Crescent College Comprehensive, Limerick

The Russian Dolls

As a young girl my grandad would show me Russian dolls all painted and grand

From the size of my head to the size of my hand

He explained that it’s not the glossy exterior of these dolls that makes them unique

It’s the many hidden layers hidden underneath

I realised that society says that girl’s should be like Barbie one sided and perfect.

Shows us photo shopped pictures but says that we’re worth it

But really girls are more like Russian dolls, with layers hidden behind hard walls

Girls are told that layers should not be exposed for whatever reason

Being told what to wear no matter the season

Because girls gaming is weird and girls sweating is gross

That why the layer you only see is the outer most

Covered in makeup fake tan and smiles

Because guys prefer tits to looking at eyes

But all layers are perfect no matter what size

Aimee Rickard


The teenagers of today need something to have fun,

They need a drink in their hand thinking their impressing someone,

Stumbling around making a fool of themselves,

Because they don’t have the skills to have a proper conversation with someone else,

Walking the streets with drink in their hand,

Making their parents think that they’re ‘grand’.

Telling their mother they’re staying at someone’s house,

And telling their father they’re ‘just going out’.

Not knowing where they are, still throwing them back,

Thinking that their having some amount of craic.

The next day when they return,

Still trying to get rid of the vodka burn,

They try to convince their parents that they haven’t been out last night ,

Vomiting everywhere and getting a light.


Tom Feighan


Depressed, lying in bed

Strange voices and thoughts run through my head.
“Teenagers don’t get depressed” they said,
Little do they know I feel so dead
Lying on my bedroom floor in a pool of tears, with a scissors pressed to my wrist it doesn’t feel so weird.
“I can’t believe it’s come to this, I’m broke” I said, the thoughts building and building instead my head.
When I go outside I hide it with a smile, my friends love being with me, I’m a “happy child” only a few know what’s really going on, they want me to go get help, but I’m doing everything wrong.
All my parents want me to do is make them proud and be perfect, get good grades and be hard working. “It’s only hormones, puberty” I cry to them “can’t you see what’s wrong with me??”  I’m “the other child” good at nothing but school, have no talents I’m not even cool. My parents brush it under the rug I can’t remember the last time my mother gave me a hug.
As the months go by it gets worse and worse, I stop eating stop talking it hurt so much. But no body noticed when i skipped a meal I was getting sick but skinner so it wasn’t a big deal.
I told myself I didn’t need any help i was overreacting only getting upset. But the tears and blood it kept on flowing so I took the first step to try get going. I broke down in tears infront of my mom and asked for help,  she laughed in my face and said I had no one to blame but myself.
Little did she know I had full blown depression no one cared though and they still don’t . Mental diseases like this don’t just go away you have it for life and that’s the way it will stay. It’s ripped me apart from the inside out, I’m scared to love, scared to laugh I do nothing but doubt.
It changed me so much, shedding tears everday and when it should have been my parents, it was my friends that lead the way. I was hurting so much I wanted to drown all the while my parents looked down on me with a frown.
I still don’t know who I really am , and the pain? It’s still there it always will be but how it affects my thoughts; well that’s up to me. I’m happier now but never let it be said that I was never the girl thinking of being dead.

His Name Was Happy

September  3 2007.

He was walking home from watching the all Ireland hurling final

a bottle of beer in his hand.

A group of young boys. They were drunk. They wanted more alcohol.

They tried to take his bottle but he wouldn’t give it to them

because he knew they shouldn’t be drinking.

One of the boys grabbed the bottle from his hand ,

broke it and stabbed him in the neck

I was eight when my dad died.

He was murdered in the late hours of septmeber 2/ early hours of  neck.

My dad was only about 200 metres from his house .

He walked the rest of the way home and bled to death that night.

After a few months the police found the boy who killed him.

He was 15 years old.

About two years later I wrote a letter to that boy when he was in prison .

I told him that I forgave him and I knew that he was sorry.

It was  a terrible  mistake.

My fathers nickname in life was “happy”.

When he died the world lost a whole of happiness.



The Jumpshot

My first shot was when I was six

Swishing on 6ft net

The feeling was great

I had the fate for a career.

My First game

Putting on number  7

Feeling like the greats

Feeling like the pros

Feeling I had a long way to go.

