St Mary’s Holy Faith Secondary School, Glasnevin, Dublin 11


See them sittin’ in the corner

Not saying a word

None of these days could ever warn her

Of when she gonna get heard


All these chords progressions

All in the same destination

And there'[s me trying to fit a note

Afraid that the song will lose its float

Afraid the ill sound off key

And I wont fit into your harmonies


So much is happening all around me

I just wanna break free


I just wanna be apart of it all

I just wanna be apart of it all


This story is just one big mystery

The children will be lost in our history

Everything unheard is seen as a crime

And that golden treasure everyone’s

Trying to find


Lets just make up the rules as we go

And Not follow ones that arent are own


I just wanna be apart of it all

I just wanna be apart of it all

Like a fish in  a pond

That’s made to fell so small

And I just wanna get my feet off the wall

And I just wanna be the chorus in your song


All these small regrets

Everything we love to forget


Will we get to new york city

To see those lights cause there so pretty

Will I get to see my family

Will I make it to next Saturday

Will I make make a mark on the earth

Will my bubble finally burst

Will I laugh with all my friends

Will I have them until the end

Will I get caught up in this fuss

Will I ever catch that bus

I just wanna be apart of it all

I just wanna be apart of it all


By Louise Lillis



I sit alone in the dark room. Smoke flowing from

my lips. The end of the cigarette the only

light in sight. As cold ash lands on the

floor I can feel myself letting go.

Letting go of the feeling of hate, pain, sorrows.

The high goes up, straight to my head, I feel

myself go limp, I feel myself go dead.

I hate my feelings, I hate this place.

I feel like Im trapped in this tiny space.

Im hitting the walls, trying to break free,

I don’t know who I am I don’t know who to be.

Is something wrong with me? Is this not normal?

Am I supposed to girl up and be all formal?

Im put in a dress and they say “oh how pretty”

“why don’t you wear it more often, oh whata pity.”

But im not a girl, its just not me.

No matter whats between my legs, Its who im meant to be

Don’t tell me to be girly, don’t tell me who I am.

Don’t act like you know me. I don’t give a damn.

I fling the butt off the cigarette away.

And then im off to start another, dreadful day.





Messed-Up Highs


People cant take it anymore,

Looking for attention?

How selfish.

Realise please.

Not everyone can take this


The world is a messed up


Broken lifes.

Messed up highs

Please realise

We are not all the same

Everyone is dealing with

different pain.



Troubles And Strife


There are times in my life where I no

one cares.

So many different problems I find it hard to


Am I doing things right? Will I ever

win the fight?

There are times in my life when things

get too much.

All I want to ask for is kind

loving touch.

Sometimes a breakdown can help

you quite a lot.

You get to know who really cares

You find someone with thoughts to


You remember what you love in life

and try to forget your troubles and strife.


                                               Aisling Byrne

Being Me 

I don’t want to say that being me is hard. I have a family,

I have friends, I have a roof over my head and I have some talents.

But most of the time it feels like it’s hard.

I feel like I shouldn’t moan about my life because I have so much,

and there are so many people who have a lot less than me.

This doesn’t stop me, though.

I constantly moan about my life.

I say that it’s crap, that I hate it, and that I hate myself.

All of this is true, yet when you take a look at my life,

it’s not that bad, it’s good in fact.

So what if I don’t have an aunt/uncle/cousin or two that I can talk to?

At least I have the two uncles and cousin that I do have.

So what if I don’t fit into a group in school

and constantly feel left out, wherever I go?

At least I have some friends, even if they don’t ask me to do anything.

So what if I feel crap everyday?

At least my maternal grandparents are alive and well.

I have so much in life, so why do I feel so sad?

I think most of my problems come from the fact

that I’ve been separated from my dad’s family nearly my entire life.

They were not very nice people to my dad,

and he had problems from that that he had to work through.

I have two aunts and three cousins that I haven’t seen since I was two.

I have an uncle who I’ve never met, a cousin who I’ve never met and a grandfather

who I haven’t seen since I was 8. My grandmother died when I was 10,

and I hadn’t seen her since I was 8 either. I was too scared.

