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Twitter fly’s into your home,

It comes small and innocent like a mobile phone.

You feed it with follower and the bigger it grows,

You have little time before you know.


The blue bird continues to grow ,Big and grand taller than man,

It needs more follower to fulfil its hunger

Eventually it blunders its owner,

Bones left. Time wasted.

Kevin Cogan

What is Religion?


We’re planted as innocent seeds,

Blank canvases.


Unknowingly forced into Creeds.


We get our beliefs from these ideas

Revolving ourselves around them.

Five main religions,

What is the difference?


Apparently the outlines are the same

‘Love your Neighbour’

Everyone following the life of their ‘saviour’


Is it Happiness and Thanksgiving?

Or Conflict and Killing?

Is it a method of Peace?

Or an excuse for bombs and bullets?


They say the fighters are the minority,

But they still affect the majority.

So lets ask ourselves,

What is Religion?

David Phelan

What I See

Every time I go to sleep I’m afraid that I might never see again

I’m afraid that the few things I get joy from the things that make me happy I will never see again

Every time I put the right side of my face against the pillow I think of this.

I can’t play football with me mates or even do P.E because “something” might happen

Before I do anything I have to think “is it okay?”, ” what will happen?”,” what could happen?”.

Every day I come home my parents ask “how is it?”

With most teenagers they would answer “how is what” but with me I just say “okay”

I guess it would be worse if they didn’t ask but it reminds me every day I’m different.

Every night I think to myself I wonder have I lasted the day and think about everything that happened that day and thought about everything I could’ve done and everything I shouldn’t have done.

I’m sick of people feeling sorry for me or saying to me after they find out  “I wouldn’t be able to live”

I say back “I think of that every morning and night”.


By Aidan Cassidy

All the same

People these days

Constantly assuming all people are the same

Just because of their religion

And the actions of some


Some assume that they are all to blame

When most are good hearted people

And mean well for all


But the actions of others have consequences for all.


By Daragh Caulwell

But is it True?

The scream of terror fill the air,

While the terrorists shoot a bright red Flare,

The Flare reads “We do this for our God”,

But is it true?


The terrorists gunned down innocent civilians,

A horrible tale which shocked millions,

The gunmen proclaim “I was told to do it by God”

I ask “Why Innocent Civilians?”

He replied “To show our power to millions”

But is it True?


Their actions guarantee a full on War,

That will shake the Worlds core,

People will assume all Muslims are the same,

This is a uneducated shame,

But is it True?


Of Course all  Muslims are not the same,

The actions of some attract them some unwanted fame,

Nowadays in society they stereotype Muslims way too often,

But is it true?



Of course everyone is not the same,

People stereotyping shows society in bad light,

We ALL need to come together to stop the fight.

By Sean Graham

The golf club man

The other day, walking home from the pub 

Came across this geezer holding a golf club 

As I walked by him he told me to turn around

He then said ‘get on the ground’. 

I did what I was told

Then all of a sudden, he knocked me out cold


The next thing I remember is being woken up by a paramedic

These two women standing beside him, they seemed very apologetic

They were saying ‘oh you poor thing, you got your shoes nicked as well’

That’s not important, I think my brain is starting to swell


The next thing I see is these illumines jackets appear on top of me and put me on a stretcher

As I was being put in the ambulance, a garda came up to me and asked me what happened

He then said ‘son he got away with everything, he must have been a good sketcher


The ambulance drive was very loud

When we got to A&E, there was a huge crowd

I was rushed straight to the ward

The treatment I got there from the doctors and the nurses it made me feel like a lord.

In the hospital bed thinking about it now,

Is any place safe anymore, I was just walking home from the pub.


By Patrick Ruane

The Real World

All I see is darkness never ending,

With no one to help or light my way,

From Teachers to parents,

All they want is that we do better then them,

But sometime, that’s  just not possible,

We are told we’ve fallen behind but really,

We’ve reached our limit,

Told to do better then we possible can,

But sometimes there is a light,

Friends, the people who share our burden,

We gather together one by one,

We then become a burning sun,

Lighting the way for more to come,

Friends help each other,

Parents and teachers help themselves.

