Loreto, Navan, Meath


I can’t help it when I can’t breathe
When the darkness in me slides up my throat
and wraps it’s cold, strong hand around my neck
Causing me to shake and choke as I gasp for air.
I can’t help it when my barrier breaks,
When the tears fall down my face,
When swallowing the lump of pain in my throat just won’t work anymore
And I sob for hours but don’t feel better.
I can’t help it when it’s all too much
When leaving my bed fills me with disgust
When the darkness reigns like a tyrant over my happiness
And my very existence causes me distress
I know you think it’s attention seeking or being weak
You glance at my life and see no problems
Every need filled, every want provided
But the darkness is still in me
And I can’t help it.
Arianna Owens


This is where the rain pours down and the sun never shines

where girls with big lips and asses get the headlines.

This is where refugee are seen as different but none of us are the same

where were all addicted to our phones and everyone’s itching for fame.

This is where drinking is seen as cool and being pretty makes you adored

where being fake is fashionable and everything we can barley afford.

This is where we don’t want to grow old

where well move away to somewhere that’s not cold.


Scars of Bullying

I can’t cry, it’s gone too far,

Your hurtful words become a scar,

When I cross the threshold I shake with fear,

Because I always know you’re near.


Take the noose that’s hanging low,

To escape your twisted shadow,

Your heart is cold to the touch,

You don’t understand that your words hurt this much.


I could jump or I could die,

But what’s the point I’m dead inside.

The scars are clear to see.

It’s hard when you…. are me.



Aimee Shanley-Brookes

The truth behind the glass

If what you see is

what you get, then the boredom

of life would truly cover your view of what is true.

Where darkened clouds mimic the hateful words of your peers,

where thrashing winds represent the teenage creativity which disappears.

Expand your version of reality to see

diamonds in the eyes of an ugly duckling,

Mickey Mouse in a barely beating heart,

the finish before you even,


Orla Docherty

The sturdy wall.

It starts out simple

then you begin to understand,

you forget about yourself

let go of a helping hand,

you focus on protecting others

but when your job is done,

a wall has been built

a new web has been spun,

you block out others

as your soul shatters,

then you begin to climb

as nothing ever mattered,

conquer the wall

you let someone in,

but when that trust falls

a new wall will begin,

it gets taller and taller

everyone knows,

as you feel smaller and smaller

the wall slowly grows.

Ciara Looby.

My Thoughts

If I could, go back, redo, start over.
Being myself is what I would go for.
I wish it was easy, to get up and leave,
I will one day I do believe.
They just tell you bull
“You can be whatever  you want”.
But I can tell you from personal experiences
You actually cant.

A poem for you

The days only seem to be a memory now

They don’t seem to happen anymore

The day you left the day I cried

But then I realized you are in a better place now

With your friends out of pain

You are up there talking about the love of your life

With the friends in your life talking about football,hurling,soccer

And of course me

The trips the the bog I hated so much

The flask of tea the bags of skips the kit-kat bars

Even though you will not be there when i come home from school today

The memories will be there for sure to welcome me in the door

                        By Lauren Moran

Why do you care?

Why do you care what you wear

are you afraid people will stare?

It’s all in your head, it’s all lies,

no one cares don’t wear a disguise.

Be yourself, be true to you,

don’t you worry you’ll shine right through,

people will stick to you like glue.

If you don’t care that’s fair and square,

maybe you have your own nightmare,

spiders, snakes, blood, heights,

only then you’ll see sites.

It doesn’t matter in the end,

honestly it’s just a trend,

it will come and go,

just stay strong and you’ll glow.

                                                                       Ava Yeates

The Little Girl That Grew

I used to know this little girl. Her eyes shone

So bright.

I used to know this little girl. She was

A beam of light.

Her ginger curls hung loose and swayed

At her back.

She was always sure of herself. White

Or black.

This little girl spoke proud and righteous

And true.

But, in the end, this little girl


A mask can’t stay on forever. A mask can’t cover

A tree.

A mask only hides things you don’t wan’t others

To see.

A fox can’t live if it lets the chickens

Run away.

Its belly growls in anger as it does so

Every day.

You may be pretty, girl, but you don’t look

Like you.

If a mirror doesn’t show you that,

then what can you do?

You can’t strive for perfection if you truly know

What matters.

And you will fade to ash if you turn over

One more platter.

Enclose your prey, don’t turn your plate, reveal

Your swaying tree.

Someday you’ll learn. It’ll be your turn

To look beautiful in that tee.

Hannah Kerrigan

Every Door

Every door I see

Makes my heart race-

A secret wish

I can’t displace.

The handle twitches,

The hinges creak,

My hopes so high,

But cold at the peak.