Stepping on the court

What a feeling!

And dealing with the defence easy!

My first final!

12 years old

The winning feeling was inside

The game must go on!

Time ticking

Players panicking


Seconds left!

Remembering my  jumpshot

I knew it was my time

Shot goes up!


Jack Coyne

*The Wrong Impression*

They think that I’m happy and that I’m okay

They think I’m confident and don’t care what they say

They think my ex loved me and to end it I was cruel

They think I’m a swat and love doing well in school

They think I’m nice and won’t mind if I’m an after thought

They think I’m afraid of being bold because I’m afraid of being caught

They think I’m not alone and I don’t have anything negative to say

They think the smile I wear is real every day

What they don’t know is they are wrong and I have no idea where I belong…

I’m not happy anymore and I’m not always okay

I pretend to be confident and cry when I don’t like what they say

My ex didn’t love me and wanted a hotter easier girl

To think of all his lies would make me want to hurl

My heart is broken by the boy who was my world

I feel like he punched me in the gut with his fist curled

I try hard because of all the pressure and the need of approval

Being smart is my only talent so good grades are crucial

Being a pushover sucks because no one cares how you feel

The tears I cry at night are always real

I don’t think I’m pretty and see an ugly girl in my reflection

I try so hard at all I do because my biggest fear is rejection

I wish I was skinnier and less and less I eat

I fake being happy and every day, I repeat

Life isn’t easy so be nice to everyone

Even to the people with a smile as bright as the sun.


Aine O’Brien

Hard Yards

The Winter training sarts

Its tough as it begins,The bleep tests,weightlifting

And fitness sessions ,Hard yards they call them

Our coaches they say ,We’ll reap what we sow

When we’re hurling in May,Christmas passes by

And the challenge matches roll in,All in anticipation

For the championship to begin,A pressure filled year

With the junior cert in June,But all I could think about

Was that first match ,Against doon

The hits are hard ,The hurling quick

But the only thing that matters,Is the ball on your stick

Once you cross that white line,Its no longer a game

It’s a way of life,Not for fortune nor fame

We battle through the groups ,And the semis are here

Its what weve been waiting,Why weve been training all year

Beforhand we all said,Wed give them a rattle

But 10 minutes in,We saw we were in for a battle

A few minutes to go ,And were two points behind

We needed a miracle,Magic of some kind

Our full forward goes through,He rattles the net

This could be our year,But lets not forget

One match still to go,The biggest of them all

We’ll either bask in glory,Or crumble and fall

The flags and signs go up,Around our little parish

Everyone I meet ,Passing on their best wish

The day eventually comes,Its all down to this

Shooting beforehand, Our forwards couldn’t miss

We went out on that pitch , wearing our heart on our sleeve

And made sure when we came off, wed have nothing to leave

With county coaches watching, we all had to perform

And I can tell you one thing, we hurled up a storm

Point after point, we were definetly on top

The hill for supporters, was beginning  to sound like the kop

Another goal from our full forward, having the game of his life

Had surely slayed our opponents, with the last twist of knife

Then the ref blew his whistle, three times?! Weve won

An ecstatic feeling under that hot august sun

We piled into cars, and like a parish reborn

We drove through every village, blowing our horn

The celebrations were immense, the songs as loud

It was then we all realised , all those hard yards were worth it

To make the parish proud.


                                                     Conor Flahive

The ballerina

Once there was a girl

With long knotty hair tied up in a messy bun

Most uncoordinated child you have ever seen

Twirling around the room

In a world of her own

In a green dress


None of the other girls wore green dresses

They wore pink

With their hair perfectly tied buns

I guess she just didn’t fit into that club

But what wrong with that, huh?

A green ballerina

In a world of her own

on her own


There is ballerina’s all around the world

But they seem to be pink

But maybe somewhere in the world

Somewhere, they can be green


By Roisin Moran 🙂



You Changed Me

They say I’m heartless

But they cannot  see

All the wasted hours of anxiety


Life itself bodes such stress

Yet when I’m with you I am at my best

Pain and anguish vanish

Words come freely


The hour’s passed and off you go

How I wish that you could know

The depth of which my love does flow


I could make excuses

Lord knows I have

All I can say now is

You changed me


What Does Love Feel Like?

What does love feel like?

