Colaiste Íosagáin, Portarlington

Dear Anxiety

Anxiety your such a pest, Constantly lingering inside.
Even though I know in the end everything will be fine
You’re a bubble of worry and doubt , trapped in my mind.
You make me think everything wont turn out fine.
Even left alone with my thoughts you still arise.
It’s scary the control you have over me.
All the things I just can’t do, because of you.
I can’t go to the shop and pay for my food, or answer the door in fear of you.
You stop me from having fun and going places with my friends, because
the stupid pain you cause me never seems to end.
It’s silly, I know.
I want to be a explorer and travel the world.
But how’s that going to happen when I’m scared trapped in my own little world.


Megan Quinn Murphy

Teenage Depression

Every morning is the same, I am always the one to blame,
I dread school every day hoping that they will go away,
I walk the school halls scared to death scared to take another breath,
My confidence is not so go if I had friends its probably would,
Fourty minutes of pure hell waiting anxiously for the bell,
Why to teenagers suffer from depression that is the big question.

Cian Doyle

Sticks and Stones

I’ve been told to write a poem now. KUPOW!
I just don’t know what to write abou’
I could write a rant or a speech but I don’t know how.
What about name calling, cause we’ve all been that “stupid cow”.
But nowone ever stands aside to say; “wow!”
“Why would you say that, that’s a real sick thing to say
You don’t know what they’ve been through today”.
It’s a cruel game of Life we play.
I know that’s a big cliché
But their losing
And they think everybodys cruising
For all you know they could have bruising.
You know their name but not their story.
Their real name not the one you gave him, dubbed “Shorty”!
That’s the lowest of the low! The baddest of the bad!
To make somebody feel that sad.
Banter is great and all but this is just mad.
Hurtful slagging and excluding them from the latest fad?
So before you go off spreading hurtful words
Just think the impact his has on their world!
Cause sticks and stones may break my bones
But name calling always hurts me.

Andrew Hart


Friend, friend

you’re starting to drive me around the bend

I must insist

you getting pissed

is out of control

if you keep it up your ma will put you back on patrol,

I’m getting concerned

i taught we learned

getting high

will make you a bad guy,

So I’m gonna be nice

please take my advice:



Naomi Lutrell


School is cruel,
It is full of fools thinking they are cool,
Teasing is not pleasing,
Every time you yelp,
Teachers say they will help,
They never do,
so im forever feeling blue.


Grade A Student

He was always a good student constantly getting As and doing all his homework
He was top of the class always making jokes and having fun.
Then one day everything changed and he maded a huge mistake.

He constantly has to live with the regret of it,
Of how he changed with a tiny bit of alchol and picked up his dads habits.
If only she would of gave him the greenlight
They could of have had all night.
And all he wanted was to wake up with amnesia to forget about her.
Maybe the girl of his dreams wouldn’t of called him a freak in school
infront of the year.

nobody from school thought the brightest lad in class would have the
deepest scars and have to take 6 pills every 6 hours to make himself
feels okay,
Just because he was an A+ student
Doesn’t mean he didn’t has his own problems,
One little mistake changed everything for him,
That A+ student went to an F student.
The happiest people always have the sadest secrets.


Jess Higgins

Why do people have to be perfect?


Today the world is full of teenagers who think they                                                                                                                             have to be perfect, just to fit in,


This is no laughing matter, it happens every day


To people near and even far away.


People wonder why teenagers do this but then realise that their trying to fit in with their friends,


This matter may not occur to some teens but they will      still understand,


what others are feeling and that they’d need a helping hand,


I am now going to end this on a very strong note ,


By saying  goodbye to you all and remember everyone is beautiful and that’s how it goes.


By Robbie Keogh


Made plans for it all,

It was gonna be good,

A week left of school

Then tests, who cared?

It was second year, study no need

Weather was heating up

Camp out planned, I couldn’t be happier

Wake up on the Saturday morning, tests on Monday

Took out my phone, put on my music

Work on the house still going, no internet yet

Went down to my mams bathroom to wish her good morning,

She simply said hello, I whistled to the song and made way towards the kitchen

“Stop there”, my mam said, I turned, she beckoned me in

To her room I went and sat on her bed,

“I’ve news” she said, “Stay sitting”

My rugby team had texted her some sad news, she told me

What is it I wondered, expecting a cancelled game

That wouldn’t even be a shame, I hadn’t been enjoying the season,

What was the reason for this sudden text.


