CBS Midleton, Cork


Your best friends become strangers,
Lollipops turn into cigarettes,
The innocent ones turn into sluts,
Homework goes in the trash,
Soda becomes vodka
And kisses turn into sex.
Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground?
When protection meant wearing a helmet?
When the worst thing you could get from the lads were cookies?
Dad’s shoulders were the highest place on earth and mum was your hero?
Your worst enemies were your siblings,
Race issues were about who ran the fastest,
The only drug you knew was panadol,
Wearing a skirt didn’t make you a slut
Goodbyes only meant until tomorrow

We all said we couldn’t wait to grow up, what were we thinking?


Osman Mombo


A mask conceals the true feeling,

the strongest can be the weakest,

and vice versa,

someone asks “are you okay?” and you reply,

“of course I am yeah”,

When you try to complain, you’re told

“get over it, stop whinging”,

The truth is that our generation is screwed,

Social media, alcohol and junk food,

Our thoughts that breach the boundaries of the box are cut,

Into shapes of monotonous boxes of straightforward thinking,

When a single idea can change the world,

Luther King Jr., Einstein and other great minds,

Others saw heretics, and didn’t read between the lines,

They saw a minority and a dropout,

These men could have said “I opt out”,

But no they soldiered on,

We must save our generation from internal destruction,

From hate, drink and liposuction,

Our world is captured let’s retake it,

Fight bravely ,Fight well.



Generation Hate

We’re a hated generation,

but they forget who raised us,

Parents blaming their kids for their own faults

and they are more worried about what others think of them

than what they think of themselves.

Fellas dropping out of school and getting caught up in drugs, alcohol

and immortality,

and yet their parents have the audacity to criticize them,

But to tell you the truth the world is doomed.

But I tell you what, I want no part of it.




The demons that haunt us,

that taunt us, that causes the never-ending pain,

I used to wait every day,

for the pending ache, that caused me to cry,

If people never pried,

I would have lay down to die,

but compared to that time,

there is no more pain,

for the chains that used to hold me down,

are now gone,

bringing along a new dawn.




Out on a saturday night with last nights cash,

A naggin,whiskey and a ten bag of hash,

Ended up in the island on another teenage session,

I ended up in a prison called depression,

as I sit there with a abottle in one hand,rope in the other,

I could go this way or that way no bother.


What’s Around Me

I love what’s around me,
From my house to Yosemite.
Every cat and every dog,
Every lake and every bog.
Not everyone is an angel,
Some people are the Devil.
These people we need to stop,
Before they cause another teardrop.
They can fill you up with dread,
If you aren’t already dead.


Senan O Brien

The Bell

A million miles away from home
In school waiting for the bell to go.


The Irish Team

The Irish national team
They are the boys in green,
The captain is Robbie Keane,
Nobody like him ever seen.


Farm Yard Hood Yo

Farming is amazing
Its where cows, sheep, goats and pigs go grazing.
Driving tractors is just one of the factors.
Ploughing fields and sowing seeds.
Milking the cows at the end of the day.
When its all finished I’d say “What a day”.



Theres no beating sport,
I think majority will agree
Gaelic football,
Is the sport for me.

I’ve won more than one county,
There’s no beating the buzz.
I will never disagree l
Gaelic football will always be for me.

Kyle O’Shea

The Whistle

Waiting for the final whistle to
blow, my heart is pounding faster
than Usain Bolt.
2 points up, is that the moment
we’ve been waiting for.
The other team attacking,
fuck sake they scored, another
year to wait for.

Kiitan & Michael

Soccer Love Fest III

Theres a lot of different sports
But soccer is the best
Its funner than basketball
And better than the rest

Soccer is my favourite sport
What else can I say
It can be a lotta fun
If you know to play


Sean Crowley

Generation Cool

As the days are coming and going,
The gang generation are showing,
How they think its fun and games,
Until they get the blame,
They all think they’re cool,
But honestly they are just being a fool

As the days go by,
The gang generation are getting high,
Throwing their lives away,
Knowing they night lose a day,
People saying you will be next,
Well honestly what do they expect.

Evan O’Meara

A Girl

I once knew a girl,
Who was into the hurl,
She played it all day
Even in May.
But she never got the call up,
And everything went belly up,
She soon had to retire,
And all that was left to do was admire


Ger, Kevin and Ciaran


School is boring and so Spit, I wanna leave, drop out, and hell off from it,

I sit down with my head in my arm, get tired and wait for the alarm.

It beeps three times and hurts my head, but I’d still rather be in class than be dead.

When the final class finished my mood gets better,

so I go home and play some soccer,

I then hang on the corner or outside spar, from my house its not so far,

we chill and blast some trite, until the sky stops being light,

I then trek home hop in bed, close my eyes, and act dead,

as I know Im back to school like a fool.



Poetry Class

I’m not really good at poetry,
But the videos sir showed us related to me,
I hate that for education we follow,
While the teachers take charge and lead,
I think the students opinions should be set free,
I think we should all pursue our dreams.

We should be innovative and leave the group,
Instead of going in a constant education loop,
I think we should all try and leave the crowd,
Then once you get to the top, preach loud, be proud,
For your final exams, you shouldn’t worry,
Your bad history/past in school you should bury,
Don’t follow others or you could be in a chipper serving curry.


Ryan Meanwell