I do not know ,

All I do is show ,

My love that I feel ,

My love is unreal ,

How is it fair ? ,

When to me it seems you do not care ,

You tell me your in love ,

But you don’t show it enough ,

When I tell you how I feel ,

And all you do is steal ,

My heart and tear it apart ,

I want to spend every moment ,

Showing you how amazing you are ,

But how could I go that far ,

When you act the way you are ,

I put you before everything ,

But you put everything before me ,

I do not know if I can do this anymore….

What does love feel like?

That I do not know….


Luke O’Riordan

I don’t believe in anything anymore.

Teenage years are shit, in my opinion
It’s a constant sensation of not being good enough for anyone , afraid to be different , afraid to be ‘original’
School is shit, in my opinion
It’s a constant cycle of brain numbing subjects that you don’t care about and never will, hours of precious life wasted in classes that aren’t streamed but are, your best is never good enough
And sometimes your best is different
I don’t believe that every day you’re equally as capable As the last. Students have problems. They’re not taken into consideration.
Relationships are shit, in my opinion
I don’t believe you ever get over someone
I know I’m only 16. I know that’s what you’re thinking. But no one can put an age on how you feel for someone. I don’t believe you only love once , or at least I don’t believe I only love once I think teenage years are full of love and hatred
But life is amazing, in my opinion
I’m still figuring out how to live
I’m still figuring out that everyday is amazing
I’m still figuring out that love is wonderfully heart filling and warm.

Clodagh Lyons


give me a math equation and five hours later It’ll be sitting undone,

Life isn’t about finding the X value and the Y in an equation that someone made up to waste some space in our brains because apparently we need to subtract and add numbers.

The real X value in life isn’t a number it’s something else,

no one person will have the same equation to get the desired value

X can be anything you want it to be

X is you doing what you love most in life

X is finding the reason you were put on this earth not the reason 2x + 3y = 62.

And Y it’s the partner to X it’s not same but it works with X to complete the equation,

Y is a person,


The result that you are trying to achieve after that equal sign is happiness, might have a lot of people that you think are your Y but they will come and go,

The real Y in your equation is

The one you’re with when you finally realise you have completed that equation

That you started  working on since your very first day.

And the result to that equatuion is happiness.


Amy K

Teenage Years

The most vulnerable time,
The obstacles that we need to climb
Running around wild,
All left behind.

The friends you think were there
Eventually learning that they don’t care
Unable to except yourself
Pretending to be someone else.

All the problems you face
Growing up seems like a race
Bundles of confusion in your mind
The right path is what you want to find

Getting through these years is a task
Be yourself don’t hide behind a mask.


Judging a book by its cover.

Teachers teach us about how to find x in a simple maths question;

But they never realise that they also teach us more then just one simple sum,

They teach us that in life nothing is handed to you on a silver plate, you don’t get awarded for doing nothing. They teach us that once  you leave school is not just a simple straight path you walk down to succeed in life, you come across so many obstacles in line that you’d never even dream about happening to you. Life is never easy for most people we don’t know what happens them outside  of school or why there not attending school each day! They teach us that we need to cut people some slack, some people might have parents who have great jobs, they earn lots of money and are able to provide for their kids a lot easier then some, they can give their  kids everything they want and more. But then there could one person in your class who you see come to class late some days and then not see them turn up other days, maybe because they don’t lead the easy life you might lead, their parents may have to work 2 or 3 jobs everyday just to barely get by they may not be able to afford a baby sitter so the eldest child might have to stay at home some days and mind the family or make the dinner. This is why we should never judge a book by its cover and we should cut people some slack as they may be facing their  own problems.


Meabh McCarthy

Social Media

Social media is too valuable

to people these days,

All people seem to care about is getting likes on Instagram etc

Its hard to enjoy real life when your social media accounts are always in the back of your head

Before we know it we will be dead



Painfully aware, of all my peers
The pain, the pressure, creates real fears
I’m trying to escape so many eyes and ears
Over thinking so much, my mind is scorched…

The hair, the makeup, the parties, the boys,                                                                                                                                                    Their friends, their parents all they know is lies.