I blink and blink,

Hoping I’ll see

That’s it’s you

Looking back at me.

The dream so vivid,

I smile, but cry more,

Whenever I see

An unopened door.

Hannah Kerrigan

I listened

The faces haunt my darkened nights

They scream and shout in the light

Of the dawn’s faded sun,

I listen

The traitorous thought of undisturbed sleep

Is quickly numbed by all their pains

And sorrowful groans that frighten away sheep,

I listen

‘Set me free, set me free’

These terrifying screeches I hear whilst in bed

It’s plain to see they all want me dead,

I listen

Then I know I’ve listened too much

But the voices continue to scream

Until finally they break my dam

The tears roll until forming  streams

But some nights, the screams are little too loud

Push me a little too far

When the tears have fallen like rain from a cloud

Sometimes the falling droplets

Are blood.

Abigail Tully


For some reason

I was so happy when I saw you standing

At that wooden bench

On Sunday.

We never talk

but sometimes history makes you stronger

Than meaningless sounds escaping from our lips.

Our eyes should have met.

Our past should have swept over us

like a cool breeze in Summer.

We should have done a lot of things that day.

But we didn’t.

Only hours passed

when we, again,

met at a crossroad.

Two paths,

east and west,

Meeting in the centre,

Like a beautiful horizon that the sun lays upon to rest.

Shoulder by shoulder we stood.

Too close for comfort.

Too distant for rediscovery.

Our paths crossed

as many tend to,

but we were led astray

Into the unknown-

The journey to our destination.

But if our paths should again,


Just know that,

Instead of waiting for the ‘uncontrollable,

mysterious, beautiful’ fate

to find us,

My eyes will find yours,

I will smile,

And the whirlwind of our past will enchant us

Like I wished it would

When fate didn’t show up.

Hannah Kerrigan


She was beaten,

Spat on,

Plucked and eaten,

She has been kicked,


Her arms, pricked,

By a million needles,

Her world,

Clouded by evils,

But she never gave up,

She was strong,

She held in her tears,

All day long,

She once was a girl,

But as many do,

She stands a little taller,

The little girl grew.

Nadine Khuwais

The Long Mile

We see people everyday,

but everyone sees in different ways.

We go about our business day by day,

but little do we know the pain doesn’t go away.

Comments, Judgements, The looks up & down,

fills you up as you begin to drown.

Your guard is up,

but does it give you any luck.

Smiles and laughter you’d think they’d heel,

but you know yourself they aren’t real.

The pain fades for awhile,

but can you still run the mile?

Niamh, Kirsten & Ciara


It grabs you at night when you’re all alone,

No one to hear you, as if no one is home,

It consumes you fully when you’re lying in bed,

It makes you believe all the thoughts in your head.


You listen to it as it speaks, everything it says,

“You’re ugly, you’re fat

Everyone wishes you were dead”


But dear you are strong,

Stronger than you think,

You by living life,

Are doing nothing wrong.


So listen to me when I say,

Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

In order to defeat the monsters in your head,

Start living, or loving,

Focus on yourself instead.


Zara Wogan


We’re too young to know what love is

we’ve got emotions like a pic and mix.

we travel in packs

we can’t help but notice what we lack

we want to do everything with our partner in crime

we’re trying to find ourselves before we run out of time.

These are just some of the beautiful lies and hideous truths that we call

                                            our youth.

Unfortunately you can’t run away from youth but youth will eventually run away from you

so don’t shout no doubt we all have fears

but no need to worry our fears will all combine to whispers in time.

Isobel Lord.

Love, Moonlight, Fear

A strong feeling of affection,

the river glittered under the pale moonlight,

I panicked at the thought of love as the image of it is so distorted,

Walking through the shady mountains,

you breathe the burn of the sun,

your name tattooed on my heart,

i can’t ever forget what you’ve done.

The reflection I see,

isn’t what it used to be.

My mornings used to be so sweet,

just you and me drinking some green tea,

I always thought we were meant to be,

but some things aren’t how they seem.

Breacadh, Carly and Katie.


We always aspire to be who we see,

On the internet or on TV,

With modern day society you can’t really blame us,

When all everyone wants is to be famous,

The fact that people want power and have greed,

Is the reason that innocents die and bleed ,

We no longer know what isn’t real,

Living on a forever turning wheel,

We always aspire to be who we see,

On the internet or on TV,

We have lost touch with our reality.

                                                               By Eve Redmond


She feels trapped,

Like she’s a soul,

In a shell of a body thats not hers.

She feels lost,

Like there’s lots of pathways,

but none of them lead to home.

She feels scared,

Like everyones looking at her,

Just looking, never knowing.

She feels alone,

Like she has her friends,

But none of them really care.

