Gorey Community College, Wexford

System Society

Quite f**ked up where we are right now

The funniest thing is that we feed irony

We feed this irrelevant bullshite, we are told what to do, what to  do.


I’ve been writing a saga of stories, quite similar to my dilemmas and theories,

Only it’s an exaggerated science fiction,

Honestly that’s the world I’d absolutely love to live in,

Because imagination never exceeds exaggeration,

And there’s nothing I hate more,

Than being told what to be,

What I am or what I do,

What I’m described as negatively,

But it annoys me more to see others hurt,

Because of what they are or what they be,

What they want or what they need

To have

Sometimes it’s compassion,

This world has little decency,

And what’s decent is shallow,

Our imaginations and beliefs,

Our orientations and whatever

Who the hell cares

We’re too PC

Politically Correct,

Our imaginations, screwed by society,

Filtered so that there’s little to the brain

How do they expect us to remain sane

We’ve had people in our past,

Innovate our future,

Looks like we’re done,

Lazy innovation is not innovation at all,

If you get what I mean

The rich inspire the poorer because their wealth is ideal to their bullshit thoughts

Well I’m sorry. Because people are out there, genuinely suffering, genuinely being put down for who the hell, who THEY can be.

YOU are innovation, inspiration, creation, the penetration, concentration, focal placement in life,

And if YOU can’t be what you want, then YOU aren’t trying

You do realize how ironic it is, that we become so oblivious yet so bloody protective

To what people believe in,

It’s seriously deceiving,

How we are just not good enough, according to others,

In the same way we’re sisters and brothers,

All human. All one.

I do believe that what we perceive in this systematic society is so, so wrong.

We love according to a pyramid, from rich to poor,

We live authorized to love others but hurt minorities or people because they’re one thing;


Such a cliché, but how many times does it have to be pounded into our heads, that we’re the decency of life, because as far as we know we only have one life,

Just examine society and you’ll see what I mean,

We live too sheltered yet live too obscene,

So shit, this world we live in,

Behind the blips of positivity there’s a constant negative vibe,

This is why life is what you make of it,

I know it’s been said so, so many times before but ignore what they say,

Their reaction is irrelevant to what they’re not used to


They’re not used to something unique, something different,

Life is a constant battle of pushing the – away from the +

To neutralize then create a positive vibe,

It doesn’t matter who you are,

You have your choices,

You don’t need this media OR education,

You need your imagination, your uniqueness, and your inspiration for innovation in society,

Because obviously society is wrecked,

But staying true to you and respect is half the revolution.

Jack EB


I really miss your stories about your life.

You  had a bad childhood without your mother.

But you met your wife, my grandmother, you were very lucky.

You always told me that life is hard,

but when all is going bad, you find one day that all these things change.

I really miss you a lot ,

And I don’t want to believe that you aren’t here with me.

Rest in peace.

Judit Martinez


Be opened minded while I say what I gotta say,
This is my life story and how I feel every day,
Taken from my family when I was just a child,
Going from family to family I felt I was going outta my mind,

Now with the same family since the young age of 3
You’d think I’d find myself and finally feel like me,
But as much as I love my family, I still don’t feel I belong,
With the feeling being indescribable, I can’t talk to anyone

I feel so different, I feel so alone,
Even though I have a loving family and a place to call home,
I’m still like my real family,
Not sure how this is so,
I feel so confused,
I feel like a lost soul

I want to travel, I want to feel free and find me,
But everything holding me back, fuck you society,
Going to school, not understanding a thing,
Trying to blend in trying to be that cool thing

Living up to peoples standards,
I could rant about that but I want to watch my manners,
You must get 600 points they say
Sit down and study half your life away

I need to escape, no I cannot wait,
For an exam to tell me that I ain’t great,
Sometimes I need out.

Saffron Myler

It was only a joke

It was only a joke like, I didn’t mean any harm

Its not my fault that he lives on a farm.


It was only a joke like, I never meant to be mean

Its not my fault he’s an unsociable teen.


It was only a joke like, I didn’t mean for her to cry

Its not my fault her face looks like a fry.


It was only a joke like, no need to intrude

Its not my fault she looks like what I spewed.


Does it matter?

Why do we separate,Boys and girls so much?
We are like different species,
We almost lose touch!
The school tells us we’re equal,
Yet girls must wear skirts,
Gender does not effect jobs,
Yet we’ll laugh at a male nurse.
Even English itself,
Separates us all,
Whether he or she, or him or her,
A gender we must be called.
Girls have long hair,
And always wear make-up.
Boys like sports and games,
But why does it matter which way we grow up?!

-Amanda Fitzpatrick

My little dog

You were a little dog

when I found you in that bog

alone scared

no one even cared

nothing in the bowl

you couldnt even howl

so I gave you my towel

and you let a little growl

I brought you home

when you thought you were alone

give a dog a bone?

he took my ice cream cone

now your not alone

and oh how you have grown

now your very healthy

but I’m not very wealthy

that doesnt matter

your as mad as a hatter

now I’ve got you

I’m very happy too.



Hair hair everywhere,

On humans ,dogs and even bears


I’m drowning in my hair

Covered from head to toe

Growing from the roots

And ending at my boots


Having to shave your pits

Makes life bleedin’ sh*t

Hate when I have to shave my legs

Because I have to stand on kegs


It hurts to pluck the brows

And the tears start spilling ouuuuuh


Whenever I give my dog a pet

I have to bring her to the vet

Because her fur is wet

And it makes me very upset L


Hair hair everywhere

On humans,dogs and even bears.

                                                                                                              Lanie Simpson and Alia O’Gorman x

Ticking Clock

You left me behind when I needed you
You blame me for your mistakes
I helped you through the hard times but where were you

Forgotten and in the past are the memories
You are insecure, unsure and afraid
I accept you and love you

Why do you treat me like another one of your bitch’s
A day job that doesn’t pay well
An annoyance that kind of befriended you

Why don’t you embrace me?
Love me for who I am
Because I can’t pretend forever
Time is running out

But the clock is ticking slowly
Goodbyes won’t be hard for me
I have learned to let go

In the past I’ve been forgotten
But never have I been this hurt
You’ve thrown away your life and friends
For what you believe is love

Never have I cared so much about a person’s life
But yours is scrunched up in a ball
And is sure to wither and die

Soon the shock will hit you
The day has finally come
You’ve lost yet another friend


Teenage Life

Come and take a look behind the curtain..
Peer under the surface to see things that are dark for certain
Beneath the coat of smiles and jokes
Is a dark abyss with the humanity being choked…

Michael Byrne


I stayed up all night

I knew it was the end

I said my goodbyes

But I wasn’t prepared


Woke up in the morning

I saw my mum

She said nothing

But I knew it was done


Two days later,

All suited up

I headed to the church

It was all too abrupt


As I carried the coffin

Down the hall

I felt so weak

I tried not to fall


Everyone in tears

All eyes on me

I could hear him say

Be strong for me


All I want,

Mr. blue sky

When I hear those songs

I can’t help but cry


6 months down the line

It’s so different now

But I know my hero

Is still looking down.


