Clongowes Wood College, Clane, Kildare

Painted faces

He lives in the wood alone

where government and

people could never find him.

He’s very quiet

He’s lonely every time

He’s nothing is what he is

He’s not very talkative

But he is loyal and respectful

But it wasn’t enough, as the

time passes he never changes

he tries his best to change

but it won’t move.

It stays like a tree

that never grows.

All he see’s painted

faces everywhere.

Sam Yoo



They were the days,

before everything changed,

now we are unchangeable.

These are the hard days,

still remembering the easy ones,

Thinking why can’t we go back.

We were young, wild and free,

feeling like we could do anything,

thinking we were encharge.

The memories,the photos they

never go away,now we are getting

old and being forced to do things

we don’t want to.

This is all part of life and the evergoing

circle,soon it’s going to be over and

everything will be better,They were the days,

They were the days.

By Oscar Wilson

When people use you.

Those times when you do a job,

that can be time consuming,

that can drive you mad,

that may hurt you,

that may hurt others around you,

and you don’t get one ounce of thanks,

and you’re left with all your problems.

These people never pay you back,

they are selfish obnoxious lazy animals,

and what they say when your done…

Nothing. Silence. Grand. Ok. But no THANKS.

When they give out and don’t specify,

a reason they just ramble on and on and on.

You get defensive, you argue, you wake up and say,

back off politely then they say this is why your getting in,

trouble. This is the confusion why did you do it? why are you,

giving out for no reason? why? You tell me….?…

Ronan Molony.

Cover Up

Have you ever been hated or discriminated against

I have always taking offence

I just sit here and bottle it up

Not telling no one how much it made me cover up

Yeah I wish they liked me for who I am

But you know I am who I am

I don’t care anymore

Joe Kavanagh-Joyce


There must be a way to escape said me to my mate,

I just cant take much more of all this hate,

From the time I wake up to the time dusk,

Everyone just fighting and killing to look tough,

When really people have no real emotion

There all just high off tonnes of different potions,

When girls come in looking two years older,

With boys looking two year bolder,

And drink and drugs just making us colder,

Your parents say i wasn’t like you,

With exams in school and girls making you drool,

How could you be like me,

Even if its genetically possibly,

I’m Different I’m me said myself to my mate.


Luke MacQuillan


Training everyday, working hard but getting no pay

Dedicated but you start to hate it

All the work but no reward

Trying to get noticed but only getting ignored

not picked for a team, but it’s alright

you just gotta keep up the fight

because you know one day it’ll be alright

The harder you train the easier it gets

You know you’ll get there

so tell everyone to beware

because there’s a new feen on the scene.

Daniel Reilly


Walking through the school yard

feeling scarred

in my gut’s pit

Not sure if i  should quit

All these names

They all thinking its games

David Burke


Turkey downing a plane gonna feel the pain

Putin gonna start shootin

  Warships and dictatorships

A joke becomes reality 

Guns and drums 

Loud and high 

Country road taking home

James Bourke, Tom Farrington and Cameron McCarthy


the beautiful city,


innocent lives ruined,

the world horrified,

and why?

just why?

what is the point?

the beautiful city,

you will get nothing,

you will not get our hatred,

you will not get our violence,

you will not get our fear,

you will get nothing,

you are alone,

you will not have love,

you will not have friendship,

you will not have affection,

you are alone,

you have achieved nothing,

you have only strengthened our resolve,

we will fight this

but without the destruction,

that you have unleashed,

paris the beautiful city,


Cormac Watson 


Day by day, staying silent in school,

If you speak out then you’re the fool.

There waiting for you, the confident bunch,

Waiting to give you that knockout punch.

Because if you’re not popular, confident, or cool,

Then what’s the point in going to school.

They’ll knock you down,

Make you somehow the clown.

Because as teens it’s hard,

They’ll catch you off guard.

Maybe you’re not the sort,

that’s good at sport,

Or doesn’t even fit in with a snort

Well you’re okay,

That’s what they’ll say.

The teachers will have it ‘sorted’,

Little do they know, it’s only just started

Ben Matuschka

Death by Bullies

If you don’t drink 

If you don’t smoke 

If you don’t bone girls

And don’t do curls

You will not be accepted by all the hard men

You will be bullied again and again

You can’t even try to explain

They are unaware of all of your pain

Your only relief is taking cocaine

Unknown to you it’s killing your brain

You commit suicide and die

This is because of depression,

Conrad Daly and Matthew Leonard



What a crisis. 

All this paris garbage.

People crying in the streets looking for family and friends. 

But all their seeing is a line of dead bodies that never ends. 

The suspects are long gone and never to be found. 

But it will be soon, before we see them again bound.

Rossa O Kane

King Delle

Delle Alli, he is king,

he’s got so much quality, that he will bring,

He runs up and down the pitch,

while making Santi Cazorla look like a right snitch.