Afraid of the judgment, my voice has no sound
Dodging harsh eyes, my eyes find the ground,

This haunting emotion, I cannot define
They say mind over matter, but I say matter over mind

I’m running from something, I jump into my dream
In that happy place, I can be exactly what I seem

I am who I am, I keep that to myself because
I finally understand what this emotion must mean
Because I figured out what I’m running from…                                                                                                                                              It’s not my peers or their judgement or anything else it may seem
I know who I’m running from, I’m Running from me…


Seeking Adulthood

I’m getting older now,
No longer a child,
Not yet an adult,
But a girl trying to carve a path for herself

I’m making my own choices,
Making a future with my bare hands,
Learning how to step out,
Despite the shaky ground

I no longer need to be held tight in your arms,
But crave an independence,
One that lets me explore my ambition for this world,
A world full of hidden meanings

But sometimes I fall,
As I struggle to take in the world before me,
Confused  by the bigger picture,
The adulthood that lays ahead

it must be hard for you to accept,
That I’m building a life for myself,
Making mistakes that you cannot cure,
Choices you never dreamed I’d make.



While you spend 8 hours 5 days a week in school

you think about all the things you can do

if you weren’t in school Surfing, Kayaking, Sky- Diving.

Having to deal with relationships, friendships

while balancing pastimes all wondering do I have the time?

Parents going on about points for college and study

when you may not even have a buddy,

Looking at the wealthy people of the world wondering

will I ever get close to this?

Growing up really isn’t the easy

” Teenage years are the best years of you life”

Quote many adults but they don’t realise

that there’s pressure on you.

The option of going down the root to take drugs,

drink ,do stuff that not your everyday person

will do or study until your brain will shut down

and have a good shot at college.

All these questions have came into your head

while you are having the time of your life at a party think!


Mark Mcgarry

Every day I want to get away I feel alone

in my home oh what a very bad day.

Im so depressed I just need a rest oh what every bad day.

i came home from work and now im fucked oh just give me a brack.

My mom died and then I cried oh what a very bad day.

After the funeral I was broke and I thought my life was a joke .

my dad felt annoyed and he started to cry he packed his bags

and left in a  cab After he left I felt despair oh what a very bad day.

Jonathan Ring


TY a year to have fun because years after this are going to be boring and glum.
Yet when I ask my mom “can I go out” she says NO and gives out.
Gives out to me for what ? Trying to live my life before it runs out.
When I am old I want to remember stories,adventures and exciting times yet my mom says why cant you just accept that the answer is ‘no’ just this one time.
“You don’t do enough around this house,why  cant you be like her she never asks to go out –she stays at home and reads improving her English” these are things I listen to but when I reply im accused of being ‘cheeky’ and ‘inconsiderate’ .
Comparing me to people who seem to do people but never valued for the things I may do better.
I wont remember the days I spent at home but ill remember how I FELT sitting alone.



An apple is round and smooth with no imperfections.

They come in red, yellow, green, all shiny and can be cut into perfect sections.

People choose the best looking fruit and they give the ugly ones a boot.

They say ”It looks nice ”and they don’t care about the price.


But not all apples taste nice just because they look nice.

Most of the time it’s the ugly ones taste great, on any type of plate.

It might not be round or could have a bit of brown.

It’s still only a fruit no matter how cute.


People are like apples, some worship at different chapels.

We all are from Earth, no matter  where your place of birth.

People may be different but we are all brilliant.

Don’t compare yourself to others!


By: O.B


I don’t know how people like tea when it tastes awful

I can’t understand how people drink it everyday

I don’t like coffee either

How do people drink it?

Does make them feel better?


Ben Judd


Covered in makeup and hairspray,

Waking up to tan on the bed.

Everyone has an image,

All the way up in their head.

Discos, drink and relationships,

Everyone knows them well.

But why do people do it?

It’s really all for tell.

Talking to people you don’t even like,

Just to get a good name.

With Boys that you don’t even talk to,

Just so you’re always the “same”.

Drinking and drinking and drinking,

Just to make you look like fun.

We all have this perfect image,

But none of its really true,

Everyone wants to be compared to someone

but no one compares to you.




Why do the jobs at home get landed on me?
They are always like ‘that’s too hard for me.’
Being the only man left in the house
After your father died is a tragedy.
Nothing is the same, everything’s a pain,
And you never seem to get rewarded.
Life is no longer a game, it’s a battle,
Searching for your confirmation
That the battle has ended but no. There is another one
Just over the hill and if only you could take a rest but
You’re never that blessed.
I know I’m not the only one and I hope I can help some to
Understand their not alone.
Life is a battle and you have to fight for what you think is right.
Because until you’re satisfied everything will pass you by until you learn to reach out
And take what is yours.