For years I’d begged my dad to resolve the fight somehow so I could see them,

and yet when he did, I was too afraid. I saw them a few times, but that was it.

My nana sent me presents and a card when I didn’t see her,

saying ‘these are the things we wanted to give you if you’d have come to see us’.

I felt so guilty that day, and my dad was so angry,

saying that ‘she shouldn’t have sent you that,

trying to make you feel guilty’.

She died of cancer in 2010, and I didn’t visit her when she was in the hospice.

I didn’t even go to her funeral. I couldn’t.

I can’t deal with death. I am so afraid of it,

and have been ever since I can remember. So I didn’t go.

Last year, I walked up to my front door and there was a business card from a Garda there,

asking my dad to call him. I brought it into him and he had no idea what it was about,

but he called the Garda who said that he would drop by the house in ten minutes.

I spent those ten minutes worrying about what it could be about, and why it was so serious

that they couldn’t talk about it over the phone.

The idea that it was something to do with my dad’s family crossed my mind,

specifically my uncle. I’ve never met him, as he and my dad weren’t talking by the time I was born,

but I knew that my dad and his brother that we do talk to were near where he lived and went to see him.

I knew that he sent crazy letters to the Gardaí and that he was on drugs.

And when two Gardaí showed up to my house and went into the sitting room with my dad,

I tried to hear what they were saying, and as soon as I heard the word ‘letters’ I knew what it was about.


A day or two later, some neighbour I vaguely recognised dropped in a letter that had been put in her letterbox. My dad had been mentioned in it, so she gave it to him. You can imagine who it was from. Who put it there? My uncle doesn’t live near us. The letter had no envelope.


Why can’t they all just leave us alone?! They’ve all ruined my life enough as it is. I live in constant fear that I’ll see my granddad. He only lives down the road. I’ve grown up missing those family days, knowing and wondering what I could have had, had things been different. I never had a childhood. That’s an exaggeration, of course I did, but underneath everything was the whole thing about my dad’s family, making me anxious. I have anxiety and a constant fear of people leaving and rejection. Haven’t they done enough?

I’m just glad that my dad broke the cycle. He’s not like how his parents were to him, or how his sister probably is to her kids. He’s amazing, and I feel like me and him are the only ones who know what all of this is like. My brother and sister are younger than me and don’t know as much. I’m the one that carries the weight of my dad’s family on my shoulders, apart from my dad, obviously. Why can’t I let them go?


Hannah R M


It’s going to be okay

They tell us their on our side.
In school we learn that authority is always right
Eventhough they don’t understand
But why should they care they are in command
but they don’t care you’re a child what you say doesn’t matter
You are the latter, not as important as some
Because they feel you are dumb
Well we are all different
These children, genius in there own right
But adults couldn’t give a shite
And one day they’ll be out of sight
Not needing what they learnt in that day
But you know what it will be okay

Naoise Finnegan


They try to get likes

by taking pictures of bikes
In instagram,its all a sham

with their hashtagging and backstabbing
Its all a lie about their sad life.

By Alicia Lynch,Rachel O’Brian,Aoife Wilson

Baby Poppin

Babies poppin out every second day.

E’s are at the height of fashion.

Lives being ruined by drugs and broken rubber.

Childhood friends either hooked,pregnant or dead.

Liquor bottles in every field.

Alcoholic preteens.

Ruined lives by drugs and broken rubber.

End to childhood memories on belclare.

By Anon

Kanye West

We are the new generation.

All they care about is the education.

We sit at home dreaming of paradise.

When the luck of the draw is to roll a dice.

Travelling the world is a dream come true.

Trying to do what we want to do.

By Aoife Rigney

Sitting in the Dark

Life is hard,

Sitting in the dark.

Being a teen is such a stress.

Always judged by the way you are dressed.

In schol we are classed as A,B or C’s.

I won’t let those grades define me.

We are expected to act like adults.

But why treat us like kids?

I guess being a teenager means you can never win.

