Kilkenny College, Kilkenny

Role Model


Expensive suit, credit cards, Audi A6, fourth glass of wine later,

Sitting up late, ringing the guards, checking the river, found hungover sleeping in the carpark,

A dad, a role model and lover and husband,

Pay checks come in and we send out a fake image,

A perfect family with a perfect house and happy kids, happy stories and a happy fucking golden retriever

Older now, turning to love in other men, they won’t let me down will they?

Sitting at the end of the bed, plasters on the wrists that seem to look frailer by the day,

Unconditional, unrequited love for the boy down the street who sees you as the girl with the wide smile, sad eyes, but nothing more than that

Pay checks come in and fake images go out

The bar man slips another pint across the table to the successful man in the expensive suit  in exchange for yet another  note on the counter

A dad, a role model, a lover, a fool


Eloise Powell

People are starting to notice

have friends who feel alone,

I have friends who want to die

I have friends who cut their wrists

And yes, of course ill always be there for them but, who is there for me?

When I feel like that but no one knows,

I’m not the type to say what I’m feeling,

I’d much rather listen, but people are starting to notice,

My mother notices that I never leave my bed,

My teaches see my pale face and I can’t cover my dark circles,

Make up cant cover every scar and a smile can’t be kept forever


Ciara Orr

Dear Dad

What you did was really bad,

Heartbroken was the only token.

But you remained unspoken

You thought walking out was really easy

But infact the act was rather sleazy

Leaving with your clothes and sheets

A reminder you’re really only a cheat

You will never understand the damage you’ve done

For you it was all just a bit of ‘Fun’

Leaving us with tears rolling down our face

I hope you realize,

You really did make a big mistake


People walk around

with nothing to do,

Nowhere to go,

Spend their time in an alley way,

Smoking their lives away,

Getting high just for show,

Selling their souls for just one blow.


No wonder they do it,

What else do they have?

They fight for the sake of it,

Wander the streets, 

Lost in their jigsaw of a brain,

Due to all the cocaine.


The schemes and plans to prevent the issue,

Only ever leads to tear filled tissues.


Adam Jackson

Learning to Capsize


One day long ago, I was asked,

If I would like to kayak?

Unsure, I replied okay.


I made the best friends I ever had,

And out of 5 levels,

I’m a 2.


I never liked capsizing,

It was always my fear,

To get stuck under the boat,

And never appear.


But I take pride in my draw stroke,

And low brace too,

There the things I’m best to do.


I’ve been kayaking for almost 6 years,

And I love it so much,

Without it I would be so so lost.


Ali MacIver


A new beginning is an old end.

I start again, or am I just finishing?

One day goes by, one day less.

I spend my time idly, freely, stupidly.

“So little time, so much to do”,

Too much time and nothings left.


My deteriorating health is all I have,

It’s all I’m worth.

A need, a want, a whim,

What’s it all for?

A chance to win.


To win the game of life?

Or to win at avoiding death.


Alas, I slip.


Alice Spencer


They’re a group of people the world tends to ignore. There are as many gamers in the world now as stars in the sky; and yet, they are not fully acknowledged. They are people. They have feelings. Headphones don’t mask that fact. 

Some are famous, some are not. Some make it a living, for others it’s merely a hobby. But this advice goes to anyone gamer or not: Don’t be a hater, support them. They have feelings, just like we all do.
Rachel Fitzpatrick

What happens to you?

You sit there in a corner people staring at your face

Making complaints about your personal life and things you cannot change,

Tears streaming down your face bullets shooting through your heart

Like people stabbing you because of things that happen to you.

You see people in the hallway and wish that it was you

Wish that you had someone to laugh with and do the things you do,

It mightn’t even be your fault maybe everyone else just doesn’t know

What’s happening to you when you’re not there?

What happens when you’re at home?

And every time you see the scars you sit upstairs and cry

You hear two people downstairs screaming saying what’s wrong with our child,

And you sit in your room thinking if they knew what happens in school

Instead of blaming their lives on me and giving me abuse

You have to repeat it all the next day with nobody knowing how you feel

Wondering if you’re the only one

And everyone judging you not even knowing what goes on,

But maybe if they all knew you wouldn’t be abused at home or in school

Because if you think about it if your parents and classmates knew

 You wouldn’t be abused by your parents or at school.