Peter Boohan


When you give it your all but still get grief, when you give 100% but don’t succeed, you come off disappointed and criticism hits you hard,


This is what football is about, winning and losing is all apart of it, like everything in life. The moments you lose in the dying minutes, the joys of wining finals. This is what its all about.


Sean Gormley


Too much pressure

Everyone’s scared of what others think.

Envious of other people.

No idea of the real dangers of drugs and drink.

Angry at the world as a whole.

Got to find who you are, deep down in your soul.

Even though your still a child,

Your expected to act like an adult and stop being wild.

Every night you want to go out, your parents don’t know what your talking about.

All they want is for you to be yourself,

Really all you want is help.

Sad or happy, no one cares or knows as long as you put on a smile and a happy pose.

Ellen dundon


The feeling  is mutual

They ended it neutral

She grew up too fast

It was a challenge in the past

But day by day she knew she would miss

The special love she always dismissed

Pride and joy is what she would call her brother

She was always less than good according to her mother

They finished with a fight

And she walked off into the night

Her mother was never a friend

She was sad to say it had to end


Emma  Cunningham

A Parallel World


I like to imagine a different type of place,

A place where you can do and say what you want.

I like to think people are like fish

We swim and splash around our little ponds,

But if you splash around too much

Other people get wet.

You think you know life,

You stand on the edge

Living, you think.

But you’re not living it not really.

We all care too much,

This stops us from living,

Stops us being fish.

So, sometimes if you look at life in a different perspective

You see its true meaning.

That’s when you’re living.

 Ella Farrell

Born in to a world of good

The little boy never understood

Why one day he was now different

According to the government

Kicked out their own home

Never alone was he allowed to roam

Every day he had to wear a star

Others usually stayed far

The day his world came crashing down

Torn from his mother and sister

Thrown into a run down camp

Made to do labour without meaning

The little boy never understood

People all around him were disappearing

Some even took beatings

The little boy never understood how born into a world of good all he endured was evil.




There is an unnecessary amount of pressure put on young people for things we don’t care about.

We care about our education, but making us listen to things were not interested in is good for nobody.

School needs to be become a place where people learn how to get do career they want, not careers that are more suited to other people.


Being me.

No one understands what its like being me- what I see in the mirror every day, how someones words could affect me, hating little things like my body image and how society forces us to be the way we are. Peer pressure is a huge issue at our age, not being invited to parties you actually want to go to but pretend not to be into them just so people don’t see how things like this affect you.
Many of us live behind a mask, I can’t deny I don’t. Making sure I’ve a smile plastered on my face as I make my way into school and talking to all my peers. I’m known as the bubbly girl because I can hide my insecurities well, and try to be positive or I’ll think about my pet hates in myself. As I come home every day I question who actually wants to be my friend, when people talk to me is it just because I’m in their class not because they would actually consider me a friend, or would they even want to meet up with me outside of school? Going out on a Friday night and watching people not take a second glance at you is never easy, is it? Hearing people joke about you and trying not to take it to heart is even harder, is it?
People don’t realise the issues that go on in peoples personal lives, like many girls struggle with body image and trying to be confident around others. Screw society and peers, go out and SLAY.



He came to Liverpool in October

Some say that he wasn’t sober

When he started off with three draws

We were hardly in awe

But with time came the wins

And that lopsided grin

When you have players like Ibe

That words can’t even describe

You know you’ll go far

Even without Lazar

They call him the normal one

He’ll get the job done

So its Klopp for the Kop











Karen Murphy

Teenage years


At 13 I was a confused teenager struggling to cope with my anxiety.

At 14 I was fighting voices in my head

”You’re not good enough”

And I started to believe it.

Everyone turned a blind eye,

They said it’s just a phase

”You’ll be okay”.

”But I’ve had enough” I said


I lay in bed at night, listening to the trees dancing in the wind

I dreamt of better things.



Were both in denial

I deny that you’re mean to me I cannot hate you

You deny you care about me yet you care about what I do

Confusion at its peak

fragile not weak

feelings still raw

moving on is hard but knowing you have is like a stab in the heart



You go to school to be educated .

