Scoil Mhuire, Trim, Co. Meath

The first time she heard it,

It felt like a whip.

The whipers and laughs went straight to her heart

The texts and the images hit her like dart


After a while she could not hear a thing

She was numb to the texts,    

deaf to the whispering


but when you are deaf

its hard to hear 

the howls and sobs of the ones who hold you dear

Isabelle Varley



My thoughts cut through your prattle like a knife.

I slice through that babble like it’s made of air.  And it is.

Only air whistling away between the spaces between your ears.

My thoughts can do as they please. They are their own masters.

And they are true masters indeed.

They clear out the drivel at a speed far greater than you could ever produce it.

Thank God for that fact, it spares my sanity. Brings me peace.

Swift and fiercer than I could ever be, they remove their targets.

They come from the dark in the back my mind and rescue me from any dulling reality.

In a time of need they can release me from any shackle that is placed upon me.

Such skill, unseen to anyone but myself but beyond anything I could achieve alone

And when I am free, they slink back to the shadows, having brought me my peace

And watch over me.


Róisín Hickey

Six foot











I am different but I don’t care

Don’t give a shit that you all stare

My real self I tried to kill

Years on and I was doing it still.


I realise now that I was wrong,

Trying to fit in, find where I belong.

I can now  fit in wherever I want to fit,

Because I realise now being myself was something I didn’t have to quit.



                                                                                            MAEVE KIRCA

What if?


260 million kids being forced to work, but

I can’t do anything.

4 million Syrian refugees

I can’t do anything.


Straightened my hair this morning, still goes frizzy, but

I can’t do anything.

Population starving

I can’t do anything.


I’m super broke, only got an iphone 5

I can’t do anything.

Racism still exists in 2015

I can’t do anything.


Women are still the inferior gender,

I can’t do anything.

No matches on tinder last night,

I can’t do anything.


I can’t do shit.

Well I probably can but like… effort.


Emma Halton


Why do you give a shit, about the people that you see?

I mean they’re not you,  your friends or your family.

They don’t care what you think,

Or how your eyes see them .

They know what there is,

On the surface and within. 

They like their figure and their dyed hair,

They like their clothes and laugh because you care.

They know they’re worth more

Than a thousand starry nights 

And when they get the chance,

They will shine bright. 

Next time you call someone ugly 

Or tell them a lie,

Take a second to ask yourself  



Caoimhe Whelan

Bitches Gonna Run….

They use us all the time, 

And leave us alone.

We thought we could trust them

And then we got friend zoned.


Now they are struggling by themselves

Like two lost elves,

But we won’t let them in,

That would be a major sin.


We hope this poem will show

That they should glow

Like the stars in the sky.

Now we’re saying goodbye


I used to be Happy

I Used to be proud ,

I Used to be happy, 

I Used to walk with my head up high, 

I Used to be innocent, 

I Used to be myself, 

I Used to be different and unique, 

But I changed , im the same, im “fake”.

 I care way too much, 

Always trying to fit in and be accepted,

Stay in peoples good books and be nice to people who treat me like shit 

All because im scared?!

Scared of what they’ll say,

Scared of what they’ll do 

But now im done. Im done caring about what they think.

And Now I am proud,

Now I am happy,

Now I am me and if you don’t like that then you can go fuck yourself 

Caitlin hanlon

Underneath it All.

I’m sick and tired of being there all the time,
Listening to you talk about me, me, me,
Myself and I.
I’m sick and tired of always being “that” friend,
Who’s there for you all the time,
But when it’s me you don’t see it to the end.
I’m sick and tired of worrying about what they think,
With my grades, my appearance,
Or the fact that I don’t drink.
I’m sick and tired of seeing the same reflection every single day.
Despite the “you are perfect”s,
To them the way I look is never the right way.
I’m sick and tired of being labelled innocent and young,
And get myself into trouble,
Because of the slightest slip of tongue.
I’m sick and tired of this idea of being a perfect human being,
Because nobody has a 6″ waist,
And real humans are the ones you’re always seeing.
I’m sick and tired of how girls treat one another,
And all the nasty things said,
Could make anyone with a heart shudder.
Most of all I’m just sick and I’m just tired.
So next time when that’s the reply you receive,
When asking “whats’s up?” or “how are you this this eve’?” ,
Don’t let the answers,
Just sick or just tired be ok,
Because if you dig a little deeper you might make someone’s day.
                                                                                                 – anonymous

