Cross and Passion, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare

A little broken

The pressure

They don’t understand

Every day – do this and that and these and those

All by tomorrow

And all I can ask myself is how?

How can we be expected to tackle all of this?

Regardless of your family life and all this other crap

It’s difficult



Dealing with the pressure

Not breaking down

Screaming and crying

Even though it would feel so good to let it all out

To scream until your voice goes hoarse

To let the tears fall and drench your face

To drown in a pool of your own salty tears

To curl into a ball and never venture outside again

The pressure

Yet somehow we manage

Defy all the expectations

Stand up again and keep going

It’s difficult



But we overcome it all

We may be a little broken afterwards

But we help each other

And fix ourselves

By Róisín Robinson


All alone I think again

I need inspiration,

Someone I can call a friend,

Before I succumb to desperation.


I think to just one person,

Someone who was always there.

She was always be sure they wouldn’t worsen,

Always seeming she would care.


Until she ended up leaving,

Gone to live away,

And I was left grieving,

My life going astray,


Until I was able to find more people,

Lonely no more I couldn’t be,

No more an empty Cathedral,

One of the many boats upon the sea.

-Warren Coogan


what do you think when u here school

for some people its fun for others not

what I think its hard for the people who don’t enjoy school

they get called names slagged for the way they look

well for dose for who enjoy school

think about if how would you feel if it was u been bullied

so do something about it

tell someone and then atleast u can say u actually helped the fight of bullying

so do something don’t just sit there and watch it happen

by henry and raymond


Its frail and thin
its flaky skin
Its sleepness nights
A scream within
Thin never comes
It screams
it wins
drop dead on the floor
it laughs: your not in control anymore

By Emele Gibson

Sensory Processing Disorder

Every day the cycle repeats.
I get up my head burns with pain
I haven’t made outside my bed room yet.

Too much light, too much sound.
I continue on
my head slowly burns
near blinding shining of screaming lights,
people talking about weekend’s plans,
after school, these heightened senses
smells of after shave, perfume,
deodorant and sweat.

suffocates me

Every day near sleepless nights
just for living through another day of this.
I know I can’t go anywhere for help.

People just presume what’s right for me to do
they know nothing.
So I continue to go through life
waiting for the day when I won’t have to wear
noise cancelling head phones
to try and dull the pain.
So now I wait until that day.

Cillian Vickers


The school bus rattles down the winding road,

another day done, Mum has dinner on the table

and watching “A place in the sun.”

As I crawl my way upstairs,
ready to sit at my desk again,
ready to repeat yesterday’s tasks,
I’ll be sitting here until ten.

I can’t help but get tired of
this routine I’ve developed.
Everyday seems the same
you feel like life’s enveloped

you, in it’s seemingly safe blanket,
trying to protect you from harm
by using painful repetition,
it’s a constant alarm.

But in reality, the routine
only makes you bored.
Tired and fed up,
Of these dull days you’ve conjured.

Wake up, school, homework, bed.
It’s more interesting in your own head.
But then, sometimes, you get a surprise.
A day with new adventuress, it feels like a prize.

Those are the days you cherish the most,
where you can forget the painful routine.
These are the days you cherish the most,
the ones that help you through your suffocating teens.

We all have first impressions,
we all try to put people into categories,
we have preconceived notions on how someone must look,
or act to be a certain person.
Yet when we take a step back, We find we are all the same.
Those, men you see wearing patches and riding bikes, we call them “bikers”-
They go to church every Sunday.
Those women on the side of the street,
wearing little to know clothes, we call them “hookers”-

they have little mouths to feed at home and are just making a living.

We do this too, to the rich,

That guy who makes millions a year,
we think “oh sure, he has everything”-
when really he has a broken family home and is lonely.
That girl who finished school,
we think oh she’s going somewhere and how amazing
she is to have had the money to finish university-

When really she struggled with two jobs as well as tutoring, to get her this far.

We are all quick to judge,

To put people in boxes,
Without ever having them utter a word.
We all struggle in life, some have it better some have it worse,
but all you must remember is to never let First Impressions judge.
By Cleome Olivier

The Beat of a Heart

The beat of a heart is like the beat of a drum

But the beat of a heart does not feel the beat of sounds that your

Body hears outside like all the names you are called but you go home and

Your parents try to tell u to cheer up and say sticks and stones may break your bones but names should never hurt you but inside you are beating yourself because you think what everyone says is true even though your friends tell you to cheer up but you just can’t because you are fed up with everything around you.

