St Einde, JCSP, Galway

Da Hood

This is where we come to live our lives.

Where we come to be born live and die.

Maybe one day we will look back and reflect

on those Days we Lived Our Lives.


Shane and Brandon


Teenage alcoholics bounce between buildings

We are punished for not remembering things

Judged by the way they look

For what they believe

We come for forgiveness

but receive none.

Derek Conneely


Teenagers exist to piss people off.

parents and grandparents come to give out.

teenagers run away to try and get away.

escape from reality.

in tomorrowland.



Where it Stops

It stops

This is where we

We make our choices

This is where we

Win our own battles

This is where

It stops

Brian Hale


This is a world full of labels 

These labels are what people think of us 

Labels such as black or white or terrorist 

They call us by our skin colour or by or religion 

And not for who we are.


Jordan Joyce

This place where

Most people misunderstand

What living actually is…..

How much it means…

Its time that they realise that every minute counts……….


Krystian Kaznica