By Nadine, Shauna and Amy

My Poem

When you feel like all these people are staring at

you, looking at your flaws,remember someone

feels like you,or worse.

When you feel like have it so bad,remember

someone has it just as bad or worse.

When you realise things are getting better,

and better,someone else is realising this too.

When you notice everyone around you

seems nicer,more friendly,someone else

is realising this too.

So when you are feeling down,things are

not the best,things do get better.

But only you can make the change.

By Anon


All alone the way she feels.

Left abandoned and destroyed.

Hiding the pain and hurt inside.

She tried so reach out though no one cares.

Untill she finds relief in the knife.

Because the pain she creates is easier

than the pain she feels inside.

By Anon


I was there for them when they

weren’t there for me.

All the tears they shed I was there

to wipe them away.

I was there to pick up their

pieces,the they couldn’t

put back together.

But…when i broke,I was

alone.As i whiped away my

own tears and picked up my

own pieces…I was and am alone.

By Anon

The Joys of School

Monday morning starting the first class.

Everyone quiet as empty as a glass.

During the day getting more homework.

Messing in maths going bizark.

Teachers getting angry,mad as a hatter.

School isn’t for everyone,it doesn’t matter.

By Rachen O’Neill


Thaiboxing takes dedication and

motivation to get to a new destination.

You have to be fit, you have to

be strong when that bell goes

you have to give it your.You

have to train hard and give it

100% even if you feel drained,

Just keep going and keep you training

flowing.Just keep it steady and when

the time comes when the

bell goes and your going in for

war you will be ready.

By Michaela Kelly



Society is a messed up thing

The pressure it throws at us

To look a certain way

Act a certain way

Be a certain person

You look around to see

That society makes you

want to change the way you

want to be.

Stop looking at your surroundings

Focus on yourself

And don’t give a damn

About anyone else





They tell you

Take the leap and soar

Be beautiful, be graceful, be free

But first they strip your wings

Why aren’t you flying??

They’ll ask

Stop being disobedient, take flight!

They demand



They tell you

Chase the beat of your heart

Take a climb

Jump a rope

You must be fast

They say

You must be strong.

But first we have to take your legs

Why aren’t you running?

They’ll ask

You’re not fast enough!



Make your own wings.

Your heart will fly

Your head will run

And you will be



Dull Day Blues


When you’re out drinking with your mates

You always think its great,

You laugh, you dance

There’s no time for hate.

You wake up the next day feeling dull

Dry mouth, dizzy head in a bucket

You might regret it but you say

Feck it.

                                                                  Lynn McDermot & Chloe Dowling.



Blank Sheet


Getting better

Trying to change

Different group of friends

Scars still show

Memories stay

I want to get away


Drunken nights

Open wounds

Used for the night

To run away from blues


Times have changed

A new change

It’s the past now

No need to repeat

It’s a new blank sheet





In A Blink.


People worry too much about how others look,

When really it should be about what’s beyond the cover of the book.

Tight skirts, big shirts, she’s too young

She’s too fat.

It doesn’t matter as long as you stay true to yourself.

And that’s a fact.

Live with confidence in your gut and you wont get told to shut up.

Be who you want to be as life is a shopping spree.

Choose your paths and choose your story.

As you’re the only one who’s in control

Of your personal goals.

People worry too much about how others look,

But don’t dwell on what they think.

Just be yourself and things will look up in a blink.




Im inspired by the people that I know are my friends not from media telly magazines or my bed
There the ones who encourage me to be the person I am today to not care of what others think and to behave in the same way



Gemma Reilly


Everyday we face something different
Whether its difficult or easy,
Scary or exciting,
Whether you’re happy or uneasy.

We hear various things every single day
Whether it’s gossip or a rant
You swear you wont tell anyone and that you would keep your promise
But we all know that you cant

So here’s the thing
Don’t keep secrets you cant keep
Listen but make sure you wont spread
And tonight have goodnight sleep

By Marie Bungcayao


“Your best will always be enough, that’s all you can do” that’s all we’re hearing now

“you have no need to worry you can only do your best!” but what if my best has changed somehow?

