St Colman’s, Claremorris, Co Mayo



They say you’re not good

They say you should quit

They leave you in the lime light

So everyone can take a bite

You shake it off

Say besides their wrong

You brush it aside

But you can’t

It envelops you like cancer

You really need an answer

Which no one can supply

And I can’t lie

It hurts

You feel alone

With no one to hold

But wait

There’s hope

There’s no need for a rope

Just talk to someone


Let the emotions flow

Let everyone know

There’s no need to feel


Dylan Jennings

The old car

With every journey

The humming underneath the hood

The rattling from its worn out frame.


The car could try no more


It died.


Liam Macken

A Gamers Pain


In some games you aim

And blame the connection, the frame

Rate which is far too slow

For you to go guns blazing

To play with fire and bullets today


In some you consistently repeat

To hear the pain of metal on meat

As you exclaim out in pain

Through dark storm and rain

When its death you have met


On these screens you play these games

And blame the frame

And exclaim in pain

Roaring in shame

Your enemy’s name

As you cry when you die


But you’re parents, they explain

It’s nothing but a silly old game

To which you proclaim

Your loss in shame

Which to others is all but the same


By Matthew Finn



If I could just say

I miss the way

You smell and

The way you look


I miss the way you

Make me feel and

The way you made

Me laugh all day


I miss you.

Please come back.





Every dog has its day,

Although usually left in dismay,

With a pitch full of grass and some clay,

Many a time we got there,

But never got results from prayers.


Eventually,we will have it all,

Eventually,we’ll answer the call,

Eventually,we’ll stand tall.


It’s been 64 years since the last All Ireland,

And it feels like we’re alone on an Island,

Eventually,we’ll get over the Horizon,




My First Time


The foam creeps up the sandy shore,

Remnants of a beast,

I stand there with my worn surfboard,

My excitement never ceased.


Snippets from my training,

Continue flooding back,

As I paddled out to sea,

Ready to attack.


The wall began to rise,

Up from the cloudy depths,

I turned around to face the shore,

I took a meditated breath,


It caught in an instant,

And then when I felt brave,

I stood up and balanced,

As I rode on the wave.


Kevin Gayer



Nobody knows

Nobody sees

Nobody hears

Their desperate pleas


All they want

Is to be like the rest

Able to fit in

Not to be a pest


They’re alone in the World

No one wants to be their friend

They will be alone

Until they come to an end.


By Shane Mellett


We`re all the same

Apart from a few different bits

We look at things differently

Us boys seem tougher

And girls more gentle to the touch.


Us lads

We`re nice alone

But when we`re in groups

We`re hurling abuse.


You girls are different though

More complicated than us

Sometimes causing a fuss

We do things wrong

But please forgive us.


We`re just not that soft.

Shane Cummins


The leaves begin to turn yellow

And the students begin to read Othello

The sky is not so blue

The trees begin to bud new


The bears start preparing for their big sleep

The farmers plan to house the sheep

The fruits on the trees begin to fall

The animals begin to heed natures call.


Thomas Corless

I Wish and Wish

Everyday I wish I was as good as others around me

they are many things I wish I could be

At school everyone laughs at me because

I am wearing a  jumper that doesn’t even fit me

my heart fills with sadness because

I wish I wasn’t me.


There is one thing in school that I do like

That is the beauty of art class

My heart fills with pleasure as

I can express who my thoughts.


When school ends I  breath a sigh of relief

Because I will no longer be given anymore beef

I really hate being a really small person but

I cannot change who I am but

I wish I wasn’t me.


Lonely Cloud


Life is like a lonely cloud.

Everyone is the same,

But different.


We have our own paths,

Our own journeys.

We can follow the group

Where ever the wind takes us;

But we are only one.


Each one of us must achieve our goal

Alone, with no one else.

But like a cloud we all want to

Achieve our goals,

Weather it is to bare rain,

Or bring sun.


To be a cloud we must rein high

Let our destiny take us on

Our life journey.

To be one among the clouds.


Conor Jordan

My Addiction

Most of the time crime is the only way I can express my emotions

Stealing, hurting everyone around me

But still no one ever seems to understand me

Because I need the money to feed my hunger

This all sounds like fiction but this is my addiction


                                                      Phelim Browne


The sun melts the snow,

And the plants start to grow,

The animals have young to be born,

Like the calves and lambs,

Easter is here,

The holidays are back, the last time before summer,

While the kids go back for school again,

Summers nearly back!