Teachers are for school,

Parents until 18,

But friends, Friends are for life.

Eoghan Phelan, The real world.


Eoghan Phelan

Creative Dependency

We are all learning to the same things in the same way and we’re told to be original and creative, to be independent.

I need the blessing of an education not the burden of an organized one.

I’m told to be independent yet I get graded on attendence.

We’re being taught but in the wrong way, we are learning but in the wrong way.  

I want to write my own story, not a story under the heading ‘Stargazing’.

I want a pen and paper and be told to ”just write”.

But no I’m told to write my story in 8 paragraphs and each paragraph HAS to have 8 sentences.  I follow these guidelines and come out of the quiet, dreary uncomfortable exam hall with an A but in the meantime I’ve lost all individual, independent thought. 

I’ve been told to do the same things in the same way, We’ve been told to do the same things in the same way. If everyone is taught to do the same thing in the same way that leaves no room for originality, creativity, independency.

Sean Cassidy

Living in the now


Pray the real live forever now

Pray the fakes get exposed,

People want my spot and don’t deserve it

I don’t like how serious they take themselves

I’ve always been me I guess I know myself

This been where you find me at,

I know a man named Johnny Bling

He put me on to the finer things

Man I’m talkin’ way before hashtags

Before all these people thinking they past the social jetlag

Man they don’t even know what happened in bagdhag,

Boy it wasn’t just Paris,

There was Beirut and Dhaka too,

Im just saying it unfair to speak about it without feeling  a bit of gratitude,

Stay yourself ,

Don’t take away from yourself,

The only two answers to the only two questions you should be searching for,

Why am I here and what is my purpose?

Rather than How many cans will I drink?

But you can’t find the answer to what happens in Khazakhstan.

Pray the real live forever now

Pray the fakes gets exposed.

Justin Bantilan

Zoo During Lunchtime

Do you notice the little things in school? The different groups of people with similar interests , the

one lonely guy that seems to never fit in and the kids who for no reason decide to bully someone. Do you ever notice any of this?

Why does the lonely kid get bullied for being alone and why does no one try to help him, all the teacher always say if you have any trouble or are being bullied report it but no one ever seems to do it, they continue to take it and are bullied day by day with the usual name calling and their so called accidental acts of violence.  Do you ever see this?

The behaviours of these bullies are primitive and animal-like, predators attack in groups and usually try to find easy prey alone, you know you could easily tell a teacher and help that kid with his problems. Can you imagine the kid waking up on a school day and the first thing  he thinks is ‘How can I avoid them today?’  Do you ever notice any of it?

You know, you see this happening and you choose to ignore it, ignore all of it. You never will tell anyone about the things that kid is going through because you tell yourself petty excuses like ‘Not my business’. Do you notice?

You and your group of friends are all happy when you talk and laugh, and you joke together and then when that one lonely kid commits suicide your smile disappears and sorrow fills your face from ear to ear instead of that stupid ignorant smile you put up to pretend you didn’t see any of it, but you did. You noticed every bit of it  and your choice to stay a coward has just killed someone, yet why did you ignore all of it? Was it because you were sorry for him? Or was it because you knew they’d come for you next? Yes, you knew, you knew very well that they could come after you next and now that they are after you who will stand up for you?  The truth is you have seen all of it but in this case they were the lions and you were the zebra just like that one silent kid that had his stripes now painted red with his own blood. Just like a wild zebra will do when it spots lions you will flee.

Lukasz Poprawa



This is for the dreamers

Even if everyone doesn’t believe in you

Don’t let them bring you down

You’ve got your friends in town.