Rebecca Deacon

The Closed Gate


Home is where the heart is 

But my heart is in me

I only seek the sunshine

Or where the wanderers may be.


I loathe the fenced off boundaries

The bills the inheritance tax

My roots are in land

But my hands aren’t for the grass.


The world should live like birds

Who travel for what they miss

They follow the sun for warmth

Of heart of soul of bliss.


Tear down these walls we’ve created

Let them shatter, crumble, fall,

These migrants need our help,

Don’t make them flee and crawl


Through these haunted forests

That are armed with guns and war

Or overseas in floating coffins

This must end. No more.


If birds are seen as beauties

Being welcomed from our skies 

Our people should move with freedom too

Without borders, fear and lies.
Lucy Reid

Warm summer morning


White sheets and warm blankets

Sunlight streaming in through the closed blinds

I didn’t want to leave the confines of my bed on a warm summer morning


Loud noises

Gasping breaths

I throw the covers off and run to the stairs

My granny is standing in the doorway

I shout to her but receive no response

I move down the stairs as if in a dream

My brother’s standing outside, hands to his face


I hear the word for the first time

Heart attack

My dad is lying on the floor

He groans and my mum shouts


I’m running down the road in my pyjamas

Banging on doors and shouting for help

A woman emerges wearing a nightgown

The smile that had been on her face drops as she shouts for her husband


Loud sirens and flashing lights

Men and women in white clothes

Hospital walls and blue mattresses 

Sympathetic smiles and holding hands


I will never forget that warm summer morning

The last time I saw my dad

-Aisling Hanrahan


When we lost each other in the crowd

I waited

Because I knew you would resurface from the maze of buzzing teeens

And if even it took you twenty minutes

I was glad I found you

When we became separated in the forest that time we did orienteering

I waited

Because I knew you could navigate back

And even you were delayed because you helped a girl with a twisted ankle

I was glad you returned

And even when you came to my house late

With dishevelled hair and an apologetic smile

I wasn’t angry

Just relieved

And when I found the note

With a girls heart engraved with ink

I waited

Even though I knew you wouldn’t be coming back

By Tara Neary


I used to spend my time following all the popular girls trying to be cool 

Feeling like its impossible to be the real me 

When I do open up no one likes me im alone 

But maybe its alright not to be popular 

Maybe its alright to be happy 

I used to be quiet and now im quite chatty 

Atleast I wont  be changing nappies 

And all those girls they don’t even know the daddy 
now im the weirdo that is my dads caddy
Ciara Orr

The Way Things Are

It’s hard to relax in a town where shit spreads quick,

Anything escalates and is always spread by the same dicks.

Because of course they’re perfect! Never do anything wrong,

Yet you only have to look at them and they move along.

I’ve made mistakes and I can’t change that.

But it is my life.

I find it strange that you are so caught up on MY past and MY mistakes.

Even though it affects you in absolutely no way.

To add to that its never to my face

Always behind my back

Trying to ‘put me in my place’

Then you see me, your eyes divert

You go a different way

You don’t understand that it does actually hurt

And I do put those words into play,

Over and over,

In my head.

I can’t change what I’ve done,

It’s done.

But I can say,

It honestly was fun.

But while you waste your time giving me grief about my past,

That’s long gone.

I won’t give a shit,

Because I’m done.



I wish I had an axe to strike down the work we are doing.

Something to split the tidal wave in half.

Or a drum to bang so that they would listen to me speak.

Strapped to my right a great wooden shield to defend myself

 Against whatever aggression or insults anyone might throw at me.


But I have a great stick that I use to push and hit.

When I exert myself I am freed and enjoy life to the full.  

When I train I forget the tidal wave of work I’m drowning in.

But on my island of AstroTurf I am free from the hate of the word.



Come on  boys we can do this!

Show your passion

Don’t let it happen 

Do it   for the green jersey 

We will win this derby 

We will come out on top

Stop them don’t let them pass 

Put them to the floor

Then we will score 

Come on boys we can do this! 


John McNamara


I’m a girl; so what im not allowed to play sport anymore?

Or you think girls lives aren’t as good as yours?

