Scoil Mhuire, Ennistymon, Co. Clare

Aqua Dream

Silhouettes of dolphins
Jumping in the golden sunsets
At play with bobbing boats
In the sky blue sea.
The ocean dreams fast, dark and strong
Like waves in a storm.
Its dreams remember all the accidents
The tragedies it swallowed.
Plastic choking turtles playing.
The ocean wakes
To surfers surfing waves
Off the coastlines of a nightmare.

My Home

My very first steps, when it became a home,
Our very first pets: fish, cats and a bounding dog,
The first day of school, when anxiety turned to excitement,
Each Christmas, sleep deprived, wound up, enlightened,
Each birthday but the years just keep flying past,
The last day of school, saying goodbye at last,
Coming home from class, piled up with work,
Celebrating being finished exams, what a perk.

The Feeling

The first step on the pitch
Knowing that the butterfly’s I had meant something deep within
The second I felt this I knew it was for me,
The love I got from scoring
The love I got from my team
The amazing thoughts I had of reaching my dreams
The Clare minor team coming true.


Where people opinions shape the person you are
Where their hurtful words leave deep scars
Where you’re frowned upon for being different
Why are their opinions so significant?

Where she said he said “what a tramp”
Where everyone acts the same how is no one bored
Where we tear each other down
Why do I do it? I am nobody’s clown.

Where their happy smiles are only ever fake
Where I become a different person just for others sake
Where there’s so much pressure to act a certain way
Paint on your mask, like you’re putting on spray

Where through this grief I have learned a lesson
Be happy with who you are, count every blessing
People will treat you like shit and then like royalty
I guess that’s just one big cheers to society

The Field

The first day of camogie,
Not knowing a thing,
The love that lies between the person and the field,
The feeling of a low when you lose,
The feeling of a high when you won,
The dreams of a future coming true,
The love for nothing else but the feeling of sliotar hitting the back net,
The cheers filling the air and the butterfly’s in my stomach flying away.

That Day

When you first came home
From where you were then to where you are now
Your first steps to your last
The happiness you felt from being home
The memories that were made
To the words that were said
The tears that you cried
And the blood that you bled
The laughs that filled the room
And the stories that were told
The memories you were made of
Stay with you when you are old

Those Memories

Those childhood memories you quickly forgot,
We remember every happy 25th of December,
So many memories I love me knots.

The games we played
And all the joy we had,
We don’t forget
The people that stayed,
Just thinking of these memories make me sad.


That day in November
Raindrops hitting the windows
A big black shadow
Appearing upon my wall
Shades of umbra slowly fall
The rain started to stop
As the person hit the ground with a drop.
He is someone I really love
And will be in the heavens high above


I grew up in the place
Where my childhood memories unfurled.
Where my heart is rooted
To the ground where my family and my friends are.
The town where I live.
The place where I am never alone.
Where I want to be.
My country.
My home.


The summer nights
The laughs with friends
The family fights

Our smiles and tears
The 3 am talks
About hopes and fears

My teenage years
Were the best they could be
And now I am left with memories

So don’t forget
To live your life
Because if you don’t
It’ll pass you by

The Rosette

The stable doors open,
I walking in,
The ride I will never forget,
The feeling I got from the competition,
The cheers ringing from the crowds,
The butterfly’s in my stomach at the start,
The feeling of joy when I jumped a clear round,
The happiness felt inside me when I receive the rosette.

This Generation

Social media junkies,
Fake tan addicts,
Never gets off their phones,
Netflix watchers,
To caught up with celebs,
To afraid to step out of the crowd,
Wears shot dresses to discos,
Trying to blend in.


Summer is where priceless childhood memories were made,
Cycling to friends’ houses,
The sun in my face,
Daydreaming about what the future holds.

The hurley and sliotar in hand,
Spending hours with friends at the local pitch,
Matches every weekend,
Nothing I love more.

Trips to Lahinch,
Swims in the beautiful Atlantic,
Gossiping with friends,
Sunburnt cheeks and endless freckles.

Family trips to exotic countries,
Stepping off the plane and the heat hits your face,
Relaxation at its best,
Sandy hair and colourful bikinis

The best time of year,
The summers of my youth
I don’t want to grow up


I don’t hate you, I just hate the hurt you put me through
All the nights crying in bed thinking about you,
Trying to stay silent so no one would hear.
You made me feel special, but now I’m questioning everything you told,
You made me so happy with all your lies,
You are a king, but only through you’re own eyes.
We tried again, but it wasn’t meant to be,
You don’t realize the hurt you caused me.
You were the one who wanted more than just a fling
I gave back the scabby promise ring.
You’re ego grew, and shrunk your heart,
You tore my whole world apart.

All my worries and all my doubts
Got proven right, when I heard you talking to her that night.
My hands were shaking, had a lump in my throat,
Then I saw her wearing your coat,
Then I saw you kiss her,
I believed you when you said you didn’t miss her,
Cause I really thought you were going to be my mister.

