Mercy College, Beaumont, Dublin 9


I have grown with a family of mimes

It’s their duty to stay quiet

No matter how hard the times

Their mouths kept shut, it’s all a disguise

But facial expressions tell all,

There’s fear in their eyes


Because the pills my dad was forced to swallow

Don’t calm his nerves

They make him feel hollow


And the tear-stained pillow case

On my nans side of the bed

Don’t help with the fight

Occurring in her head


The reaction of death

Can be minor or drastic

But no one could prepare my aunt

Seeing her dead mother in that lonely casket


These things have been hidden from me

They think that I couldn’t see

Because “Depression”  is a term too powerful

For someone as fragile as me



Fooling Myself

Who I wanted you to be

And who you were

Two different beings –

One created by expectation

The other by reality

Of the two

I fell harder for

The bright and dazzling fantasy

Until the glass broke

Into a thousand pieces

And I saw you in perfect clarity

The disappointment

The heartbreak

And the injustice of it all –

All due to me and

My vanity

That I chose to mould

My own image of you

With ignorance

As to your true identity

By Karina Acedera

The One in the corner

Not being good enough,

Not being asked to go out,

Told what’s going on,

Asked how you’re doing.


That one person you have

Talks, bants, laughed are had.

Sure, you have that with others

But it’s not the same.


Not one that you feel like

The other is interested,

But aren’t we all in the same boat?

Feeling not loved, liked or loved.

Or is that just what we hope?


Lauren Langan


It’s a real pity

The teachers like preachers

The fifth years think there older and bolder

The first years are getting smaller

Which makes me feel taller

The corridors are so thin your bound to hit your chin

Everythings about money and they seem to think its funny

This explains why school is so bad and makes you feel very sad.

–        Anonymous

Most People

For most people thinking about drinking means rowdy kids and young adults causing problems and making bad decisions, with bad consequences.

But who are they to judge? Most people by the age of 18 have had fun and been wasted themselves but yet they are quick to make unnecessary comments about other people around them.

Supervised? Never once discussed? Nobody knows, everybody talks.  Just for show? Avoiding a problem? Nobody knows, everybody talks.

Drinking to escape, drinking to forget, drinking just to have a good time? Nobody takes the time to question but everyone thinks they know by second hand, exaggerate stories that are made up to make a show.

Drinking can be a massive escape for some people from everything.  But for some, causes unwanted flashbacks, unhappy thoughts and regrettable decisions.

Some lives are ruined by drinking and more often than not cause temporary happiness that disappears as soon as the alcoholic substance has been emptied from the bottle.  Being happy within yourself can often be helped by a harmful yet helpful substance.

Avoid danger and know the limit that your body can withstand but otherwise – to heck with it, live your life and do everything positive to be happy.



There was a squirrel named Pete

Who wanted to go to Crete,

He jumped out of his tree,

Screamed hey look at me,

And fell in a heap on the street.

by Tara Egan

Broken Shadow

Do you ever just feel that you just don’t belong, or on your worst day you just play your favourite songs, when you don’t matter and you than get a clatter. Just being plain like a shadow flung in a lane just a shiver in my broken body just case someone saw me


School was a drag and always tore me apart, while everyone was smiley I was just out of sight because I was the darkness in everyone’s light so dull an dark I just felt torn apart.


Home was worse as there was a horrid smell because dad would always drink and always always yell. My heart would scream because dad was always mean my hands began to sweat while my heart leapt, as his hand began to raise my eyes where at a locked gaze  and my world began to faze all over again it was just another horrible place…


By Courtney Shannon


There has not been a day in the last four years where I haven’t felt anxious. It’s the kind of anxious where I struggle to breath and all I want to do is curl up in a ball away from the world.


I am anxious because the three years that I have been a teenager have been filled with judgement. Every single day I am judged by teachers, boys, girls and even my parents.

Judgement of the way I look, act and of the things I say.


I can’t leave my house without makeup because without I don’t feel good enough. I see every girl as competition because of what society has taught me. I have grown up being compared to every other girl that I will never be better than.


In a generation consumed by social media with teenagers crying out for attention I am one of many trying to fit in and be liked.


Some peoples greatest fears are the dark or spiders or being in small faces. My greatest fear is being judged. It’s a fear I have because the only way it will ever stop is to be perfect in everyone’s eyes.


And I can’t accept that this is impossible.



A Place We Live In

We live in a messed up world,

People judging others for what they do, for what they wear and for who they are

People bullying others over things that shouldn’t even matter to others,

Why bother saying hurtful things to others?

Why let their life and the things they do annoy you?

It’s not your life so you shouldn’t be worrying about it.

We live in a world where everything ends up on social media,

Where you are,

What you’re doing,

Who you’re with,

And also slagging others,

Why is everything that others do that are different put on social media?

Why do people think it is ok to slag others for things they do differently?

Why does everyone have to be the same?




I know I am not perfect and of course that’s okay

But it doesn’t mean you slag me in any type of way.


People can be cruel and I know that’s not fair

But you always get some people who really just don’t care.