I’m Messed Up

I’m messed up,
So messed up it scares me,
I can’t take myself seriously,
Can’t tell if I’m taking it too far or not far enough.
You asked for my ‘scrapes’ and ‘grazes’ but your definition does not determine my case,
I’m messed up.
These ‘scrapes’ and ‘grazes’ turn to ‘scars’ and ‘shattered bones’,
Unfixable and irreplaceable,
The scars won’t fade and the bones won’t heal,
You won’t feel what I feel,
I’m messed up.
You can never understand
what it’s like for no one to hold your hand,
I’m alone and restless.
For everyone I’ve tried my bestest,
They see my failures and flaws,
I’m messed up.
You call your ‘scrapes’ and ‘grazes’ ‘scars’ and ‘shattered bones’ too
But Why?
Because you’ve been dumped?
Or called a name?
Have you ever been hit or abused?
Not just at home but at school too?
Watch your brother do drugs?
Watch your father drink his depression and pain away?
What does this do?
What can I say?
I’m messed up.
No one listens,
I feel isolated, irritated.
For those who have never appreciated what they have
For people who have been dumped or called a name,
I’m sure that’s pretty sad?
But I’m depressed and distressed
With real ‘scars’ and ‘shattered bones’
I’m fucked up.


Mammy please stop crying 

My ears don’t like the sound

Mammy please stop screaming 

My heart hurts at the sound



Daddy please come back

We need you here right now

Daddy please help mammy 

She’s breaking I don’t know what to do


You left me alone that day

Alone with the remains of a family

You left sitting there

Wondering why I wasn’t enough


Daddy please don’t go

I promise I’ll be good 

Daddy please don’t leave me

I won’t be bad again


Mammy go get daddy 

Tell him he has to care

Mammy bring him home

My sister needs him here


My brother doesn’t know what to do 

When you both scream and cry

My sister hides under duvet 

And cries herself away


Daddy please come home 

I need you here today 

You left me there alone wondering where I went wrong

When your car didn’t come back home


I won’t let love break me 

Like it did my family

Mama I love you

Let’s play a game

I’ll do anything 

Let’s be happy pretend he didn’t leave a hole.



I Swore

I swore that I would never do anything bad

Smoke, say mean things, mess around with a lad

I looked down on anyone

Who would go out and get locked

I disapproved of the bitchy girls who mocked

Who mocked the teachers, school and people inside

The girls who went out every weekend, went out and lied

But now that I’ve gotten older

I just want to try new things

Be that more daring and bolder

I never looked up to popular pretty girls

Because of the bad things they have done

But now I’ve realised

I just want to be one 
by Lily Bowler

She Screamed

She screamed because you whispered

She ran because you chased

She fell because you pushed

She cut because you held the knife


He strained because you sneered

He hid because you searched

He cried because you commented

He cut because you held the Knife


It was a warning you ignored

It was a distraction from you

It was a hiding place
It was you who held the knife


But now It’s,

Her memories

His past

Your regret and Your knife.

Rebecca Hoary

You May

You may hit me, you may kick me me,

you may slap me, you may hurt me,

but you may not break me.

I am unbreakable, unstoppable,

yes you will laugh that is what humans

do that is our nature they laugh at the hurt,

broken, lonely people out there,

but I am not saying that you only laugh at them,

others laugh at them too.

But klaughing is different to breaking,

to breaking someones one important organ,

someone’s beater, the blood passer,

because they need this and if they don’t have it

they wont be able for the world

and youll think the grweatest break up line was perfect

and it wouldn’t have effected me,

well youll know if it did or not when you see me everday on my birthday,

covered in dirt, floers, rocks and a huge stone.

so becareful of your words because some can do severe damage…

just remember that

Rebecca Hope

A life less ordinary

At three dad died 

She was left deprived 

At fourteen she had her first kiss

At seventeen she was pregnant 

At nineteen she was all alone 

At twenty three she married for love

At twenty five she got diagnosed

She got better then worse and… 

At twenty seven she left her daughter aged nine.



Teenage Relationships.


Best friends,






Time loss.








 kayleigh o’ dowd

‘Who’s Choice’

A rapist of a father,

A mother’s broken water,

“Just go to the clinic,

 you won’t even feel it”,

Just a clump of cells,

“You’ve already seen hell”,

But what about me?

Why couldn’t I be ever free,

And see this World around my mother,

Who’s pain she tried so hard to smother,

When she left me in that clinic,

So she wouldn’t have to feel it.


