Carrigtwohill Community College, Carrigtohill, Co. Cork

Not as Simple

It’s not as simple as it seems, for people like you and me.
The things we go through the things that are said,
They repeat over and over inside our head.
You hope that one day it’ll all come to an end.
Why do you still feel you aren’t good enough?
The truth is your fighting with yourself, driving yourself mad but why?
Because in today’s society you’re shown an alternated version of how you should be,
Society’s pressuring you to change and you don’t know how.
It’s all just for validation from the world but it needs to change now.



I’m here far away from home,
Trying to please with exams,
But all I seem to do is disappoint.
I’m here farway from home,
Trying to see the good in people,
But I seem to get hurt.
I’m here far away from home,
Trying to be smart,
But I end up making silly mistakes.

I’m here at home,
With a big family that loves and respects me.
I’m here at home,
With great friends that will always help me.
I’m here at home,
With pets that will always give me a cuddle when I’m lonely.
I’m here at home, safe.


Not Like Any Day

I am woken up by my Mom,
I started to straggle down the stairs to eat my breakfast.
Like any other day.
But today is not like any other day.

I go back upstairs,
Then get changed, brush my teeth, and get in the car.
Like any other day.
But today is not like any other day.

I wait in the car for my Mom to drive me to school,
We get to the school and she drops me off at the door.
Like any other day.
But today is not like any other day.

I look at my watch and realise that I’m late,
I walk into school and join my classmates in assembly.
Like any other day.
But today is not like any other day.

After eight hours of classes and after school study,
My Mom collects me from school.
Like any other day.
But today is not like any other day.

We drive out onto the road and talk about going to get coffee
But then a speeding driver hits our car and sends us flying
I am intact but my Mom is unconscious
I reach for my phone and call an ambulance,
In a few minutes the paramedics arrive
I ride with them in the van
During the drive, I notice my mom is losing blood rapidly.
Later I am called
And told that my Mom didn’t make it
I lost my mom this day.
This is why this day is not like any other day.

Killian Kavanagh

The Secret Path of Real Ease

Walking down the path
The further I go down the path,
the more I think what’s going through my head what will happen next,
what will I do next, where do I go next
“The path” the only place we’re every feeling
And emotion in my body will pass by
Every secret and memory will be realised from my head

On my way back the feeling if realise
You never feel more peace
Everything just gone
New page
No more feeling like you’re in a cage


Why Me

Why me I think that sometimes,
Like looking within and looking for rhymes,
I reflect on the past and I learn for the future,
My leg is broken and I need a new chair,
I’m still afraid only now I’m mature,
I’m not asking for a lot I’m not asking for more.


The Room with the Broken Mirror

I step into the dark, dimly lit room,
A mirror faces me, I don’t recognise my reflection,
What faces me is a grotesque monster, it’s inhuman,
It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,

It’s arms covered in gashes and bruises,
Scars from the words spoken by others,
It looks drained of life, of a soul, hollow,
A shell of a creature, skin and bone,

It’s face is non-existent,
Strands of blonde hair fall where the cheeks should be,
I recoil in disgust, disturbed by the shocking sight,
I leave the dark room,

Back into the world of hate and fear,
Back to the words spoken by others,
As I stand there, I long for the dark room with the broken mirror,
The monster that faces me is more welcoming.


The Ticking of the Clock

From the ticking of the clock
And sharpest of the rocks
You could fall through

Brightest of the lights
Longest of the nights
You could fall through

Shortest of breath
More and more steps
You could fall through

Loudest of the noise
The smarter the boys
You could fall through

Shinier the pearls
Worn by the girls
Everybody falls through


Our World

Ice is melting, coal is smelting, and Rain is pelting.
The forests are destroyed and the oceans are polluted.
Skies are grey, rain in May, it’s an awful day.
Our world is dying right in front of our eyes.
Humans crying, Animals dying, Government lying.
Will this ever change?
Heart is breaking the world is aching.
We need to do something now!


A System

I coming from a system that believes in testing your ability to predict your future.
If we all followed that prediction, the education would be a hypocritical system.
I come from an era that is so technologically minded and yet we think it’s bad for us.
Schools want us to work hard instead of using our brain to try and work smarter.
We are told to pick this and pick that for the future that we have yet to start.

