St Brendan’s College, Belmullet, Co Mayo


Its all about the gaa that’s not everything I have to say,

You win, you loose.

But its all about my team, mayo gaa

But they never seem to go all the way, since that curse we have lost to many

But we never give up that one day

We will go all the way.

By Mikey Lavelle and Ryan Cosgrove


The woman on the moon

Skin so smooth,

Legs so hairy,

Walking on the moon,

Because it’s scary,

You don’t understand what I have planned,

But when you do

It will be grand

By Mikey Lavelle and Shauna Murray






Dream- chasing

Anxious -minded




We are scraed,

We are brave,

We know nothing,

And everything,

We are youth.


Like a bird on its first flight,

We glide for life,

Sometimes soaring,

Most times clipping a wing,

And falling,

We are life and energy.

By Eimear Gallagher







Don’t be mean

Don’t be mean,

Cause you’ll be seen,

Cause in the end,

As a bad person.


It’s not right to be seen as one

It’s not a right thing to be doing

Cause at the end of the day

It should all be okay

By Gemma Talbot and Marta Roszkowska




I hate big groups of people, I hate it a lot being around so many people makes me feel scared.

I will mess up and say the wrong things to the wrong person or gets everyone name mixed up, even if I don’t that I am still scared.

So I only hang around with my cousins and if anybody leaves me I will go into the opposite direction.

By Anonymous






Dark thoughts

Everyday time passes by,

Another day goes,

A dark cloud covers my eyes,

Fogs up my thoughts,

“I’m ok” biggest lie ever told.

Trying to convince yourself things will get better,

But they never do.

They say they understand

But the never do,

Just me and my dark thoughts

By Olivia Murray


School days

Its another school day,

The dark clouds never go away,

The stress is real,

That’s the way I feel.

They don’t understand that its feels like they have hit me with the back of their hand.

School life is hard

Its let me scared.

By Saoirse Rowland and Mikey Lavelle




The man left out

He is the student everyone made fun of.

He is the one who left school for a “man”.

Even if the rumours are true, he would never admit it.


When he finally told his parents about the “true rumours”

Not knowing to never speak to them again.


When finally meeting “his man” on the wedding day, if any.

And the child from adoption, if only they would let him.

By Helen Gaughan



The meaning of love,

Can be wrote in thousands of books, songs and scrips.

But it still comes down to the same… old… thing,

But love cannot be described it must be felt.


It must be felt deep within you. Its as if you can’t live without them, they are the blood that pumps through your veins, that makes everything in you function. They are like a voice inside your head, making you want to be the best you can be… for them.


To make them laugh more and keep their eyes remaining dry from tears .I believe that love is bigger than the letters that spells it.

By Anonymous





Bullies, bullies, they are everywhere,

They shout, stare and pull my hair,

Staring at me as I walk by,

Screaming at me “just go and die”.


Is there any escape for me?

I can’t see the way you see

What do I say?

What do I do?

Please can someone help me?

Someone like you!!!!

By Eimear Kelly






Four white walls,

Two windows and a door,

I don’t know if she can take it anymore.


Why can’t they see it?

Why can’t they hear it?

The names, the insults,

It’s breaking her down.

It’s always the same class clowns.


They laugh.


I can’t imagine how she feels, sitting there alone.

Her face, red with embaresmeant.

I watch and see, her big brown eyes fill up with tears.

A sudden raise of the hand to ask to use the toilet.


A quick tear rolls down her cheek,

She wipes it quickly so nobody can see…


Misunderstood glares, but no one cares…

By Katelyn Lindsay