St Fergal’s College, Rathdowney, Laois

Vegan Jihad

What is the point in being a vegan?

Unless medically required

Rubbing it in others faces

About your brilliant life choice

Although you’re being admired

For something that the world will view

As amazing

The truth is

It’s simply not.

Erin Ryan

The Door

As you walk through the door,

And you walk through the halls,

Your eyes fall to the floor as you walk,

You ignore the people,

Who probably don’t care?

You can feel your confidence dropping,

Everyone’s prettier or better then you,

You begin to feel sad as you see them all too,

You begin to wonder why you don’t look like them,

You try your best to be pretty like them,

But your self-confidence doesn’t allow you see what others see,

People think your pretty and they know it’s true,

But as you look around the halls,

You find it harder to believe,

Your friends try to make you see,

But the more you look the less you see,

You try to find something that you might like,

But as you think of it you believe it’s nothing like them,

The girls you see they all look better,

You wonder how you will ever believe that you are good enough,

Without self-confidence you will never see,

You will never believe what you won’t allow yourself see,

But once you see you will never forget that you are worth what everyone else see’s.


Sarah Prendergast

The Line-Up

As you line up one by one in the dressing room ,

Ready to face the crowd ,

You hear all the chanting and cheering

Of everyone there to support you ,

Your heart racing adrenalin pumping ,

Seeing your opponents scares you a little

The whistle blows, Your head is in the game from start to finish ,

Concentrating on nothing but what is going on in the game

Nothing beats the sound of the final whistle ,

When you know that you have fought for your win

And you have done it ,

You have made your suppporters , couches and finally done yourself proud .

Grainne Hoare


Oh HSE, why are you so messy?

Leaving the people stranded on trollies,

Small babies and the elderly, looking for help but being left for days until they’re in a state so bad, the nurses and doctors have no choice but to squish you in


HSE you’re supposed to help our country, aiding those who are in need of health care but do not have a penny to spare for their own health.


Telling my parents I am sick, but not sick enough yet, for the HSE to pay for me. I lost a limb but my condition is still not bad enough for you to pay for me?


Ministers, TD’s, and anyone who’s involved politically stating they’ll stand up and make a change but only to say they don’t know how this could have happened and it will never be a problem again.

Only a month later we all sit down to watch the 9 o’clock news and hear about another scandal involving our public Health Service.


HSE you’re supposed to help all the people in this country who can’t pay their way to being healthy, only to leave us hanging, wondering why my uncle, my cousin or my granny isn’t getting the aid the need.


Allowing our nurses and our doctors be on their feet for 20 hours straight, firing and then hiring, needing more help, pleading   but our nurses and doctors still plead.


Aisling Henderson

Rest In Peace

2010, was hard enough for me,

Looing my grandad at the age of 10

It was hard on my dad and I

As I was so close to him,

My dad’s dad was very important

To me especially as I loved him,

I loved him with all my heart

I miss him dearly

And I wish I could hug him one last time,

To be in his arms again

And talk about everything and anything.

Grandad I miss you dearly,

I hope you are extremely proud of me

Rest in Peace.


Drunken Lifestyle

Not being let out with your friends is like,
Being held hostage by the parents parade ,
Let me enjoy my drunken lifestyle,
With my shits and giggles group of friends I tend to jump around with at the weekends ,
I know your my dad but let loose “lad” ,
I need to get out of this dry household,
So I can persue drinking my pints of ale,
With the people I love ,
Well supposingly love,
On my nights out that are part,
Of my Drunken Lifestyle.


Sarah Hennessy



Why should I try to fit in if I’ll get shunned anyway?

Why is what I do in any way relevant to you?

Why are my choices judged by you

You aren’t god

You never will be

So why do you judge me.


Why do you ignore me

When you were the one who caused it

Who messed up

Why do you act like I did something wrong

When I didn’t

So why do you?


Why am I less than you?

Why are you valued more than me

Why do you get to talk and I don’t

I’m the same as you

We’re made of the same stuff

So why am I less than you?



My Story


The earliest memory of my depression was probably around 2006 in my primary school years at the age of 6 I was bully everyday for different things like, my long hair, my teeth, the way I walk and because I was born in England, sometimes I was even beaten up to the point of having to go to hospital, the bullying started to settle after primary school and was starting to be happy,

But one time when I was 12 a kid in my class in secondary was making fun of my voice and I lost it and threw him over a table, and everyone hated me after that and then the bullying started again, I got so depressed I started hating myself and not going outside to friends, after awhile I started to loss those friends, and I was down from like 20 friends to 1 or 2 friends who I would only talk to through text, in 2nd year I was alone no one to talk to and my depression got worse to the point I wanted  to kill myself, so I started self-harming and also became suicidal, in third I started listening to rock and punk music and started dressing differently and started to be called ’emo’ ugh I hate that word grouping someone as ’emo’  just makes people think your all fucked up in the head if anything im ‘punk’ well this music and fashion help me a lot and helped me like my look, my parents found out about my depression and self-harming and I started going to counselling and therapy and because my family found out and told my doctor I am starting to feel happy about myself and started making friends again, so if your depressed tell your parents let them help because in the future you be thankful you did.


Matthew Hiscock

You’ll know

How do you know you’re in love?

It’s not like I’d know.

I’m still only a child, am I not?


I should know

Because obviously children know everything.

Your heart might not race.

And your breath might not catch.

But you know you love them anyway.

Even when they do something to ‘keep you safe’

You’ll always come back to them,

You’ll always love them.

Even when you hurt them,

You still love them.

You just want to be your own person.

And when that backfires,

You’ll definitely love them.

Because you’ll need them.

 A Daughter



Standing at the top of the class,

Hands sweaty and shaking,

Mouth going dry,

My heart pounding,

Judging eyes on me everywhere.


Silence fills the room,

My voice gone shaky,

I get flustered,

Feeling like I’m going crazy,

As I feel the ground opening.


I skip paragraphs,

Hoping the end is near,

I say the last the word,

The class gives a cheer,

A smile comes over my face.


The fear is gone,

But it will come back another day.


Maire Comerford

Whats the point?


Looking for attention?  What’s the point?

Ranting about “F#@k boys”?  on twitter, What’s the point?

People don’t need to see your half naked body flaunting around Instagram?

Or statuses about your new ugg boots you got in pennies,

What’s the point?

Going out drinking is fine,

But passing out? Not remembering?

What’s the point?

People need to realise social media is a place for communication,

Not for getting young fellas to buy you drinks in Lennon’s,

Looking for attention? What’s the point?


Emma Fleming