnane

My Grandmother

When moments become memories,

The present becomes the past,

When my surroundings become sheer evidence of my existence,

As I question my abilities and my morals.

I will remember you.


When young seeds flourish and grow,

When the old ones wilt and die.

When all my hopes and dreams fail to have prospects,

I will remember how you told me

not to worry about the future.

It takes care of itself.


Or when mean Prince Charming’s shatter my heart

and my one true prince pieces it back together again,

I’ll hear your voice telling me to take care of my heart,

because I only have one.


I’ll always remember how you told me

“not to sweat the little things”

and that although the seasons will gradually change,

they will always come back again.

That time is a great healer. So is love.

And that even if you are not present in my arms, You are always in my heart.


Not a day shall pass without me thinking of you.

Your teachings.

Your ways.

Your life.

Because real love is something that will never disappear. You taught me that.

You are my teacher. My angel. My love.

My grandmother.




It felt like a million miles separated us that night

You dropped the bombshell

You’d finally decided to go through with it

You said that you would be gone in a few hours
As your system had begun to fail
There was no stopping it now

My heart, it shattered

In that moment I knew I was about to lose the one person I could trust with my life

I never thought it would happen

You’d spoke about it for a while now 

But being a stupid person I didn’t believe you

Now how was I supposed to react?

I had found my best friend 

The distance kept me from helping

Even my words would never be enough 

You had never listened to my reassurance that you were beautiful perfect 

No one should treat you this way

Pushed you to this decision

Your words had made me feel myself again 

But now

I have lost my best friend
Gone…never coming back
How was I meant to save you when all your worried about was saving me?


Life for me is not bad

But it’s far from easy

My parents are not mad

My Brothers aren’t sleazy

But inside us all we want to let out

The secrets that holds us deep down

No matter how much you scream and shout

All you can do is not frown

I am happy that’s no joke

But I can’t tell my friends

Everyone else they can tell any folk

But me until I leave there is no end

What I always say is no matter the secret

That eventually the roots will show

That you find out you can’t keep it

In the end everyone will know

But apart from that I’m good

It is fine

Life is the way it should

And truthfully I love mine.



Hurt you can be put back in your place

Then never shout out the pain and angry you feel inside

When people won’t give you the time of day cause you’re not a certain type of way

In today society the idea of being different is promoted

When it comes to being different u are looked down on

When u can’t fight back to being judged

The only other option is to fight the only people who love and actually care for you the most

But that must be the circle of life



We should all be happy, 

Take no heed of any negativity,

We should all create rainbows,

 Butterflies and watermelons in our heads,

I know its hard but we’ll try our best,

 We’ll support each other and do our best,

If you see someone crying,

 Give them a hug,

Make us all happy, 

Be fun, Be spun!




Being sixteen only 3 years in to a 5 year stint

in the maximum security of these walls

No chance of parole and barred windows

you can see where the confusion lies paid overseers

here to kill creativity having to pay the price for your originality

if it works for him it most work for you

this is why im glad im almost done my term in school


Rhys Burns

Some words are forever

There are things that mark you forever. They may seem stupid things for someone else, everyone else forgets about them, but not you.
When the call you “fat”, even if then you have lost weight, every time you will look in the mirror those voices will come back in your mind.
They will look at you, maybe thinking about how beautiful you became, but you will look at them, still worrying if they think you’re fat.
Maybe one day you will understand that when you grow up it doesn’t actually matter if you’re fat or not, but you will never be okay with yourself.
And, maybe, one day you will find someone that makes you feel
  loved for what you are, but there will always be moments when you feel sad, and you start to think about your life and yourself and what you don’t like about them, and you will think again about that time, years and years before, when someone used that terrible 
three-letter word to describe you.
So, guys, THINK about what you say, CHOOSE well the words, because they can scar someone forever.

Alice Paggetti

The Game

“Act like a adult” yet treated like a kid,

 expectations are high, yet results are low,

 life as a teen is one big contradiction,

 the people above say they will help,

 but they are just buzzards waiting to pick at your remains,

 everyone says it is just attitude but it is really battle scars

of life that no one sees

no one escapes the battle,

 no one is spared.

James Lynsky


I feel like there are many people in this world thinking of ending it.

Ending everything.

Even while I type this someone may have died or may have just ended their own life.

And then there’s people complaining that they don’t have money

to shop or don’t have enough clothes and want more.

There are so many different types of situation but we don’t recognize them.

We don’t see the hurt in people we only see what they want us to see.

