St Mary’s, Mallow, Cork

Try to fit in nowadays

is as hard as trying to walk through

fire without being burned.


People pretend to like you’re

but are never truly there for you when

you need them.



The Book of Doubt

Our feeling and emotions seem locked inside

Though we’re supposed to express them

We run and hide.

It feels like a monster trying to get out

But inside us, it stays devout.

We try to stay strong but eventually break

We deal with so much that our heart can’t take.

Good or bad, right or wrong

we have to say how we feel

write a poem, sing a song

trying to keep things real.

On the inside we feel weak and small

but try to brush off, the smallest  of

things break down our walls even if it hurts us

A cry, a bawl, a whinge or a tear.

this doesn’t help or solve problems

For a day, month or even a year

Be yourself and don’t be conscious.

  Katelyn O’Brien



Thinking about the world

Is a hard thing to do

Because humans have to live here

And humans are hard things to think about

Because humans are stupid


People need to shut up

Because I can’t write shut up.


My friends mom told me

that she doesn’t believe in feminism

Feminism is ‘unimportant’

Arguing with her would have been impossible

Feminism is important

Feminism is more important than her.

                                                           Katie Sheehan



Why is the world so unequal?

We all just innocent people.

We may have different parts

But we all have a heart

We have one chance on earth not a sequel,


Why are women seen as less

Because we are wearing a dress

Why don’t we all bind

For all womankind


We need to change inequality now

Better now than then

If not us who?

If now who?

                  Doireann Murphy and Emma Fitzpatrick


Sixteen sitting straight

Hip-long hair

Fair face fresh


Greedy gullible great

Boyfriend bare

Full fearless fresh

                            Laura Kilmartin


I don’t know

I don’t know what I don’t know,

some say is ok, some say

I don’t know which path to take , they all look

look  opaque

when i wake up in the morning it’s

all the same

life full of uncertainties, no glory

or fame


I can’t of anything to write about

maybe I’m having writers block

poetry really isn’t my thing

im wearing odd socks


I really suck at poetry

So please do not hate

I don’t know

So please do not hate

I don’t know how to rhyme my nana is Kate

This poem is almost finished

maybe it’ll be a winner

poetry isn’t so bad

I wonder what’s for dinner ?

                                           Lucy Linehan


Be True to You

‘Perfection’ . What does that word mean?

I believe it means what society makes it!


Why should a number on the scale

or the shape of your eyebrows

Define who you are?


Don’t change who you are

or what you believe in

to fit into society

says you should be or

what you believe in.


The only thing that matters

is that you are true to you.

Eat the cals, don’t go to the gym

don’t wear the fashion that’s in this season

cut your hair into a bowl cut!


Be True To You!

    Emily Brosnan


Why am I afraid to be on my own?

Why do I need to have someone.

Is it society or is it me.

Am i really that insecure.


I am afraid of having no one telling me

they love me

I am afraid of having no one at all

I am afraid of being abandoned

I don’t know why I’m afraid


I don’t want to be a lonely cat lady

But I don’t want people to see me as needy.

I don’t want to waste anymore time

I don’t want to be on my own

                                                                    Eve Donnelly

Fuq Boyz

I really dislike when boys act cool.

because realistically they are just fools.

They chance the whole of the town,

but call girls sluts and fat clowns.

When you think they like you,

they probably don’t, let’s be honest they

say they’ll make you happy, they won’t

They’ll meet you once, ride you twice,

play with your heart, then roll the dice.

So stop the snapping and start the chatting

Get off your high-horse, you’re not so dashing

                                                                        Orla O’Regan


Boyz r rotters

who don’t text back.

They need to go punch themselves HARD

Dey r faggits who cheat on you,

If they could sod off life would NOT be cruel

I hate boys, they have ruined my life.

So if they could stop snapping me

that would be GREAT!

Ali O’Shea



I don’t like writing poems

But I have no other choice

Poems bore me but entertain others

Poems make me sleepy but excite others

Poems disinterest me but inspire others

Poems confuse me but make sense to others

I don’t like poems



So I stolled right,

You walked left.

Our paths had crossed before

Now we travel seperate ways.

If by chance they cross again,

Then it wasn’t by chance they firstly crossed

                                                                      Mia O’ Grady



People look at me with ‘the’ face,

the one with compassion,not disgrace,

Different, that’s what they say,

‘She won’t be able for day to day,

It’s not her fault, she’s not able’

Thanks, but I’ll decide if I’m capable.

