Moyle Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22

Demon Drag

When you’re sad and feeling down

don’t think that you’re alone.

Talk to someone close to you

Only if you trust them with your soul.

Don’t think negatively about your life

Always look on the bright side,

Don’t let your demons drag you down

If you believe, you CAN control them.

Joseph kelly

When You

When you don’t wear your glasses cause you get slagged for wearing them so you have to struggle to read,

when you love superheroes and comics but you have to suppress your love because its “gay” to like superheroes,

when you are slagged because you aren’t as good at football as other people even though you love the game just as much as them,

when you hide your writing and spent hours at your homework so people won’t say your writings “messy” or “shit”,

when you are sick of being slagged and no one knows what your feeling and you shut everyone out and it takes you ages to let people in because you’re afraid of being hurt again,

when you are not alone and you have people you love you no matter who you are,

I can’t not explain how much I love these people who will love you no matter what you look like or who you are

these people are the best and there needs to be more people like this in our world and no one should have to hide who they are because they are afraid.



I’m sick of people that slag people over things that they can’t change like their voice or their height or how many spots they have on their face.

It honestly pisses me off so much because people don’t understand how big of an effect it makes on someone. I cannot speak well to new people or to groups of people because

I feel like someone is laughing because I’m so used to it.

I’m used to people doing impressions of my voice

and I can’t do anything apart from laugh back

because if I say anything they’ll just say “We’re only having a laugh”

or laugh even more at my voice and it pisses me off

because I never did anything to them.



People often say Clondalkin’s a dump,

But that lie is just as big as an old woman’s lump.


Although there are some drugs,

And maybe some mugs.


We have Tescos and Dunnes and let’s not forget Maccie’s,

Although to be honest they’re filled with junkies.


We have a tower that’s round closed all day and all night,

And it’s really quite beautiful under just the right light.


We also have a park constructed with marsh,

And to say Clondalkin’s a kip is really quite harsh.

– Luke Murphy and Alex Conroy Egan

I am sick

Sick of people being categorized by their ‘intelligence’
I am sick
Sick of people being slagged for a physical characteristic they cant help
I am sick
 Sick of homophobic people being ‘victims’ of homophobia
I am sick
 Sick of people being bullied based on the clothes they wear
I am sick
By Daniel Donohue and Kory Mooney


I hope this place goes and does a dip for I think it is a kip.

I’d like to tip this place over and jip on the remains for I think it is a kip.

Slip in the bathroom thinking it’s water but it’s actually piss because this place is a kip.

 Walking down the corridor hearing people getting clipped because this place is a kip.

Glen Cullen

System Failure

For a system that is made for you to fail

For the teachers who care about the over all and not the individual

For the tests at the end of the year

For the people who pressure their peers

And the people who cause tears

For the people who try to break me down

For the people who don’t care or know me

I cannot be broken or crumble

Because i am an idea

And ideas cannot be broken

Gavin Howard

Blades and Pills

Blades and pills and wanting to be killed

The authority just don’t care

From staring in mirrors and resorting to scissors

What else are we supposed to do?

Tears fears and no cheers to be found

Lying on the bathroom floor

Not being able to breathe thinking you’re not in need

Why is it so unfair?

Their feelings are beginning to peel

They want a way to heal

Happiness is in their search

Ryan Cahill

Live Life Happy

live life happy, everyday like it’s your last

live life happy, never dwell on the past,

live life happy, smile and don’t care

live life happy, help and share

live life happy, let your mind go mad

live life happy, think of good times you’ve had

live life happy, you won’t regret it

live life happy, go out and get it

By Shane Daly


Life can be hell,

This is true for many,

But just remember this,

All hells can change,

All tortures all pains,

All heartbreaks with no gains,

Can change,

All you have to do,

Is believe you can change it,

And your life can have,

No tortures no pains,

No heartbreaks with every gain,

And your hell can change,

So change it,

And live it,

And your life can be the best.

Gavin Smith

Guerilla Manifesto

People who have different sexualities to you find it hard.