What’s Happening

Growing up happy,
Until my life turned crappy,
At the tender age of eight,
I noticed a change,
Between my parents,
My dad moved out,
I seen him at weekends,
I was angry and confused what’s happeing i asked,
I was dismissed every time,
Constantly told I wouldn’t understand,
This made me mad,
My mam was always sad,
When I was nine,
I remember that Christmas,
It felt very odd,
A few weeks later,
One night,
My mam was down more than usual,
I woke up in the middle of the  night,
She was gone,
I ran to the window and looked out till the sun came up,
Then a ran into my brothers and told them,
Mam was gone,
The next time I seen her was in a coffin,
I was told she’s gone to be an angel,
I didn’t understand I was small,
But as I’ve grown up,
Everything makes sense,
It was depression,
I’m angry so many unanswered questions.


I still remember


My love I still remember

Only memories remain 

That one day in December

My blue eyes crying in the rain.


My love I gave him laughter

My love I gave him my tears

But my love, you only gave me silence 

Throughout all the years.


My love now you are gone

Hear my crying, you were the one.

That winter night had fallen fast 

My love I still remember, the day that you had passed.


Roisin Byrne   &  Adrianna Truchan

In a world where no one cares,

Sometimes having hope is all you need,

Cause when you feel like no one is there you often think , what’s the point?

Like I said it’s a crazy world filled with crazy people.


Having said all this sometimes,

Being crazy isn’t all that bad,

And being alone isn’t either,

But just sometimes everybody needs someone to love

It really is a crazy world filled with crazy people.

By,Niamh Doran and Ellen O’Connor.

The Long Needed Rant

In a world where life looks upside down

And the sand of the beach can turn you around

I stand centre and find my place

But no matter how hard I look it always fails


Life seems like a roller coaster

But no matter how long you go it doesn’t change a thing

You could go all day and night but nothing really matters


School can be an upbeat only if I try

But once you see yourself the rest of you just dies

Life is just a metaphor for choosing the right decisions


Behind all the pretty masks

People are really hiding

But to remove them you need to know them


People are like puzzles

There’s only one answer

If you find it tell me

It’s like life’s answer


But this is that world and boy is it confusing

To find your way up and down

Boy It’s not easy cruising


Pale Skin Gleaming


Do you ever just stop and stand there for a moment or two,

Appreciate your surroundings, and take in the view,

Enjoying nature’s purity as if it were a gift given to you,

And feel a strong energy circulating around you.


You  wander helplessly down the same forest trail,

Until your legs become weak and your skin pale.

You think you go left but you end up going right,

Where you spot a tree house gleaming with heavenly light,

With windows so dainty and walls so bright,

You hear an ominous whisper beckoning you from inside,

‘Come in, Come in, you’ll be alright!’

But when you open the door you get a fright.


Submerged in darkness,

And the harsh sound of the door slamming shut,

You become more awake when the cold air reaches your foot.

You can’t see anything but a dark shadow in the distance,

Then you begin to question ghosts existence.

Stop thinking and get me out of here!

My hand scrambles for the door handle which should be near,

I fail and believe that spontaneity will be the death of me.

I soon see a beam of light in front of me,

I hear a gentle female voice coming from the tree.

‘ It’s okay darling the shadow has gone away, go home now

And enjoy the rest of your day’

I am proud to say that Mother Nature saved the day.

                                                                                                                                                            Katie Murphy


Friends are always there for you
At a party or on the loo
We look out for one another
Like a family sisters and brothers
Never alone and never apart
Always together like a sh*t and a fart
Even when drunk or sober
The friendship will never be over.


Sophie Noblett & Matthew Coyne

Things That P*@s Me Off!


When people say they’re your best friend and then you get ditched,

And that friend turns out to be a bitch.

When that guy tells you he loves you,

But then you turn around and he loves her too.

When you’re losing a match because the ref is unfair,

And you look around but no one seems to care.

When my daddy has no time for me,

Just because he has a new family tree.

There are many things that piss me off, but if I keep going I’ll never stop!


Natasja Behan

Teenage struggles

We grow up in a society where we are told what is right and what is wrong we don’t get to choose because they think we are too immature how can we shape our future when we don’t get a say .we grow up get a job have kids get married do the same thing everyday its not living its surviving the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.parents think us teenagers have it so easy but yet they don’t understand its not like how it was when they were our age.your pressured into fitting in you don’t decide wheater your a cool kid or not your picked we don’t have choice.its a struggle between learning for test and trying to fit in kids that try to keep there head down are known as loosers just because they don’t smoke, get drunk or act like an idiots doesn’t mean they shouldn’t fit in it means they are intelligent and not throwing their life away. We need to worry about how we look how were going to live our lives in the years to come which will be ruled by what we get in an exam that we sit this exam shouldn’t have the power to rule your life. Parents and teachers need to know that we know what there going trough were not children we live mature lives we have money problems we have stress issues and some of us suffer from depression its not easy to grow up in a society thats a shambles so next time parents teachers before you decide to have a go at us remember we have problems too.

Dillon Dixon

School Education


The school education has me wondering,

Am I good enough for the outside world?

Maybe my results aren’t enough

But why should that affect my future?


I go to school five days a week,

And six hours a day.

Teachers expect me to spend another two hours,

Doing even more work while I could be me for the day.


Is this fair? No!

Why is the education this way?

Teachers need to learn

We need time to ourselves,

To think and to feel,

And to be who we truly are.


How are we meant to cope?

How are we meant to deal?

We have no time for ourselves!

We have no time be real.


Yes we might get mid-term breaks

And yes we might get summer holidays.

But what good is that

When we can’t even breathe for these five days?


If that’s not enough,

They expect us to study,

For those two stupid exams!

They’re the ones that ‘affect’ your future,

They’re the ones that ‘affect’ your life.

Erin Marum

School m8


My alarm clock rings to wake me

Another freezing cold morning

All I need is this stupid degree

But to get it I need to go to school which is so boring


I’d rather be in hell than first class

The teachers voice is like a wrecking ball hitting my head

The class room is just so cold

All I want to do is go back to my warm bed


Lunchtime comes around

Detention once again for forgetting nothing

In here it’s like a ghost town

It’s just so fucking boring


The final bell of the day rings

The rush to get to your locker first is unholy

The school is just full of stupid people and things

Thank God I can finally just go home


Another day finished in the kip

Another day closer to never having to go back to this hell

Jack Whitty

The Worst Things in Life


When my sisters acting like a blister,

Annoying me all day and night,

Something about that girl just isn’t right!

When the house is out of food,

It puts me in a crap mood.

When the Wi-Fi is bad,

It makes me very mad.

All I want to do is check my snapchat,

But with the shit Wi-Fi, I can’t even do that!