The Game

The day I first fell in love with the game,
Seeing my idol dominating the game,
But nothing felt as great as the day I got to play it myself,
Stepping on the freshly cut grass,
Getting a full feel of the worn down ball,
Preparing and practicing,
To one day be as good as him,
Nothing can ever beat the feeling of knowing you have to step up for the team,
Dig deep,
Knowing that you are not just playing for yourself but for others


I want to travel abroad
In many years to come
I wouldn’t go alone
As I would become very bored
I want to go to Italy or maybe even Greece
To visit the countrysides as well as the seas
I want to experience different cultures
To widen my perspective
I might go to the louvre
To see some famous sculptures
This would be a dream of mine
Sitting in a restaurant with my friends
Enjoying ourselves over a bottle of wine

My Dogs

The thoughts within their mind,
The touch of hitting off all the briers,
The chase of the cats in the garden
The look on their face when they roll over,
The protection you have when the cars pull in,
The summer nights of playing ball,
The nights the ball got lost and some way the dog finds it,
This is the love I share for them,
This is the love I feel for them.

Why Us?

The most common topic,
No one knows ,
Always don’t blame us,
Them blaming others,
I didn’t make the plastic excuses,
Only some taking action,
Others ignoring it,
Why is it up to us? Why?


Gratefulness is key,
I have a family that is caring,
I have friends that dream with me,
My dog that brings happiness to the home,
The feeling I get when I leave them,
My life is not perfect but it is as close as it could possibly be,
I am happy and complete


My little baby, black and white baby, sweety bunny, always hungry but also funny.
A bit fat, long ears, big paws, so smooth, sweet little pink nose: here’s my sweety Bounty.
Always running, never stopping, eating all our chargers, always asking for hazelnuts.
Falling asleep everywhere any time, eating a lot.
Bringing joy and laughter.
Having caresses, having a lot of love.
Being the happiest.
Being the cutest.

One Morning in Summer

It was 8 o’clock in the morning
When I heard my dad screaming
I thought he was saying something to me
But I was tired and I didn’t care about it
So I kept sleeping .
When I woke up at 11
I went down stairs for break fast
I was 8 and I was scared to go down stairs.
When I was in the kitchen
I could see my dog hiding under the sofa,
That was very weird.
When I saw my dad
I asked him if everything was ok
And he explained me
Why the dog was hiding under the sofa
And why he scrimped.
My dog dedicate all night to eat the cable
Of the new jacuzzi,
He was very hungry
Because the jacuzzI arrived two days ago
And we didn’t even try it.
Next day my dad was very happy
And didn’t care at all
About what my dog did the day before
Because he repaired the jacuzzi.

Summer Days

My summer days is the time of the year
The wind going through my ears
Salty air in my lungs
The happiness in the air
Fills me with joy
The wind blowing my hair

Long nights spent with friends
Talking all night
I hate when summer ends

The World

Everybody is unique in this world,
But doesn’t come out perfect like Disneyworld.
No one have sidekicks or magic
Sometimes it may end in a terrible tragic
Climate change, war and problems,
Anything can be solved in Autunm.
Happiness, sadness and fear,
Every emotion can be seen very clear.


From finishing what seemed like the biggest problem in my life at that time,
I had finally finished the big JC,
Headed towards the mountains,
With a big bag rattling mad,
Hammered was the plan,

We were as free
As a tree,
No worries until we needed to leave,
All I wanted was chicken curry
I won’t be forgetting the night in a hurry.


Our school days,
“The best of our life”
Writing essays,
That teach us nothing.
Constantly stressed,
I want it to end,
I don’t feel blessed,
Not one happy to attend.
I’m so tired,
I wish I could be fired.
I need a break,
Many are fake,
Please tell me these aren’t the best of our life.


Alarm goes off, the sound echoing through my head
Eyes closing again, have to drag myself out of bed
Putting my uniform on, have to race down the stairs
No time for breakfast but nobody cares

Get in my neighbours car and drive to school,
Nobody speaks, I’m not in the mood
Get out of the car and into school

Class starts, no homework done
Second time this week,
Teacher is angry
School is not fun

Last class is ending,
Counting the seconds
The bell rings
My home beckons

Walk in the door
Report card came
Mom is angry
I get the blame


The power between friends
The secrets deep within
The trust that grows amongst
Day after day,
The advice that works both ways,
The dreams that we share,
The love we have for each other,
Will never go away.


5 days a week, for six long years
We count up the hours we’ve spent with our peers
We walk the halls, we go to class
And one day soon it will be our last

One day we will move on
And we won’t regret
The times we had
That we won’t forget


The big jc is over
All the gals are headed to mine
With not able yo even sit on a chair

With us all dancing bad
And laughing mad
To say a good night was had
And nothing left to do but eat a big curry