You feel like you don’t belong and you just wish that everyone you hate would be gone but everything you want gone will never go away and will always be there to stay and every day you wish to be older and move away from all this

But at the end of the day you have to get on with your life and the beat will always stay with you even in your heart.

By Stephen Halford


Do they understand?
They say they empathize
We have a lot of things planned
Even more to do

There is study, tests, homework and more
Nobody is willing to fix the problem,
To reach the core
Because even though we have lives, activities and honestly,
We don’t have time to produce work of high quality

There are twenty four hours in the day
You should spend over four on study in exam years they say
There is no time

Why are we blamed if we want to have fun
To let loose, to drink, to just be young
Our job is to be irresponsible
Are we allowed?


Survive or Thrive

We have been taught

The meaning of life

The way to thrive

It’s not the same

 To be alive

As it is to just survive


It is all about hiding

Watching from the distance

The shadows

Hiding from the power

You’re just getting through the day

What I’m trying to say

Is that you’re just not living

Being alive

 How do you define?

Where is the line

Between being a thriver

And being a survivor

How do you decipher

Which or what

Who is the where?

 And what is the not

Just do not let them tell you to stop

Cause you decide whether you’re living or not.

Adam Walsh Ian Beattie

I Understand

Teachers think they know but really they don’t

Saying they’ve done it before but they really didn’t

Things, people, places it’s all changed

Don’t do drugs it’s not cool

Now it’s “cool” not to stay in school

Do you know the pressure on teens today?

Not just by the teachers but by their peers

All they want to do is leave have a few beers

Then go home and shed a few tears

Cheers to all the school years.


Erin Patrick

Why do bad things happen?


Why do bad things happen

Everyone is caught up on the same old nonsense ‘things happen for a reason’

Not everything you want to happen for a reason is ever a good thing

Religious people talking about god, like how much he does for everyone if it

If it wasn’t for him the world wouldn’t exist.

I DO believe in god but what really has me questioning is that if he keeps us ‘safe’.

If he really does keep us safe how come innocent people get diseases such as

Cancer, aids, and other diseases, why do innocent people get killed in car crashes etc..

Why do all the worst things possible happen to innocent people.

For a very long time I’ve had a lot of anger built up in me inside, because ive lost two aunties in my past time from cancer and ill be honest here I do have a very big worry about it been passed on to me or my parents but I try my best to keep positive about everything

My question is why?


Nina Price


He was really insecure,

Depressed? But not sure.


Something wasn’t right,

But if he told them, they might;

Put their heel through his skull,

Next for the cull.


Be popping pills on a daily basis,

Doctors, just more faces.

So he bottled it up inside,

Put another day aside.


How long could he live like this?

He would never reach “bliss”.

He followed social norm,

Wondering why he was born.


On his deathbed he thought,

It had all been for naught,

He was probably right,

But at least the light,

Hadn’t shone on him,

And at Le Fin,

He could die with no hymns,

His life, the most pointless of whims.

Maitiú Ó’ Ceallaigh



What is life

Can you define it?

Is it maybe what you love?

Or  what you do best?

Is it  what makes you feel at rest?

The best things are what last

That’s why you find them a blast

The bad stuff

Unable to bluff

Unable to vent

The other 99%,


Jack Mulreany

Behind the cuts

We act strong but behind the cuts

can be a world of hate when u say to mom

I hate school its just not the work

it the people in there behind them gates

walking in with a world of fear

witch is not to great for a young boy

only 15 wishes people liked him

no need to slag that’s makes you sad

he had he break down just went mad

he hit every thing he could once

he was my bud then he just hit on the

not once but to much so he jumped up

but you man on the ground

and he said well your sound


Jamie Morgan

New Girl

I been just the new girl for about 4 years now,

Nobody notice me,

Not even the teachers,

Nobody talks to me,

Not even the new people,

I’m the outcast,

Nobody bother me, I keep to myself,

I’m classed as the freak,

Just because I’m me.

By Alison and Sarah

Crying for no reason 


She is empty inside

Emotionless and broken

But she doesn’t feel it anymore

She thinks she’s happy

She smiles and laughs

She jokes and plays

Her friends are blind and don’t see a thing

But she doesn’t either

She can’t describe it

Pain chased her for years

Until she went numb

Numb to everything

Not caring about anything

No hate no love. …nothing

But she really smiles and really laughs

But inside she is numb

Not good enough and lonely

Ugly and worthless

She said its fine

She lied to herself that its nothing, it’ll end

But in truth it’s him

It’s that one person that left long ago

And will never come back

Crying for no reason every night

By Monika Moryc

King pug

King pug, drank from a mug, that’s from a pub.

