Dunshaughlin Community College, Co. Meath


Every day we wake up

Look at our self in the mirror

Always find something to judge

We are our worst enemies

This society full of flaws

But we in life have the choice to embrace those flaws

Or just complain for the rest of our lives

You make your own choices in life

At the end of the day what people think doesn’t matter

It’s what you think that counts

Embrace all your flaws

Don’t listen to the others,

Who cares if they don’t like the way you dress

Only you should care,

you should love you imperfections

Because its what makes you ,you

Ciara Woods


When you work hard every day

But no one appreciates your efforts, they never pay

Off, so you keep on trying because giving up is worse,

The disappointment in your head is worse than a murder case.

When you try and say how you feel, write it up in your head

But it won’t come out right so you stay quiet, and regret the way you feel.

No matter your own priority, opinions find their way in

The way you think it should be overriding why you feel

If you love like a friend, a lover or a family member

Each different hopes and dreams that you made up

To live up to your own expectations,

Wrote as many futures as decisions

Whether death is your ideal solution

Don’t run from the challenge you wrote yourself

Strive to achieve the goals you want

And never look in that evil box again

Cause that box is all self inflicted

You are who you are and you can’t  always change that

But you can change what makes you sad and happy

You deserve to feel the way you wrote it

So keep up the smile, the work and even the façade

Because one day you’ll live your story and throw away that box



I know a girl, she’s always alone

She sits in her room, on her phone

Texting people from other places

Trying to talk about her sad face

Not being able to see her screen

Because her eyes were starting to leak

She wipes her tears away with sleeve

And stares blankly at the wall in fear

She notices something shiny on the bed

Trying not to look she covers her head

The urge is strong so she sits up

And takes the blade and looks up

She presses it against her skin

Waiting for the pain to leave from within

She sees the blood dripping from her wrist

And now she stares at the floor she’s about to hit

–         Anonymous


Your 16… You shouldn’t be stressed out

Oh really I shouldn’t be stressed out and how would you know this?

Do you come home every day and just want to cry because you feel like your worthless and can’t do anything good!

Do you wake up every morning wanting to lock yourself away because you don’t know what will happen to you when you leave the house?

You never know who you will see what will be said and what will happen

Do you ever wake up sometimes wishing you never woke up?

And that is why I’m stressed because unknown to your knowledge I’m fighting the never ending battle that is called teenage life and DEPRESSION

So when you’re about to say your only 16 you shouldn’t be stressed out do me a favour sit the fuck down and think long and hard before you open your fucking mouth!!!!



Sometimes things don’t go right,

That’s cos life is full of shite.

But in the end that’s okay,

You just gotta hit the hay.

Start the day anew,

cos all that matters is you.

But not all hope is lost,

Problems melt like frost.

Always look on the bright side of life,

And whatever you do don’t choose the knife.

Maybe you’re always picked last,

But this too shall be past.

In the end life is great,

No reason for to hate.

Those who bully you,

Simply don’t know you.

When all is said and done,

Life shall now be fun.

By  Robert Mc Connell & Sean Byrne


Expectation were flying high,

As a kite in the sky,

Caught in an updraft

Soaring out of control.

Here came a storm,

Destroying the kite,

All hope was lost,

In the night.

The spectators mocked,

At the sight of the shock,

Expectations buried,

Like the kite in the ground.

Expectations were unachievable,

They were set too high,

Too lofty like the kite in the sky.


That one night

Everything was bought

Anticipation and hope to not get caught

We readied ourselves and steadied our mind

We played that pump up song on rewind

Minds filled with idea and Jack daniels

The pier pressure of acceptance

No Longer thinking in the past tense

Only to the future we look

The narcotics filled our body as it took

Us to a rhealm of dream and ambition

The curtains were drawn

My face hit by a bright light

As I awoke from my dream of That one night

By sean welch


All the ambition, not enough recognition.

Day in day out the constant training,

In the lightening thunder snow and when it is lashing raining.

