St Kilian’s Community School, Bray

Sitting all alone in this room,

full of broken dreams,
i want to scream,
listen to me,
i’m more than this,
you make me feel like a failure,
but what do we do later?
when all we have left to do ,
is survive alone in this broken home.
Naimh Leadbitter


No matter how big you are,
You’re still brittle.
Too much carbon,
Stuck in the middle.
You’re not metal,
You’re a diffrent material,
Softer and weaker,
With cracks in the middle.
You may be polished,
Held together well,
It could still all fall like a rain spell.
You may seem tough,
But still you are vulnerableand mad.
You get defensive and attack,
You take a few smacks,
You give a few too.
But one thing you remeber,
You’re not metal.
You’re a softer material,
With cracks in the middle.
                                      Cian Daly


Well it’s always starts leaving bed,

As well some people believe they`re dead.

I check the phone everyday on snapchat,

Knowing I’m in the same school as that twat.

I get my stuff on, everything is done,

But school is on I never run.

 The first classes are German and DCG,

And as always it will be crap to see.

It ends with Maths, some there are twats,

But when I’m home, I know I’m never alone

My family that I hardly talk to,

Is just as bland as a board with no chalk.

When I’m in bed, I rest my head and I pull over the cover,

There is another day ahead and another and another and another.

By Seán O Dowd


                            Those dark corners are usually bright.
                           Those times i smile are the times i fight.
                        Then the tears come streaming down my face.
                            I stand back up and show a brave face.
                          Sometimes are hard but i get up and fight.
                            I clear my head but over think all night.
.                           Standing around people trying to fit in.
                                     The way i dress is not a sin.
                            Those names you call me get to my head.
                                  But half the time i want to be dead
           Then i think of my family and friends and feel like im here for a reason.
                                                     – Codie O’Brien

Fitting In

Down in the park trying to fit in
with the crowds of kids playing with a syringe.
passing the bottle as if its a game.
Rolling a joint so they can pass the time,
they take some pills because they think they are hard
getting no education and getting arrested by the guards.



The journey of life is quite hard,
It may even leave some scarred,
The problems you have will feel smaller if you share,
But only with someone who you know will care.

when I go drinking

that’s when I start thinking,
lets light a fire
and smoke up till I’m higher,
the school that I’m in
makes me wanna sin,
jump on the big man’s head
till he looks dead,
I wanna roll up
before I get locked up,
I ain’t going back to the joy
till I get high,
ain’t being a bad boy.
Cian Mangan and Jamie fitzgerald

To be someone else

To not be shy around new people, to have the confidence to say something, anything.
To not have to go through day to day in school just to forget everything I learned there after.
To make more close friends, to feel less alone.
To have had a happier childhood past
– anon

Dark Goodbyes

8 years ago, I lost a friend,

To what people can’t cure,

Starts with ‘C’ and ends with pain,

The feelings I feel are incurable,


Everyday I wake, remembering those days,

He had my side, and I had his,

The day he told me about his sickness,

I collapse, crying and shaking,


As he watches, he says ‘don’t worry’

As he kneeled down to me, bringing me to my feet,

I say ‘how can I not worry, you’re my friend,


He smiles, as we walk out of the dark room,

He says’ let’s make my last moments on earth worth it’

3 months later, I watch my friend being lowered in to the ground,

I hold my tears, and say my goodbyes,

Cancer is not what people want.

By Aaron Forretsall

A Flick of the Tongue

You gotta watch what you say,

You gotta watch what you do,

Because you never know who could rat on you,

Everyone here is a turncoat even bigger than Judas,

A stab in the back comes simply from the flick of a tongue.


Graham Kane

Hot pots

Every day I drag myself out of bed.

Although I have friends I still feel alone.

With my group of friends they slag me and hit me “messing”

although Theydon no it hurts I laugh along.

When I get home it doesn’t make it any better.

When I fight with my family.

Too many hot pots bruise our armsL…….

       By Chloe Gray and Chloe Murphy.

If I Ever Have to Leave

If I ever have to leave the land where I was raised,

To go and fight and prosper in a land across the wave,

The only wish I have my friend,

Is that you’ll bury back home in Ireland.


