St Joseph’s CBS, Nenagh, Tipperary


Another tablet, a few more meds

Theres no need to worry it’s all in your heads,

You’re too young to know,

You won’t understand,

Our whole life is grey,

It all feels so bland.

What the fuck is cancer?

Please give me an answer,

Why are you so angry?

Why always so mad?

Will you ever get better?

Get back what we had,

I hope and I pray

That someday we will

Get the life back we had

before you got ill.



He longs to impress

All he can do is his best

His tone, his own

His popularity


Conor Brennan

The Man

A man walked the streets, passing several people go by.

He never spoke bad about anyone, always full of smiles.

While he did smoke weed, he was rarely seen high.

You’d never hear a complaint, though he walked for miles.

Despite being a kind young lad,

His overly friendly nature had been classed as mad.


It was early December, the man’s 21st birthday

He walked through streets, entering an old shop

A woman was inside, and the man said “hey”

That was before he was greeted with an axe’s chop.

The brutal attack led to a fallen head,

Within seconds, the man was dead…

– John Clerihan

The Life…


The life of a gamer,

Late nights,

Trying to beat your highest streak,

Using your sleek

Kill streaks,

Can of monster to stay awake,

Not noticing the neck ache,

Until you take a break.


My tactics aren’t dirty,

I don’t camp,

To eventually get my 30,

I hate noobs,

Using their under barrel tubes,

Camping in corners,

As people run in to be killed,

To become mourners.


Or hard scopers,

Laying in the grass,

On their ass,

Picking people off,

One by one,

Using their overpowered  gun…


-Luke Carroll

The Nervous Driver

I’m driving

Keep my eyes on the road

I’m passing the border

Keep my head straight

Don’t look guilty

They check my id

I keep my cool

They wave me through

I’m so relieved

My marijuana is safe

Let’s get high.

Ronan Costello


I saw a light at the same time everyday
I’ve always tried to grab but it was far away
I told myself one day I would find out what it is
Some days I’d think it was my mind’s playing mind games

Had a vision that I’d be the greatest
But remembered that it wouldn’t be the easiest
But that’s when my confidence increased
And my depression decreased

Then I thought it through
That’s about me and not you
Doesn’t matter if I’m doing it alone
I would probably do it better alone

Ahmed Attia

A Night I will Never Forget

At the dawning of bright,

To the crack of the night

We worked with distort,

Until it was stopped short.


For the both of us we did not know,

That one of us, at home we would not show

That night a tragedy happened

That would forever make my life blacken.


by Ronan Kelly

Pressure to decide


Pressure to choose a job

To know your career

Pressure to study hard

To be prepared for life

Pressure of your parents

Not to disappoint

Pressure of the pressure

Just keeps building.


Mark Quigley



You strive to be the best

You try for which seems like all your life, but finally

They let you in, you play, you mess


You finally believe that you have reached the top

But for some strange reason , without any hint

It all comes to a stop


Things had been great

There was no reason for regret

Except for the part where you never seemed to get

That you were used you , deceived you

Against your personal pride

All for what reason

That had never complied


Jake O’Kelly



Life is like a box of chocolates,

You don’t know what you’re going to get,

But whatever hand you’re dealt,

Just try not to be upset.

Conor Hough

The clash of the ash

The clock hit one

The big day was here.

Huddled together

Then was the cheer


We ran out in pride

We ran out as one.

Drilled into our heads

“Get out and have fun”


The ball was thrown in

Adrenaline starts pumping

Ball comes to me

Heart rate starts running


But then I was hit

Would I be alright

Its broken they said

Then started the fight


My big day was over

All gone in a flash

It all ended with

The clash of the ash.

Billy McGrath

Sporting Regrets


We been all told we learn from mistakes,

But never seen the way they awake,

The clock runs down ,

And you feel like you have created a mess,

The whisle blow and our gushes undress,

Most contain theirs with a simple shake

But our trainer consoles most with

Remember no mistakes, only lessons. Trust yourself,

Trust your choices, and everything is possible.