Hundreds of miles,

Just for a few winning smiles.

Losing close friends on the road to success ,

But that’s what I takes to be the best.

On the days were you lacking motivation,

Just remember there is someone else training full of determination

So slip on your one runners,

tie up the lace,

because this is the road, the journey ,



Paddy Maher

The Show Must Go Wrong


Everything always goes wrong

Yet the show must go on

Whatever life throws in your way

Just know things will be okay

 Anonymous x2


I’m different but I do not have a problem.

I do not care what others think.

They pose all around us like stars.

But they are not.

I’m the only one that stands out crowd with its own worldview.

Everyone looks at me like I would be worse.

But that’s what makes me special.

I am who I am and I’m okay with that everyone looks at me like I would be worse.

But that’s what makes me special.

I am who I am and I’m okay with that.




What’s with the rush?

Life’s not a race,

Put down that brush,

And take a look at your face.


You don’t have to be the first,

Take a journey in the slow lane,

Realise that life can be the worst,

Why throw yourself into that pain?


We all feel the pressure,

To grow up,

But we don’t need to measure,

The size of your bra cup.


The fact is everyone ages,

But in due course,

Block out the judges,

And don’t pre-book your hearse.

                                                                                                                                   Megan Brady

Shivers Cast

When the weather boasts nothing to brag

The fields a frozen terrain

The once ubiquitous child of Prague

Appears in the garden again


As fiery leaves of orange fall

Draining colour from my view

From wrinkled branches so thin and small

Casting shivers into you


But to move off from a dark subject

And a grudge I need to let go

For nothing is more picture perfect

Than a crisp blanket of snow.

Aisling Flynn

No Name

Heart broke it drills a hole, can it be filed

No kind words, no inspiration, helps it

The more you try the wors it gets,

You begin to realise, you are lost

Wgen you search it’s hard to find yourself

Not the one you you built yourself to shield away the pain

but the real you. the one you lost back then

What part are you missing, out of your heart,

Ouy of your sole,out of your very being

The deeper you dig the darker it gets,

You find it hard to tel whare you are going,

After al it’s hard to achive anything,When you don’t trust yourself.

Trusting yourself believing yourselc,

it’s the only light in the depts of your broken sole

try to find the part or your heart to fil,

 the gaping hole that has you lost. 

can you?


Brian Dunne

Oh, How He Doesn’t Know

He makes me laugh,

When he talks, the sound of his voice calms me,

When he smiles, I know everything must be okay,

But he doesn’t know.


I want to say his name,

To talk to him, tell him a joke, 

I try to make an effort,

But he doesn’t know.


But still I shall await,

For the day I say, ‘Hey wait!

Love isn’t so bad,

Tiz a piece of cake!”


All the Rom-Coms,

Are not all so true.

Love is not rainbows and unicorns,

But is often so blue.


Maybe someday,

Not today nor tomorrow,

I will find my someone,

And not drown in my sorrows.


But he will never know.


 -Ellen McGee

They See

The way we talk, we walk, we dress, we eat;

The way we laugh and play and drink our tea,

The way we watch the world pass by our eyes


They see


When we laugh till we can’t breath

When we walk through frozen leaves

When we shiver or wipe our eyes


They see


The way we act when shy or scared

The way we smile when stories are shared

When we try to look through another’s eyes


They see


They’re always listening in the wind

Always finding out your sins,

Maybe it’s you, it’s in your mind

But then again, you’ll always know;


They see

     – Megan Perry


No one will ever understand the struggle,
The feeling of your world beginning to crumble.
It could be your brother, sister, or even your wife,
Either way, it’ll ruin your life.
So make sure hold onto those you love tight,
And never forget to kiss them goodnight.
Because when you are faced with cancer,
There really is, only one answer.
                                      ~By Eóin O’Connor

me llamo maria y me gusta bailar

 tengo un padre y una madre muy formal

no me gusta cantar , ni cocinar

tampoco me gusta el mar

tengo el pelo largo y ojos oscuros

soy muy  Baja y tengo una caja

no me gusta el frio que es muy pillo

me gusta el calor que es mejor

Maria Barrio

The Concert

On the stage looking down at the crowd,

                   Everyone screaming my name out loud

                   So keen, so eager , to start the song

                   Hoping that they can sing along

                   Holding the pick in my sweating hand

                   Maybe I might just be grand,

                   If I don’t mess up when playing the guitar

                   If I stick to the beat and play the bar.