She feels empty,

Like all her feelings are gone,

She’s slowly becoming a lifeless shell.

She feels numb,

Like there’s nothing there,

She longs to feel again.

She feels pain,

Like it all got too much,

So she inflicted pain on herself.

She feels nothing,

Like she had gone too far,

Or rather too deep..

Jordan Mcgoey

The Teenage Dream?

When we are kids we dream about being teens,

what we don’t realise is that people are mean.

We put our happiness in others,

whether it’s music or sport or people, but not our brothers.

We learn to fake smile, fake laugh and fake joy,

and yet we put real love into some pretty famous boy.

With so much judgement and too many opinions,

it’s tough to stay strong and take it all on the chin.

But we’ll do our best,

and remember that we are still blessed.

So don’t be too quick to grow old,

because when we are kids we are truly gold.



Trying to keep it all in,

while you’re sucking it all in.

Don’t show them who you are

Why do we keep trying to raise the bar?

“Why don’t you relax and take a rest?”

But then I’ll definitely fail my English test.

Trying to juggle friends, school and keeping active

I’m not majoring in acrobatics.

TV shows are so unrealistic,

they are actually all just fakers.

Keep it all in or be an open person,

you’ll never get away from our ‘lovely’ generation.


Anti-bullying Week

In our school, its anti-bullying week.

Everyone is equal nor freak or geek.

Raise your hand and stand with pride.

Be loving not snide.

Treat everyone with respect

Do not disrespect.

We’re not all perfect,

no one expects us to be.

But be kind and you’ll shall be happy.

Don’t make fun of others.

Don’t call them names,

To be honest it’s kind of lame.

Love with your heart,

Listen with your ears.

Cheer those with tears,

Forget those fears.

Stand up to together

and you shall see those sad faces turn to glee.

By Lauren Kearney

Being Sixteen

Half the time I’m sick of it

Going to school feeling like a piece of dirt

I know I know people have it worse than me

It’s sometimes hard being sixteen

You sit in class to listen and learn

Your brain is spinning and starts to burn

All those worries start to get to you

And all you want is your friend to take a clue

But some have gone and found some others

Left your group and closed the shutters

But you know that they’re always still going to be there

But they seem cooler now you feel you can’t talk to them you’re scared

You feel like you’re alone half the time

But you cover it up with a smile of sunshine

I know I know people have it worse than me

But it’s sometimes hard being sixteen

                    Rebecca Seery


We stare at the ceiling as we lay in bed

Thousands of thoughts racing through our heads

People wonder why we are upset

We open up then to be called a pet


People claim to be our friends

But then we are lonely in the end

We are all just broken souls,

In one big empty hole.

–          Kerri Costello and Caoimhe Byrne


We laugh when we perceive something funny.

But what if what we found funny, others think bloody,

Booming, Howling, Hushed, Grin.


Laughing, happy, cheerful, life

All emotions we feel when we laugh,

But looking through the looking glass,

At the other end, I see,

Perception is everything.


Snickering, smirking, sneering,

All associated with harshness

But what you think is cruel , others think fool,

Some think cool.

Perception is key.

Hannah O’ Dea

What music means to me

Music means the world to me.I guess it’s just a part of personality.When i’m feeling down it just brings me right side round.It’s another way of getting out of this bullshit which makes me want to quit.

All the questions and suggestions are just too much so I give up. Music is my escape from this world. People think i’m lonely but its worry free and where i’m most happy.



Huddled together we walk the front line,

Aches and pains and thoughts on our minds.

Though our minds are in thought and our bodies in pain,

We dare not dwell on the people who do not remain.

Staggering, swaying ‘though not a drink to our lips,

We hear the battle overhead sometimes sounding like whips.

The warnings sound “Gas!” they say

Just another drill to add to my day.

Sending the call further down the line,

My hands fumble as I get my mask on in time.

Thick clouds form in front of me,

Try as I might it is impossible to see.

A soldier comes forward gasping for air,

I can only look on in utter despair.

There lies a soldier whom you knew well,

Who always knew how to cheer you up ,even when you fell.

His cries of pain keep you alert,

As you push the old cart carefully through the dirt.

We were fighting together, helping each other out,

Now you both know one of you isn’t coming out.

Katie Byrne

Find a way

Find a way to apologise

Find a way to forgive

As this happens

It becomes easier to believe

Find a way to make someone’s day

If you see that they’re down

make them feel as they’re not a prey

And they will no longer have a frown

Find a way to make them smile

It will make them happy

And will travel many a mile

Just to see that small little smile

By L.Fahy

Lonely Life

Only 14 years old,

Sometimes he can be quite bold,

But he still holds a heart of gold.

He gets a fright in his sleep at night,

Not a person in sight,

That he can hold tight.