Jack Boland

I wake Up

I wake up today dreading the day

Thinking of yesterday

I get up for school

Grabbing food for the way

Off I get dreading the day

Thinking of yesterday

Until finally my day came to an end.


Cathal duke












                                                                                                             Billy Seymour



Success isn’t given

Its earned on the track, on the field, in the gym

With blood, sweet and tears


                                                                           Shane Flynn

The Candy Shop

As we got into class it was about to begin,

I do believe everyone was in,

The teacher came in and slammed the door,

he then shouted shut up sit down ye may talk no more,

We started off the day doing our maths,

But maths to me is a pain in the ass,

The teacher was explain the math,

But I day dreamed about being in the bath,

The teacher then shouted my name,

It was my time to have some fame,

The teacher asked me what my answer was,

I began to blush around my jaws,

The teacher then began to roar,

It sounded to me he was as cross as a boar,

As she moved on to the next student ,

The sweat on my head acted as a coolant,

I had gotten away with it this time,

So I began to drink my lemon and lime,

And As the sweating began to stop,

I began to dream about being in a candy shop……..



Your best

They tell you to try your best

But you think it’s never enough

Try your best in training

You’re still on the side-line for the match

Try your best in school

Teachers still give out and tell you to do better

But, at the end of the day, you still tried

You put in effort and worked hard

No one can take that from you

Eventually your hard work will pay off

Peter Ryan

Little Baby

Little baby Oh so small
One day you will be big and tall
I watch you while you laugh and play
My love for you grows

Diarmuid Boyle

The breaker


I was in the yard at 5 to 9

Ready to tack up and arrive out on the gallops for time

Today I was on a breaker, a young horse not used to the routine


I was out the back

I gave the go ahead and off we took around the gallop

We hadn’t got around the first bend when I found myself panned out on the ground


No feeling on the left side of my body

As the young breaker stood over me

Wondering what he had done wrong….

                                                                                                              Peter Folan


The match is tied

We get a free

Looking for someone to take it

Everyone points towards me


I take a deep breath

As I rise the ball

It goes over the post

It was a close call


The umpire reaches for the flag

And the crowd cheers

They roar so loud

That it fills my ears


Then the ref blows the whistle

And the championship is ours

The celebrations will last

For hours and hours



Killian Malone

A Glorious Day

It was a glorious day,

Early September

Like a bird of prey,

One to remember


Battles to be fought,

Rearing like a bull

Tickets were bought,

Hill 16 was full


The blue and gold,

Were ready for war

Young and old,

All acoounted for


But at the end of the day,

Dissapointment came

We went way, never forgetting,

The beautiful game.


Eoin Gleeson


The Uncontrollable Disease

It starts of like a little prick on the finger’

But yet as it all happens you will feel it,

When it strikes it will hit like a train.

It happens to those we least expect,

Some may hide it well by putting on a smile,

Some may make us laugh and some will hide it.


As that little prick grows others may not notice

And more may not care,

But you as yourself will know that the disease has stroke.

Don’t be afraid to speak and tell,

You may be scared,

Or very afraid of judgement but don’t you worry

If you speak others may be able to help.


In your heart and soul the feeling will spread like an uncontrollable disease,

It caress you soul until you can take no more,

And it will explode inside you,

You may not be able to take no more,

But like ones it can be told it can be cleared,

Nothing is impossible and like any other disease

You can be helped and cured.



                                                                                       Seamus O Meara

The Big Match

Twas the night before the final,

And all through the town,

Not person could sleep,

With the thought of that crown.


The ref blew his whistle,

And the game started,

But after ten minutes,

All our hope had departed.


We came down to earth,

With a crash and a bang,

But we stayed til the end,

And our team’s praises were sang.


When the day was over,

There was sorrow all through the glen,

But we had played with pride,

And we played like men.


Seán McTiernan


Waking up for school dreading to meet the dinosaur

For some reason she prefers to prey on me

Her technique is not to be your best,

But to be better than the teacher’s pet

How can I get my work done when pride in your work is not her motivation, but fear

She only curls her lip at the prey while they hang they’re head in frustration

Minds only filled with student and teacher aggression

Frank Lynch

The finger pointer.


