St Mary’s Secondary School, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

Monkey in the zoo

One day we went to the zoo

And one girl said to someone:

‘That monkey looks like you’

It was really cruel

And everyone called her a fool

People started to bully her

So she ended up with no friends

She now hates school and wants to have fun in the sun



One of 5%

Being in an all-girl school they bring in guest speakers that relate mostly to girls

Breast cancer Ireland came in and gave us a talk and said they had a check-up van outside

My friends and I being messers said it would hilarious to go

Kate went in first and came out dying laughing saying how hilariously awkward it was

Siobhan and Niamh had gone in and out too

It was my turn

I didn’t come out dying laughing

I came out dying inside

Later that week I was one of the unlucky 5% under 18 year olds battling breast cancer

Rita B.



She’s one that always seems so happy

But inside her head falls, falls deeper everyday into a lonely lonely place

Friends all around her but never make her happy for more than five minutes

Feeling so empty and unable to be happy

Things that made her happy before were unable to anymore




To write this poem I would need thoughts

At the moment I have no thoughts

I am trying to think of what to write

But I am stuck here thinking what is right

So therefore my thoughts are blank in sight


Alanna Freeman and Sorcha mcInerney




The empty lifeless hallow feeling eating away with your soul

But a simple smile fools all

The slits on your skin

A cry for help

You want to feel something

Pain for you is better than no emotion

It’s a reminder you’re still alive

You want to live but the constant battle with the demons in your head is tiring

It wore him down

It was too much and he left it behind the clueless fools

They didn’t know and will never know

But it’s too late

He’s gone




Everyday thoughts

At this moment in time

I am meant to be writing a big, creative, and imaginative and heart wrenching poem

But I sit here; I feel nothing, no inspiration, no ideas

I look around the room and see my fellow classmates

Digging into their pages with so much excitement and ambition and im here


The only thought swirling around my head is food

When is lunch?

What’s on the menu?

I wonder if my tuna melt in the fridge is gone off


Nancy O’Brien


21st century society

Every time you eat a tayto

Everyone will hate you

Because those fats and carbs

Are like those in monkey bars

Just because I do sitting squats

It doesn’t mean I wear fitting tops

When they see me in a skirt

They only want to hurt

When they see me in a hat

All they think is ‘oh she’s so fat’

As I stammer my way towards the disco feet aching in my six inch heels

I look at the girls next to me

Who have clearly eaten no meals

Does society really think its ok to have 15 year olds looking this way



My story

8th of October 2008

That date I will never forget

I found out my aunt was dead

At 8 years old I didn’t know much

Just that she was ‘sick’ and gone to heaven

3 years later I realised something isn’t right

The story didn’t make sense?

I began asking questions hoping my mother would tell

She quietly told me, the truth, my aunt was not sick

She was raped at the age of 9 by a family friend

And then later committed suicide

To me this was a shock, I couldn’t believe;

Aunt chose to leave

I understand now the pain she must have been in

Leaving us at 31 was so young

And was a shock for us all.




My granddad

As the years have passed

Questions have been asked

About who was told to be my grandad

He was old and grey

With a big glass frame

I’ve been told the memories

Even though one remains

I remember one night

When I got a fright

He would tickle my chin

And embrace a grin

He would hold me tight

Every night

To keep me warm

And safe from harm




The year of 1966

Born in 1966 on a farm yard bed

The first thing that appeared was his small round head

He was the first born child

The coming years were going to be so wild



That’s just life

Everyone is different

No two people are the same


Thoughts, words, languages

We all have different aims

Some people find it good

Others find it bad

But that’s what we called society

And to be honest it’s kinda sad

We look at each other

We judge, we don’t see

That causes the bullies to fill the gun

Shots fired 5,4,3,2,1

But that’s just life that’s just the way

Today tomorrow and yesterday

Alanna freeman and Rebecca Ryan



These things on your face are like windows

Letting you peep through

Some windows are cloudy

Some are dark

Then other well..