He didn’t really care, what he was going to wear.

He had long hair, kinda like a bear.

but it was rare, to see him walking any where.

He could never fay a fair, but he found a way every where.


Liam Glynn

Teenage manifesto


We start off as a child, before we get wild and start going to mad parties,

Boys play with their cars and girls play with their Barbies,

Teachers afraid to let us go outside to lines with the sharpies


Parents try so hard to keep us on track,

Afraid that if they let us go that they’ll never get us back,

Its whack


There comes a time when we’ll go to them parties,

Of course we’ll come back, we aren’t joining the army,

Just let us be free,

That’s all we ever want to be


There comes a time where we have to get in our cars,

Of course we’ll turn back, and we aren’t going so far,

But for now it’s a new track,

Just give us some space and stand back.




Just a little slut,

Over all you’re a powder puff mutt

Revisiting all my past boys,

Damn, you use them like toys,

A fake little girl,

Neither diamond nor pearl,


Do you even know what you’re doing?

Or do you know who you’re fooling?

Nobody really has interest,

Oh what should you wear you think you’re the best,

Very self-centred little child,

Always “boy wild”

Never touch him again!…

By Roisin Gaynor

Party Aminal

I was at the party,the most harmless their.
the “j” was being passed to the left,my friends said go on it make you feels good.
it is harmless they said.
i smoked it,the ashes fell to the ground.
i got the kick,it was good.
the next party the mdma was lurking.
i never imagined i would take it.
i did it was amazing.
i wanted more and more
without realising i moved on to more hardcore drug
crack to herion
i needed more and more
but then it stopped
Alan Lambe

I’m noticed.

A ghost for years unnoticed,

Walking by in the halls unnoticed,

All of a sudden things change, I’m noticed.

Sudden texts run in, I’m not used to this, I’m noticed.

It’s a constant flow, the attention rushes to me,

Expectations are high, I don’t know to deal with It,

I catch him watching, him looking, I see his clear interest.

It’s scary as I am so young

He’s interested,

Too interested,

Everyone can leave,

But not me,

He waits and waits and waits for a day for me to become somewhat interested,

But I’m not, I want to be free, but he is still here, obsessed,

I’m noticed.


Black Eagle


Before you start to fool with me

Let me inform you how it will be

First I will seduce you and make you my slave

Ive sent men much stronger than you to their grave


You think you could never become a disgrace

And end up addicted to to my shitty waste

Then youll start inhaling me one afternoon

Youll take me into your arms very soon


The day you realise the monster has grown

Youll then promise to leave me alone

You’ve think that you got the mystical knack

Then you think im finally off your back


Theres no way out theres no need to look

For deep down inside you know you are hooked

Youll run to the pusher and then

Youll welcome me back to your arms once again


And when you return as I foretold

I know that youll give me your body and soul

Youll give up your morals and your heart

And then youll be mine until death do us apart

                                                                                             Darragh Kelly

A Friend

At night she silently cries in her bed,
About all the mean things they said.
She walks the halls, head hung in shame,
She thinks she is the one to blame
Frightened and scared she runs away
Will it get any better some day?
She has not one loving friend,
So instead she just tries to blend.
In a pool of her on tears,
As she looks down the 5 story stairs
Maybe if she had some friends,
It wouldn’t be her life that she ends.

 Leah O’Leary and Sorcha Byrne

Past Tense

Her lips weren’t the colour of roses,
She wasn’t beautiful,
She was mean and she hurt.
But she was radiant,
Her hair fell in waves and even though it wasn’t as “black as the night” it was still the most amazing colour,
She was happiness in a person.
She was worth more than the word beautiful.
She was glorious,
And stunning.
She was,
She was.
Rhiannon Kelly

Boys be mitching, droppin outta school

Heading to the inch, be thinking there all cool

Heading to nolans for the daily roll,

After one too many the chicken takes its toll

Boys like dougie thinks its all a joke

When the boys go forest for there daily smoke

Smoking away there grief,

With their  pouch of amber leaf

Be taking one more drag, of there e fag

Doing anything to get there hands on a 25 bag


Sean Corrigan, Eoin Cahill, Mike Corrigan

The word beauty,

Typically a cutie someone with a booty,
But its our duty not to be snooty,
We have to love the small and tall as we don’t want to make anyone bawl,
Just pick up your phone and give ’em a call.
If everyone can sit beside a ginger and have a bit of dinner,
No one needs feel like they should be thinner,
We’er all bloody winners just look in your mirrors,
Maybe they should just be cleaner.
Beauty isn’t all about the look,
Maybe i can cook,
Maybe I make comic books,
I don’t need kardashian’s ass,
because it’s only full of gas,
And i have natural class.
You don’t have to be pretty,
or live in the big city,
We all have a talent,
Been seen as a beauty shouldn’t be a challenge
We all need to find that balance.
~Lisa Aspel