The fact people want to end their life is so heart-breaking.

They think they are alone but only if they knew they weren’t.

How do the bullies feel know that they did this that they upset someone

so much to make want to kill themselves.

Why do they still get to life? They did this…

I’m not saying they should commit suicide because that is a horrible thing to say,

I’m just saying that it’s not fair how they are happy living knowing what they did.

They suffered for so long and now there family is suffering.

Why is the world like this?

Some say Eve should never have eaten that apple from the tree

and everyone will be good but bad is in the world now

and we can’t change it or we won’t change it.

We should just take into consideration that words hurt everything hurts

people just in different ways.

Sticks and stone may break your bones but names will never hurt you….


Sticks you can break if you think you can break it.

Stones you can dodge if you belie you are fast enough

but words can’t be forgotten and can’t be dodged or taken back.

We need to think about this. We need to stop the suffering.

By Shannon

Just because your down…

So just because your down doesn’t mean someone hurt you

Some times its not even you that made you like this

Sometimes it’s a flipin parasite living in side

It seems like the only way to escape is to obey it

Because it took the reality out of your first, it was a trap.

And the thing that gets to you most is you have to keep it to yourself

’cause everyone will think your overeacting

Well your not normal, your unique and beautiful, a piece of art

 but not anything parasite calls you.

‘Cause you got to win back whats real

and whats real is your beautiful and beauty deserves life.

Ciara O’Malley


Sometimes people annoy me
when people starred at me
when i’m walking
I’m like what are you looking at
like do you want a picture like
right I know I have a disability
but you don’t need to remind me
I do that myself thank you very much
but I get with it like other people get on with other stuff.


The Point is?

What is the point of life if we are all insignificant, and unable to change anything that is wrong with the world. And if everyone is insignificant, then what is significant?

And you said that the Paris attacks are on everyone’s mind. What is the point of being scared of anything? That’s not going to change it. And if you are going to be scared of something, be scared of something significant. Compare the amount of people killed in, say, car accidents to terrorist attacks in the past year. But who’s scared of a car? That’s right. Nobody. So I choose to laugh at what others cry at, I choose to laugh instead of cry.

And apart from that, I think It’s just funny that something X hundred miles away could scare you over here. I mean… You’re not going to die yet, and certainly not as a result of a terrorist attack. Look at the statistics.

I love saying that, “You’re not going to die”. Because it’s going to be true, whoever you tell it to, unless it’s not. And they can’t complain if it’s not, because they’ve died.



I am a stupid, delusional, borderline retarded attention

seeking overweight ugly male from the west of Ireland

who is living in a house with a 9 year old sister

who can’t see past the end of her own nose when it comes to sustainability,

and parents splitting up because they forgot to wear a condom

and tried to keep their mistake – based relationship going on for too long.

I am suicide obsessed.

a mental illness based hypochondriac.

in a relationship with the most amazing person I have ever met.

stuck in a self hatred loop.

I am in desperate need of something to take me away from myself

that I won’t get addicted to, or sent to jail for partaking in.

I am aware that I already stated this,

but I am a HUGE attention seeker. If anything at all happens in my life, I tout it to everyone at a vastly exaggerated impact.

I am aware that I use sketchy humour to cover up how I really feel, but I wont stop.




World Peace


World peace has yet to be achieved.

That’s a statement that sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.

In 2015 we have phones smarter than humans, robots, hover boards, y

et we do not have world peace. I think it could be easily achieved;

all governments make the decision of coming together, to co-operate,

to be honest and truthful.

We are on this earth to maintain a world you would be proud to call your own.

War has not ceased.

Many people are purposefully oblivious to the unsettled lives of many people.

Me, myself am a bit of a hypocrite as I could not tell you who the last to bomb who was.

I do not know the specifics but I know that what’s going on isn’t right.

Yet as I say that I think it’s very hard to find out

what is really going on as everything is contorted,

twisted by the media to put certain people in certain lights.

You can’t trust any of the newspapers, magazines,

leaders or political parties as all they care about is power and wealth.

They are not the ones calling the shots; they are the spokespeople,

told what to do by a voice in their ear.

Bribed and tempted by money and power.

People’s lives need to be put first, instead of people’s power.


Niamh Quigley


Back off

I find it really annoying how people drink underage.
I find it so annoying as the people who drink sometimes
are just doing it socially and im fine with that
but people drinking heavily or putting it on really annoys me
as im left to mind people or mind there phone when they think
its a good idea to do something stupid.