Rhys Bruce


 Why do people have to be mean?

 They’re disgustingly cruel and they want to be seen,

Putting down others just because they can.

I can’t understand why this abuse began,

Treating certain people like they aren’t worth a damn.

It’s 2015 it’s time to change,

Just because someone’s different that doesn’t mean they’re strange.

Put yourself in the victim’s shoes,

Having to wake up every day and face a new set of blues.

Most people probably don’t realise what they’re at,

They think it’s a joke, a laugh, but it’s not like that.

This makes some people’s lives a living hell,

Leaving them trapped in their own mental prison cell.

Next time you see someone who’s not like you,

Consider the consequences of what you do,

Because trust me everyone’s not as resilient as you.


Duncan O’Connor


Worse than a serial kill 

Picks random people doesn’t care what age they are or what they are going through 

Doesn’t even kill them quickly 

It dose it slowly painfully.

The person docent choose it they don’t even deserve it they get and are told by the doctor to fight it 

They fight and fight painfully and then when they think they are winning 

They are kicked in the shins and try get back up but can’t struggle but they can’t being held down being kicked and kicked until they can’t get up and that’s it they are beaten 

By Oran Fitzpatrick


Everyone has the right to choose

Left or right it’s yours to lose

But really do you have a choice

When you’re told you have no voice

You’re beat down

Then told not to frown

To cop on

Then to stay strong


In our world choice is a privilege

Kept by those who only abuse it

Your right to choice is left to them

One quick interview and the scrawl of a pen

You leave your life for them to mould

Always doing what you were told

Never to question the men in the suit

Never to ask are they a brute?


We must fight for a right to choose

For eventually you’ll have nothing to lose

Always left to ask and wonder

Why you agreed to bow and sunder

For a man to take your choice and choose

But wait

You had nothing to lose 

                                                                                                                            SHANE CAROLAN

We are the ones

We are the ones who are trapped

Big lips, big ass smile to die for

But we do, die

We look at ourselves and cry

The pain we feel is shared

We all have cuts and bruises

Somewhere hidden in all of us

But no one we can trust

The secret we keep

Are hidden so deep

Like cancer waiting to kill us

We are the ones who find the razor

We are the ones who feel the pain

Of the world all the pressure

They think it’s a game

by Katie Kelly & Lara Reynolds


Just because you’re a drama queen doesn’t mean I’m going to treat you like royalty,

Because I feel like I’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen,

And we accept the love we think we deserve,

And maturity starts when drama ends.


Can’t Think of a Title

If Monday was a person

You would be it

Because I see right through you

You’re just full of shit

Everyday I am anxious

And dying inside

But you still find a way

To make my anger multiply

I hate the person you are

Yet I hate your rejection

I don’t care what you think of me

But I need your affection

I feel so invisible

And you just make it worse

When someone acknowledges me

I think “wow, that’s a first”

When I say you

It’s not just one person

Many people make feel like this

And I’m afraid it will worsen

So I wrote down anonymous

So people might say

“I’ll be nicer to everyone

In case they feel this way”


The truth about us

The fear of death

We all know a few who aren’t afraid

Who aren’t bothered with the world

Who give up occasionally

Who don’t recover

Everyone who is left to suffer

To figure out what the hell went wrong

To argue

The truth is we shouldn’t be afraid

We should take it in and remember

At least they lived

Because with life comes death

and that is inevitable

                                         Jennifer Hannon

Memo to the cool kids


You might give me advice on how to live my life

Call me queer, freak , waste of space  and the like

That Im a stripe

In a world full of dots

That I should be left to rot

But you deciding my life

Is a decision you have not

So fuck your ideas

Take them to your grave

I will not be

Societies slave



                                  Ciaran Quinn

Friday Night

Friday night and I’m on the tear,


My clothes, my wallet, not a care.