They walk around with a mask on out in yard.

You lot just think that it will heal.

But he goes home to loving parents and can barely eat a meal.

This kid is beginning to wonder if he will deal with the pressure involved.

This never ending cycle of hate and abuse can’t be solved.

He thinks he needs a disguise

Thinking no one will look in to the poor chaps eyes

So remember the next time you call someone gay

The hurt the they endure everyday

Everyone should be happy, no matter their sexuality, gender, skin colour, mental weakness.

Happiness is the key to survival.

What if you were the reason someone even needed revival.

Just think before you say.

They find it hard every second of every day.

Adam Eustace


he’s on the ground.

being dragged around

to an abandoned garage

in a run down part of town

a rag is being placed over his face,

he can’t breath

he can’t scream

it is a rusty piece of metal

scraping along his skin

it is  a taser sending bolts of electricity

right through his shivering body.

Everything goes around in circles

he can’t remember how he got here,

where here is

he can’t feel his face

slowly everything fades into darkness…

Graeme Corrigan

Bit by Bit

All the way to the muscles bit by bit,

Starting at his fingertips,

Gradually moving along his arms and his body,

So hard it will crush them,

If he survives at all,

When the sun goes down,

He will get home,

Acting like nothing happened,

But deep down,

He does know,

That he’s a hero.

Dominik Bil

Walking home every day

Seem’s the day went from bright to grey.

Open the door sneaking in, the smell of drink from the living room.

Who’s that at the front door, keep trekking on making no sound at all.

Barges in through my room but hidden holding my breath under the bed praying that he can’t see head.

Quick glance and then a sigh of relief. I have survived another day but this is a challenge that happens day to day

Praying, waiting, watching but it seems .Wishing that your existence was erased.

But living for another day should be the case.

Never backing down , never giving up , back high,  head up your tough luck.

Can’t change your past but you can change your future.

Open your eyes look around there are people to help you.


The Irish is the force

driven by people sick of the coarse,
who did not submit to the queens horse,
They stood for many ,
the blood that spilled was plenty ,
but we salute the lost lives of 1916,
who did not submit to the queen.
Sean Casey

7 AM

Time for school, but you dont wanna go

Because you feel like a fool

You get outta the bed

With a pain in your head all because of what somebody said

You get dressed,try not to look messed and put on a smile for just a short while.

Then you start walking while listening to people talking about a girl who is Weird but guess what love you have a beard.

You get to class as people act like an ass but to you thats not why your there.

Feeling isolated from the crowd and you only want to make people proud

People look at me and think my goodness who is she

All because of that something said that something read that that point and laugh That cuts your self esteem in half is what prevents the destiny of who you were Meant to be. But right now… thats just not me

Dylan Muddiman

School is a joke,

Its full of people trying to be something they are not,

Its full of people with fake personalities.

All you look forward to is the bell at the end of the day so you can go home,

only to then dread the next day when you will do it all over again.

School is like prison, the only difference is you get to go home at the end of the day.


Jake O’Gorman

Wasted Year

Transition year is a waste of time

they say it benefits you for your future

but all we do is sit in a computer room

for the day playing football games.

We get to go on trips sometimes

but they are all rubbish and a waste of money.

We do loads of subjects in T.Y and most of them are pointless.

In maths we do sudoku like we can do that at home.

When I signed up for T.Y I thought it would be a bit of craic

but all we do is projects and the teachers take it to serious.


Sean Casey

School is a joke

it’s so bad it makes me choke

no word of a lie

get me out of here and I’ll fly

expect me to study fours hours a day

do more sports

have a social life

and value education over something you love and are passionate about

and that’s just the school way

School would rather teach you environmental studies than life skills

‘how do I take out a mortgage?’

‘how do I fill out forms?’

real questions that will help you in life rather than in an exam

Not everyone’s the same

so were not to blame

Having to ask to go to the bathroom at the age of 16

it’s obscene!

Mitchell Byrne & Thomas Byrne