But all you get is people telling you to do your ‘ best’

But what you really need  is for teachers to give you a rest.

They tell you to ‘stop staring out at space’

But maybe you aren’t staring out at space you just cant stand looking at their face.

You spend 6 hours in school learning about stuff that you wont remember  when you are finished writing it on a piece of paper for a test.

You go home and do at least 3 hours on homework and 2 hours on study.

That’s 11 hours of your day gone. And your suppose to get 8 hours of sleep a day .

That’s 19 hours of your day what does that say ?

School is a waste of time for things that are use less and you wont ever need.


Saibh Clifford

Always wanting

to have fun in the sun,

Not knowing when work should be done.

If we only had one day where we could always say

What we feel and what we think as it all goes by in just a blink.

You’re not alone and you will be happy,

Never think that you’re only crappy,

Love yourself and love the life,

God has created and shed some light.


I’m not good enough.


I’m too loud and too quiet,

I’m skinny but I should diet.

I should work hard and take care,

Now I should relax? That’s not fair.

I ‘never leave the house’

But I’m not allowed out.

I didn’t want to be called uptight but,

Apparently now I’m a slut.


I can never be good enough.

Maybe it doesn’t matter that much.



School pressures

School makes no sense to me since. There’s too much pressure on the things that don’t matter, and nothing said on the things we will eventually need. Having to make a decision for my life as a teenager for myself when I’m an adult. I might do a college course on something I’ll have no interest in when I’m older and just end up wasting my time.

I’m pressured into doing subjects I have no interest in and then supposed to get a good grade in it, even though I don’t understand it. Trying to get good grades so I don’t disappoint, and to also make myself feel better.  At the same time having to balance a social life with expectations of how to dress, how to look and how to act.

School causes unnecessary stress over things that don’t matter and won’t matter in the future.


Why do so many people “care”

Asking how you’ve been, how you feel

Just asking, to compare


Coming home, already feeling shitty

But relieved that you got it all out

Coming online to these bullies’s getting bitchy

Realizing that you should’ve kept it all in.


Acting fast, you refuse to “feel”

Brushing it off, forgetting

It might’nd be a big deal..


You again go back to ignoring

You feel the same as before

Lonely, and trapped

Thinking Nobody really cares,

And you cant trust no one anymore



Call it what you want

The way we live today, we call it society,

Mental illness, suicide, anxiety.

Who we are, we cannot change,

As much as we wish we could,

It’s quite strange,

That we are judged

Every day, for what we do and what we say,

Everybody cannot be the same.


A group of people, a community,

With similarities,

Like a unity,

But each individual,

Which is beautifully, crucially, or stupidly



At the end of the day, we are who we are,

A teacher, an artist or even a movie star.

We must be proud,

Because we don’t always have to fit in the crowd.

                                                     -Niamh Garry

The Quietness

The quietness around me is overwhelming

It takes over my whole body

Quietness is lonely

Even in a sea of people feeling alone is common

Having friends with you can make you feel more alone

because they don’t understand what you’re going through

because they are fine

They say they understand

and  that there hear for you

but when you really need then there not around to help

You might be the  person that’s always around when someone needs you

but when u need them

there nowhere to be found

it all comes back to the quietness

the quietness that u here when your alone

no matter who u are u feel that quietness




We are all spellbound

By the illusion of life.

And such we are all hell – bound

Left to wallow in our strife.


But there are few who rise above this

This terrible illusion of existence

And so they are free and full of bliss.

From the spellbinder called life.

By Jack D. Roche

Victimless Crime


What do you want me to say?

Do you want me to lie

Continue on this way

I could tell you I hate you

But it wouldn’t be true

There are so many things

I wish that you knew

You lack trust

And your damaged

but I don’t know how to make

You feel like you’re not stranded

Because when you look at me

I cant breathe

You take away my sanity

Im lost when im with you

Im lost when im not

Love was all that I sought

And right now

my reality is full of



im standing here in front of you unhappily

you are a magnet

you pulled me in as far as you could

before you flipped and repelled me

just like I knew you would

so Ill ask you one more time

are we both victims of a

victimless crime

I suppose we are

That’s all I can say

Emily Armstrong

Existential Teenage Rant











Writer’s Block

I don’t know what to write about,

Everyone’s poems look slick

but I can’t even write one line,

English isn’t my strong suit,

I’m good at talking and thinking of shit

on the spot but I can never put my

Ideas onto a page.