Succession in sports is mind over matter,

believe you can do it and all doubts shall shatter,
anything is possible if you believe you can,
that applies to every man.
Limit is only a word,
that only makes your goals blurred,
you must have a thirst for coming first,
or you’ll only be among the worst.
it has to be aimed to perfect your game,
and you’ll hang among the hall of fame.
Liam Horan

Where We Live

Where we live,

A boy can like a boy,

And a girl can like a girl.

We can love, we can marry, we can be happy.

We look back to not so long ago,

When we were embarrassed,

We were in hiding,

It was illegal for us to love.


Somewhere far away,

There’s a girl falling in love with her best friend,

Or a boy looking at a boy in his class,

And they’re thinking,

“What’s wrong with me?”


Where they live,

It’s still illegal,

They’re still embarrassed,

They’re still in hiding.

They’re being chased, tortured, mocked, humiliated,



They’ll live their lives

Starved of love,

Deprived of happiness,

Existing, rather than living.

Bring them into a world,

A world of love,

A world of happiness,

A world where they can live how they want to live.


Bring them into a world,

Like one where we live.


– Cathal McMahon

Stuck in a phase

“It’s just a phase”

At this rate I hear this more than simple things like “how are you”

“You’ll grow out of it”

“It’s just a fad”

“You don’t know what you want now, you’re only young”

Have you ever thought maybe I do?

I may have an idea of what I want to be

But I haven’t written anything in stone

I understand it’s hard to take me seriously when my generation is more concerned with people on the telly than the people on the streets

But I could be different,

Yes may love things that will be completely irrelevant to me in 10 years

But for now they matter

For now they mean the world to me

And my parents never fail to remind me about there’s

My Friends, Music taste, humour will shape me to be me

So I understand what you call a “Phase” may bother you now

But it’s shaping who I will be when I am older

And all I ask if for you to respect that.


-Chloe Donohoe


When we think of school we think of work, friends, homework, boredom……..

what we don’t think about because it’s hard to even put are selves in that position ,is a child in Africa who may have to travel miles to get to school or not even go to school because there at home looking after their family because there mother is sick, their father has left and your siblings are starving.

These are the types of thinks you don’t think of when you’re in school board or at home in bed pretending your sick when your mother comes in so you don’t want to go to school.

So every time you complain about school in front of your friends because your tired or just not bothered with school, reminder……

your lucky even if you think otherwise.


Georgia Markham


life is pain

poetry is a release
Colm O’Brien


Some people say every day is like a new adventure

But what is an adventure without its ups and downs

And those low points can really affect us

Every day, in and out of our schools, work places and homes


In these day to day adventures we cope

We deal with everyday situations as they present themselves

Do what we must, we succeed, we fail, we survive

We go home, the daily adventure has come to a close


With that our thoughts become clear knowing we have finished the day

But not for everyone

Everyday life to some is like a never  ending adventure at its low point

However, we must be with them on their travels


Be with them, until their adventure concludes





I stand alone facing pain

I sit there with my friends they are unaware

If I can’t face this alone I will not get stronger if there is no pain there is no gain

But there is one I trust and I know that one will care


I fear not being able to protect that one

I learn to fight and gain muscle to be strong

Destroy anyone who harms that person break them like a bone

Even though it seems wrong


These are my beliefs that person is my heart

They are my soul and my only faith

I will play my part

I will protect them till I’m in checkmate.