 John O’Connor

Mayo For Sam

Every year there’s only one aim

Every year the outcomes the same

Every year there’s always that claim

That this year wasn’t a fair ball game


The fans are confident and full of cheer

Hoping this year they’d step it up a gear

If the Mayo lads play without fear

This could definitely be our year


The pitch looks perfect, short and green

Dressing rooms brushed and squeaky clean

Everyone believes in this starting fifteen

Mayo For Sam 2K16


By: Liam Walsh


I was home alone

All the family gone to town

I sat on my bed

With my teddy Fred

I had shot my neighbour dead

R.I.P poor ted


Ted was a tall man

Who had a great nan

Ted was a hit with the neighbours

Always in his garden with his labours


But one day ted found out

My top secret hide out

He had to be silenced

I had no other option

But to shoot poor ted.


Gavin Saunders



In the eyes of a human our life is a struggle,

Just one endless loop of hardship and pain.

Working and earning to avoid endless trouble,

The yearly assignment is about keeping sane.


A life like this can force people a journey,

To a building top or a pier by the sea.

They feel in their life there is too high of a fee,

And then fall to their death saying “this lifes not for me”


Jack Ronayne

The Mask

Behind this mask,

Is a dark past,

Without happiness or a laugh,

But I keep all inside,

And put it aside

So I take on the day,

Not letting anything get in my way

Daniel McAllister



I’ll be honest I’m just the same,

As everyone else with a display name.

I check and send till days end,

Not knowing what will come round the bend.


I was a child when I joined this nation,

Of distant relations and leaked information.

The glistening lights of this city still excite me,

But their dangers should not be taken lightly.


Lots of people lose their lives,

To the CIA and the MI5.

Locked away for years to come,

Now nothing can be done.


SMS, Save My Status.


Jonathan Cunniffe

The Jump

As I stand on the edge of the cliff…..yes or no

My friends stand behind me shouting ‘GO!!GO!!’

As I look down, my heart starts thumping

I start to think about jumping.


I block out all the shouting

And look down at the waves….crashing

I take in a deep breath

And hope that I’m not taken by death


A cold sensation runs through my body

And the water make my vision seem foggy

When my breath begins to run out

I proudly surface without any doubts.


Rory Lavery


Broken Boy

The little boy walks down the hall as he did many times before, minding his own business. But as he walks he is tripped by a good for nothing swine. No reason behind it, the swine was just annoyed. the swine kept walking. No one tried to help the boy up. The boy just got up and walked away. And over the course of the next season that happened and other incidents happened over and over again. The boy being every time hurt, physically and mentally. The swine having so much fun tripping up this boy and the boy having a terrible time.But it’s funny because the boy who was getting tripped up is a great person, who has never caused any trouble, but the swine is an absolute failure in life. So because this swine is a failer he makes himself better by hurting the brilliant boy. But after all the bullying he was victim to he is no longer a brilliant boy. He is a broken boy.

Cathal Owens

“Your Generation”

“I’d hate to live in your generation” my mother would say to me,
“Glued to phones, no social skills it makes no sense to me,
Exposed to everything drugs, sex and everything wild,
Mistakes on social media ruining people’s lives”

“Your generation ain’t too great either”, I say back to her
2Blacks having no rights, everything censored
Children raped by “the holy men”, gays ashamed of themselves
Believe everything the priest says, thinking “why can’t we just think for ourselves?””

Adam Gilmore

Mind is Blank

My mind is blank,

I cannot think,

All my ideas gone down the sink,

Teacher said to write a poem

Something, anything before I go home.


I thought about a dog and a bone,

A girl and a phone,

A boy all alone.


“Time’s up” teacher said,

Still no ideas had come into my head,

Handing up my page, stomach filling with dread

1, 2, 3 steps I took

Handing it up not daring to look.

Quickly, I turned my back,

Running away and not looking back!

Ciaran Quinn

Kindling Sticks

Home on a cold winters night,

We sit there shivering and freezing,

When all at once my knight in shining armor comes along.


In his hand lay an orange bag,

Kindling sticks galore,

As he came in the door

My heart filled with adore.


He filled up the fire,

My heart filled with desire

Never was I cold again.


Brian O’Reilly

Another day

Another day another dawn,

When I spawn,

In the morn,

Like I was only born,

On go the clothes all torn,

And off I go to harvest the corn,

The bull runs at me with is horn,

Another day Another dawn

Barry McGing

One Day

Why one day you wake up and things don’t seem the same


You feel lost and confused there is one less person to amuse


How could this happen to me when only yesterday we sat and played but now your gone so


we can no longer sing our favourite songs why me why me why me all the fun and joy we


shared and now your gone all over some sill names and mean playground games

why me why me why me ?