I did a fart

It seemed to last all day

I huffed and I puffed

Couldn’t blow it away


Now here I am

An hour away

Everybody’s laughing

I’m still the same

A victim in the blame game.



The pointer’s gone home

It’s now the next day

For me life goes on

But not much has changed

It maybe insignificant,

To me its more than farting

Today it’s not me

But there’s still pointing and laughing.

Christoir Hayes AKA -(S)Hitman

The Miss

Everyone is still

We’re down one goal to nil

In the box I go down

And their fans start to frown

The penalty is to us

And score I must

The ball begins to fly

But it’s 2 meters too high

And as the whistle blows

The tears begin to flow.



Evan Murphy


Wake up for school in the morning

Is like waking up to a tactical warning

Mum shouting get out of bed

While you feel like part of the walking dead

No time to eat breakfast

Going to miss the bus, better be fast


Got to school just on time

With the foyer looking like a war crime

First class maths which I’m not the best

And the teacher thinking I’m a bit of a pest


Next is English where I excel

Still waiting for that precious bell

Irish now the last of the day

But unfortunately there is a bit of delay


Caught for cheating in English

Thought today would be finished

Day get longer by the hour

Will go home and have a shower


Today was a bit of a Bain

Now time to start it all over again



When there’s work to be done

You have no interest

Imagination runs wild

But every once a year

You get the chance to use your gift

Imagination runs dry.

Imagination is the hardest part of you to use

Gone when you need it

There when you don’t

Imagination is must valuable when you are an adult

When you grow older imagination fades

It’s beaten out of your brain

Imaginations is greatest as a child

But doesn’t have much use at that age.

As an adult knowledge roams.

Cathal Ryan


My heart beat increased.

There was 2 points in it

I was in goal

He stood over the ball and gazed towards the clouds past my goal

My heart beat increased

Going for a point wasn’t an option they needed a goal

A single bead of sweat dripped from my forehead to well-worn ground that I’ve been on for the past 30 minutes

The atmosphere suddenly became unbearable

My heart beat increased

The ball was launched in and the past year of training and work flashed before my eyes

Was it all a waste?

It was up to me catch it

My heart beat increased

The ball started to drop

It wouldn’t have made it over anyway

I let out a roar

It was now labelled my ball

My heart beat increased

It got closer

I leaped

The doubts were flooding into my head

The ball was spinning

It was uncatchable

Liam Hayes

Great Expectations

Expected to act like an adult

Treated like a child

No power in today’s world

Teachers nagging in school

And we leave with hours of homework

When the year comes to an end

We are judged on how much information can stay in our minds

Life of a teenager is hard…


Hughie Quigley


Individuality is key,

All I want is to be me,

My attire,

Will aspire,

To be whatever I want it to be

Fiachra Carey

My Hole in One Verse

One morning I woke up to quiet a surprise

I had made the Ireland golf team

I was speechless

Didn’t know what to say or do

The text left on my phone read

‘You’ve made it’

All my hard work was just about to pay off

When I only dreamed of this day coming

The dream was truly about to begin.


Ronan Ducie

Da Fox in da Night

I was walking home at night,

When I spotted a lone fox in the moon light,

His sleek coat lit up bright,

As if it had been set alight,

He edged in and out of sight,

Masked by the shadow of the night,

He snuck around very quiet,

And looked as if he might take flight,

He might have thought he was a kite,

But he would probably fear the height.


Limerick via Nenagh

There was once a lad from Qatar

Who bought a beat down car

The seller forgot to mention

It had a lawnmower engine

He never really went too far

Stephen Kirwan

Why I Play

I play hurling everyday

It’s the best in the world

That is why I play the game.



Connor McCarthy

My Summer

My Summer was great

My Summer involved farming

My Summer wasn’t too great

My Summer involved being giving out by my father

My Summer still was good

My Summer involved work for no money

My Summer wasn’t good

My Summer is now over and as I look back

My Summer was crap.

Albert Purcell

The Finger Pointer.


I did a fart

It seemed to last all day

I huffed and I puffed

Couldn’t blow it away

Christoir Hayes