                                                                                                      M.S & N.B

That Feeling Inside

These last three years haven’t been too good
It’s been because of this depression it’s like a hood.
It hangs over your head during the day and night
And makes you feel all dead inside
It’s caused me to do unspeakable things such as cutting
My wrists and swallowing things.
Psychologists and counsellors all tell me the same thing
‘It’s going to get better’ but I believe nothing.
You see it’s been so bad I don’t think it can better
I’m always feeling under the weather, the last time I felt kind of good was… well I can’t remember
I hate myself and this is the thing not many people
Want to know me and I couldn’t blame them.
There’s a lot of people just like me who are feeling this
Way, extremely poorly. The only way that we can fight
It is by talking to someone and as far as I’m concerned
This needs to be done

Daniel Flanagan

Doesn’t Care.

She looked in the mirror ,

And started to cry,

But no one knew the reason why.


She smiled all day,

And played along,

And no one could tell there was something wrong.


She put her makeup on,

And tied up her hair,

All for the boy who will not care.


He gets up,

And goes to school,

Everyone thinks he’s really cool.


Every girl is under his spell except the girl to which he fell,

The girl who hides behind her hair,

Who he believes doesn’t care.



Tobacco Stains

The back of the school it’s the place to be

Roll yourself a rollie, let us see


Giz a lighter, spark her up

Take a puff, its good stuff


Ignore the plead to stop

Who will be the first to cop,

That smoking is a killer

How can people find it such a thriller?


Endless cancers you are being exposed to

Before you know it, you will be decomposed too


May I ask you a question, with no aggression?


Why do you smoke? It is no longer a joke.

                                                                                                                           Megan Campbell.



As i sit in this class

I look around for inspiration

All i can see is desperation


I read some past poems 

The themes are the same 

Just boys and girls expressing their pain


I read them all through,

And wonder what went wrong 

When did society stop getting along


Way back when, before we were born

Were people happy?

Or were they all torn?


People are asked to express what’s on their mind

But it’s never anything happy i have come to find


Mental sickness is becoming the norm

It has taken the minds of the country by storm


There are so many things to be grateful  for,

So look them in the eye and try not to ignore


In order to be happy, 

We must first wear a smile 

Doesnt have to be forever 

Just try it for a while.


Lauren Dench

Be The Monster

Things have gotten better because I refuse to care,
There’s no more sad feelings cause there’s no emotion there,
I’ve decided to just give up on things cause they gave up on me,
There’s not even a fake smile on my face not a single tear to see,
I could open up to people but what is the point,
I suck in all my feelings and blow them out with every joint,
Telling people how you feel just gets you hurt,
If I no longer care then I no longer need to cut,
If I refuse to let my emotions win and keep all my feelings in,
I can become the monster people tried so hard for me to be,
And when people ask why did I change? I can say because the world finally broke me.
                                                                                          Sarah Hayden


As I sit on my chair

I feel my heart begin to tear

Wishing to be born 7 years prior

That is all I require


I hear stories about you

Everything you went through

No one deserves that horrible life

Even if you were his wife


You had a huge heart

Trying to give your children a good start

For you it was never easy

But you made it look oh so breezy


I know you are looking down on us

It will always be a huge plus

I hope to do you proud

That’s why I’m saying this out loud

-Andrea Redmond

I am spanish in Ireland

Learning english on this island

No family just friends

Will this year ever end?

I can’t explain why

I don’t want to cry

Because I’m so shy

The rain drops like teardrops

How will I ever cheer up


Paco Marti

Under Creep 

So, I met this man years ago, 

He said you can be anything you want, I know. 

And I was getting over paranoid,

And all my friends were fairly annoyed. 

I’m sitting here now, 

They’re all admiring my good luck,

But they don’t know I’m actually stuck.

And no one seems to care on what am I doing,

And I just hope I will get through it. 

A smart teenage girl from the coast

Was taken down to something everyone hates the most.  
– Martyna Radomska


I walked through the door, dumped my coat on the floor.
Sat on me bead and rattled my head,
I take out my laptop and stare at the desktop.
I go on the internet and research my interests.
Computers, phones, cameras and all i wish there was posters stuck to my wall.
A cold dark stale smelling room feels like I’m in the temple of doom.
A pile of rubbish on the desk radiator is cold the architect didn’t really break the mould.
But when the light goes on the room comes alive computers and books but it is still a dive
but this is my place my humble abode my mam says it’s a pig sty
but i call it home.

   Faelan redmond

Fillet Express

As the bell rings and bags are lifted

There is rush of legs out the school.

Hunger consumes everyone as we evacuate the building for lunch.

The beauty of the chicken roll is marvellous.

The crispy crunch

The fresh mayonnaise

Always a good munch

It made my day.

I eat my wedges happily and down my coke.

I thank the girls behind the deli

For filling my belly.

So my lunch comes to an end and I am happy.

I arrive back to school

After another ride of

The Fillet Express.

Adam Byrne


“I want to be happy” was the wish I always had

But I ended up very very sad

My life fell apart

I lost hope along the way

Why bother try? Is what I would say

When I got sick it gave me time to think

And what I learned is that I need to stay strong

And a journey to recovery is going to be long

Cut yourself from the pressure to be perfect

Set yourself free

And you’ll be the happiest you can be

-Rebecca Gleeson

The sport of bailie combined with chess

You walk in alone, beside your team

While every one else is out on a Friday night you’re in the gym.preparing.

It’s the game where self-drive and dedication is king.

The game that looks so brutal and brute.  But yet is an unseen art from
that requires a fast thinking creative brain of a genius.

A game where you could have it all.and everything to lose..but once you set
inside you’ve nothing and repetitions mean nothing!

A war where two battles are been fought. One in the mind and one in the

The dressing room..the only noise you hear is the silence of a funeral.
You’ll feel the nervous sweats. And The sweet feeling of gearing up for war!

You’re left with bloody noses!  Arms covered in rope burns.  Bruised
knuckles.  Feet that have done a marathon.  And a body the aches all over.
It is a true test of the human body.

You’re probably asking why do I take part in such a cruel sport of boxing?
It’s thrill of fighting.
The thrill hitting and not getting hit!
The thrill of becoming the victor.

But yet the person you are trying to kill.
You give the world of respect too!

Sean Dempsey

One Big Game

Why must we go to school,

Abide by the rules,

Have our path decided,

Always be guided

Why can’t we do what we want,

Make our own way,

Not have to be led.

Just hop on a bus, without all the fuss,

Live life the way we choose,

It’s up to us whether we win or lose.

Everyone wants something different,

Nobody’s the same,

Yet we’re all just competition in this one big game.

