Coláiste Chroí Mhuire, Spiddal, Galway

Love, Stupid and Hate

It’s the beginning of summer and you are out with your mates.

You are having a great time with your mates.

Music is pumping, your jumping around having a great time.

Then, you meet a girl you have never met before.

Your thinking, I wanna be with her.

Then, you are with for the whole night,

Thinking it was a great night.


Three days later you finally text her.

Your having a great conversation with her, talking for hours and you know that’s shes enjoying it as well.

You where in a thing with her for the whole summer ,texting her everyday to see how she is.

Your really happy with this girl and you know that shes happy with you as well and you don’t want it to end.


Then, on the day of a disco, you weren’t going but she was.

You get a text from her before she goes off to the disco.

I opened the message thinking she might have said im off or I will talk to you later.

But it says can we just stay friends.

You don’t know what to do, do you send a really angry message back, but instead you just leave it and don’t reply at all.


A couple of weeks later, you have forgotten about that girl you were with for the whole summer.

Your at a disco having a great time with your mates then suddenly, you see the girl that you where with for the whole summer.

She says hi to you and you say hi back and shes telling you that she wants you back.

Shes saying that she is sorry for what she have done to you.

You end up forgiving her and spending the night with her thinking that its gonna be back to the way it used to be.

You text her the next day after you haven’t text her in weeks and you ask her if you wanted to meet up and shes says that she likes another guy.

You are more mad than before when she made you mad before thinking that your gonna be back with her.

She says sorry but you don’t forgive her and you can never forgive her ever cause if you do, you know that shes gonna be ok with it but your not.

So you tell her that you are mad and always be mad at her no matter how many times she says sorry.


Night and Day

After every night and day,

The thoughts and dreams never go away.

Constantly thinking of what I will say,

The next time she will say hey.


Even though were not going out,

I feel as though I should be on the lookout.

Because some men in this world aren’t nice,

And if I find out they will pay the price.


Right here and now she is my best friend,

I hope that bond will never end.

Honestly right now it’s safe to say,

My love for her will never go away.



Playing Pretend


They say tomorrows a new day,

Yet it doesn’t seem that new.

I’m still surrounded by the same people,

With the same point of view.


I’ve grown too tired to listen and too old to believe,

To those who say

It’ll be ok.

I’m no longer naïve.


But each day I still wear a smile that’s fake.

Because for them to see my true emotions

Would be a much worse fate

Then spending each day pretending I’m ok.

– Amber Devaney


You are there when I’m happy ,

You are there when I’m sad,

I love you so much,

For u are my Dad


You have helped me to be

The person I am today,

Through some pain and some arguements

That lead me astray


Pops, my best-friend, who has shown me the way

I pray you don’t leave me because of old age


I’m writing this poem, right now for you

To say thank you,

And I’ll always love you too !!!


                              Xxx  kaylee xx


The feeling of accomplishment can be

Different to many people weather it’s

Winning that game, finishing that book

Or beating your high score in that video game…


To me, the feeling of accomplishment is

Something I’ve done that has pleases me. It doesn’t have

To be anything major such as making the senior Galway team

In Gaelic football, it can be something as small as

Doing well in a small test, or scoring a good

Goal in training.


In my opinion, the feeling of accomplishment

Is when you are happy with what ever

You have done in anything at all.


-Conall ó Cuirrín

The Feeling


The feeling you get when you walk out on the pitch

The atmosphere that almost makes you twitch

The crowd screaming like theres no tomorrow

But if there team looses, theres nothing left but sorrow


The players putting everything they have on the line

The backs and midfield numbered from one to nine

The forwards, there numbered from one to fifteen

Oh what a spectacle, oh  what a scene


The exhillerating pace of the beautiful game

While the players get ready to start taking aim

Family, friends and different  types of support

What some people say is the most beautiful sport


The sweet noise of the clash of the ash

To think that the players get no cash

A game that is always been about learning

Yes you guessed the best game in the world, hurling.


Fionn McDonagh

 They took it once


They took it once, they took it twice

And it raised them to new heights

High upon the clouds they soared

And depression they felt no more

Yet they knew not the problems galore

And arguments they had once more

Vicious words, ruthless brawls

Sounded throughout the houses halls

And when all was said and done once more

Pain and anguish was wrought galore


Pierce Canavan


In the crowds ,

It is so loud,

They all hear the giggling ,

But never the sniffling,

They brush aside and turn a blind eye,

To a person in need,

If they let themselves heed,

That person in need

They would see,

All they ever needed was to be free,

Of all their grief ,

And find some relief.

                                           -Sarah Hannon

Global Warming

People see global warming

People see the warning

But what they don’t see is the people mourning

The people of Bangladesh, so lost and so broken

Their houses taken away by the rugged ocean

All because of a thing called greenhouse gases

Taught by teachers in their geography classes

Meanwhile the governments of the world are sitting on their asses

All bark, no bite “we have strength in masses”


Ollie Quinn


Drugs are so bad,

You try them and go mad,

Your family kick you out,

And you wander about,

You have no money left,

So you have to think about theft,

You get in trouble with the police,

And all you have to wear is a fleece,

You are locked in a cell,

You feel like you are living in hell,

All because you spent all your money on drugs.


You’re Alive

Why whisper when you can shout?

Why fall when you can fly?

Be happy there is no need to cry,

Why fight when you can love?

Why do you ever walk alone?

When your company is a song,

Why do you always rely on

The place your demons lie?

When the angels are on your side,

Why do you always sleep?

And never take the chance to leap.

You can shine like the stars.

Don’t worry about life’s scars.

Like a busy bee’s hive,

You will always be alive.

                                                -Séan O’Driscoll.