What if my best isn’t what it used to be because of things going on inside my head because of things that have happened since the last time my “best” was necessary?

What if there are so many thoughts in my head about “my best” that my best stops being enough? Have you ever stopped to think that what you define as my best just doesn’t cut it? You see it’s tough when time comes to show off what is best and the constant comparisons among all the rest and you just don’t feel like your best is as good as everyone elses best or that your best has been better before? Will there ever come a day when we stop expecting from ourselves more, more than we know we can give to something. More than we know we can get if we keep pushing ourselves further and further and harder and harder until eventually you cant push any further or any harder and everything just stops.


Time stops. The world stops. Everything is still.


Though encouraging it may seem to tell someone they can ONLY do their best, sometimes more pressure comes from telling people their best is expected than if you tell them to do what they can do and leave the rest to fate. After all, theres only so many times your best can help you. Passing exams or saving the date. But at the end of it all, even if what you can do at that moment isn’t what other people think they know your best is or has been before, remember that if you did whatever you could do, you can do nothing more.


People need to learn that even though they mean well things aren’t always as they seem. people are seeming fine on the outside but on the inside they scream”I try to do my best but I cant always do it, because if im always at my best well then theres nothing to it that’s just it theres no improvement” and if theres no room for improvement that’s just it. Don’t be your best all the time. You don’t have to be your best all the time. Take your time to be the you that you want to be today, and if today youre not your best you, that’s perfectly okay.


Casey Harris

That’s What They Say

“Boys will be boys.” That’s what they say.

Because it’s okay for little boys to hit little girls as it just means that they like them.


“Boys don’t cry.” That’s what they say.

Because crying makes you weak and emotions are something that boys aren’t meant to show.


“Don’t be such a girl.” That’s what they say.

Because being a girl is an insult, being a girl is shameful and you shouldn’t want to be a girl.


“You can’t wear pink, pink is a girl’s colour.” That’s what they say.

Because gender is a colour and you can’t wear that colour if you want to remain the gender you were born with.


“Frigid. Prude. Virgin. Slut. Tramp. Whore.” That’s what they say.

Because being a virgin makes you a prude but not being a virgin makes you a slut and our sex lives determine who we are and how much respect we deserve.


“Be who you are.” That’s not what they say.


Because society has been conditioned and we all must think the same way.

By Sophie Lieghio


In the south of finglas born and raised
Up the dump is where we spent most of our days
Chillin out waxin relaxin, all cool
Putting our bottles up outside of the school
With a couple of bags we where up to no good
Looking for trouble in our neighbourhood
We were in one big gang and me nanny got scared,
She said ill run up to the church and ill say me few prayers.

By the girlos -CA

I am Afraid of You

I’m afraid

I’m always so afraid

And maybe it’s because I can’t touch you

And maybe it’s because I want you

But I’m afraid


I’m afraid of the day it ends

I’m afraid of the day you see me

I’m afraid of the day I’m not enough

I’m afraid of the day you leave me


My irrational fears are born from the tears

Of a child seen but no one heard

A child with scars that run so deep

That it’s hard to try and believe


And when I’m drying my eyes through a screen

And you’re asking “Tell me what’s wrong? Please.”

I want to tell you it’s all okay

But it’s not, I’m not okay


I don’t deserve the trust and love you give me

I’m not worth the wait that it will be to hold me

But you want me and you want to wait

And I hope you understand why I’m afraid.

Because I’m afraid of you.

– Maisie L

The dartboard


To be Ace is like a dartboard

Question dart thrown

‘So you don’t want his big cone?’

Some hit the heart


‘Maybe your gay?’

Dartboard fills up

Darts like that only hit hay

‘You like being hup?’


As the dartboard walks it hears

‘How can it life?’

No one sees does tears

That dartboard has a Right.


By Sarah Hammond

Being a Teenager


I hate how being a teenager means everyone has expectations

To dress a certain way,

Act a certain way,

Parents have high expectations,

They expect high grades and perfect behaviour,

They compare their kids to other kids they hear about

Other friends and peers expect certain people to hang out with certain people,

Some pressure others in smoking, drink, drugs, and sex

But why?