Life is great if your pretty, famous or rich

But if you’re not life can sometimes be a bitch.


I’ve learned to accept these facts in different types of ways

And life is really good but sometimes you have hard days.


By Lisa O’Hanlon


People think to love someone you have to be with them,


Love is not subjected to a couple,

You love who you love,

My best friend who I love,

It’s hard when your best friend is drifting away,

You know the feeling of losing them to someone else,

It hurts but what can I do,

We don’t talk like we used to

Everything has changed and the fact is I have to deal with it

It’s hard to lose the one who really meant a lot.

By Rebecca Hanlon Molloy

The missing ones



The people you miss and that are gone,

They are never gone there in our hearts

Don’t forget it because sometimes I do,

I forget they are still here with us because

They are physically not with us, but even though

They´re not physically with us there watching over us and still

Love us


Jessica Melia

I’m sick of it

I’m bloody sick of it.

sick of being told I’m this and that,

sick of being told how I should feel,

sick of being told what to do and how to do it,

why can’t I be who I want to be?

why can’t I feel how I want to feel?

why can’t I do what I want, the way I want?


I’m just so sick of it.


Friday 13th

The 13th just a normal day,

People out at parties/matches/concerts or just out with friends,

But nobody knew so many lives would be taken away,

Not knowing what’s going to happen next,

Just a few days later 100s of explosives found in an ambulance,

Matches cancelled, people dying,

Lots of people scared for their live,

Within one 1 so many people could be dead,

World war III has just begun.

Aisling Hoban Lynch

People think

People think I’m confident, but I’m not.

People think I love myself, but I don’t.

People think m okay with how I look, but I’m not.

I have fat in places I wish I didn’t.

I have big feet, big ears and big boobs that make me look weird.

I don’t have what I want in myself, but I don’t let anyone know.

I want people to think I’m confident so they don’t ask if I’m okay.

I put on a smile people won’t see the sadness in my eyes.

People think having a partner is everything whereas I feel I’m too young, but I feel pressured to get one.

People think expensive clothes are everything whereas I feel if you have clothes on your back you’re lucky, but I feel the need to look good so I’m not judged.

People want you to be yourself, but judge you when you are.


Who Am I?


I feel like, today, in this world, no one really knows who you really are. Not your mom, not your dad, not your siblings, not your friend, not EVEN your best friend, and certainly, not a stranger.


There will always be something, deep down, inside of us, that we never really show or tell to anyone. Sometimes, you just feel like you don’t even own or know yourself anymore because everybody’s telling you what to do, who you are, and what and who you’re supposed to be. Now you tell me? Do you really know who you are?


We just let ourselves believe in what everybody says, and even let the numbers DEFINE us. You got 42% in your exam? You’re stupid; your size 0? Size 20? You’re anorexic. You’re fat. That’s what they say. That’s what everyone says. There is no such thing as in between.


Every morning, you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you believe what they say to you. And you do. Why? Because that’s what everyone says as the truth. But it’s not. It’s not the truth, and you know that.


And of course they don’t, because they’re not you, and they never will be. So we can’t just let people tell us who we are supposed to be. Cause we are ourselves. We are not them, and they’re not us. If they’re telling you to go home and draw the pain that you feel on your wrists, or maybe, try to push you until you don’t have the strength to stand back up anymore, you can’t let it happen. And let me tell you why, sometimes, we just need to learn how to love ourselves, because I promise you, once you learn how to love yourself, your  life will change into a much more beautiful place, and everyone will look at you and say, ‘oh, I wish I was her/him.’


You are beautiful when you are yourself. And everyone will see it once you do. Now ask yourself, who am I?




We were told that it’s not ‘not lady like’
That ‘blue is for boys go get the pink one instead’
I was told to keep my skirt at a certain level
Because I didn’t want to ‘distract anyone’ or give anyone the ‘wrong impression’
I was taught to look down on girls that did
Because our society seen it as ‘trashy’ and to ‘keep it classy’
I was frowned upon when I cursed
But I would get confuse when I see others doing the same
The difference was that they were boys
I was given restrictions
Because of my gender
Because I was a girl
I taught that being a boy was a privilege
Because being a girl came with so many restrictions

Our generation

is different kind, from drink, drugs and sex to stay in school, don’t do drugs. Nobody ever knows what they want in life. Some may want to find true love, but end up being clouded by lust and have sweet nothings whispered into ears. Drink and drugs. Do them and you are instantly cool, don’t you are ridiculed. Being a virgin nowadays is a rarity. Peer pressure is not a good influence in anybody’s life. As teenagers we are pressured from fellow teens, teachers, parents and anyone. The human brain and heart can only handle so much pain before it becomes a husk of its former self. People say teens with piercings and body art are ”delinquents”. This is not true. A few bad apples spoil the brunch but that doesn’t mean we all are. I would rather have a tattoo that meant something when I was younger then have a job I hate 40 years down the line. Teenagers are pressured and misunderstood. We are pressured to do things we don’t want to. We are becoming mindless husks and we are allowing it to happen.

Lauren Branigan

Lauren Branagan

Good Girl

See, I was a Good Girl before.