Ryan Mulligan

Early morning

All dark when the gym doors open

An hour or two before school

An hour or two after school


Ciaran Flanagan

My Parents

You are both special in every way,
Encouraging me more and more each passing day.

You both are the reason why I’m so strong,
With you two at the helm not a thing could go wrong.

You’ve both helped me through many trials and tribulations,
You’ve made things better in every situation.

Thank you both for always being there,
And showing me that you truly care.

Words could never explain how I feel about you,
But I hope you know that I truly love you two!

Finnian Brady



The only change I get is in my pocket

I use it to buy some chocolate

Some may poke fun because of that

But I threaten to hit them with a bat


I’d like to change

But I’m stuck at home trying to rearrange

My entire life which is a mess

As I keep trying to progress


I’d like to change

But I know I can’t

Sitting at home with my aunt


All I want to do is fucking change!


Oisin Hunt

Alone is


Alone is the child bullied in school…

Alone is the man that acts like a fool…

Alone is the girl cutting her flesh…

Alone is the man using meth…

Alone is the woman who takes a drink…

Alone is the child who doesn’t think…

Alone is the man who lives by the sword…

Alone is the man that doesn’t know the lord…

Alone is the king with no queen…

Alone is the life that is unseen…


Ciaran Murphy.



Never did I know until I got one

That creatures of their kind

Can’t be forgotten


So often we witness

Cases of abuse so shocking

Just like the Chinese who snatch

and kill them by knives chopping


people what’s the catch?

Why are we not stopping?

Dogs are man’s best friend

Our cruelty is mind boggling


Ruairi merrick

The Last 25


As you make that final turn

And push off the wall

Two meters ahead of your closest competitor

But you know the race isn’t yet won

Attacks coming from behind

Sensing the guy catch up with you

Needing to pull ahead

But every muscle is aching

Not knowing if you will make it

But you pull on ahead

Knowing the last year of training

Wasn’t for second place

Giving the last few metres

Everything that you own

But when you hit that board first

And the crowd cheers and roars

You know it was all worth it

Every early morning

All the nights out you missed

They all seem worth it

Because you pushed that last 25


Bad Day In The Media Lab


We sat in the media lab from 9 till 4,

thank god, there was no more.

We were heading for the door,

as our backs became sore.


Many in the corner fast asleep,

while others were dazed counting sheep

Teacher sitting up the top,

dreaming about that old pizza shop.


Many swinging on their chair,

teacher staring down without a care.

It was very easy to understand,

this class was way out of hand.


Kieran Fahey



Running down the pitch with the Ball in hand

All the fans are screaming Packed in the stand

Pass it to your teammate with a nice handpass

He drops the ball and it bounces on the grass

He tries to pick it up but he gets surrounded

Gets hit with a shoulder and now he’s grounded

Play continues, the opponents have the ball

I try to get it back, I give it my all

I hit him with a big tackle and give away a free

Everyones back now, defense is the key

There main man steps up and looks at the posts

He looks very nervous, as if he saw a ghost

He kicks the ball wide, and there heads drop

The match is nearly over, its about to stop

We’re up by a point as the ref blows it up

We all scream and cheer as our captain lifts the cup


Jason Kelly

The Dream Of Croker


This is what we fight for,

Every night and every day,

And the dream of every person is to just

Go out and play,

Some dreams are hard fought for,

Some do hope and pray,

For the chance to chant in glory,

On all Ireland final day

The final


All the build up

Planning the game,

I walked out onto,

The big green carpet


Shaking hands and

Shaking with fear,

We got our huddle,

Got in position.


The ref blew the whistle,

Both teams in straight away,

Sunday leagues and filthy challenges

Been thrown in from all angles.


As the 45th minute approached,

As the corner swung in at the edge of the box,

I connected sweetly and sent the ball right into

The top left corner.


Half time came and the lads were delighted,

Non-stop battling,

Non-stop talk.


2nd half began,

At the same pace as the 1st,

Yellows been giving left right and centre,

The ref having none of it.


The minutes soon passed by,

Crowd in a loud voice all game,

Singing and chanting players names,

Inspiring them to keep on form.


85th minute and our left winger

Got brought down in the box,

Once again in the game,

Another Sunday league.


I stepped up to put the icing

On the cake to make it 2-0,

Without a doubt ,it hit the back

Of the net.


The fans went mad,

As did the managing staff,

We had won the cup final,

A great day had by all

By Dave Mccracken