Even though you might not reach your goal

But preaching your thoughts can change the world

All it takes is for you to stand up

Don’t let your haters destroy your motivation

By you not reacting to them only ruins their satisfaction

The sky is the limit

Only you can make the effort to make your own path

Everyone has their own story

You should take pride in your own glory


-Luke Hanway


Every day I wake up knowing,

My mam is going to say my name,

Every day I get dressed knowing,

I will soon get a call to go upstairs with the tablets,

Every day I go to school wondering,

Will my mam be OK at work,

Every day I go to school wondering,

What will be the fight today,

Every day I come home hoping,

That my mam didn’t fall in work,

Every day I  come home hoping,

That my life will be a little different,

Every day  I go to sleep knowing,

It will be all the same tomorrow,

Every day I go to sleep knowing ,

That my life will always be different,

Every day I go to sleep knowing,

My mam will be a little worse tomorrow,

Every day I wake up knowing,
My mam is going to say my name,


Daniel Comerford

Two Stupid Brothers

Two stupid idiots causin’ trouble

Mom comes in and bursts their bubble

She breaks up the fight, actin’ like a witch

The kids turn to her and shout Bitch!

She grabs onto them and throws them in their room

Like they were being sent to their doom

They came up with a plan together

So the next day during the bad weather

They built up the courage and apologized

And the mom said “Likewise”


Charlie Casey

Big Dreamers

This is for the people with the big dreams,

The big idea about what they wanted from their life,

But that fell away at the seams,

That was cut away from with a knife,

A knife wielded by the education system,

That labelled them as failures for not completing a test,

Or that argued with the teachers cause they despize’em,

For the dropouts, the drugees and all the rest,

Even though life may seem c***,

Just always remember this,

Your destiny is written out there on a map,

Made of stars that should bring you bliss,

So never be ashamed of what you are,

Even if you are working in a bar,

Just know that you’re not alone,

And all you have to do is stop being a moan.


Robert Forde

Gain Train

All the boys,

Thinking there great,

Benching 190,

Drinking their protein shakes,

Getting huge isn’t an ambition

It really is just a tradition.


Sean Lundburg


I am in fourth year

I do always hear

Bout people drinking beer

I have a fear

That the whole year

Will jeer

If I don’t drink the beer


But if I drink the beer

The whole year will cheer

But if my parents hear

It will be clear

That their trust for me would disappear

                                                                      Ryan K.

Outside the shops


Parents dead

Not in heaven

Slagging people

Think its funny

Matching tracksuits

Dole money

Junkie mother

Missing dad

Using tablets

Not an ipad

Motor bikes

Fás course

Stealing, killing

No remorse

 Mark O’Neill


School is insanely boring
Sitting silent
Close to snoring

To the fighting in the hall
And the graffiti on the wall

To the early mornings
And the teachers warnings

The trying your best
But in return no rest

Jake Dunne


If you don’t love football it’s yourself to blame
But your missing out on such a beautiful game
That rush of excitement watching your favourite team play
Win lose or draw you’ll support them all the way
The excitement of playing is just as good
Playing with your friends or with your club

Aidan Blaney



Drowning in this dark grey abyss

All it is a mind abcess

I didn’t want to go on

Because this world weighs a ton

They made me go talk to people I didn’t know

But all they did was roll their eyes when I told them I was sad

All the psychiatrist’s did was make me feel bad

Nathan Mahon


I am in fourth year

I do always hear

Bout people drinking beer

I have a fear

That the whole year

Will jeer

If I don’t drink the beer


But if I drink the beer

The whole year will cheer

But if my parents hear

It will be clear

That their trust for me would disappear

                                                                      Ryan K

The Hood

Go or stay, Smoke or pray his Clothes are grey

But He struggles to say

what he’s thinking

While he’s linking,

Heart in mouth

Opens but can’t seem to  shout

At the people who make him feel good

But they’re not from the hood and that’s the problem.

Luke Carrick

Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world.

I want you to think of that dream that you might have.