I never smoked, drank or dropped.

But when I came to school,

My Good Girl act stopped.

My efforts to be Good are constant.

Inside I could be hurting

But outside I’m all smiles and lies and cursing

When I was younger I didn’t have

The worries that I now face.

I fear that what I do isn’t good enough,

And I am stripped of all my grace.

Because now I find myself wondering

‘Why is everything so feckin grey?’

I really don’t know who I am

If I’m even going the right way

And mam and dad I’m sorry

That this isn’t who you want me to be.

But I shouldn’t have to act,

Because that Good Girl thing just isn’t for me

By Anon



We live in a world constantly changing,

the sun shining or raining.

We don’t have time to stop the time

and beat the clock.

running to desk to desk

To get money to pay the place.


Hiding our personality in ourselves

showing all your fake side, fake smile,

fake face.  Just to get what?

Approbation, “friends”, “love”.


Why would you like to have that?

The approbation of more fake people

in a fake world in your own fake show.


I’m waiting for a world that’s never wake up.

A world of real personalities,

showing your real face, with your real smile to

your real friends in a real world.


But that’s not the reality I live in.

Valle Martin-Perales

Back stabbing bitch 

I hate this; I don’t know what to do anymore.                                                                  This girl is saying things that I’ve heard all before.                                                              She’s supposed to be my friend, how could she do this again?                                                   Use everything I’ve ever told her against me.                                                                     Just to hurt me, Just to make me feel small.                                                                                Ha I know this about you, what you going to do?                                                               Go ahead tell the world what I already know,                                                                    secret slut, sly cunt, lying bitch you name it.                                                                   At least I’ve learned who I don’t want to be, while you stand there and still refuse to be the person you said you would never be.                                               Back stabbing bitch.                                                                                                                      Go on keep going,                                                                                                                         I’m ready for this, unlike you.                                                                                                    You’re still living in your own perfect world,                                                                          but the only thing is we both know it’s far from perfect.                                                                                                                  You say everyone hates you can you see why?                                                                    You turn on everyone who cares about you and all you do is lie.                                       Can you see now why everyone hates you you’re a back stabbing bitch.                                I know plenty about you,                                                                                                              but the difference is people know what I’m like unlike you!                                                  You say I’m a secret slut, well let’s have a look at you,                                                  oh how many is it now? Lost count!                                                                                        Do you still want to keep going?                                                                                              No didn’t think so!  So remember the next time  you want to keep going.



By Zoë Brannock

Mean Words


There is a difference between funny and mean, a big one in fact people don’t seem to understand that though, they don’t ever seem to understand that what they said to someone as a” joke” made that person feel horrible or insecure or angry .

I am sarcastic sometimes like everyone is and I appreciate when someone has a dry or witty sense of humour but there are people who say mean things and throw around nasty words and they try to disguise them as “jokes” .

These people will scoff at you and tell you they were “only messing” as they roll their eyes at you, they somehow make you feel like the guilty one when the ask you “my god can’t you take a joke?” But the thing is it wasn’t’ funny what they said wasn’t meant as a joke and they know it.

Joke s can get old too and what was funny the first few times can turn into a pain and in your head you are silently wishing this person would stop saying it.

I do think it is important that we can all laugh at ourselves but being the punchline to somebody’s joke again and again can get hurtful , I am very lucky that this has never happened to me , if my friends ever made a joke that I’d rather they didn’t they don’t do it again and I appreciate that .

I have other friends who haven’t been so lucky,  I’ve had very good friends cry to me because someone made a joke about them that made all their insecurities come out to play .

There is a fine line between funny and mean , it is a boundary that some people push and other dance on the line but what they say is still funny because they haven’t hurt anyone and they didn’t make a joke with mean intentions but there are people who cross the line and they go too far and what they say is not funny at all .

So to end my rant I’m just going to ask everyone that before they make a joke about some that they think is funny just ask yourself if it was said about you would you laugh or cry ?


What I feel powerful about…

I will never judge others for looks or wealth.

We should teach others not to judge others in the wrong way.

We should…

…dance like no one is watching…

…sing like nobody is listing…

…treat one another as you want to be treated…

…see beyond their skin and clothes…

…only judge what’s on the inside, not out.

Grace Worrall Boland


Why is it you tend to judge me?

Cause I’m of different race.

Why is it you hate me?

Is it cause I’m not from the same place.


Why is it that you think I’m stupid

because of where I’m from.

In my own opinion,

You have just made yourself seem dumb.

–Shanice O’leary


When you mistakes, you can learn from them,

In some cases you cant.

I have learnt from my mistake,

But sometimes I think it wasn’t a mistake,

It was my heart, she was my baby,

My mam said I was stupid but me NO.

For me, she would have been my heart, my world

But, my mam made me ” Get rid of her”,

Disgusting the way she put it,

I said it had a name for a reason,

I will never get over it, she’s my baby

She will never be gone, aborted or not.

Charlotte, Char, my little girl, my baby, up in heaven and here in my heart.

I love her and always will, my princess, my angel.

NOT a mistake.