-Christian Ryan

Everyday I watch

As girls get picked for teams

While I once again

Look on and dream


I play hockey everyday

And give it my all

But when it comes to teams

I’m left standing by the wall


despite the harsh comments about how i’ll “never succeed”

I continue to practice, sweat and bleed


but at the end of the day

they say what they say

because I don’t give a fuck, bitch I slay


Jessie Fehily

Something Different

I hate how teenagers are mocked just for trying something different

How everyone is expected to follow social guidelines and if you don’t fit their template you’re called weird

How everyone strives to be normal because they’re afraid of becoming an outcast

But guess what?

Youre not alone, don’t be afraid

There are seven billion people on this world and we are all trying to act what a few of them deem as ‘normal’

I’m sick of this!

Everyone is different,

It’s what makes life exciting

Don’t waste all of your time deciding

What person you should try to be

Accept who you are

Why doesn’t everybody see

this is not a dictatorship

it’s a democracy

We got rid of leaders, masters, kings

Everybody has their own opinion

Just let them be

This poem isn’t much different

From many other out there

But Its what annoys me the most

I’m happy with no problems

To be honest , I think my life is awesome.


Hugh Conlon

What is average?

the moment when your on a ladder looking at noose.

This is the time were u think back and find

that the only reason u were driven  to be on this ladder

was because of other people and how they wanted u to fit in

but in ur mind u just wanted to fit out stand out.

The  person who is laughed at because just cuz u were a little to dumb or a little too fat

but they were a little to mean and they never got laughed at .

See they fitted in they were average but how is or what is average.

Average for boys is to be big fit and not to be into cooking or art

its all about being tough and not being able to be do anything that the opposite sex dose .

then for girls its to be pretty skinny and to put it in one word an average  girl is a girl

who is on the out side of a magazine cover.

No matter what people say about satiety i am positive

that todays satiety is all about being average.

But then again what is average.


David Roche

3-15 to 1-4

The ball was thrown in

Shoulders being hit

Hands were shook

We were playing by the book

Up by five at halftime

They were angry

Sticks began to fly

They tried intimidation

It just turned to frustration

We had our hands on their throat

But refused to gloat

We pushed on

Just scoring for fun

They picked the ball from the net

We had pride in our crest

That was the game

The final whistle was blown

We went back to the parish

And sat on our throne

                                                                       Oisin Curtin


Sometimes I would like to live
Sometimes I would like to stay in bed
Sometimes life can be so harsh
No matter what I would always try and know that without neglect
Sometimes I would like to know that you love me for who I am
Sometimes I would like to live and have fun
And know that without shame.

                          Jack Hennessy


Joker is the name,

Poker is the game,

My sweat cold,

I watched them fold,

Until it came to the chip leader

They call him “The Mind Reader”,

After he raised one hundred thousand,

I glanced down at ace ten of diamond,

Under the shadow of my hood,

I realised that he could

Have a high pocket pair.

I made the call,

With a stack ten chips tall,

Then came the flop,

I realised he could be on top,

King, seven, jack,

But I could bounce back,

If I hit the queen,

It would be the perfect scene.

He checked to me,

So I checked back,

My plan was right on track.

There was nothing on the turn,

A cause for concern,

He bet big to get me to fold,

But I decided to hold,

Then came the river,

It gave me a shiver,

I hit the royal flush,

I nearly made a blush,

He went all-in,

I knew that I would win,

I called and won the hand,

And went on to win the grand

Prize, the championship ring,

My first time winning.

Daniel Finucane


Subway is the best,

You should put it to the test,

You should get it with the south west,

You should find out what you want,

Or else it can turn into a bit of a taunt,

You should probably recommend it to your aunt,

Because shell probably like it,

She won’t be able to fight it,

It’s a shame I’m on a diet,

But I can’t seem to keep it quiet,

That’s why I’m writing this poem.

Luke Reilly



I love watching rugby

Especially the world cup

I used play rugby

Because of my dad

But I gave it up

Because I never got picked

I was left very sad

Sitting on the side

I found it very bad