Don’t parents realise that their kids are trying their hardest and don’t need straight A`s to be good enough,

We don’t have to act like others to be good enough either,

People are wrong when they say you can only hang out with certain people, you can hang out with who you want,

You don’t have to smoke, drink, do drugs or have sex,

Its hard being a teenager,

No teenager is perfect.


Hannah Geraghty

Never Forever

I’m not that smart as people would think that I should be. Ever since in kinder garden I wasn’t the most bright or talkative person in the group. I was just being me, shy, quiet and secretive. My mom raised me since I didn’t really know my father so well after we left our hometown. We started a new life in Ireland and it has been pretty good so far. Met new friends that I could play and talk with. Sadly I’m not so outgoing as much as I should be since I was a kid. I mostly stayed at home and began to isolate myself. I didn’t even want to go out or talk to my family. I just wanted to be me. There’s been some memories that I do not want to remember but they always stay with me. I can never get rid of it. NEVER. It’s there forever. As much as I want to forget or my mom tells me to forget I just nod at her and say that ‘I will forget it’ but deep inside I haven’t. At least not yet. It is difficult for me to see myself forgetting those memories and I feel that sometimes when I think about it, it just gets to me and then… well it just happens. I’m sick and tired of myself thinking about shitty things and when people tell me that I’m dumb. I sometimes get offended and try to talk back, sometimes I just think of them dead and sometimes I just don’t talk at all and leave it. I have been to a phsicologist before for a few months once a week and It helped a bit but It did’nt heal me completely. I’m still haunted by memories. Rejected in love with a guy, yet I still like him. How foolish can I really be? I cry at night sometimes just thinking about it. I let the tears slid and let myself go. I feel much better after a good cry. I have friends,not to mention any names. They are my main friends. They mean the world to me. Seriously though I don’t think that I am good enough for them . I shouldn’t be even called a friend. I feel like have to leave the group since I’m just full of lies. I just hurt her today and what I said is a total lie. I feel stupid. I’m sorry. Nothing I said was true. I’m just making up some pathethic stories to make myself good. But inside it’s killing me. I’m not liking it. If only someday I can tell them I really would like to say it.


What troubles me about being a teenager

What troubles me is fitting in
Wearing the right clothes and being under pressure to be tin
But I think being yourself is not such a sin
But then I was 7 and got my own horse
Jockeying away to clear my head
And in the end not caring what anyone else said
If im into horses is that so bad
Or be like the rest of them trying to find a lad
Or wearing the right shoes or the right clothes
And in the pictures doing the same pose
Being on facebook is such a big thing getting the likes
Or wearing the same nikes
To me its not about what you wear or how much it cost
Or what phone
What I belive in is in this world your never alone

Rebecca Cray

Dry Eyes

Is this the life we live in?

Dolled up faces and judging eyes?
You walk around with your head up high,
Telling everyone lies

You say you’re fine with a smile
But is that tears in your eyes?

You sit at home and think
And ask yourself
Why can I not be me?
Why can I not be like them,
Real smiles and dry eyes

Is this really the life we live in?


I love you, but you don’t know.

You drive by in your range rover,
But you have no clue.
That I’ve been standing here for hours,
Waiting for you.

I call your name,
But you act like you don’t hear.
The guards push you forward,
“There’s no time to spare.”

They shove you in,
But i’ll stay out here too
Because I want you to know,
I’ll always be waiting for you.
No matter what you do,
I love you, but you dont know.

By Laura O’Toole and Niamh Earle.


Everyone’s swimming,
Nobody’s winning,
Trying to stay in line.

But nobody notices,
The ones that are drowning,
The ones that are doubting,
The ones that “don’t fit in.”

They turn away,
They never stay,
Trying to keep afloat.

When will they open their eyes
And realise,
That everyone’s the same?

Everyone’s drowning,
Everyone’s doubting,
Nobody ever “fits in”.

-Rachel Brunton

In school it’s hard being a teenager.

The pressure you have to try fit in, be normal, make friends, and have good grades,

studying and long homework assignments.