Anna Doyle

Different Lives

Earphones in, music on
all I can hear is my favourite song
And the wandering thoughts inside my head
As I contemplate the days before and days ahead

As i turn up the collar on my favourite winter coat
i see a family sleeping on the street like a harbour without a boat
No father, just a mother trying to keep her children warm
and help them forget the terrors of the war

Missing limbs and infected wounds
are the tragic signs of what they have been through
people walk by and pretend they’re not there
due to their huge lack of affection and care

Tonight, when many hope for snow, she wishes for a better life
and hopes that Santa delivers these wishes tonight
Jack O’Sullivan and Des Dowling

Look of regret,

I sit on our rock,

On the top left corner,

Of the also quiet park,

On the white bench,

Staring in anticipation,


Just like I did when you came back from you’re holiday,

We sat at our rock,

On the top left,

Of the also quiet park,

On the white bench,

But staring at you in anticipation,

You gave me a look of sympathy,

And small smile of regret,

You opened you’re mouth,

With a small sigh the words came out,

“I’m sorry,it’s over”,


I thought you did it cause you had forgotten about me but,

As I walk up to the bench,

I saw you in tears,

With that look of regret,

Just like that day,

I thought you forgot me,

                     Caoimhe Connolly.

The Boys In High Vis.

A garda around the corner watching violent hands,

if either of them saw him he’d probably shit his pants.

Step out of the car, walk the line, say the alphabet, 

Good now say it backwards, I’m not done with you yet.

But garda I said I don’t drink, I haven’t in over a month.

He said I don’t care now get in me car I have to have me fun.

But in actual fact the boys in high vis. couldn’t catch a cold,

None of them are qualified they’re dum or fat or old.

So next time you see me and you’re thinking of being a knob, 

Just shut your face and turn around and do your bloody job.

Sean Walsh

Who’s Okay

In a world where no one asks if you’re okay,

And you feel as if no one cares,

You begin to wonder, 

Do they care at all,

 When you’ve been through thick and thin,

But are still haunted by memories,

 How do you let them know? 

When they don’t really know at all, you begin to wonder what would happen, what would they say?

If they knew the truth about me and what I feel inside.

You’re  haunted by memories good and bad,

 but no one sees it, no one understands.

The reason behind the facade, is you’re  broken,

Scared of hurt,  been hurt not once not twice but multiple times before.

You put on a brave face and enter a world full of judgement,

 Not knowing what will happen or what to do,

In this age there is so much pressure to look the best, 

But people forget the features that hide beneath

Some are shy, some are out-there and others are not. 

The pressure needs to stop, so does the hurt .

People need to realise not everyone is okay…




She sat starring out the window, as life passed by wondering “what went wrong?”,

She cried through the night but by day still remained “strong”, 

She put on her make up and her brave face but could not hid the hurt in her eyes, 

As the ghosts of her past ate her alive. 

Her dreams were tainted by the cruelty of others,

But who could she talk to? Sisters? Brothers?

She had no one but herself, 

her mind filled with only pain, 

as she felt the same feeling again and again.


-Shereen Ka

Sausage Rolls


In the canteen at morning break,

Grab a sausage roll,it’s no steak, In to class and the teachers a pain,

Off home now on the playstation I find a glitch. Listening to music and in the bed,

I bumped the board and hurt my head.

Ma shouts up,”dinners ready ye fool”,

I run downstairs and I start to drool.

After dinner I always clean up, I’m slacking off,mam goes mad,”STOP!”


Mick Molloy


Roses are red .

Violets are blue.

This poem is poo.


My brain dead as result of school.

Ideas been shot down by teachers who are always right.  Never wrong.


PQE? F*@k off.  Who the f*%k do you think you are telling me that my answer won’t  get full marks if I don’t  follow this answer formula .

Who writes this shit? Robots?

Answers to questions should be marked on individual response creativeness ect.

We are not robots so let’s stop thinking like them.


The kid who failed at school




Don’t believe

Don’t believe what you know

They sit and they wonder

‘What did we do wrong?’

Why are they burdened?

Their days are so prolonged.

It came unannounced

A tide of unwanted hurt

Left broken,


On the ground.

A piece of dirt.

When they look around

They see people walk by.

They seem to live life,

They don’t even have to try.

So why are they left standing,

Hid not just by choice,

But by the power of emotions,

Brought by a passive voice.

But yet they come out,

Smiles tattooed on their face,

Merging into the crowd

They are lucky they’re their

In the first place.

Because without anyone knowing,

Last night that boy there,

He bled from his wrist,

His neck,

His eyes,

While his brother was put into care.

And the girl in the purple jacket,

She’s ready to start crying,

Why does she feel hopeless,

What’s the hidden problem underlying?

Society though has put a label

Onto problems that are mental

That with people with other problems,

It happens,

Not coincidental.

But the truth is more bared

You don’t have to be a suspect,

For depression and anxiety

To take its effect.

So before you misjudge,

Or believe what you don’t know,

Help can be given,

All you have to do is show.

                        Mollie Doyle



The day i started

I punish myself for some silly mistake

This has prevented me to so many opportunities

The feeling of anxiety is a thought  but also real

I have tried to cop on but i have tried to express my opinion many times

But the build up of confidence has been kicked down from self doubt

It is having a bully being yourself

And it is on the urge of depression



But has all changed after learning to joke about yourself

But i have learned in my life that i can live making people happy

People laugh at me to notice there better  than me

Which i believe i am happy  to see people happy

Which is important to me.





You hear people say things, you do your best to pretend that you didn’t hear or that you don’t care but deep down you do, you really do care. You wish, you hope they stop and leave you alone but when you realise they won’t you start to consider things you were told never to consider you think about telling someone but you just can’t. You say to yourself I just have to deal with it but trust me you don’t




Walking into school smiling, it’s hard, it’s hard

Being the quiet one is hard, its hard

Being left amongst yourself, it’s hard, It’s hard

Being talked over, it’s hard , its hard

Getting backs turned to you its hard, its hard

Walking into school smiling, its easy, its easy

by Marina Mordaunt


Going through this school

You have to be one of those that are cool

That no one else is let in

Trying so hard to be something that could of been.

Everyday you have to look over your shoulder 

If someone is going to knock with a boulder. 

This school would not be the highest trush,

Not the liar’s truth,

But the biased truth.


By Glen Carton.

This Feeling

I have this feeling,

Where i feel nothing,

And it just sticks around,

And refuses to go,

I want to tear my skin,

To see if it might help,

But i can’t,
They’d find out,

I want to be hurt,

No one seems to notice,

Because ive a giddy personality,

No one else can see,

That i wanna die inside,

I spend my time in my room,

Because i don’t have the energy to move,

I want to but i don’t,

I want to be ok,

I want to end it all,

maybe then i’d be fine.
                                          C o’D

Fatal Instincts

Smiling is a habbit not a choice

Some people don’t seem to have a voice

They talk so loud but there seems to be no-one around.

They scream and shout just calling out the word help.

Soon no help they crave death and with one last breath .

There helped the sun rises from the lingering sleep of death .

They catch their breath no longer a scream for help.

Friends and family begin to ignite the flame that once was there.

With cheer and guidance the people begin to reappear.


 Leanne Kavanagh.


If there’s one thing i hate its school .