They stare as you walk through

Daggers following your every move

Every motion, every curve, style and sequence

Hard to run, hard to hind

Sometimes I just want to curl up inside

It’s sad you know

They really are windows to life

Some people don’t know how to use them

Being their eyes

Rebecca Ryan


What’s the point?

He takes it, trying not to break

He looks up at his mother, anger written all over her face

She doesn’t realise what she’s doing

Doesn’t understand why he does what he does

He’s heard it all before, that he’s lazy, useless, he has brains if only he’d use them

When its over he goes up to his room

Dragging his feet as he goes

He turns on his music as loud as it can

Just to block out the thoughts that always come

It doesn’t work

‘do it, do it, you worthless piece of shit’ they say to him

He has to obey them or something bad will happen to the ones he loves

He goes to the drawer and pulls out a blade

He looks at it

He pushes it against his arm flinching as the skin breaks

Drawing blood running down his wrist

‘more, more’ they order

So he cuts deeper and deeper

More blood runs coming faster than normal

He doesn’t stop

He doesn’t care anymore


Emma O’Donovan



My non-alcoholic hangover

This pain in my head

seems to never end

Caused by another poison,

Hot drink or drugs or

Something of the sort

Just a population

A society of commentators

That judge and oppress,

Due to a lack of material things

And I can’t feel comfortable

Can’t look like me, because

“This is how you should be”

And pressured with the opinions

Of those younger and older

Who seem to know better?

Who knows what’s best for me

Than me, and

I just want to be on the beach in Inchydoney

For that is home







Definition of a f@/>boy:

A boy who doesn’t give a shit about anyone only himself and leaves a trail of broken hearts,

A boy who tells you he loves you and makes you feel special

Only to turn around and stab you in the back,

A boy who degrades you and makes you feel ugly and pathetic when you don’t give into him.

Why is it I always go back ?

Why is it he always wins ?

I want to say no,

Its like he has me under his spell…




Harsh Eyes

Why is that people judge?

It may be because they enjoy it,

Are jealous or hold a grudge.


That moment when you step

Inside the school doors,

Everybody just stares, like

Predators on all fours.


I watch them glare at what I’m wearing,

Afraid of what they’ll say about me,

So I end up tearing down the hall,

Regretting why I ran instead of standing tall.


But no matter where you go in the world,

There’ll always be that one person, who won’t care,

And just judge you, and insult you, until you tear







One day the door opened a figure came in, happy and chirpy,

what I supposed to do

I thought I don’t hate you

how was I supposed to know that this figure

hated my figure

she said hello

I felt like this fellow all why inside

She got a ring on her finger and

then she changed her way of lingering

Any time she got she put us down,

It was like she felt she had a crown.

She gave us a sickness which unfortunately wasn’t contagious

It was a sickness which cannot go unless we are ready to let go

When she was around those we love the sickness was hidden lurking in the shadows one day at fourteen,

ten years later one became better and it was like some kind of letter had been written

One was free but the other still stuck

It became obvious that one is scared of what she would do with the crown if she frowned

What am I to do , the sickness is still around but it doesn’t seem lay underground where it should remain.





Match Day

I nervously got up in the morning,

Couldn’t sleep.

Tossing and turning all night


Breakfast was a no go area

The pain in my stomach became worse and worse,

Knowing how big a day it was


Reaching the field made it become more and more realistic

Got my bags from the boot and rushed to the dressing room

All the team as nervous as me.


Getting out on the pitch made my heart beat so fast

Faster than ever before

I couldn’t even breathe anymore


In goals for the first time was exciting

But loads of pressure

With my hurl in the ready position,

The ref blew the whistle

I was ready





Our Solar System

Life is just so complicated

It’s just so plain to see

The planets in our solar system

Don’t revolve around you or me


Jupiter is like the father planet

In the middle of them all

Saturn is like the mother planet

All caring with rings around so small


Let’s get to Venus and earth the twins that look so alike

The fight like siblings to be the best

But earth comes out on top that’s life!