As the pints flow and the numbers grow,


I rapidly lose all my dough.




With an empty wallet and an unquenchable thirst,


My booze-ridden brain must be nursed.


Its 3am and I begin the journey home,


I see a girl all alone.




With my mind in a twist and beginning to sting,


I took one look and thought, “she’s worth a fling!”


As we headed to her apartment for some private time,


The campus stairs too high a climb.


I collapsed half-way up with my vomit all over,


The young one soon realised I wasn’t sober.




She leapt to her apartment with a touch of fear,


Her interest in me was frightfully clear.


With my head plastered and my body weak,


The chances of making it home seemed meek.


I took off my jumper and went for a kip,


Determined to, for a few hours, settle the ship.




10 hours later and my vomit had dried,


I was still uneasy, my head was fried.


After another failed one night stand,


I decided to return to more familiar lands.


I called a taxi, “I’m in Limerick” I said,


Although I had one word on my mind and that was BED!


Alex and Ryan

On a Winter’s Morning

Pulling on my armour,

Opening the defensive barrier,

The frost mauls my nose

And gnaws at the corners of my ears


My fingers curl into my sleeves,


To save themselves from the icy cruelty

Of Mother Nature.


I take a step in dread

Venturing further into the unassuming icebox.

My shield does not defend me

From blight and vulnerability.


I reach out to grab the handle of asylum

And strain to salvage my freezing soul

From the scraping nails of Jack Frost,

But I make it.


From the door to the car on a winter’s morning.

                                                                                                                              Niamh Curtin


lost from a young age ,

left without a dad,

in and out, he picked his days,

really its just sad,

he was an excuse,

on the loose ,

but who could understand,

the lost days,

the heartbreaks ,

just buried in the sand.

Shauna Byrne

My self

My self

I am popular in school

I am so smart people think I am cool

I am in love with a girl

Who in her hair has curls


I am talented for video games

But I feel ashamed

In my family I am kind

Together we bind

By Robert Preston

Rant about feminism

Feminism is everywhere and we see it everyday.

A feminist is someone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of one human.

Either you are a feminist or a sexist/misogynist.

There is no box marked ‘other’. Feminism is not a dirty word.

It does not mean you hate men, it does not mean you hate girls

that have nice legs and a tan, and it does not mean you are a ‘bitch’ or a ‘dyke’;

it means you believe in equality. And there should be more of these people in society.

Ask yourself ‘if not me, who? If not now, when?’.

We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.

‘Shut up! I wear bigger heels than your dick’.


by Shona Curley and Saoirse Fitzpatrick

The crowded halls 

They walk through the hall of many places I see everyone but none see me 

I say hello but get no response 

I hide among the crowded halls 

So I can’t be seen or be heard 

I walk through these crowded halls to and from every day 

I am not noticed only when they slag me and hit me 

That is when I am seen 

I am told noting nice or no positive things 

This is what happens in these crowded halls 

                                                                                                                         Connor Jago


lost from a young age ,

left without a dad,

in and out, he picked his days,

really its just sad,

he was an excuse,

on the lose ,

but who could understand,

the lost days,

the heartbreaks ,

just buried in the sand.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Shaunna Cox

Life is built on failures

In life everyone dreams big

In reality dreams seldom come true

Life is not all about the jig

You will often get the flu


After each failure

I look at myself in the mirror

And think what will life fail me at next


After the failure comes success

And when you hit success

You know life is like a game of chess.