You sit in a room being told what to do

and what to learn the man in the suit tells you to express yourself but tells you,

you can’t have your hair a certain length or you can’t wear specific clothes

or wear certain accessories some people can only express through certain things like that.

At the end of the day we are treated as “equals” but we all know

that’s not true we are force fed these bullshit rules and told what to do,

told to  be role models to the younger students

we are treated as if we are incompetent and can’t do anything for ourselves

we are forced to learn things that don’t interest us and told

if we don’t study enough we won’t go anywhere in life

but what if you wanted to achieve something that no one else

had done before  don’t let a piece of paper tell you otherwise it doesn’t make you wise.

                                                                                                                                         Oisin Keegan

One Morning


I woke up one morning just like any other,

to find out everything would change from that day to every other,

no one seen me cry,

no one asked or wondered why,

No one noticed the way I was,

No one cared even though I was so scared,

I had no one to turn to or talk to,

I felt alone,

I felt silly for even thinking that it was anyone else’s fault,

Someone then finally asked me how I was,

I broke, I poured out the words of what was wrong,

I suffered in silence only to never be heard,

Till one day when it all changed the suffering was less but still felt the same,

This time I said something I spoke up,

I needed it,

I wanted it to change

From that day on ill never feel the same.

      By Alexiss Simpson.


Our bodies, our clothes, 
The jokes we tell, the food we eat;
Pink, blue, purple;
Petite, muscular, lanky, old, young.
Juice boxes, vodka, red wine, cheap beer, moonshine;
What we do during the day, and at night,
In public, and behind several locked doors.
Why do all our characteristics,
Loves, hates, abilities –
Parts of us as people –
Have to fit into select categories:
Of childish things,
Of boy things,
Of girl things,
Of rich, poor, common, proper, wild.
When we deviate too much from these categories
Which we move through from the moment we are born,
Are we shut down,
Why are we packaged
And labelled
And delivered to our destinies like factory-made objects,
To the point where we often feel that
Who we are is wrong,
Just because we aren’t the right shape for the box?
When even children who have barely learned to talk
Use their brand new words
To confirm everyone’s position in these categories,
Because it’s all they’ve ever known;
Because it’s perfectly normal for a three-year-old to ask
If green is a boy colour
Or a girl colour,
Looking at my shoes with a confused little face,
Or ask if the t-shirt you bought them
Or their favourite TV show
Is for ‘big kids’,
Fully prepared to sacrifice it if it isn’t.
Why are people pushed so far
Into tunnels of expectation,
But told that they’re wrong
When they inevitably want to change a part of them to fit
Because of this,
That someone out there finds them beautiful
The way they are,
That their god makes no mistakes,
But if God makes no mistakes,
Then why does everyone see this person
As something they’re not,
Just because what they’re like
On the outside
Fits in a box
With a label that doesn’t describe
What’s on the inside.
It’s our own ancestors
Who made these boxes,
And it’s the powerful one percent
Who refuses to change them,
Because they’re the one percent who still fit into them.
And it’s us,
Me writing this,
You reading it,
Everyone hiding their true self
Inside a perfect cube exterior
Of fear
And self-preservation,
Who need to pull apart the boxes
And let our selves take whatever form they like.
Braden Cosgrave


He sits on the corner and asks for change but everyone ignores him. He sits on the corner and asks for change but the rain keeps on pouring. His cup fills up with change, but his thirst is not quenched. The rain is pouring hard, and now his clothes are drenched.

No one understands his desires. The change he’s getting can make him high, but won’t take him higher. The change he wants must come from the top. He feels like he’s about to pop if this does not stop . In the houses of parliment, all the politicians do is start arguments. 

The system is broken, it’s unfair to the needy. People are too greedy, only care about their mercedes. 30 years on the streets, he’s sick of this sheet. All these rejected job applications, what ever happened to this once great nation?

He just wants change, so he can have a better life, but all he’s getting is short-change, injustice is rife. 
Eoin Boers



Always remember to forget
the things that made you sad
but never forget to remember
the things that made you glad.

Always remember to forget
the friends that proved untrue
but never forget to remember
those that have stuck by you.

Always remember to forget
the troubles that have passed away
but never forget to remember
the blessings that come each day

lorcan O’Donovan

“My School, my life,my problem”

My problem started when I came to school, my mom always said don’t worry about it son.
She used to give me a kiss on the cheek and said don’t blame the drugs, have another puff.
My dad was never there when it was happening, he preferred to drink cause it was has best way to get out of his life problem.

My mom said I could’ve do anything what I want, so I didn’t go to school and did everything wrong.

Then because  I did that I got expelled, and I never got a job so I had to go on the doll.

I was so miserable that I got expelled and went onto the doll, I started doing drugs which was the worst.

I didn’t want to live anymore, but I thought myself how to be strong.

So I got out of it and went to a new collage, where I got a good degree to which I never believed I would have achieved.

So that’s my advise to you stay strong and be good in school, cause drugs and alcohol is not a gate to a new and fun life that’s the truth.


Teachers at school

Expect us to be on time for class do our work and never make any mistakes. But not all students are like this. Some people learn in different ways and teachers should recognise this.

The ways that teachers teach are old and outdated. We should be allowed to use computers more and use books and pens less. Students should be learning about things they are interested in. Why should we learn about dead poets and writers when we could be learning about things that are relevant to young people.

But most importantly students should be learning about things they will use in life. If you plan to work in a bank or as a lawyer why should you learn in school about geometry and algebra.

Cian Dwyer

Age 16 what to expect?


Good expectations? not so much

Expected to fail, expected to drink

Expected to have depression

Nowadays you simply can’t get away from it

The concept of simply dealing with things yourself

It’s nonexistent

People expect you to fail

We’re constantly bombarded with the same advice

Talk to someone, you need to talk about your feelings

Everyone deals with things differently they say

Different things help different people they say

Then why must we all talk about our feelings?