Now all the others revolve around the sun

It’s just so plain to see

They do the same as me and you

The world doesn’t revolve around me




My Escape

I di not used to feel this way,

Depressed and down all the time,

But because of social media and society,

I compare your body with mine,

I try to keep a smile on my face, but other days I can’t cope

I break down and feel spry for myself while my friends reassure me with hope

Hope that everything will change, and they will always be there for me,

In reality nothing changes forever feeling depressed is what I’ll be

Things got hard at home when mum and dad started to fight,

I did not realise how bad things were until their shouting woke me at night

The situation really affected me in ways they never realised,

But if I did not have my family’s support I don’t know how would have survived.

Things are slowly coming together, but I still don’t feel like me,

But I guess I have to come to terms that is now my reality.




The Baby Book

I was 13 years old when I found it, my baby book.

I looked through it all, the pictures stuck there, capturing a moment that was supposed to be happy, but it wasn’t

My mother’s face gave it all away sitting on the bed holding me limply in her arms as if I was nothing, just a figure of her imagination.

She was 22 when she met my father, in a night club. I guess you could call it a one night stand.

intoxicated, they never thought of the consequences. As my mother wrote in the book, I was a “surprise.”

When I read that line my heart sank, I was a mistake, I was one of those kids from a one night stand. The ache in my chest made it hard to breathe because I never understood why she never smiled in my baby pictures until that day.

My dad was always around, but never in a good way. I was 2 years old sitting there watching him pin my mother to a wall.

They never stayed together but still to this day I see him almost every weekend if I’m lucky.

When I was 8 my mother met someone new. We moved house and everything changed.

I hated him, I saw him as trying to replace my father. Then my mother got pregnant, a planned pregnancy, a baby she wanted.

It was a boy. He’s 6 now, he’s my world. If I lost him I would lose myself.

I was I was 15 years old when my mother gave me the ring my father gave her. They were supposed to be married. I had never felt s alone in my life.





Each and every day

My sadness deepens

It’s weird ya know?

Not being able to be happy.

It’s weird ya know?

Having to take meds to help change how you feel

When all they do is make you feel worse

Its not fun having to listen to people who don’t get it say “get over it” and “smile for once.”

I would if I could.

Its weird ya know?

Feeling this way,

Each and every day, just want it all to go away.

But it doesn’t, it worsens each and every day



Teenage drinking

I don’t see why its illegal its not like we do it to be cool

We do it to have fun it makes us feel good it gives us confidence

Adults think we just over do it but we don’t

We know how much is enough.





I thought it was innocent when he asked me to come over

But the minute I arrived I was expected to roll over

I didn’t want to but did i have a choice, would we text me again if I rejoice?

Maybe hell like me if i give him a thrill but im not sure about this Netflix and chill

The movie on in the background only on for five minutes but he already wants me to feel his penis

Maybe he does like me or maybe he’s boned maybe we just wants to tell his friends he’s scored should I tell him to stop before my cherry is popped the first time is supposed to be meaningful but this boy just wants the pull.




Six feet down

Six feet under ground

His body lays there

He makes no sound

The bullies carry on

As if he didn’t take his life

As if he didn’t see suicide

As if he didn’t see suicide as a solution to their strife.


The moon shines bright

It shines at night

It gives us light

But not for his family

Who still suffer the grief

Who still get nightmares

Who still can’t sleep

Who still endure his pain


But where is the fun

In mocking someone

For standing out of the crowd

For being themselves

For being unique

For being different




Being bullied isn’t fun

You go home thinking your worthless

Thinking you don’t belong in society

You feel like you don’t have a say in the world

Feeling like everyone looks at you weirdly

Feeling that no one cares

No one knows what you feel like

Everyone laughs when you do something thinking it’s cool

Staying away from society so you can’t be judged

Living in your bedroom so you don’t have to talk to anyone else and avoid further embarrassment  that has alredy come your way