Nobody knows him,

Nobody cares,

They do not see his tears,

Why not help this by getting him peers.

                                                Amy Dunleavy and Audrey Kelly

The interpretation of Loneliness:

I feel like the rest of the world is in a glass room

With widows that only I can see into

I see people living and loving and all that good stuff

While I sit at home on my own

I think I’ve had enough.

Lauren Kavanagh

Dear Society

No matter how much we push and practice. we’ll never be good enough, fast enough or fit enough.

no matter how good we get at makeup we’ll never be able to hide our raw red spots and our ugly miss shaped features.

no matter how much we starve ourselves or at least try we’ll never be our size zero, 5ft 8 friend.

no matter how many filters and edits we use on our pictures, we’ll never be flawless and have as many likes as the insta queen of your town.

no matter how much we put ourselves out there, we’ll never be IT, as everyone knows there is only one IT girl and she is  already ruling.

No matter how much we how much we try with the boy with the crystal straight teeth and jaw line chiseled by the gods but who is probably an ass anyways we still never give up but he’ll probably never take one look at us anyways.

So basically no matter how many much we try we’ll never be good enough.

kind regards,

all teenage girls.


At the back of the class

At the back of the class

where nobody sits

apart from the girl

that nobody knows


She was the popular one

the smart one,

the sporty one,

the perfect one,

But things changed.

Someone got jealous,

I won’t name names

but whoever it was

she’s never been the same

since two years ago,

when we all switched schools

At first she was fine

but as i said someone got jealous.

They never liked her,

never wanted her there.

They were jealous.

That’s what I’ve been told anyway.

I still don’t understand

why people hated her that much

but I do know

that what they did to her

is her secret

and I won’t write it down.

So I’ll just go back

to writing

at the back

of the class.

Laura Barrett

Being Young

In the society we live in it’s hard to fit in,

Friends seem close one day but disappear the next.

We’re told we’ve to be smart, funny, pretty

But all of that isn’t me.


We’re not cool if we don’t drink

We only stick out as boring

We are judged by the people we associate ourselves with

Never out of the public lens.


We’re called fat if we’re bigger than most

We’re shy if we hate to boast.

We’re boring if we don’t drink

We waste our lives afraid to blink.

Emma Cassidy


We can hardly see as we look around,

Puddles of blood on the ground.

Trying to march away from the front line,

With a huge crack oh no my opponent is back.

Staggering men

In the pen.

From lost boots to lost lives,

My friends and I struggle to keep alive.

“Put on your mask the poisonous gas”

Comrade utters,

“Tell my family I love them”

In my view,

There was nothing new.

Comrade is dead,

Nothing left to shed.

Walking behind the wagon

I suffer to breath.

He thought of this,

He would get a thrill.

But what he found was beyond human conception.

He wanted to run in the opposite direction.

By Karina and Caoimhe

Stick Till The End

All those words that I’ve been told, like a liar, bitch or a holy show none of them knows what happens at home.

Kicked, punched, hit and thrown are all the things that happen at home, then come to school where things are the same, left alone every day, ignored, abused, tripped and pushed all those things happen at lunch.

Then go to see my only friend, the one who will be there till the end, she sits alone on her bed looking towards her only friend, she gave her a smile to make things alright but deep down she knows it will never be alright.

The next day came and it wasn’t the same as everyone wanted to be her friend, she looked up to the sky as thanks to her friend who she no longer had stayed  in the end, and from that day she had loads of friends who promise to stick with her to the end.

But she didn’t want all those friends, she only wanted the one who didn’t stay, she knows it wasn’t all her fault as it was Gods choice after all.

She sat on a bench beside her best friends grave and laid a flower for the friend, she let out a smile for the last time as she left her friend by the last time, she sat at lunch with her new friends but it wasn’t the same without her only friend.

By Holly Cunningham

Walk in their shoes

Where does it come from? Where does it start?

Why is it there to tear somebody apart?

Why is it harmful? Why is it sore?

Why does it make someone feel like they’re not needed anymore?

How could it be fun? How could it make you feel good?

When you’re making somebody feel completely misunderstood.

It’s not for a minute, it’s not for a day.

It could give someone pain that may never go away.

Bullying is a crime, you have everything to lose,

why don’t stand back for a minute and walk in their shoes?

By Mollie Byrne and Andrea Carroll

Our Generation

Our generation is messed up the pressure of everything,

how many likes you get

how skinny you are

how pretty you are

how popular you are

how clear your skin is

two-faced biatches who act as your friend when

they’re sly

they’re snakes

they’re rats

they’re fake-ass

little Barbie brats

you try to tell people your problems

but they don’t listen they tell others

but at the same time everyone’s guilty

including me.

Moya & Aisling