Scoil Chuimsitheach Chiaráin, Carraroe, Co. Galway



I  sat at the back of the room

Thinking of something, something dark and mysterious

Something I didn’t know about,

But yet I thought about it,

Something I shouldn’t tell anyone about it,

But yet I told my family and few friends,

And yet I didn’t tell them every thing

I shouldn’t be thinking about this at my age,

And yet I do.

I waited  a while to see if this would pass,

But yet it hasn’t.

I still sit at the back of the room by myself ,

Thinking about this everyday,

And yet it hasn’t pass.

I wait and see if could do something about it,

And yet I haven’t find the answer.

But I think to myself ,

The tunnel  has a end ,

And I say to myself  I will come out of this with help.



By Georgina Folan

You know my name not my story


You know my name not my story,

People think its ok to judge,

But you don’t understand how it hurts,

All the name calling and actions they do,

In the end it feels like there’s nothing inside,

You start thinking of the names they called you,

You start thinking them too,

It’s all you think about day in day out,

No one knows how you feel,

You don’t want to tell them,

They will make more fun of you than before,

Life is not easy as it is,

This just makes it worst,

They don’t know what happened in your life,

And they never will,

This is how the world is for people and how it will be.

Megan Larkin

My name is on the roll

But no one hears me call

It’s all so fake a lie Betray it means nothing