My brain may be that bit weird,

Trust me, that’s what provokes my tears,

Day after day, I never forget,

What ‘God’ has blessed me with,

I accept who I am and so should you,

Honestly, I know it’s not that easy to do.

so don’t give me that look of pity again.

Especially when the day comes where I have

achieved all my aspirations and dreams,

And it’s me standing there this time,

with that look of compassion.

Don’t worry, I’m fine, stop wasting

stupid time and focus. Focus on you.

I’ll focus on me. Put simply.

that’s the way it should be. Just focus

                                                           Laura Wilson



Sitting in a room, heavy with darkness

through my earphones the music comes

pounding, emotions come pounding,

quickly drowning

What is right? Who knows? Dysfunctional family,

how many likes did my pic get.

Fading away, trapped in the social net.

Note by note, music pours into my

ears. Thoughts overwhelm my head

Will I ever be loved? Will I get places in life?

Everything seeming so hopeless. Only darkness in sight.

Note after note, tear after tear,

The front I put on, fading through

all my troubles, I’m wading,

Sense of lost cascading.

One last note, the song is over.

Pull yourself together, the world is waiting, put on a brave face,

pretend you’re not fading.

                                        Clodagh Farrissey


Ms Pain

Take out your piercing,

Dye your hair a ‘normal’ colour

HIDE your individuality

Wear your uniform

Don’t wear hair bands

HIDE your individuality

                                    Katie Sheehan



I actually like poems

I’m just terrible at writing them.

This is my poem.

This is poetry

                     Katie Sheehan



Girls look so sweet and lovely,

but are hating inside.

One look of disgust aimed at you

Makes a girl cry at night

Why bitch, why hate, why be so mean.

Is it going to boost your self esteem.

Honestly, I’m judgemental,I’m a bitch

Instead, I think on the inside, my mind is rich.

I know that girl is pretty, she doesn’t need to brag

By pulling out her most hateful insults, oh it makes me sad.

To see a sweet girl, oblivious to the hate.

And hears one snide comment, deciding her fate.

She thinks she’s never good enough. or doesn’t deserve the same

Her dream of becoming a singer, she’s too ‘ugly’ for fame.

It’s never going to change, it angers me to the core

Not when you can insult the ‘ugly’ and go for ‘pretty’s’ allure.



They stop what they’re doing

to look at the beautiful girls

The wind blows through your hair

as sweat drips onto your man’s face

You make your way to the treadmill and get looks that could kill

You run for a solid 30 seconds

Then you die




Tall girls

Girls who complain about being small

you’re not missing much at all.

You might not reach the highest shelf but does it matter?

Be content with yourself.

On nights out we can’t wear heels

It might seem small but you don’t know how it feels.

When shopping I give up and say with a sigh

‘There’s no dress in here that reaches my thigh’

So the next time you’re feeling small

stop and think is it that bad at all?


My Poem

The Ball is tonight

when the stars are bright

make-up and hair take flight

for that special one tonight.

In that dress so tight

So that he might,

look at you tonight

Then tears you fight

because you sight

him with a special someone tonight


A love unreturned

A smoke-filled room.

A table for two.

An empty seat.

A broken heart

A glass full of booze.

A dance floor of lovers.

A pocket full of money.

A man alone.

A missing explanation.

A mind tormented.

An engagement ring unused.

A love story ended.


Worth It

Girls still get 70c to every dollar men earn,

We are worth just as much, some men need to learn,

Girls have done better in every subject for a century

Yet 200 years ago we had to stay at home

And knit while the men guarded sentry.

We are as fast, we are as smart

We are as strong.

The last 200 years men have been completely wrong.



Are You Satisfied

This town has got a hold on me

I feel sick, this wasteland is my enemy

Despair has got the best of me

This broken place has shattered my dreams

Are you satisfied?

With the way that you’ve been living your life?

I think you’re in need of a little more strife

No ambition, no motivation, I crave the buzz of a renovation.




We have one bad day we get stressed.

We go home from school, stressed

Stressed about what we have to do

Stressed about things that are due

In a week or two.

Stressed for having a break,

Thinking we should be doing something

Feeling bad for sitting down and relaxing.

Having parents at you to study

Or get off your phone.

Going through life stressed.




Sometimes your crown

Is covered by a frown

So smile and let the light shine in.