He could nutmeg a mermaid,

and scores great goals,

you might think there’s a man behind him with controls.

He started his career in League 2,

and moved to Spurs to help destroy Chelsea’s blue,

Old Trafford on August 8th 2015,

this was the day he burst onto the scene,

he has started such a legacy,

that some may say he’s the next Messi.

by Bobby Sheehan


all the names they call me

all the days they squall me

all piling up inside me

waiting to find me

they don’t feel my pain

all they see is gain

but I know who I am

the true me

these days will stay with me

never forgotten.

jack and david

The things that scares us is that they’re not afraid

The things that scares us is that they’re not afraid,

We can’t give them aid

there’s no way to stop them or crop them,

the pictures too big.

They’ve come to our lands

with their tasks all set,

there is no way to see them as they’re covered in masks,

they send waves around the world

and have left us all fazed.

they march right in

and will watch us burn,

how did they learn,

that family is the my concern,

terror is what they feed off,

they will disrupt normal life

all because it’s their creed,

they say it’s for their god

but it’s a lie

god doesn’t like us to die,

the things that scare us is they have no fear.

Frankie O’Reilly

Inside Outside

The person on the outside is just a shell,

Inside he’s hurting like hell,

Outside he laughs with a quiet cough ,

Inside he’s about to fall off,

On the outside no scar no bruise,

On the inside he’s black and blue,

People don’t know why,

He lies down and stares at the sky,

They don’t understand,

But they don’t dare to give a hand,

He’s slipping away, drifting,

As the outside world keeps on shifting,

He leaves a note to drop a clue,

But no one guessed it no one knew,

But nothing matters now he’s gone,

He won’t ever see another dawn,

People are regretful,

Saying over their eyes the wool was pulled,

But now they know to ask him,

Because no one can read skin,

No one can see the destruction of a confidence,

And an action will have a consequence,

Jack Dowling


They call themselves the state

But they really have no fate

There is no Allah to save them

Insead the devil awaits

You attack the unexpected innocent

Leave a nation in fear

You a worship a God

In the image of fear.

Sean Donovan, Jack O’Sullivan and Iarla Carroll

World Problems

World war III is approaching

World leaders are voting

Putin wants violence

Obama urges alliance

Turkey have shot down a plane

Isis are drinking alcohol free halal champagne

World war III is approaching

The stranglehold is encroaching.

Adam Mullan

Every Waking Moment

You know what I had something

I had a life

Girls, sex, booze, love.

Pure reckless happiness

That’s a life, right?

But then it all changed

Mistakes, thoughts, decisions made

I lost it all, left everything behind

Just because one man couldn’t make up his mind.

He sent me away without a thought

I couldn’t believe it, too shocked, too distraught

It was too late when I realised I should have fought

All his lies were never bought

Over and over I’ve had to leave it all behind

But there was a choice in the matter I wasn’t blind

I’ll do it one last time I said

Now I spend each day wishing for the next

You know what might not even care if I woke up dead

Every waking moment spent trying to find relief

That small shred of happiness like I can’t believe

I tried to talk to him tried to explain, except

He didn’t care.

He didn’t want to hear s***

This is where you are now that’s it

But for me it’s not a fit

Now I’m here for the rest of the year

Constantly living in fear

When I try to make it better go back to the way it was

He says no just because I’m the one

No rhyme no reason just making excuses

But at the end of the day I know he’s deluded

I was the first, the prodigal son

But instead I think he’s using me for fun

Trapped, the feeling eating away

Taking more than it’s giving every day

I don’t know when there’ll be nothing left

But all he says is it’s for the best

Every waking moment I wish it was different

Will I break? Maybe

But I’ll keep fighting til the end cuz that’s how he raised me.

Sean Leahy


Why you ditch me

do you even derv

youre such a perv

Yup Ouh Dah

down smokin in the claddagh

with me boys, oh the joys

then they destroy

any school boy

Yup Ouh Dah

In the car joy ridin’

blaze dat shiz, 420

        it’s a pity we couldn’t get any

                  I guess you can’t rely on Bennie

  Yup Ouh Dah

Paddy Culhane


Have you ever woken up and not wanted to get out of bed?

Not because it’s cold outside and you’re comfortable and snug.

But because you physically don’t have the energy to go another day.

You’ve faked it for so long and there’s only one word to describe how you actually feel.


I’m done with being judged for what I wear or what I put on Snapchat,

what family I come from or who I’m friends with.

I’m done with all the assumptions made about me, all the rumours that are spread,

just because I’m different have something interesting happening in my life.

Done with having to hide from everything to make that stop.

I’m done with having peer pressure around every corner,

“everyone’s doing it, so why aren’t you?”

A battlefield of bitchiness,

A warped reality where there’s a prototype image to fit,

You can’t be yourself if they’ve already stereotyped you.