And I don`t care how disappointing it might`ve been, but working towards that dream, you will have had the seemingly impossible thought of success, and question what it may all mean.

Success is a measure based on numbers, figures, digits & public opinion towards you.

Some people will never achieve those numbers, figures, digits & more.


One is fear. The fear of  failure, what if things don`t work out?

The other is success. What if things do and I can`t handle it?

These are not risk takers. They do not deserve to win at the raffle simply known as life.

You cannot be afraid of something that has not happened and may never.

Things will try to stop you, people will try to prevent you.

But I dare you.

I dare you to spend one hour by yourself. To get to know yourself.

I dare you to go into a crowd of people who you don`t like, who won`t benefit you.


Because your not trying to make them happy, you are working only for yourself.

First step of success is to not care what others think, you have to push yourself not in the right direction, but the direction you think is right, the unobvious option.

You need that confidence to create success.

You finally want to know why?

Because those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Sean Creagh.


I’m not like what they think or say. I’m not alone or a freak just because of how I look.
They say I’m not good enough to be here .
That because everyone else says it , it must be true.
That if 300 people believe what one bully says about his victim, then he obviously preaches the truth.
I should be free to act and not have every post or action judge by those that feel they are above me.
I don’t like being depressed or down because it isn’t nice.
It isn’t like the movies people don’t notice or care.
They just hate me because they can’t deal with change or difference.
That isn’t how  they  were raised they just can’t deal with it. I have ginger hair and I will be called a freak if I try to change.
So if I get slagged for being ginger and slagged for trying to change or get rid of it then what am I supposed to do with my life.
I spent 3 years of my life alone and believing what they said to me.
That I was worthless and would never be good enough for anyone.
That maybe I was just a ginger c*** and that I did have no soul.
I contemplated death more than once and even rigged up a noose.
I wrote the letter to my family nearly a hundred times until I broke.
I told my parents what had happened to me towards the end of 3rd year.
They put me into counselling which helped a lot but no matter what they did to help they couldn’t erase the stains on my emotional brain.  


The Memory Paradox

I am surronded by nothing . Everyday is a constant social survival .  

I have met so many people . A jungle of names .

 Names I will always remember, and the owners of those names , are people I will always care about even when they forget me ,

because in the end they will always forget me but  never  for one moment will I forget them because those amazing , important people are more important to me than an ocean of riches.

I keep running , never stopping , because I can’t ,

 because I’m not running away from sadness and the pain , I’m running towards joy and the happiness before it flares and fades  forever

 And when I’m at the end , I’ll remember all those shinning faces ,they will be in my memory, regardless of my absence in theirs

Ryan O’Rourke



I am not perfect, I know that but I also know that no one else is.

I am who I am and nothing should be able to tell me otherwise, the same applies to everyone else.

I can be what I want to be, I can reach what I want to reach I can achieve what I want to achieve.

If I am not me then what am I, an animal, a monster, a puppet?

Am I going to be controlled by society’s standards and useless tests that were created in the past for the past and have just been accepted as being the right way to find a person’s worth.

If that is what waits for me then please save me from that waste of everyone’s talents.

You could work as hard as you can in school for as long as you could and you would get nowhere near your full potential.

In school you learn to use talents that anyone can use but not to adapt them to your talents.

You don’t learn how to use your own talents or interests in work or study

 Sam Fogarty

The Paris attacks

Why is it happening

Everything in the world

Why is a religious group murdering little boys and girls

Why is France paying  for its crimes

With the deaths of a 129 innocent lives

Facebook mourns what does that do?

Does that bring people back?

Talk to a family they won’t be grateful  for a profile pic

If those deaths are for god then what’s going on?