Jack Barrett


An area where GAA is treated like war
A divided area
The addicted and the sellers
Defence of postcodes you don’t own
The good and the better
Sport stars and hard hits
Only the best for east Cork

Niall Harte


Out feeding calves on the cold winter nights,
With the nights being 0 degrees,
Calves screeching for their sleepy milk,
Which they love and can’t live without,
It takes a minute for a calf to drink,
Which goes down their small little stomach,
They get energy that make them go wild,
But after the wildness they go too silence,
At last sleeping and snoring on their comfortable straw.

Seán Ahern

My Life

My life is so boring
As I watch everyone soaring
Climbing up the social ladder
Believing nothing else matters
Than being an alcoholic
Yet I’m the problem
Because my friends think I’m solemn
I’m now just left on my own


My Village

I come from a village that I call home
I loved it the best place I know
I knew it inside and out
And I’m sure I did without a doubt
Until I hit that age
And I felt it wasn’t the same
Under covering the modern shame

Of the narcotics and other drugs
And drinks that destroyed the liver
People don’t make it home for dinner
Only if it would stop
So the parents of today
Don’t need to worry about
Their kids’ life’s fading away



Trekking the snowy lands with my shotgun and my lab,
Were looking to strike a bit of gold.
Out of the corner of my eye I see a pheasant rise,
And I go for it with my browning 525

Down came this bird with a bang and a thud,
I though we’re eating good tonight,
There goes my lab with all his might,
Going to make sure the bird doesn’t fly.

He came with the bird all battered and bruised,
As proud as proud could be,
I gave him a pet and took the bird,
“On” I said to our next rise.



Being a kid was really easy
Nowadays I’m stressed and always busy

Always looking for something to do
But end up being bored in my room

With the temptation to go for drink or drugs
But maybe all I need is a hug

Found out a good life isn’t easily done
With the need to be sinful for a bit of fun.



Glasses for looking,
Pots for cooking.
iPads for Googling,
Books for doodling.

Eat some pie,
Put on your tie.
Go out the door,
Have a big roar.

Away you go,
Along with your toe,
Put on a show,
How low can you go?

Lemon and lime,
The clock will chime.
Monkey and Donkey together forever,
Table and chair never ever.

Massive car,
Driving on tar,
Off to new land,
With golden sand.

Can’t think of no more,
Must do a chore.
Take a bow,
Say bye for now.


The Ball is Thrown

The ball is thrown in and I start again,
Every beginning the same but more anxiety to tame
When the balls comes, my heart races as I try the impress,
when really I’m under fierce distress.
Half time comes and I get a break,
Only to have time to tend to my multiple aches.
I see everyone else so perfect and skilled only to find out that’s only skin deep.
After many sessions I ask for help, but really I just need to weep
A metaphor for life

Clara McCarthy


Walking on to the pitch with my brothers,
Waiting for the war that was about to start,
On the side-line, scared to see me was mother,
I could feel the fear that was in her heart,

What she didn’t get was the passion,
That came with every session,
That was represented in every mash in,
But that right there is the question,

Would they put their neck on the line for me if I was to stand with them?

And to answer this question is yes they would,
As my brothers on the team, they show no bounds.

Craig Murphy


I’m sick of this school, the arguments, the raging.
My brain is acting like a fool.
The books, the people that gives you the looks.
5 days of this, more arguments more raging just to do it all over again.
All of your friends you can trust can turn into a rust.
My world has changed for the worst.
Something I hate.
I cannot trust the arguments.
The raging we have all fought.
All we can trust is the study we love.

Mark Durango

Sick Of

I’m sick of the system
From the second you enter till the second you leave
You’re told you need to be like this
You need to be like that
From the second you enter till the second you are on your own back
I can’t do it
I can’t swim because unfortunately I’m drowning from within


A Tail for a Tail

At the crack of dawn,
A young cat wanders on the side of the road,
When a growing noise from down the road,
Begins to grow closer and closer,
Suddenly a faithful smash,
Left a cat silent and still,
Yet in shock and pain clinging on for life,
Waits to be found,
Not going into the light,
Help soon came,
And the cat pulled through,
But the price for his life and to go on and tell the tail,
He had to pay with his tail.

John Nolan


Irish is a waste of time
7up tastes like lemon and lime
I hate waking up early for school
I’d rather be in Spain by a swimming pool

The world is slowly dying
Hungry children are crying
I really want to go home
So this is the end of the poem

Liam Moore