St Angela’s School, Ursuline Convent, Waterford

As a Girl…

As a girl, I shouldn’t feel scared to walk home at night
As a girl, I shouldn’t be scared when a car pulls up beside me
As a girl, I shouldn’t be scared if a stranger comes up to talk to me
As a girl, I should feel comfortable in my own home
As a girl, I should be able to wear clothes that make me feel confident
As a girl, I shouldn’t be an object to men
But I am just a girl and I have no say.


Shirley Sheridan

What I See

Not once have I looked at myself and thought of beauty.

This mindset of my own, drifting me down flaws and flaws which I see in myself.

Knowing I shouldn’t feel this way yet not knowing how to feel another.

Realising that society doesn’t determine who I am but still never feeling satisfied.

Having one who reminds me how much they love how I look.

But me, only wanting to feel the same about myself.

Comparing, criticizing I myself to others who seem without fault so easily.

The eye bringing so much joy yet so much hate.

Using all my might to change what it is visualising though never succeeding.

Convincing me, myself that these thoughts and emotions will fade,

But for now they seem like they will never go away.

                                                                                                    -Orlaith Kidney

Todays society

is pretty messed up,big time.

We as young adults,the next generation,are being pressured

to fit into this mold of you have to be a size 4,5 or 6 to be pretty,you have to have freckles,

you can’t have scars…But in reality no matter what shape or size you are,you’re pretty,

if you have freckles,if you don’t have freckles your you pretty .

And if you have scares,imbrace them,show the

“yeah i was in a battle but i came out on top.

“We are made to think that starving ourselves is ok when its not,

if i want a 2 course meal with a desert then thats what I’m going to do,

Im not going to start because i don’t fit the mold society has for us.

I am happy and healthy and thats all that matters.

So stop reading online that you have to be this size because you don’t,

if you’re happy and healthy,then isn’t that enough?

By Hallah-May