If its him then he’s got a lot of responsibilities for what’s going wrong

Thousands dead over a weekend

From countries like France, Lebanon and Japan

Why do people forget about the middle east

They are as much people as the people in Paris

People forget about the terrorists that America are

The land of opportunity for some

The land of prosecution for others

Finn Carton

Do they care about how I feel

They say it’s no big deal

But to me it matters

Feel like my life is in tatters


Feel like no one’s there

Do they even care

All alone

Might as well be turned to stone

If I leave would they know

If they did would they care though


Sick of people’s opinions

Just a bunch of peer pressures minions

Just want to fit in

Do I deserve this? What was my sin


Evan Byrne

How can this happen?

how can people do this,

These are questions I ask myself everyday,

When I watch the news or browse facebook,

The media add fuel to the fire of the evil,

Such as the Paris attacks or 9/11,

These people think they will end up in heaven,

They are brainwashed by a creed or ideaology,

This plants the seed for the next generation,

And how one miserable night can destroy a nation,

Shocks the world, but why?

Because they are getting closer,

No one cared when it was far away but now,

We are scared and sad,

But no one cares about the people of these wartorn countries that go through this everyday,

Where this type of thing is everyday life,

So why not show them that we care,

Why don’t we share our condolences with them,

The world is mayhem,

Burt no one cares when it is far away,


Because they are different in skin colour and religion,

Because they are far away,

But now it’s close we care,


We are all part of the human race,

This is a disgrace of how we only care about certain parts of our civilisation,

And not about the third world nations,

This needs to change,

Change is good,

We are more interconnected now than ever,

Why can’t we be more together.

Ciaran Kearney

Taking sides is an aspect of life

The day we were born we were made to choose sides.

Everyone chooses there mothers side because she is there with you from day 1.

But for some people it’s not like that , some people choose their dads and some people don’t choose either because they don’t see them as a big aspect of their lives whether that weren’t with them from the one or they did something to you that made you lose respect towards them I doesn’t matter, we all choose sides at some point in our lives.

Some people choose friends over family because they are either to stupid to realise how important their family is or they just don’t give a toss about them.

We choose certain people of other people because you know them or they did something that made you respect them but it all happens at some stage of their lives.

We also choose sides of the way we act, the way we behave and how we choose to act around certain people.

Some people can’t help the way they act because of a condition they have or whether or not they give a shit on the way they behave.

The respect towards the person is represented on how they act around certain people

We choose sides on whether we are going to do drugs and alcohol.

Some people just don’t give a fuck what they do cause they don’t care how they liv their lives.

Everyone is allowed have a drink in their lives but you be respectful towards it and use it as an advantage of disadvantage in your life.

Some people use alcohol as an escape route from something while others use it as a gateway to a good time.

The same thing goes towards the use of drugs.

Drugs should never be a gateway or an escape from something you should not do hard drugs period.

In other cases people who do like marijuana at party do not think it will affect their lives in the future but that is the respect they have towards Drink and Drugs.

Respect and giving a fuck is an aspect on choosing sides it all depends on them 2 things

Daniel McAuliffe

What Happens

The terrorist attacks that happened in Paris were unavoidable, a real tragedy they were. 180+ innocent people blown up, painting the streets of Paris in blood and debris and for what? Their belief in a “Sacred Text” that was written over thousands of years ago by people who believed in these God(s). The Islamic state are taking things to the extreme by killing people who don’t believe in their god… Yet they’re killing Muslims. Some people just want to watch the world burn. Religion “created” this world. Religion will end it.

Evan Byrne

Sounds Great From The Outside 

I don’t know how I feel because I’ve never been asked
My life’s a constant journey,  I feel numb,  a wasted lump of mass
I’m a teenager so I guess I should have a lot of tough things to get through
But in all honesty I don’t, struggling to know if I’m supposed to.
I think my problem is too many first world problems,
I know it sounds petty when there’s famine over the world, people dying
But things like sadness aren’t relative, a person crying is a person crying.
I haven’t had one barrier in my life is that good or bad?
I get assigned to write an essay about my life
But I’m stuck  because I can’t identify a truly life changing moment I’ve ever had
I’m not going to die soon but will I live either?
I haven’t felt alive in a while I have a fever
Is this what my whole life be?
Just a long peaceful walk with no  problems or challenges?
Sounds great from the outside.
by Conor Downey







The corrupted mind

Wake up, go to school, eat, be with friends go to sleep… routine,

can make us feel like a machine

Like we are trapped and under the grips of a higher power.