Graham Kane.

These Scars

The scars on my arm show the fear in my story the story of the fat girl who would never love what she saw in the mirror.

The girl that believes that when a boy says he loves her he means it but really he has his fingers crossed behind his back.

When the sex and the drugs are done he leaves, he’s done with me I’m useless now. A scar on the universe, a memory of pain.

But now I need those scars to make me feel. To show myself that I am real. Not just nothing that no one’s sees. I’m just a work in progress that’s just me

Hannah Larkin


Today we came to do poetry,
It’s not my skill, I’m so bad.
How I’m doing this is a mystery.
But I’m nearly finished and I’m really glad.
German Blasco Arroyo

Gone again

You were there for me, until I was three

You left our family, broke our hearts.

I missed you dearly,you never thought of me.

Missed u o much, even your farts.


You came back in my life, thought we’d be okay.

You said you’d never leave, and I believed

I grew attached, a BIG mistake.

You helped me grow, you’d never know.


Once again, we were a family, then.

Another being, you “fell in love”.

You left again, a broken home.

You took my heart, no more hope


You tried and tried, without result.

To come back in my life, you fucking cunt!

But still I try, not to cry.

When you are before my eyes


Jordan Dunne

My life


Bray is my life,

Not just the parks the place,

People call it a kip,

It might be to them, but to me it is my life.


Things get rough,

Your down in the dumps,

People are rough,

Then you realise the dump is in Ballyogan,

Not Bray,Bray is my life.


Selling drugs from a place,

Trying to get money to in brace,

Getting called a junkie cause you,

Have no teeth what?,

They don’t realise they were pulled mate,

Its my life.


Everyone’s judged by the way you look,

What they don’t know is that I don’t,

Give a flying fuck,

Call me what you want…. I

Don’t care Bray is my life.


Things happen for a reason,

Good, bad and butt ugly,

But that’s my life,

Not yours, its

My life and only my life.

By Karl Mulligan

Sinking Pit


How dare you say,

I will never be good enough.

How dare you say,

I will never finish.


How will we succeed,

When we are put down,

Left on the ground

Waiting for it to swallow us.


Because of you,

We feel we are not good enough.

Because of you,

We are left with a sinking pit.


A sinking pit of dread, of worry,

That we are not good enough,

For the future prepared for us.


How dare you say,

I am no good,

Because I feel that I can’t

When I used to think I could.


Níamh Murray

Stronger bonds

From football to drugs how my old friends have changed, kicking a ball everyday had changed to rolling joints, being happy and full of energy to being drained it’s crazy how things have changed


From being so close we faded apart, only two were left back at the start, the others continued to roll their joints, while the two were left to make stronger bonds while the others continued to hit their bongs


The two grew even stronger becoming one now they’re the ones having the fun, full of energy, love and joy the others still light their bongs while the two still continue as one.

Ross Moloney


Dublin is a great place to meet people.

But when I have to say some streets aren’t.

I went to a shop the other day but as I was shopping I saw a mouse.

“Ah” well it stops me from being stuck in my house.

The mouse was very very scary.

But I also found it was also hairy.

In the end I found that it was fake.

What a relief that I found out that I don’t have to rake the leaves.


Michael Mulcair


GAA Code

Dublin has a great team in both codes of the GAA.

They really do hate their neighbouring counties in the GAA.

Every time they are up against it they always raise their game.

I always say to myself maybe one day I will be in the future.


Michael Mulcair


The final frontier , death is around the corner. Death is the name on the bullet. Death the face of the germ. Death the final destination of every single sperm .

We never know when is our last day on earth. My old friend I’ve came to talk to you again


Death is cruel, death is a disaster. Death is sad and people get into depression. Depression leads to more deaths, but my friend listen to me and enjoy life

Dagmara Tomaszewska

The tragedy of drugs!!

Bray is full of drugs,

from weed to hash,

to the terrible crack.

Such a long time in rehab,

just to relaps,

The terrible addication

tears us apart,the terrible

addication drives us apart.

When the drugs take over

your life is spent!


             by georgia browne and rebecca drinkwater.