Hoping that you can avoid everyone

Thinking you can’t go to anyone cause they’ll laugh and not care

Hoping for the day you fit in

Waiting to be noticed

Thinking that one day you will have the courage to tell people

        Rachel Browne


No Rhyme Rant


When theyre all rhyming off words and poems,

your still  on your first paragraph

next you know you’re in a world of your own fifty miles away

people think your just dumb or ditsy or just plain lazy

when your actally trying you do give a shit

the storys thinking the things that I do ina world of my own

they label inaproate or irrilavant to write for school

if you cant rhyme out the ancient scroll they say its alright ,that’s its okay that you try

refuse to let them label you in tests assments

(but this is just a rant im all good i like school )


Becky Ryan


3 years of..

3 years of stress, work and constant judgement,

3 years of panicking for the next assignment,

3 years of studying and trying not to cry,

3 years of hoping that my results will be high.


3 years of essays, reading and notes,

3 years learning off irrelevant English quotes,

3 years of Irish, maths and analysing,

3 years of missing out on all the socialising.


3 years of angry teachers and fake friends,

Just to receive a piece of paper at the end.


Karen Ryan

Poor little child


We wake up early

After barely sleeping all night

Going to school

Oh what a life.


Rushing to class, doing your homework

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t really mind

It’s all in your head you poor little child.


They make us believe

It’s all not true

Your education is more important than you

Go home and go to sleep

Preparing for the next day of the week.


Grace Lake

Kids with Kids

Kicked out of her home at just sixteen

With non-supportive parents who were not keen

On the way that she was living her life

They did not want her to be a teen wife

But she was expecting and she though it was right

To get married and maybe they might

Have a happy life together full of song and joy

And he would develop to a man from a boy

But that isn’t quite the way that it worked out

After a few aggressive arguments which involved some screams and shouts

She walked out and was left alone

With a baby, on the street and no place to call home.


Hazel MF

Same OId

School is the same thing everyday

Writing,learning and nothing to say

Teachers screaming in your ear

So much you are unable to hear



The stress of the leaving

Your sleep you are grieving

All for just a college degree

Just to end up in a decent job and not ending up like me .


Shannon Creamer

The sh*t we deal with !!

The things people go through

It’s some tough sh*t

Some hit rock bottom

Their hearts are left in bits.


Experiences may vary from death to love to heartbreak

The people seem so fake

Tearing us apart give it a break.


Life isn’t easy

Everyone has it hard

Be there for one another for when you’re in need

He/she might be there to stop your heart bleed.


Boys can be the cause of a lot of girls problems

We see that girl cry in the bathroom of the night club,

our hearts go out to her

for we all know we could be next !


The perfect life you’re looking for …..

A figment of your imagination…..


-Olivia Cahalan

Session moth

Pretty young girl from a nice town,

Always got good grades to keep away the frowns.

Always sweet and happy when her parents greet her,

but on a Friday night her parents should meet her.

Skirt up her bum and her nagin in her pocket

Into the bathroom and downs it like a rocket.

In her head she is numb, with a rollie between her finger and thumb,

The smartest girl in school is actually very dumb.


Eire McCarthy

The Loner

Everday I come home , I walk up to my room

Log into snapchat and snap a few of my crew,

Everyone opens but no one replies

Everyone hates me, I try not to cry

I wake every morning, dreading school

Because im not cool

I sit there in the corner being a mourner, of the meanies

I used to call my friends

To them my heart bends

Its me… the 21st century Loner.

Mary Reidy, Aoife Duignan and Liobhán Spillane


Society today is a messed up place

There is no such thing as equality gender or race

For girls you must be pretty, hot and have an amazing face

Boys must be tough, hard and show no emotion

But when some one doesn’t fit in there is such commotion

So this generation needs to stop

We need to stand out of the crowd

We need to be ourselves

We need to be different



School life

School fun they say,

It’s how you find your way

In job interviews they don’t ask the value of X

When all we care about is who we text

Teachers don’t care what we want for our future

For all they know I could want to be a butcher.