And when we question what we are made do

we are punished and told how lazy undriven and stupid we are,

when really those who question are actually attempting to break through the prison

we are told doesn’t exist.

We are asked to pledge are precious time to worship a God

we cant even guarantee exist.

An old book and faith no more no less , no heaven, no hell, no right, no wrong.

Why should I give up my time on earth for an afterlife that isn’t guaranteed.

If God loves me then I ask him to prove he exists

and that I should live by these rules for a greater existence

when I am finished in my current one.

We are told to trust those who have lived longer

but with time does not come wisdom but only knowledge.

Only a new perspective can offer wisdom or ones perspective

which is constantly changing,

but a perspective which never changes can only lead to conflict.

Eoin Maher

The vicious cycle of war

Last weekend on the 13 of November terrorist attack happen in Paris,

Were once agine the Islamic religion is under huge  contradiction,

As the terrorist attack killed over 127 people and many more injured,

As innocent people die on both sides as the Islamic state army

is killing people in Europe as well their own Muslim as well.

Were the French have already started their attack on the Islamic state in revenge

Then the Islamic state will terrorist europe in return and this cycle of war might happen.

Where they can win the war but the ideology of Islamic state will remain for many years to come in the future.

Patrick Moscu

Why you should be grateful.

You are 75% richer than most people in this world.

You are living, breathing, laughing  and experiencing life in lots of different ways.

The way you interpret life makes you happy and that’s important

for yourself and the people who are around you and that look out for you.

This is for the people reading this who feel alone

and feel like no one is listening to how we feel.

The people who can’t enjoy the privileges of the things

I’ve mentioned can read this and most definitely feel life’s worth living .

The life we live can be really annoying and stressful

and that’s okay each human goes through this

and experiences  how to feel alone, depressed etc.

You must live through this and be strong it’s all game that worth’s playing.


Fernando Melim

What I find annoying in life….

When I have to wake up at seven in the morning to go to school after going to bed at four in the morning after catching up on a show that I had put off. Sitting through class and writing down whatever we’re told to in order to ‘prepare’ for our future. Listening to my mates talk about something I have no idea about and pretending I do by nodding my head like an idiot while only speaking short sentences so they don’t catch up on it. Going home for lunch only to come back to school and repeat. When you’re the only person who forgot to bring in gear for P.E. and are left to watch everyone else in the class play football in the field behind the school. Being told that there is an activity going on for the class which you’re excited for only to be told that it was cancelled on the day of the activity. Once school has finished and you arrive home only to remember that you have homework to complete for the next day or projects to finished.


When you’re at home during the weekend and preparing to laze about at home until you’ve been told that you had to help your parents and sibling to clean down the entire house and waste the entire day for something you didn’t even want to take part in. As you’re preparing to leave the house to hang out with your mates and are then told to watch your younger siblings because your parents had to leave the house to do something for work. When your evening has been cut short when your cousins, aunts and uncles have visited for the evening and you have to sit and entertain them for hours until it’s too late to do what you want. As you are on your phone or playing your X-Box/PS4/PC a family member constantly asks you  for something you don’t even care about!


Being dragged to somewhere are being convinced to take part in something which you don’t like my someone you know. Looking through facebook or twitter  or other social network sites I finding people who constantly troll others or put up fake things online and laugh at people reactions when what they put up raises a lot of problems with others. Listening to nine year olds online and listening to them cry and scream about you beating them in a game online.


There are other things I find annoying in life but I I’ll leave at this for now :D!


-Darragh O’Brien