Sorry, I’m done.

I’ll stay in bed, thank you.


Das Poem

I think I’m in a pretty decent country here,

Very cool people, pretty girls and enough beer.

But sometimes I get a flashback from oversea,

Want to get home #Germany.

You’ll feel integrated, you’ll feel lone,

But never forget what is your home.

You’ll feel integrated, you’ll feel lone,

But never forget what becomes your 2nd home.

Karl Von Finkenstein


Skinhead Blues

Skinhead blues makin all the hard calls ,

sayin he looks out for ya all he does is shout at ya ,

meant to be a prefect he’s older then my da ,

“his attitudes all wrong” is what he tells my ma,

have to hide away when you get a take away ,

Forces your religion that’s why I was mitchin ,

no Facebook no phones and a panadol for broken bones ,

you speak your mind he’ll send you home ,

Try make me play rugby what about the chubbys ,



Don’t bother speak

hypocritical, fraud and deceiver

your opinion is useless

your help is not wanted

unless it benefits the dictator


What i like to do

What i like to do

Is to push my myself

wouldn’t you

to go so far

to be aggressive

but not to submissive

to hit hard

and not get a report card

thats what its all about.


Daniel Beggs

Sesh Moths

Heading home on Wednesday night.

Wheres me ambo leaf you bag o’ tripe.

Calm down Tanaquisishia I’m on my bleedin way

1 more minute until I drive away

Bog off you slut I don’t need a lift anyway

Im bleedin knackered give us a break

More chat like that your body’ll be in the lake

Off she goes on a lethal drift

Heading down tallaght bringing howard for a shift

hash-box called a sesh for the craic

Hands on his sack and the nagging in his crack

Ripping out the gear like a bag of skittles

blaze it up till the kush gives her tickles

Down to spar to get a chicken roll

can’t pay for it cuz im on the bleedin dole

Im such a smelly sap all I want is my hole

Air max on, Gone 90 out the door

Passin out in the flat while ye act the bleedin slut

Lyin’ down flat down the ole chicken hut

Bleedin all round from me mouth to me core

damn being a sesh moth can be pretty sore

                   -Dan Beggs



For the people like us, everything is on a silver platter.

Food comes to us. education…comes to us,

water, toilets, rooms, beds, clothes, shoes,

everything we use in our life comes to us.

People like us, we are the lucky ones,

the days when we drive to that special place

where nothing can go wrong and invincibility

and dreams become reality.

Nothing can touch us.

But one day it has to go wrong, doesn’t it?

I mean that’s life isn’t it?

We are the lucky ones.

One day everything will fall apart

and when it happens it feels like there isn’t a way out.

We cant deal with that,

we don’t know pain and suffering like this,

we only know the pain of not having a drink in our hand

and the suffering of not having that

precious green paper in our back pocket.

We are the lucky ones.


Max Gaynor

My Saviour

She put up a status asking for a chat,
I thought to my self im up for that!
I couldn’t believe it she was so nice
Little did I know she’d get me the dice,
She was my saviour
The first time I saw her,
I knew I’d do anything,
She was so perfect and really something,
She was my saviour
We connected for sure
I’d already fallen
She was so pure
Not like the other skanky whores
Of that im sure,
She was my saviour
Two months later were still together
It wasn’t enough I needed her more
I want to marry her
Forever and always my saviour

Being 16

Its’ tough,

the drinks the drugs all just for one puff

we used to be innocent,

and far from ignorant,

but society has changed,

and now it’s deranged.

Down to the shop,

with your trackies on,

Your Duffer round top,

Fake Huaraches from Taiwan.

“Will ye buy us a can?”

Is what you asked yer man

Going out on the sesh,

at the back of the creche,

Having a couple of beers,

With absolutely no fears,

Fag in your hand,

Screaming “it’ll be grand”

until the moment,

when you can barely stand.

Times are tough,

And I’ve had enough,

The future is bleak,

We’ve passed our peak,

This rant is over,

I think It’s time for someone else to take over.

Michael Medeiros

Chocolate Cream


Sitting here on my lazy arse,

I drift into a daydream,

Thinking about you fully smothered

from head to toe in chocolate cream.


I get this thought everyday and night

and wonder when would it stop.

But I can’t help thinking what it would be like

If there was a cherry placed on top!

Josh Lowry

The odd one out…

As the days they went on by,

the hours I wanted to fly,

but for every second of every day,

I will pray but what should we say.

I sit in the gallows,

being shot through the heart

with insults for arrows,

wishing my time away,

drowning out the voices with reggae.

I turn to the drink,

So I don’t have to think,

I go too far,

I start to see stars.

I wake up in hospital everyone shouting,

Conscious for a few seconds and already I’m drowning,

I close my eyes and block everyone out,

This is what I choose to write about.

Luke Clohessy