Expecting every single student to have a problem

It just makes you over think

There are of course people out there but there are others too

Stop forcing us to talk about our feelings if there’s nothing wrong

Private thoughts should be allowed to be private

You’ve replaced not being able to talk with an obligation to

Leave my feelings alone before you change them from happy

Asiling Cullen

When I was younger

I was always so happy,because everything was just as it was.I never questioned anything,i never had to think why i was happy,I just was.
I had a loving family,i had plenty of friends,plenty of people to talk to.I loved climbing trees and drawing.My mother told me from the moment i would come home from school i would never stop talking,telling her everything that happened in my day,not leaving out a single detail.
Everything in the world was so magical and colourful,a kaleidoskope of things i didnt understand but still fascinated me.Happiness was always what life simmered down to for me.
When i was very young i loved all my teachers,i would even hug some of them before i left to walk home.Even the ones that everyone else said they hated with a passion.Kids would come in kicking and screaming,begging not to have to endure another day.Even though I often felt the same,I was gentle,kicking and screaming was not something I was familiar with.I always had love for everyone.
My parents had been divorced as long as I could remember,but i would always see myself as lucky,because I had never known anything else.I felt for the kids whod had ‘perfect’ families for most of their life,and suddenly things turned sour.I wasnt around when things were sour,I was born in the resoloution of it all,i had a mam who loved me and always put me before herself,and a dad who was my hero,that i got to see every weekend.
As I got older nothing changed,everything was still the same as it was.But somehow I wasnt as happy as i used to be.There really didnt seem to be a huge reason for it,and that confused me.Small things tended to snowball,the reasons drifted away,but the feelings remained.I kept reassuring myself like ‘Im okay,Im okay’ Im a teenager and these are the things that everyone goes through.I kept repressing everything.I wanted everyone around me to be happy,and so i did my best for everyone as Id always done.’be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody’ was something i liked to live by.And so when people came to me with their problems,I helped them through,i would sit with them and talk as long as it took for them to feel ok.
But I never told anyone my own problems,i didnt think they needed to hear it.I didnt want to effect anyone elses happiness with my own problems.Because they were my own problems,my own responsibility.I didnt want to be this negative person to be around.I always just made an effort to put a positive spin on every situation.
‘But what if everything isnt okay?’ Stop thinking that,I told myself.Thats negative.
Always smiling. ‘How are you so happy all the time?’ Truth was i wasnt always happy but i gave them my advice anyway.
What i didnt realise was that in my effort to make everyone else happy by not sharing my problems,i was pushing them away.I wasnt communicating properly.It got harder and harder to talk to people because i wasnt saying the things i needed to.This front I had was getting too heavy for my shoulders.I realised that what is most important is being emotionally authentic,and that is also what is valued most by other people.
The only way to be trully happy is to be as human as possible.Listen to people,and let them listen to you.Dont beat yourself up for feeling a little off,dont dwell on the small things,dont deny whats going on behind your eyelids because it will leave you most confused.Tell people your secrets,dont be afraid to laugh at yourslelf,dont be afraid your opinion will offend someone,because without your opinion you arent you.Hold hands with people,dont be afraid of human touch,its healing.Adventure and see new things,things that youve never seen before,Do things youve never done before.Realise the value and importance of your life just for being a life,not for being perfect at everything or owning everything.The only thing there is is eachother,and this world were living in.
Bring yourself back to the moment youre in.Look around you,look at something in a different way to how you looked at it yesterday.Be like the kid you used to be.

What If?


What if someday school was just a choice, bullies didn’t exist and teachers had realistic expectations.

Perhaps money was just a currency, politics was abolished and the government based their actions on the benefit of their people.

That war was just a distant memory, refugees always have a home and people weren’t forced out of their country.

What if someday fear was just a word and people could walk freely knowing they would be safe and murderers, rapists and criminals did not pose a threat to us.

Where appearance didn’t matter, gender was just a part of our anatomy and equality was standard.

Maybe mental health issues weren’t actually issues, that we all understood eachother and pills weren’t the only things keeping us alive.

What if someday we could all love ourselves and eachother and happiness was much more than an emotion. 

Megan Byrne

Rachael Kavanagh


You’re Dead

Stay down they shout , stay down or your dead

But he remembers what his father said

Youre not a man onless you fight

Stand up let them knoe youre there

Let them stare , let them know you care

Dont fall and expect a hand up


In life youll meet people who say you`ve no hope

And you might compemplate the rope

But dont let them get to you

Dont listen to a word they say

Because in the end of the day its them thatll pay.


Sean Dunne


Today will be different today will be great school school school……………….. A concrete jungle where dreamed are crushed and being different is like supporting man city you have no hope in life………………………. Where teachers grown and their way is right, creative is a no go and the more you write the better. Where who your friends with and who your with is the be all and end all……………………. ohhhh words don’t hurt ohhhhhhhhhh he’s tough the biggest load of —————— ………… so why not one day we all be creative let the people be who they want.

Vincent Quinlan

The Stand


I feel the constant pain,
but I am not the cause.
Why did you hurt me?
Because of my flaws.

I am at the bottom of the stairs,
but I did not walk down them.
I thought I was to blame,
When you were the problem.

I was a victim,
Now I am a survivor.
You can’t hurt me anymore,
I know wiser.

I hid the bruises.
I stayed silent.
I was obedient.
And I will not accept violence.

By Ann-Marie Eikrem and Sophie Boylan


You never beleived me, did you?

Whenever you would hear me say,

That I’m not okay.

You’d just roll your eyese, and your friends too.


Your ignorance to my pain seemed to never cease.

All of you just thought I was seeking attention,

But that is just because you never knew my intention.

Now all you can do is simply cry and tell me to rest in peace.


My friend Arianna didn’t have a great life’

She spent most her time watching her mother and father fight,

The drugs,the drink

That kept her up at night

hoping her mother and father would soon reignight

School wasnt much better

She was picked on and poked

She used to always say that

Her life was a joke

But late at night when she went to bed

A perfect life

Would be created inside of her head

There were no limits

No rights

No wrongs

Fighting was not allowed

just places to sing songs

in reality this was not the case

so forever would she say please take me back to that place.

Ciara Byrne

It isn’t easy

Anyone who has been or still is a teenager could tell you any type of story from all sides of life
But one thing is persistent, being a teenager is full of strife.

No matter what anyone says about being popular in school or having friends that stick up for them, deep down everyone finds something hard.
It’s different for everyone but you can’t miss whispers of insults as basic as retard.

You can be clever, you can be cool.
Do what you want just don’t break the rules.
I don’t mean school,
I mean peer pressure.
You won’t get on if you can’t be a messer.
You’ll be torn to shreds,
left for dead.
Just take a joke they’ll all say,
really you should or it won’t go away.
At the end of the day it will all be okay,
Grab the wheel with two hands and steer your own way.

Jack Redmond

I hate school,

like why do we need it?

For maths in life all you need is a calculator,

For geography in life all we need is a map,

For english in life all we need is a dictionary,

For foreign languages in life all we need is google translate,

And for history in life, we don’t need it we aren’t living for the past but the present and the future.

For primary school, that’s okay I mean we do need the letters of the alphabet each day,

But after that it’s a waste of time I mean really do we need to learn how to rhyme?

Who cares about the background of each poem, or who wrote the piece it’s just a pain in the hole.


Hannah Morrison

Some people…

find it easy to make friends but personally I find it difficult to make friends. I just like to be alone sometimes in my room playing music or games to be away from all the stress of being a teenager socially and academically.  I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up or I don’t know how to get motivated sometimes when I get up. I have my up days and my downs. I am not good at showing emotions it is like having a mask over my face all the time. I used to be a total shut in from society, I would find any way to get out of school to get away from the bullying. I wouldn’t go out to play A lot even though I lived in a estate with lots of kids but when I moved away the estate and the school into GCS the first three years were hard enough but I think TY can be a turning point for me to make new friends and have lots of new experiences, but I live now in a rural area with not that much houses. So I still sit in my room and play games but gaming is a very social thing even though you don’t get to meet them in real life and I know. Don’t talk to strangers but people build communities off these games. I get mad at people saying games make people violent is bovine faecal matter and it is not the game that makes people violent but things in real life make people aggressive in games like arguments or a bad day.