Raymond McClintock

Leave me alone

‘’Leave me alone,cause I’m not alone’’
I have friends that make me laugh better than you,
I have a family that care more about me than you,
You always only worried about youself and didn’t care about me,
Im happy im not with you, im happy that im free.
Leave me alone cause im not alone is a lyric so true,
I’d rather be with my family and friends and far away from you.

Aoife Knight

Melting Symphonies

Your eyes are like fireworks
You stand frozen for me
Melting like chocolate
Sends my heart racing
When I spend time with you
I hear symphonies in your smile
I am so glad that you are my friend.

By Codi-Marie Browne

An Orange

An orange is something so very simple
Smooth soft skin,covered in dimples
With its thick orange coat
To protect it from winters cold.
The first thing to do,peel the skin
Its not important chuck in the bin.
Take the first bite,as the beautiful texture
Caresses your taste buds in amzing pleasure
The stong juice,oh so sweet
So delicious,it’s a lovely treat
But wait watch out,a deadly pip
If you eat that,you will flip
Once that’s done,enjoy the fruit
It does your mouth a world of good.

Tom Kelly

I Was

I was a young Happy child,spent the day runing around jumping having
fun,then it changed I had a little sister and for a time it was great,
I had a friend to play with then I noticed my Mom spent less time with
me and my Dad was working later to support another child, And well I
missed it the attention this desirwe just grew and grew until I
started doing things like runing into walls fake being sick even
pinching myself until I cryied just for the attention.I got worse as
she got older I was the oldest I was expected to set an example, to
never make a mistake always do what I was told be the perfect child
but I could’nt I was only ten this scared me and I was even more
afraid of disapointing my parents, so I lied I put on a façade a fake
smile and a positive attitude and bottled up all the fear all the
asadness all the anger and then I broke I could’nt take and I hid,I
hid from all the names all the stress all the expectations everything
I just hid and cryed and then people noticed people who called me
‘friend’ they comforted me talked to me and the lonelness began to
fade but it still lingered I was still afraid to talk about the stress
to say something wrong to make a mistep and fall back it the pit of
lonelness so I put on a smile and I began to laughed I thought no one
knew I was there and I just laughed and laughed and they laughed with
me and I felt accepted and then I left for secondaryand well I made
friends I could talk about the stress, the anger, the sorrow and they
listened and told me their struggles and I felt good like everything
had faded and I felt a voice inside finally let it all out..But I
did’nt I was still afraid . A year passed and my sister now eleven was
sent to hospital for surgery and my parents spent most of the time
with her and for four mounth I spent living in my house alone,afraid
but I did’nt tell anyone.Dusting off the façade and just told everyone
I’m ok but I was living alone in my house,my sister split open on some
surgeon’s table and after four sleepless days the façade broke
down,people saw something and I was brought to the guidance counciler
and I snaped all the anger, all the sadness everything poured out and
after I felt empty and I sat down and just stared at her and I just
cryed, she told me everything was going to be ok and I belived her out
of denial or just to have a shred of hope and she was right, my sister
got better she came home and the lonelness ws gone the anger,the
sorrow everything was gone all that was left was the joy of having my
family back

Eragon Insigna

What farming life is all about


I get home from school throw the bag on to the couch

I got dressed and start my normal jobs

All I can hear is the cows balling

This is nothing new to me

All I do is talk to too the cows I say to them how is she cutting

I get into the tractor she won’t start the bitch I told my da get rid of this shit

I get it started the whole day is nearly over

I bring a bale to the cows

The have the whole bale in a few seconds

I said to them jaysus can’t wait to go home and get a bit of beef for the AULD dinner

I got the dinner finished in record time

I headed down to the field down to my girl she expecting tonite

Better hold her hand or she give me a kick

She started to ball I said calm down

The feet popped out I said holy coooooow

I started to talk to her keep pushing

Give her socks

BINGO she outs I may for the auld school

Christopher Whittle