Girls are strong, girls are powerful,

In fact we make this world quite wonderful.


Think about it; without girls the human race would die out,

Our world wouldn’t have been as great as it is now.

How could girls get underestimated like,



Girls shouldn’t have to be afraid of rapists or perverts

Or stupid little boys who think they can lift up our skirts

We have a right to be in this world too,

So don’t let anyone walk all over you.


Girls be bold, be strong, be brave

And don’t  be anyones slave

You can do anything you want to do,

Anything boys can do, we can do too!

by: Destiny Ewohime, 12 and Rukky Etaferi, 13

This is the End 

I watched the world as it went by,

I watched the others living their lives to the full,

I aspired to be accepted,

To not be depressed and dull,

I took it for years,

It attacked me every day,

It tore me apart, 

Leaving me with dismay.


I have to admit,

I tried the self-harm,

But I could not quit,

Destroying my arm,


Those wounds were deep,

In which they showed sorrow,

For days on end I would cry myself asleep,

All night long and into tomorrow,


I try to stay alive,

Not let it bother me,

But sometimes I think,

I want to jump out of a tree,


I can’t make any promises,

This may be the last of me you see,

I can’t take it no more,

And I can tell you it will be.

By Cameron Murphy



Bon bons and lollipops

Chocolates and apple drops


Skittles and ice cream

Chocolate covered peanuts and jelly beans


Starbursts and toblerone

M and Ms and ice cream cones


These sweets are nice

Especially to the mice
Tara Hamilton

Being a teenage girl


You know you always dreamed of it, as a little girl.

The thoughts of the high heels and amazing clothes and makeup and mobile phones and being able 

to put all your best pictures and quotes out there for everyone to see.

And tight dresses and going out with your friends and staying up late 

And being that girl that everyone wants to be –

That girl that has everything.  


You dreamed of it like it was your goal, like it was the only time in your life,

When you would be truly happy, and truly free, didn’t you ?

But , it’s not quite like that, is it? No, no it’s not.


Sure, you can  have the clothes and the heels, but with that comes people judging you,

Making complaints about what you wear and making you feel like you just …just aren’t good enough.

You can have the fanciest phone and put all those cute pictures of you and friends out there, but 

that’s not going to please everyone. 

You can go out with your friends to all those parties that you know aren’t really a good idea, and

Just follow the crowd.


But , if you trust yourself and think carefully about what is right and wrong, think of the consequences and don’t follow the crowds, well…….. your teenage years are gonna.


Hannah Graham


You judge me because I don’t have the same interests as you,

But how am I expected to have the same ones as you

When I am a completely different person to you?

You think life is based on what interests people have,

But I can’t control that, you know I can’t

And yet you still manage to bring me down when I don’t deserve it.

Zoe Kelso

Rugby tour 

This is where we score tries and split thighs

Where 9/11 is somewhat comical

Where you can be a proper lad

Where boys become men

The tour.


Pat King

False Place

This is a place where were told now you’re adults you have a lot of responsibility.

But yet we are learn that we are not equal too adults but rather under them.

This is a place where we are taught to remember someone else’s work rather than think for ourselves.

This is where people put on false personalities rather than be their true self because of the shame that they feel or the hate they may receive for simply being themselves.

This is a place where often our true selves go to die where we copy other people imagination rather than have our own. A place where being ourselves is so terrifying that we invent a new person and that person often becomes replaces the one we once were  .



This is where we drink, think, interlink our sink ,

At my gaff to prink,

Me paddy gaz and ben 

The ultimate,


Pisshead, dickhead beer and silage,

This is where we make our milage.


Life is like a game,

Fifa, Mario, it’s all the same.

There’s winners, there’s losers,

Beggars that can’t be choosers.


Life is like a boat,

We all need to try stay afloat.

Waves will toss and turn you around,

Try to keep your feet on the ground.


Life is like a song,

It can be either short or long.

A sound so beautiful to the ear,

Only a certain amount to hear…


By Myles Brady and Jessie Wagenaar




I’m trying to seem like I’m of a high standard

 It seems like there having so much banter

To them I seem about as cool as Flanders

I’m not good enough because I’m not a Spaniard 
Isaac Burke