Ciaran Harris

It is said

that school consists of some of the greatest years of your life, i cannot comprehend this idea as it really frightens me.

If this is not true , well then please ,please enlighten me.

It frightens me that pressure, insensitivity , workloads and angry teachers will define my school years ,

I do not want to have to drown my fears with a couple of beers

Every day I enter a warzone of girls bitching , lads undermining and the teachers acting  like they have all the power ,

I sit in that boring class , feeling like i can never achieve, counting class by the hour,

I’ll sit there feeling anxious , feeling like people are staring at me , judging my every move ,

Yet if I show any signs of weakness or insecurity , I know that many people would disapprove.

We should see school as a stepping stone to open our options ,

Living life on the edge and not being defined by silly concoctions,

There are kids who are lying in bed , contemplating if this is all worth it ,

why should we have to go through something which is as uninviting as a fit.

So i feel like we should be given more of that stolen power,

And let go of those piles of work that resemble a tower ,

We should emphasise the words freedom and expression,

Instead of forcing work which will lead to clinical depression.

Emma Miley



Sympathy…Over the past few years  the thing I learned over all is that,

I have a love hate relationship with Sympathy.

Sometimes sure it can be great but it also can be an eye watering and painful to accept.

I have felt sympathy more times than I feel I should have in the past little while,

Yeah people have gone through horrible experiences and their lives had been handed to them,

The day they were born set out with a rugged path of colossal highs and devastating lows.

I personally know sympathy and what it’s is like to receive and to give it.

Receiving it for me is the most difficult as I can never  seem to fully function afterwards.

I become frozen , unable  to make sentences.

I can’t complain about my life as people have it worse, and I have a family who loves me,

And friends who care for me.

To help you understand, I have lost a fair few people in my life that ,

When I think back on them,  I wonder how could I live without them.

On the 12th of December 2002 , I lost someone who I didn’t know well due to my age

I lost my dad, to a construction site accident and, one day the stairs collapsed it the building he was in,

And he happened to be underneath. He passed instantly , with no pain.

I don’t remember it but as I got older it hits me every now and again.

Since then my life didn’t change my mam, brother and I lived a happy life.

Then last year I received the biggest shock of all..

It was July when I got told, the big news that they have movies about,

My mam got diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was a shock to us all, my mam is the healthiest  person I know

And yet it happened , so for months following I shed tears and got reassuring “she will be grand’s”

Off of everyone , but I didn’t need  them to tell me that I know my mam , she is so strong.

It has been over a year and she is great , like I knew she would be ,

She lost her hair and its growing back and it is becoming so long!

But between those two big things I lost a few along the way ,

Them being, my Auntie Chrissie to a heart attack,

My uncle Richard to a brain tumour ,

My cousin Kelly who was a victim of a hit and run and died in hospital at the age of 21.

And lastly I lost my granddad on the 26th of December 2014.

I have spent countless days mourning over my loved ones , and rightly so.

I have got sympathy and helped when others were grieving in their time of need.

At this very moment in time , my grandmother is in hospital after being diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer,

She doesn’t have long. My mam knows and so does she herself.

She says she is  ready , it was her husband (my granddad) who passed last Christmas.

I believe she knows what she is saying , I have seen her, she is content with her life

She has got to see her great grandchildren and has never did anyone wrong.

So yeah my life has been a constant roll of scattered deaths but I am learning to

Play with the hand I was dealt.

Because yes it becomes difficult at times,

And yes it’s a struggle.

But knowing there are people who care and will be there for you no matter what

It makes such a huge difference

And I can confidently say I am okay and will continue to be,

Because my life may not be immaculate but it has its own little perfections.

Kathlyn O’Neill



Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if this is all there is

If judgements and taxes are all that life amounts to

That to live is to work and money comes first.

But why?

Why are forced to live in a society that fights against difference

That fights against change

When all we really want is to be ouselves.

Sometimes I wonder if this is all there is

If we’re made to be clones and machines

To work for a government that couldn’t care one bit about us

Dooming our children to Water Charges and a debt that can never be paid.

Today, people have to choose between heating or water

People with children, people with families and friends,

While politicians sleep safe and sound in their beds

With hot water and big pay cheques.


Is this really all there is?

Is this what I have to look forward to?

To inherit a country drowning in debt

To work all my life paying for the mistakes of a corrupt government.

As a kid I dreamt about Dragons and Knights

I wondered how aeroplanes could fly and how the sky was blue.

I wanted to be an astronaut, a Princess

Something extraordinary.

Now, I wonder can I really get the job I want, I worry about whether I can provide for a family, for myself.

I’m only fifteen, I shouldn’t need to worry yet.

But sometimes I wonder if this is all there is.

Caelfind Branigan

The real sixteen

She thought  she was clever, she thought it’d be grand,

But The fella she liked had other plans,

She thought she was special, she thought he’d like her more,

Little did she know she was just another one of his girls,

She thought he was the one and that one night would be memorable,

He took full advantage and got her in trouble.


Now it’s all a distant memory of total distress,

What was she thinking taking him to bed?

Now her heads a mess with the constant threats,

“You’re a slut”, “you’re a whore”, “you’re a dirty fecking tramp”.

She’s got no escape, no one to go to, sure mammy and daddy would never understand?

That one night cost her her name, 

A feeble young mind at the age of sixteen.


He thought he was cool, he thought he was the shit

Walking around with his hands down his pants

a twenty spot down his jocks and his johnnys in his pocket.

The top of his crew, a real womanizer they’d say,

With a new “bitch” each day.
You’re a legend, you’re a player, your a real man they’d say.
Boosting his confidence , ripping girls hearts away.
Little did they know he was filled with emptiness,
His broken home, his lack of love, he too was just searching for something to take the pain away,
To him it was one night,the usual, just another broken “bitch”
So he sparked up his joint  and smoked till his eyes would bleed.
Jessie Kinsella, Caoimhe McKeon, Katie Murray


My dog ate my homework 

That mischievous pup

Got hold of my homework 

And gobbled it up


My dog ate my homework

Its gonna be late

I guess that stupid teacher

Will just have to wait


My dog ate my homework

He swallowed it whole 

I guess I shouldn’t have mixed it 

With the food in his bowl
                                               Sean Delaney



I guess I hate people sometimes. There’s always people who always bitch behind other people’s backs or talk down to someone because of their social status or something. I don’t want anything to do with those sort of people because I don’t understand how you can bring someone down like that. It really affects people and they may not show it but I think mentally, it really fucks them up. I think that the people who get bullied, those words that are spat at them with hate and disgust, it’ll follow them through their whole life.