                                                                          Aaron comiskey aka The sports and gamer guy


I walked home with my friend by my side

Talking about the innocent school day

Skipping along, cheery with a sweet mind


As soon as my foot touched the porch of my home

Something changed

My friend ran along as I stood still

Unknowing why I felt my heart drop

I followed as she dropped her bag


My mother opening the door with opened arms

An unconvincing smile laid on her face

Teary eyed but positive attitude

I ignored, she didn’t want me to notice


The pain in her heart

The emptiness she felt


My neighbour burst through the door

Straight to my mother

She repeated how sorry she was

I stood connecting the dots

I was young but knew what happened

My soft smile disappeared

But resurrected since I didn’t want her to see


The pain in my heart

The emptiness I felt


I ran to my friend

Hoping her positivity and joy would cure me

Of my devastation

But no

It still lingered as we both laughed

But my friend soon left

And her mother came to the door

She knew


I saw the pain in her heart

The emptiness that she felt


The door shut

I ran to my mother

I told her that I knew

We both then revealed to each other


The pain in our hearts

The emptiness that we felt


Dearbhla Molloy

The Match

A crucial block,

A well timed run.


The ball soaring into the arms of the outstretched net,

The ball a bird flying effortlessly over the blackspot.


Powering by a helpless player,

The goal keeper shaking in your wake.


Nothing compares to final day,

Losing is shattering,

Winning is indescribable.


Martha Ní Riada


As I watch the vibrant colours of the rainbow,

Cross the dullness of the dark grey sky,

I can’t help but feel sad.


All hope seems lost as its colours begin to fade,

Slowly into the clouds and out of sight,

Leaving nothing but rain clouds.


but as the sun shines through the clouds once again the very next day,

the vibrant colours of the rainbow returns to the sky,

filling our minds with awe and wonder at its beauty.



Every day was the same,

Same streets, same people, same life

Nobody likes this

But suddenly everything changes.

I change, I became different.

Before, I had everything I want

And I didn’t know it

I didn’t realize all I had,

only when I lost all

I realize all this things,

all this people,

all I had.

And now I miss it,

I miss them.

Marina Gonzalez Gamazo

His Dream

He talks all day

Hoping for big pay

And gets all the women

Acting like a chicken

But really he’s just waiting for a chance

To spread his wings and dance


Dunshaughlin GAA

Full of strength full of mite

Full of pride full of fight

We battle to win

Never back down

This is our parish our kingdom

Our town

                                                                      Adam Summerville & Conor Moyles


I Cannot write a poem

Whether I’m at school or sitting at home

I find writing very hard

Whether its on paper or an A4 card

I’ve tried thinking of poems in my head

But I’ll struggle with writing until I am dead

I really cannot write

This bothers me when I go to sleep at night

I try to think of poems when I’m on a flight

But I just can’t get it right



Life is a game of numbers

Like whether or not to eat cucumbers

You count up the pros

And count up the cons

But you always end up getting bronze


Wise words

I’m writing this poem

To tell you to stay away from whiskey

It’s just too risky

Don’t listen to the peer pressure

Make your own mind up

You don’t need it to get some pleasure

You only end up in trouble

Trouble by the double

Ben Hanley

The dressing room


Walls filled of passion and pride

Belief that’s found countrywide

Floors covered by blood, sweat and tears

Inspiring words fall upon attentive ears

The faith of the club and their dream

Rest on the shoulders of this brave team.

                                                                                     By jack caldwell and Sean Allen

No jokes no fun

No smiling no laughter

No rhyming no life

Don’t cry don’t sing

None of that horrible bling

Don’t be moronic

Listen to these rules

and you will be called tools
Darragh, Sasha and Jorge

I’m not a fan of poetry,

It’s hard to make words rhyme,

You must follow certain rules

To make the poem align.


You must repeat the repetition,

Again! Again! Again!

A simile compares two words

But I can’t think of them.


O soft and soothing sibilance,

O cracked cacophony,

If only you were personified

I’d kick you in the knee.


I’m not a fan of poetry,

I don’t think it’s for me

The fact that I am writing this

Is utter irony.

James and Arno