Netflix and Chill

I thought it was innocent going after school

But little did I know I was gonna be the fool, he slyly put his hand on my leg

I asked him to stop please I begged.

I ran out of the house after our fight

I had nowhere to go later that night

I looked thought my bag and found the pills.

I took too many after I decided to kill

– Ciara Griffin



Does anyone else find it crazy that you can be so fucking depressed and no one around you notices? Not your parents your siblings your friends your teachers your classmates, no one. Like you can literally be on the verge of tears drowning and everyone can be totally oblivious.

-Aisling Lynch




When your stupid and you can read a small bit the world is hard.

When you are in school all the teaches thinks your stupid but you’re not when you get 7cs 1B 2DS then you know that your are smart. So you can tell the teacher you’re smart like everyone else.



Probably one of the most pressurizing aspects of my life is my gender. Not because I’m gay, confused or a bender.

It’s because of the expectations, the things to live to. This aint no build a girl and you’re not perfect too.

I’m not depressed with issues but some girls drive me crazy.

They all think too much and I’m really too lazy.

They’re fake from every aspect down to the tone of their skin.

Pretend to like each other to get ahead and win.




“I’m single because?”

I’m single because nobody takes relationships seriously anymore.

I’m single because people would rather cheat than work it out.

I’m single because I’m smart enough to know people lie and will eventually disappoint you.

I’m single because I hate ending up looking stupid.

I’m single because id rather be with someone who has goals rather than someone who just parties.

I’m single because “trust” is a foreign word to me.

I’m single because I think chasing is a game and I stopped playing a while back.





“Skin and Bones”

Skin and bones

Skin and bones

That’s all what people care about


Society tells girls to lose weight

To paint our bodies prettily

To hide our imperfections.


Society tells boys to build muscle,

To aim six packs, to get taller.

But we will not be mirror images.


Skin and bones

Skin and bones

They are not important. Society is wrong.

What’s important is stored inside,

Waiting patiently for you to let it out.


So don’t cover yourself in make-up,

Don’t spend hours at the gym.

Your real self is just waiting inside,

Because what’s important is only beneath the skin.




Thoughts of school tomorrow,

Fills me with sorrow.

The black uniform,

Darker than the mood.

Constantly filled with the thoughts of food.





Girls are expected to be slim and perfect,

To use shampoo to even make our hair ‘Worth It’

We get our hearts broken by being played like toys,

From guys wanting to impress their friends.

We know them as ‘Fuck Boys’

I wish guys treated us in a respectful way.

It would keep our minds and hearts at bay.



“Being a Teenager”

For those of you who say school days and youth are the best days of you life, have obviously changed since you were young.


From a girls point of view teenage years are the most stressful times of your life.

From dealing with ‘Fuck Boys’ to the pressures of drinking and smoking.


I have yet to come across a boy who cares or doesn’t just want something off you. The nights I thought would be good, turned into an unremembered mess.

From not being able to handle drink to regretting all the things I can’t even remember doing.


Saying I will never repeat my mistakes, is a lie because that’s what you do, it’s TY.



“Being a Teen 1.0.1”

Being a teenager is tough,

And some days are more than rough.

The pressure to be smart and pretty,

Is not at all witty.


The stress of dressing nicely,

Can also be quite pricey.

Between contouring and smokey eyes,

I would rather sit and eat some fries.


After all the rough days,

There are still some good times,

Like hanging out with my friends.

This makes life transcend.

-Dearbhla Slattery


“Netflix and Chill”

I thought it was innocent going after school,

But little did I know I would look like a fool.

Twenty minutes into netflix and chill,

Bill started to feel me with excitement and thrill.

Nine months later she arrived by my side,

“No it’s not yours” I cheated and lied

I’ll warn my child to never be tricked,

Don’t be lead on and try not to get dicked.

– Elke and Aishling.