But why Mam? What did I do?

I wasn’t the one who harmed you.

I came from spawn of that rapist,

But do I deserve the death sentence?


Máire Ní Churraoin

Friend zoned

You lead me on

You don’t care

You send me x’s here and there


You get my hopes up

You let me down

You turned my world upside down


You call me pal

You call me m8

You asked me out on a “date”


I feel alone

Because you put me in the friend zone.




The dirty looks, carrying too many books,

The size clothes you wear, being told not to care,

‘It doesn’t matter’ they say, as your self-esteem shatters,

The spots on your face, there seen as a disgrace, 

Bragging about their Michael Kors riches, not realizing they’re bitches,

When you reach home, at the end of the day,

You know the only thing you can say is,

‘I’m fine’.


By Hanna, Bronwyn, Georgina



Coz you’re a lad, you’re all hard and tough.

Standing there like you don’t give a fuck

You have the idea that were there for your pleasure,

But really were your defensive measure.

You use us to make you look brave,

When you drop us almost as quick as we came.

You move onto the next girl,

 like it’s just a game. 


Katie Newman

Friendship’s Shore

As friends in the sea and on the shore,

Couldn’t have wanted any more,

I have never felt this way before ,

Banter and craic is all we had,

People would think we were mad.


You were here one day,

Now your gone

How am I still holding on

Never thought I would move on


I finally  found you,

You’re the one ,

Unfortunately he had the gun,

And then where were we,


You were here one day,

Now your gone,

How am I still holding on,

Never thought I would move on,

But look at me now I am strong .


By Hannah Kealey,  Jessica Ryall and Caroline Quinn

What I Will Not Give


I don’t give a f@c!.

I honestly don’t.

About your hair,

Your make up,

Your crave for attention ,

Or your shitty ass boyfriend.

I do not give a fu@*.


I don’t care about your opinion.

Or the fact you only talk about yourself.

I laugh at your need to think you shine above everyone else.

I think it’s funny that, well

You think you’re funny.

To people who never crack a smile

Because they’re too afraid of what people think.

“oh they actually enjoy life”.

Wow isn’t that just awful.

Those who sit and pass judgement on others,

Saying “sorry but you’re not high enough in my social ladder”,

I got three words for you,

Go f*&% yourself.


Miss Clodagh McKeon.

The Box of Acceptance

When we are born we are given a gift,

The box of acceptance is where you begin.

And if you dare to venture outside,

You must be prepared to hide.

People are cruel,

People are sly,

But to this box I say bye-bye.


I will be different,

I am not afraid,

And in this moment I’ve decided, 

That today is the day.

I’m not afraid to be who I am,

Whether society accepts it or not,

Because I am me, 

And me is who I want to be.


Aisling Walsh

Cheeky Nandos


So tender, so sweet,

Biting you with my teeth

Beneath my soul 

 Is a hole 

But I also like spring rolls

I’d like a few in a bowl

The end

Maedbh Dennison

Nanny Ann

She was only sixty six,

When it was her time to go,

We didn’t want to see her go,

But cancer took a hold,

She faught it the first time,

But the second time got her bad,

She wouldn’t eat anything but

Chocolate buttons

And couldn’t stay awake

Cause she was on so much medication,

She would always crack a smile though,

But we all knew it was coming to the end,

Nanny Ann couldn’t turn this bend,

She took her last breath

And left us behind,

But always looks over us

Well so we pray.


Just cause I’m a girl

I’m a slut but you’re a legend,

Just cause I’m a girl.

We both play football, but I’m not  taken seriously,

Just cause I’m a girl.

We both got good results, but I was expected to, 

Just cause I’m a girl.

We’ll both get jobs, but I’ll quit and stay home to mind the kids, 

Just cause I’m a girl.

I’m expected to always put effort into my appearance, but you’re not, 

Just cause I’m a girl. 

Society says there’s so much you can do, but I can’t,

Just cause I’m a girl.
by Síofra Lynch

Sweet Choir


I go to the choir

Sweetly I sing

Chorus I hear

Joy all around.


Happy and sad

Music my life

Mam and dad

Forever my friends.


Stagecraft and dance

Busy weekends

Around I prance

Home for tea.


By Julie O’Brien

My drums are white,

Bacon is red,

Rhyming poems is hard,

I’m Batman.

Chloe Corcoran-Hanlon


Chloe’s a dope,

‘Cause bacon is pink,

This line won’t rhyme,


Hazel Joyce