Be happy and kind

Leave your worries behind

Just smile and let the light

Shine out.




Why’s everyone gotta be pressured

Into a certain type of mold?

Why’s everyone think that

Unless you’ve got a hot date

You’re a loser?

Why’s everyone gotta be the same?

If everything and everyone was the same

The world would be a sad old canvas

Of black and white.

There’d be no colour or emotion

Or any of that stuff.

We’d all be going round with

With big ole grumpy faces

Wearing the same ole pinstripe suits

And doing the same old boring jobs.

There’s nothing fun about

Playing mind games with people.

Why play mind games when

you could play fun games?

Games where nobody feels left out

And nobody feels weak.

Think how you’d feel

If someone told you you’re not good enough?

Next time you tell someone

They’re not good enough

Think how you’d feel if

The roll was reversed.

Because life may be good for some,

But it’s a walk on shards of glass for others.

Emma McCarthy.



Not only of an age,

It’s a year of pain,

A year that no one cares about,

It’s a year of heartbreak

A year of loss

But most of all

The loss of 16.

Sticks and stones may break your bones

But words always leave a wound

Everyone feels they have no hope

That there isn’t any light

But forget the troubles

Forget the heartbreak

I know it’s hard

But all great people were once put down

Because I know there is a light

At the end of this tunnel.

Laura Finnegan


Who am I?

Up early, teachers saying what to do,

Not easy for me or you,

Wondering I am who?


Really who are friends,

With others trying to make amends,

Trying to keep up with the latest trends,

Really who am I?


Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect looks

Trying to figure where I am

Where am I going? Who am I?

Ciara Aherne





The day

It was the day I grew up

The day I believed in myself.

It was the day I said I loved you

The day I believed it could be.


2 months was all it took

Even if I barely knew you.

I fell in love with the way you moved

But I didn’t really know you.


It was the day I said I was stupid

The day I gave up on myself.

It was the day I said I loved you

The day I gave up on you.


So here we are after all of this,

And we can’t bare to take a glance.

So now we’re here doing this

As if it never happened.

Aoife O’Sullivan



Today people think drugs are cool

People that take them once were strong

Now they’re weak

And don’t live for long.

Out there in the world

There are people who hurt and attack

They think it’s cool but

End up being fools.

They could be found

And maybe bound in a cell

That’s cold and wet

All alone with no one to talk to

Until the day they get to walk free.

Will they relive the past

Or think about who they harmed

Or will they remember

And never be alarmed.




Kings and queens of the school

The ones who rule,

If you are odd

Face the firing squad,

Don’t speak up, don’t be a martyr

Because some can be cruel.



Judgemental bitches

People bullying snitches,

Teachers think they know,

But in fact they don’t know crow.

They treat us like kids

But expect us to behave like adults,

Drink, drugs and fags, there’s a problem.

But it’s hidden in bags, about their feelings

People are scared to talk,

They prefer to put their head down and walk

Express yourself, shur I don’t know,

Write a poem shur give it a go.

Órla Murphy.


Chasing Perfection

Those who find themselves chasing after perfection,

Find themselves for a rainbow,

With the promise of gold.

An empty promise because just as you think

You are close enough to reach out and grasp it

It is no longer there.

It has vanished along with the meaningless definition of perfection.

You see perfection exists only as an abstraction of our minds

Which is completely unattainable in the physical world.

The search for perfection is a never ending cycle of disappointment

For it is only an illusion

A figment of one’s imagination

That is utterly impossible to achieve.

Therefore we should not strive for perfection

We should strive for excellence.

Maeve Glynn


The Illusion

When I search through my Instagram and see perfection

It really gets inside your head.

It’s on everyone’s minds

That you have to present yourself in a certain way.

Skinny legs, big boobs, big ass, stunning face.

Imperfection is what makes you unique.

But no one ever talks about that.

Isobel McCabe.



Young people are obsessed with social media.

Gone are the days of the encyclopedia.

Today the google search engine provides us with all sorts of things

Maybe even more confusion it brings.

Many teenagers have lost touch with reality

And it obviously affects their sanity.

So look up from your phone

Your personality will be better known.

Kate Ivory



We are all equal

We are all the same

So why treat people as though

They were lame


We are growing up in a society

Where everyone believes

What the media has to say

So what if someone’s gay?


We teenagers are naïve,

And are told what to believe,

So we got to take a stand,

Everyone needs a hand

                                                                                                Sara Casey