Everyone is different, and everyone who gets bullied take that bullying differently. It might fuck them up to the point where they’re picking at their every flaw and they’re always conscious of the people around them – are they all the same?  I don’t think some people really take bullying seriously because people make a joke or two about a person and that person may take it to heart.  That person will probably take those jokes as flaws and then they ask themselves “what other flaws do I have?” and I think it creates a kind of demon inside them. One that always picks out their flaws, talk negatively about them to the point where they don’t want to go out in public, or socialize or do something that involves being near people because they think they’re going to fuck something up. That insecurity just clings on to them and they’re too scared to do anything. Or they’ll pretend to be okay in front of people but inside, it continues to attack and attack them and they’re screaming for someone to help but nobody does. Why? Because all you have to do is smile and people think you’re okay. That you’re not trying to fight this demon inside of you. And you’ll probably ask these people don’t just ask for help. Well, these people think that no one cares about them and that no one’s going to bother to help. And it may even come to the point where they think about ending their life to finally be free of the demons.

So people, and more so teenagers I’d say, should be more careful of what comes out of their mouth. And be aware of other people because someone might need help, you might not know who they are and what their story is but you could save a life.

– Anonymous

Falling in Love

Falling in love seems easy
pickup lines are cheesy
everything they say is dreamy
they first might come across as creepy.

first thing they say,is they say that they love you
‘hey girl i wanna make you my boo’
you be my genie i make your wish come true
come to the kitchen and will go make some stew.

He says ‘lets post a picture of me and you on instagram’
use the caption ‘hanging out with the fam’
add your dad and your brother and your sister
capture that while shes eating a twister.

He then asks for your name and your age and where you come from?
while hes chewing on some minty flavour chewing gum
get the impression that he wants to just get some
He says ‘yeah girl im just looking for some fun’

Comes across as a player and as a winner
‘yo girl you wanna get some dinner’
i say yeah just too get him in the mood
just too come across as not being too rude

He puts up a selfie on facebook saying
‘my flight is just delaying’
checks in at terminal 1 Dublin airport
he really needs to go get his haircut.


Sophie Kelly


When I go to school I feel like a fool


Going in tired and not being inspired


Working all day but what’s it all for?


Exams decide my fate 


But I say not anymore


Do what you’re best at 


And then no one can test that


Ben Robertson

Why do we have to write this ?

It’s only a bunch of words,

It won`t mean anything at the end of the day,


Countless days are spend writing

Of pointless topics

They won’t even be useful ,

When the times go bye ,


The schools come to an end and

The books are thrown out ,

All the countless hours are wasted,

And the pens are worn out ,

And we sit there and wonder ,

Why all this time was wasted on nothing,



The world wont last forever ,

And the days will come to an end ,

And we will sit there and wonder,

Why we had to do this?

Sinead Murphy

The Mind of a Teacher

They talk a lot about the inside of teenager’s minds nowadays, our inner psyche. It’s as if the teachers see us as delicate incompetent flowers sometimes, little playthings not to be treated too rough or else we will snap, only our hairs spiky.

I wonder if we are seen as equals to those teaching us- if we are, a lot of them definitely don’t show it. There’s an almighty vibe about them, we don’t know shit and everybody else knows it. Every assembly it’s the same useless twaddle “I will not accept any misbehaving” “you will be acting as representatives of the school” “You are role models

Why? Seriously guys, why? Why do we need to take orders from some suited tough guy? Now, I’m not blind, I know most of it is necessity, but for that must we sacrifice our identity? I see hard rock punks, just barely passing by, their boots and their hair exchanged for bland ties. They walk through the day, their shoes clean and their hair brushed, and in the back of their minds Society does not accept us 

And the sad part? A lot of them don’t know how to deal, when shoved underneath, crushed by the  “normal” wheel.  It’s no surprise that most of them have no identity, when they are treated like a group, an entity, to walk alone desperately, while they bathe in the intensity of the density of fools who think it’s their right to orchestrate their identity

“To make an omelet, you must crack a few eggs” they say, as they willingly place bricks upon teenager’s heads. Limiting their reach, their life’s, their lust, for “a better future for all of us”. 

The real world is tough, we all can agree, but instead of changing it we treat teenagers at the same pedigree?

And instead of opening up and letting society run free, instead of planting the seeds in order to grow a magnificent tree, we damn open thoughts, at least from what I see

But my opinion definitely matters, for I’m the one that you are leaving in shatters, when you stand up there on your high horse preaching

Under that guise of yours, “teaching

 Daniel. C. Scully



in a year where they say that bullying isnt existant. They say
that we dont have to deal with half the stuff they had when they were
younger. Now you cant get away from it. It follows you home. Its not
just physical pain we feel anymore, its inside of us. Your pain is
given to you over the internet. Social media is good in so many ways
but in my opinion it is a maze with see through walls. A place where
the pictures and posts about you chase you and you have no where to
hide. As it goes, sticks and stones….. this makes no sense. I would
prefer a physical mark, something that heals, not something that is
online, that stays for everyone to see, all your life, all day. Theres
the bullies, they can be forgiven, but what i cant stand is those
people who spread the virus. Why join in, are they scared or affraid
themselves of being bullied. Why not try to help, fight against the
people who are usually more insecure than the people they prey on. The
pain that i feel is not just mine, there are hundreds, thousands,
millions of people who feel the pain that i am put through everyday of
my life. We need to stand up together. To be honest though, there is
always going to the people out there that need to put others down to
feel better about themselves. But what they dontn understand is that
the pain and grief they put us through each day does not just effect
now, it effects the future.


Jack Doyle



Sit in school, for hours each day,

Forced to memorise useless information.

With little input or interest,

Just to sit a pointless exam.


Regurgitation is the key policy,

Little emphasis on learning.

Creativity is discouraged,

Just for the benefit of the system.


Jake O’Flynn

I hate school

I hate its exams

I hate Ea the American Devil


I love Morgan Freeman,he was the man in Shawhank Redemption

I love my Lord and Savior Gaben Newell

I kind of “love” my family but its my brother who really brings my family name down.

I love the smell of pancakes on pancake Friday

I love Peter Dinklige (No Homo) not because hes a damn good actor but of his size.


Dominic Morrison


The word school

It makes me drool

It is so boring

I’d rather be snoring


All of these mean teachers,

They think they are all preachers.

From these small lockers,

To the break time squawkers.


From the science lab gases,

To the rest of these long classes.

From the uncomfortable chairs,

To the hallway bad snares.


People might think I’m a fool,

For this rant about school



When I look at life,

I think what the duck?

Some people are fortunate,

But she gets no luck.


She has dealt with so much,

For so very long.

I don’t get why,

She’s done nothing wrong.

I stand by her,

And try to be strong.


I go to her house,

Almost every day.

I look in her eyes

And forget what to say.

The way I feel is unexplainable,

But she understands because she’s sensational.
When I see her,
Like a star she does shine.
And I’m happy to know,
That she’ll always be mine.


Sean Harte