Colaiste de hÍde, Tallaght, Dublin 24

Facebook love

We see love on Facebook 

But how do we know that its real?
we may have thousands of likes on Facebook but do they care how we feel.

If only those likes were kisses and shares were friends.
Photos of the weekend posted up ,

a drink in our hand a smile on our face.

But on the inside we like astronauts

floating alone in deep space .

– Zoe , Leah , Kayleigh , Ava


Dark Abyss

Twisting and turning down a long and lonely road,

Trying to follow society’s code.

Slowly going more insane,

As the media try to ruin everyone’s brain.

People always ask am I mad,

Even my own god damn dad.

Don’t think that life is a bliss,

For you may fall into the black abyss.

So my friend you have no need to moan,

For you are not on your own.

Jessica de Burca


When I was 8 I woke up to sirens and yelling.

At the time I didn’t know any better

so I ran straight down stairs to see what happened I wish I hadn’t.

My dad was in the hospital for 3 weeks

because of the stab wound and when he got out

I expected him to walk through the door with a smile on his face, but he didn’t.

I later learned that he was staying in my granny’s for a while.

They told me it was because the house had better needs for his condition,

and as a kid I believed them.

I saw my dad nearly every day after that and every day

I asked when he was coming home and he would always say soon.

He never did. Later I found out that him and my mom had split up on that night so long ago.


A poem about why I hate feminism

You speak of oppression, rights and discrimination,

Yet all of this is a biased minds creation,

You speak about society’s misrepresentation

Created by your superior enemy, these lords among women,

You say they push you down into a dark pit but that’s where they sit alone without emotion afraid of their words causing commotion afraid what these women will say, pointing at their privilege saying when you go out at night you don’t fear darkness from which THEY arrive, we say we do , they say at least you’ll survive, we might survive the sticks and the stones

But if words were to brake bone then not a man alive would have a leg to stand on like in the courts when they cry for their  kids yet they can only see them once a week of committing no sins.

You want equality but only for your side, you say you can see problems on are side yet you still call yourself a feminist with pride, you’ve gone from the oppressed to the oppressors you call us sexists, rapist and murderers, if that not oppression then I don’t know what is, I’ve been called this yet I’ve committed no sins.


Keith Ó Cinnéide


Blonde hair

Blue eyes

Big ass Fat thighs

Shes cries almost all the time

Had to leave her

Didn’t wanna keep her

Cause im really in love with



Panic Attack

Too much to manage ,
No clue what to do ,
I’m stuck ‘ feeling smothered ,
I need a break through .

Do I keep others happy ,
Or try help myself ,
decisions …decision ,
I’ll never work out .

Maybe it’s not so bad ,
I just need to relax ,
or take a deep breath ,
when panic attacks.



It’s the one word I can use to describe my everyday life.

I live in a world where a misspoken word, phrase

Or even body language.

Can be determined offensive and even hurtful.


This world where everything you say must be politically correct,

This world where my own thoughts and opinions and not aloud to be expressed

For no reason other than people have predetermined

That what I was going to say is wrong

and that  I don’t have a right to my own opinions.


This anxiety kills me,

I can’t just keep hiding my feelings and beliefs just

So people won’t call me bigoted or a misogynist and treat me like

I am some sort of plague,

Just think of this hypocrisy

I am afraid of being myself because

The people who think they are not aloud to be themselves

Wont let me……


I’m sick of this so I am going to just say it,

I am not a feminist,

I’m not a feminist in this world where I have to be,

I’m not a feminist in this society where I feel anxious admitting this,

But I’m not going to be afraid anymore.

So just deal with it.     –


Shane Ó Croasdell (2015)

I got in my car.

And had a chocolate bar.

The car was grey.

I was born in may

I drove to Spain.

And there was lots of rain.

I got my umbrella.

I had a dog called Stella.

I went back home.

All alone.


Sandra Yeomans

I draw to express

Indifference is a blank page

I speak to express

Anxiety is silent screams for no one but me

I move to express

Joy is falling the arms of friends I know can’t catch me.

I speak to express

Frustration is sharp words that make sense to no one but me

I move to express

A meltdown is stillness

I listen to express

Every single day is the sound of rain on a window

I search to express

I haven’t found anything yet.

Alex + Aisling​

It’s Crazy                                          

People can be your best friend or enemy,

But a careless pig is what they’d rather be.

They’d be the type to stab you in the back

And ask you what’s wrong,

But won’t stick around for the story because

It’s taking too long.