Brandon Ng

Being young is a challenge,

it feels like you are always second best.
Personally my opinion of being young would be free and happy.
The society of this generation is cruel unless you can popular,
Beautiful and who gets the most likes on Facebook,
Half of young people don’t understand the word beautiful.
Beautiful isn’t just about your appearance,
Its about personality ,
Everybody shouldn’t have to worry about their bodies,
Their hair, size, weather you have “good eyebrows” or not.
I find you should be happy with the way you look.
Why not?
I hate the fact people judge you.
Why judge if you don’t know the person?
Bullies, haters and mean kids,
Why do you need to make people feel worthless?
You don’t know what they have to put up with,
Just think before you judge and hate.
Being young isn’t easy..
But that’s just my opinion,
Everyone deserves a say I guess.
Maybe one day, just one day,
This society will realize how mean kids do be,
And one day, just one day..
This will change .
Everybody is equal and nobody deserves less or more.
I don’t get hate or give hate,
But  I just see it happen over social medias.
One day, everyone will get along..
Sadly, I might not be alive to see this day
But i am  hoping people will understand the word
Because everyone is and they just cant see it
One day, maybe just one day..
-Chloe Walker Reid


The Hand

When buried alive in the thickest soil in sight
It pulls you out with all it’s might
When it seems that no one else is around
I will always have my sound.
Life is real with headphones in,
banging away to my favorite songs
or strumming along for hours that once seemed long
It’s as if the drawings have colour
when once before everything seemed duller
It’s the hand that gives you a dig-out
when there really is no one else about.
~ Robert Talbot ~

The Adventures Of 

Along the ocean of happening
There sat a city
Through which Torvald paced
There sat an oak tree
Upon Torvald’s head
Highbrow finished her purchase
Of a new stall
Ambled away from the stall, home
Torvald who was an alcoholic
Found no joy in his empty flask
Highbrow who was a part time wrestler threw coins his way
Torvald looked her way confused by this kindness
Highbrow asked him to walk over to her, suddenly RKO out of nowhere
Torvald was prepared
And countered with an a high five
Never before had Highbrow seen the likes
Of this
Hopefully he will leave
Until suddenly a Mexican wrestling ring appears
Torvald knew the power of the ring
Suddenly the cool power ranger appears the blu… red one
To late, the ring was on the other foot
Highbrow who had evaporated hit Torvaled with anhydrous copper sulphate
Torvald failed chemistry… shit
Stephen Fry appears narrating the nights festivities
He discovered that the meaning of life was…… 46
Torvald failed maths but with the ring Steven Fry also evaporated
He wafted up Torvalds bum bum
Torvaled ran through the screen and appeard in the real world he was….. A DOG!!!
                Or maybe more….
By Jack and Shane

The Lumber Jack

By Ben and Patrick

I sat in the tree, staring into space,

Staring at the beauty of nature.

I listened to the birds chirp, and watched

the Grass flowing In the wind.

and then I heard it.

A sound.

A faint whisper.

They grew, louder and louder

Until finally it was howling,

Chanting, screaming, bellowing

My name along with other names

Delivering an unbelievable pain like shower of arrows.

It stopped.

Along with lunch.

The school bell rang, knelling classes to a close.

I retreated back to class, praying that the bullying

Would cease.

But it never did, and it never will.

Ben Newman

What love is


They fake being in love, I know they’re not,

The tension in the house would make you rot.

When they’re not together,

The atmosphere is better.

Do you understand this?

When they’re not together my mind is at bliss.

Why they’re still a couple I will never understand,

They can’t even look at each other never mind hold hands.

Why can’t they split up? Because of me and my brother?

There’s no point in them being together, one fight after another.

Is this what love is?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Niamh Hennessy

Since the first kiss, you blew

For you I feel oh so much love,

Your  words remind of a mourning dove,

I’ll watch you whip then watch you neigh,

Your face reminds me of a warm summers day,

You cheer me up when I feel down,

You wipe away my sour frown,

Now before this poem will escalate,

Allow me to ask you on a date,

You’re love for me is a mystery,

Just like my blank internet history,

Even when you’re in a bad mood,

I still receive a casual nude,

I have always loved you,

Since the first kiss, you blew.

Harry Swan

New World

There came the day and I was born

First day and second, being second guessed

Third, new faces, new home and no sight of those you have been with for months.

Welcomed. Loved.

Snoozing in the cot but dreaming of where I have just been brought

3rd birthday…..Orlando here I come!

But why am I so glum?

Years have gone by

But the roller-coaster is just going high!

“Where are you from…where are you from?”

Constantly buzzing in your ear

All you want to do is disappear

Not really understanding or asking

Questions emerge but answers don’t

You give a little moan and a sigh

But the years continue going by

“Why?” I ask myself

The right time and age came.

Now I understand.

Circumstances, Promises.

You didn’t always get the full picture but I do now

Always at the back of your head but better to stay ahead

Maybe we’ll meet again….


Katelyn Hegarty-Kelly