People say villains can’t have happy endings.
A villains happy ending could be completely different to someone else’s.
A happy ending doesn’t necessarily have to be a happy, just what you want.
There’s such thing as bad endings too, but bad endings are only sad if you see them that way.
The way you see an ending varies for everyone.
Some may see it as good, others as bad.
Someone who had taken their own life, others would have seen it as a tragic passing of someone who didn’t deserve to go yet. Who could’ve been helped and was living a hard life.
The person who would have killed themselves saw it as a way out.
What they wanted.
Their escape to freedom.
Their happy ending.
Your happy ending doesn’t matter to anyone else, but yourself.

It just has to be what you want.

Ella Anderson


Lies are told that people won’t stop believing.
Like sheep left out on a plain
Nobody stops to check who’s leading.
They run in circles, following each other.
Mindless. Proceeding in a blunder.

Ella Anderson

The sad truth.

It is a mix of so many emotions and sometimes no emotions at all.
It’s something that doesn’t go way.
Sometimes it goes on a road trip, with its best friend Anxiety.
It could be hours or days.
But it will be back.
And when it does, You will know.
Sadness is just a very small bit of it.
Its a worthless feeling when you can’t get out of bed.
Its a shadow that always follows you, making you worry more.
It takes all of your energy, just for the fun of it.
Its makes you get the same kick out of watching paint dry as playing COD,
Which in reality means, no kick.
It makes you want to isolated yourself from everyone
and everything because you feel like you are bringing everyone down with you.
And then you have to live with the guilt, because you could have socialized today,
and you didn’t.
So if you go about anything.
Depression has some way of making you feeling worse.
Conor McGovern


its quiet at night

but its also quiet during the day
its pretty at night
and never quite dark
because the stars are bright
and never hidden by clouds
in my home, I’m warm
but outside its cold
and my breath is like a fog
but it my favorite time
and its my home
Laura Cox

A Million Pieces

Tears filled her eyes,
as he pretended not to see her,
as he walked away with another girl,
the tears ran down her face.

She felt her heart break into a million pieces again,
The one person she trusted, gone
She wipes away he tears,
Fixes her mascara and,
Holds her head up high
why? to show she is stronger than that.


Ice Cream

Gone are the days of buying ice cream on a summers day,
Gone is the fun we use to have,
Gone is the songs we use to sing,
All gone because cancer is eating you alive,
Seeing it eat you away and make your days shorter,
Your body slowly fading away,
Seeing the pain your in makes me in pain,
But soon it will all be gone too,
But my love for you is never gone.

Happy Middle

There are no happy endings,
The ending is the saddest part,
So tell me the happy middle,
And the very happy start.
Ciara Forkan


Tears come so easy
Yet I do not feel
They spill at every occasion
I don’t know how to stop
They dry and go away

Growing Pains

Growing up wasn’t easy,

Even though I’m only sixteen,

Broken bones will repair,

But broken souls will only despair.

Being humiliated in front of your so-called friends,

They don’t give a dam,

“It’s only a laugh” they said,

But deep down they knew I was dead,

It’s being 12 months since I was there,

But that’s only quarter of how long it was there,

To scared to tell,

To scared to think it was happening to me,

“Bullying is hard to pin down”,

Whata fool, he knew from the start,

He could have put it to the grave,

But instead he dug a hole for himself.

Andrew Hickey

Peer Groups

For teenagers life is a different ball game than childhood or adulthood. For me being a farmer may seem alright to some but i have different taste in clothes to the so called popular kids. i am totally different to them. i am judged by the popular kids on every little thing i do.and when i make a mistake they tease me because of it and its not really nice when its being done over and over again .people say to me its only a joke and some times i laugh at what theyre saying because i try to forget about what theyre saying to me. this is a rant. the point im trying to get across is that we as teens are judged by our peer.
Dylan Goughey


She smiles, I cry.
She is outgoing, I am shy.
She loves, I am alone.
She is amazing, I am unknown.

THE 1916 Rising

To the GPO the British did come against the Irish fighting for their freedom.

The sounds of gun shots ringing in my ears along with faded screams and tears.

The streets of Dublin rip to a shred as I kneeled down and put my hands on my head.

People looting and stealing from shops they had all sorts of things

chairs , shoes ,trousers and tops.
No luck for the Irish on that tragic day there was no sun the sky was all grey.
The dead on the street then from the GPO poked a white flag for underneath.
The British came out victorious but the Irish put up a fight so glorious.
Danny Flannery