We’re all pressured to believe that being popular is important

but in reality it isn’t because once you leave school,

and maybe go to collage no one is going to know you

or care if you were popular in secondary school so none of it really matters

because school is only a part of your life and in the end popularity isn’t going to matter at all.

Jessica Ho

A perfect life?

They all think im fine but im not
They all think my life is perfect but its not
My friends say how lucky I am but they don’t know how I feel or really who I am
they don’t know how it feels

they all say im skinny but im in the gym everyday trying to get skinner
he tells me I pretty but I don’t believe him
he say romantic things to me like hes sitting there but hes hundreds of miles away

I was confent once but that disappeared
He would say that I was amazing he would say he loved me but he lied and he disappeared took my confents along with the 1 thing I gave him that I can never get back

I hide my feelings I hide my pain I hide it so much no one even known’s I am I lie and lie and lie till its all fine but it never I
I stiil feel fat
I still feel alone
I still feel like a slut


My ‘Great’ Life


Johnny byrnes bus half 7 in the morning

Tired and restless, the drive to school is so boring

Get into school for 8 oclock,oh no im wearing odd socks

One black one navy ah janey theres gravy on my jumper

From my dineer lastnight wouldn’t mind it taste like shite


Mondays aren’t so bad Tuesdays are the worst,ive irish first

Off for 1 to go to community action enable Ireland phisboro

The time drags by id love a bite to eat and ye the shop smells like feet

Off at 4 finally going home,but thank god I have me phone

Get off at the stop outside my house,oh my god theres a bleeding mouse


Dinner there made and ready sitting on the table

I eat like a pig,like theres no tomorrow

I love my food,sleep and sorrow until tomorrow

After dinner I go up to my room because ive nothing better to be doin

A shout roars up about cleaning the dishes,alright ma relax youll get your wishes


Five oclock I might go out,every hour my ma gives me a shout

She sees if im okay and were I am,its so annoying like go get yourself a man

16 year old being in at 10 havent heard of anything worse,this life is a curse,

Come in straight to bed because I couldn’t be dealing with the moany head

Get about 7 hours sleep,wake up and my ‘great’ life starts over again..


Eleysha Penrose Walsh

Session depression

Everyone goes drinking and goes on the sesh

But sometime things can turn to a mess

Things can end in tears and some in laughs but we all have friends who act like spas

And burn fags like tights and necking the naggin some end the night by getting a shaggin

Taking shots of vodka on the session,

Then the next day comes and then depression,

Praying for the hangover to go away,

Waiting for the sesh next Saturday


   By: Keirsha Roche, Eve Reid and Hannah Gorman



What is the meaning of pain?


Pain can have many menings,

Pain is not fun,

Pain may have many meanings,

But for me there’s just one.


My pain is the ache of the soul,

The soul that is meant to be free,

I feel like I’m trapped in an ocean of sorrow,

I can’t get it out of me.


My pain is the cause of my depression,

When I feel that I’m alone,

When I feel that my image is imperfect,

And I know that I don’t belong.


From this pain, my tears start to flow,

I drink to ease the pain,

I sooth myself in a bath of warm water,

I think that I feel better, but I know it won’t go away.


At the end of the day I think to myself,

Why am I hurting my soul?

I think of the happiness that has past in my lifetime,

And later I realise that I DO belong.


Pain can cause depression,

Pain can ache your soul,

But the only way to ease the pain,

Is to know that you belong!


By Samantha Vodo.

These People

These people, they’re full of hate

when you think it’s going good
they tell you “you’re not all that great”
the judging, the name calling
it makes me feel alone,
and even in my house,
i cant call it my home
shut away from the world,
i sit on my bed
with tears in my eyes,
from the things that they said
they say it gets better,
but how can this be?
i have no confidence,
it was taken from me

Its hard being a teenager,

we get judged on everything we do. We are
expected to do our best in school and outside of school. We get peer
pressured into everything and expected to do it because it’s ‘right’
and the popular thing to do. Sometimes it all gets too much and we
explode with stress and worry.