Too long because the time they have is precious.

They feel every second is valuable.

Needs to be used and abused as they please,

But what about a life?

Every second,

Every minute,

Every word that is said to everyone,

Is loved and cherished.

Because society is so messed up.

13 year olds playing with drugs and blades,

Because they feel no matter how hard they try

They’ll never be good enough.

Wasting time that used to be spent with Barbie dolls and eating chocolate bars,

But now they’re drawing pictures on their skin that leaves permanent scars.

        It’s crazy.

Allanah Sheehan

Blade Runner

One slit, two slit, three slit, four

Someone knocks on the bathroom door

Quickly throw away the blade

Soon everything starts to fade

Waking up in the hospital bed

Don’t you wish you were just dead.



Mums and Dads, Brothers and Sisters,

Such a pain, just like splinters,

Up and down, back and forth,

East, West, South and North,

Not knowing where to turn,

Crashing down to burn,

Yet they are family,

So just live happily!

The times when they fall,

And you get in trouble for laughing,

So you hop off the wall,

Even though you should’ve been photographing,

The time they gave you a wedgy,

And it was them who got the blame,

“Using me like a veggie!!!”

Just burn happily like a flame!


Rebecca Nic Eoin

Teen Steam

Adults in STEAM while they are waiting

on their TEENS getting their results

not showing that it HURTS not shown how life really works.

So they try ESCAPE were not superheroes wearing CAPES

were just TEENS in a world where there are no MISTAKES.

-Cathal Dolan.

5 Straight Years

For 5 straight years I felt like dirt.

Constantly thinking I was worthless.

Even though my friends all thought I was happy, I was really dying inside


Id go home, a mask on my face, walk in the door and go up to my room.

Id just lie there and doubt myself till I cried

People would tell me that grades mattered but  really they didn’t mean anything


My mother would tell me to  cop on

Make me feel worse about myself

Hate every moment that I was breathing

Tears streaming down my face id believe things that weren’t true,

I wasn’t worthless, but I believed I was.


My grades were slipping, I lacked motivation

Every moment thinking how id be better off dead,

never once did I feel as if I was wanted

I thought my friends secretly hated me,all the jokes that they would say,

just because we were lads,cut through me like knives


I lost mysel in a world of gaming,the one place I was truly happy

On the brink of suicide I found that they made me think I was worth something

Even though they were a bunch of numbers and pixels they were my best friends

I felt as if Mr. Scotch,my fallout character,really was me

He had lots of friends and I felt they were mine

I have a scar on my side

Because I lit it,hoping that if I lived no one would know

Played it off like I fell off my bike nobody knows the truth and yet I tell complete strangers on the internet


I owe my life to video games,a debt I plan on repaying…




It starts at a very young age

Drinking in the fields all the time

Then exceeds to more often to a late stage.

Until they realise the damage they’re doing is not fine

This teenage addiction is alcohol.

This is our society now and what is expected of us from the youth around us.


Every teenager today is hooked on something

Whether its drinking, drugs, social media or acceptance

The reason for these addictions is to escape from something

We don’t know exactly why but its for acceptance

It’s the society that is worsening for the youth around us.



Living in Tallaght is the life

if you fell depressed just look at the Casey site

when you walk past bang of tripe

but who cares we’re all high as a kite

From Jober to the cairn and the square crew with there perm.

Our sessions last all night.

The boys rob cars and most of them sell bars.

The coke ic clean the Rats green is mean.

Its Tallaght life yeno what I mean.


Donal O’Flionn

Lunch Truck

Man im getting so sick and tired

of messing with the steel

they only give us 30 minutes to eat lunch

and chill my body aching just to get a buck

I’m sick of eating this muck

off this stinking lunch truck.

Jack Mac Lochlainn

Poem about school

Internet doesn’t work but they expect us to go on computer’s,

Annoying teachers, who expect us too know it all,

Judged for everything,everyone knows everything,

Forced to wear a ugly snotty green jumper with a big long kilt,

Why is it so cold??

The people smell, do they know what deodorant is?

Not aloud out for lunch,but no one can afford the school shop,

Forced to speak irish!but whats it worth?

Teachers want too know everything,why is it there business?

But at the end of the day, we all enjoy school, its where your friends at.


Aoife ni Chroinin

If I was green

I would jump in the stream ,

And worship my dreams ,

Go out and play with the team,

You know what I mean Charlie sheen

Sean Farrell & Paul