Dungarvan CBS, Dungarvan Co. Waterford

I Try

I hate the doubt, the negativity, the judgement,
I hate the fear, lack of belief, presumptions,
People look, people stare and people don’t care,
People fail, give up, give in, and worry,
But not me
I try, I fail, I try again,
I don’t give in, I try, try again,
I fall, collapse, doubt,
Do things I hate. Don’t believe
I succeed, I dedicated,
I believed and doubted
I did it.

Padraic Dwane


Be grateful for every breath
Be grateful for every step you take
Remember your friends and family
And the people who help you along the way

Learn from your mistakes
Build on your success
Follow your dreams
And be yourself

Conor Fennell

A Silent Mind

A silent mind makes no noise,
Analyse each step that the asphalt has offered,
Distrust will guide you to the enemy,
Because most likely he will be sleeping with you,
We are people from what we have learned,
It was knowing who woke the beasts that had fallen asleep,
Anger is reflected in vengeful eyes,
That they close after the rage of another pride that is hurt.

Jorge Miranda


Think what you wanna think,
Do what you wanna do,
Be who you wanna be,
But you want and never are.

You have the right to be,
You have the right to think,
You have the right to want,
But you want and never have.

You want to complain,
You want to criticize,
You want to lament,
But you lament and never act.

You deserve to improve,
You deserve to fight,
You deserve to like
But you like and never love.

Iker Javier Pérez Omar


You won’t always be happy,
You won’t always feel yourself,
But whenever you are in doubt
They’ll always be help.

You won’t always be sad,
They’ll always be light
But whenever your down,
They’ll always be help

Michael Coakley


What is ”fun”?
Is it a method? Is it an achievement?
Or is it just a word?
Truth is its none of those things.
Let me tell you what it is.
Its something that give you the will to live.
Its what give you the motivation to meet people.
It gives meaning to life. It a moment in time that is everything you want it to be.
It is exciting, loveable and most importantly…

Joe Walsh

I Walked

I walked in from the cold winter.
The smell of sweat hit my nose.
I walked into the room and put my gear on.
I walked down to the mats,
Took off my flip flops
And got ready to go to war
We started with a warm up
Then stretched to get us loose.
Drilling techniques to perfection.
I messed up the movement
But I didn’t stop trying
And now came time for sparring.
I called upon a friend
My favourite person to train with
And then the battle began.
First we wrestled on the feet.
And I was slammed into the mat
He took my arm and finished me off.
Like that, it was over.
I moved on.
I found a new training partner.
This time, I was better.
I lasted until the end.
I pushed my body to breaking point and finished alive.
Time had come.
Class was over.
And it was time to finally head home.
Bruised, broken and battered,
I felt Nirvana.
I found peace inside the war.
Destroyed physically
Tired and faded
What doesn’t kill you makes you ready for next time.

Patrick Kenneally

Is It Worth It?

Is it worth it?
The hurt, the time, the pain,
For a chance for a chance of happiness.

Is it worth it?
The glory of your local parish,
Or the shame of letting people down.

Is it worth it?
Getting hyped up for one opportunity,
Putting your life on the line.

For that moment,
I believe it is.

Cathal Hunt

Dear God

There’s a lot of questions that I have about the past
And I don’t want hear it from a human you made us
So you’re the last person that I’m ever gonna ask
Tell me what’s real, tell me what’s fake
Why is everything about you a debate?
What’s the point of love?
Every time I’ve showed it
I was broken and it’s forced me just to only wanna hate

Ben Desmond


I was born in Monaghan in 2004
My mother lived through the troubles of the 80s and 90s
And my father came from a poor background in rural Waterford,
I’m 15 going on 16 and I love rugby
When I leave school, I want to do a degree in law
Then go on to become a HR manager.
When I begin to play u17 rugby,
I hope to join the Waterford juvenile rugby team or play for a rugby school
And play flyhalf or scrumhalf.
I currently work with chainsaws and mopeds in Moores Garden Machinery.

James Daly

My Bars

I rap on this beat with the rhythm and the flow
I’m the best on the mic and I’m the best on this show
All these wack ass rappers and they think they know
But I’m the best rapper and I don’t take no
As an answer
I’m a chancer
Put on a tune and I guarantee I’m the best dancer
I’m a romancer but I’m tough when I want to be
Rapping on this mic like a bad mc
I’m in class with Stephen the poet
He’s a sound guy and we all know it
But at the start he had to show it
To get our attention
Oh crap did I mention
Give me any beat and I’m bound to kill it
So I’m a finish up on this simple line
I’m a sick rapper don’t believe me that’s fine
All my bars and they are divine
My raps are like a snack and I want a bite
This is my poem goodbye goodnight


My Plan

My name is tom I am 16
I was born in Australia 2003
And moved here when I was 5.
I’m into gaa and play for club and train with my adult club.
When I leave school I want to be an electrician or go with caoillte.
I now work in the old bank and I’m saving up for flights to Australia
I’m going working in Australia for two months with an electrician.



I’m John I got it good but I had to work for what I got
I spend a bit more time with my family than my friends
My friends think they’re lucky and I’m not
But I think I got it better
I think the time I spend working, eating, talking with my family is why I am lucky
Why I’m happy it’s why I got why I have
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of them at times
But I wouldn’t swap places with them in a million years


People Call Us

People call us adults, people call us children.
People call us kids, people call us teenagers.
People call us young adults, people call us students,
Call me something, short but sweet,
But not an adult, I don’t have smelly feet.
Not for years, not for weeks,
Not for a million miles until I weep.

Tommy Condon

My Name

My names Chris,
I’m 16 years old,
I like to mess around but I’m not too bold.
I’m fairly tall, I like basketball,
I like video games, my middle names James
I’m in ty, I don’t have to try,
It’s easy this year, a reason to cheer,
The older I get, the more I fret,
I don’t know what to do when I leave my youth,
When I go home to bed, I’ll watch Father Ted,
Dreaming of success, while I have no stress.
While in sit in ty with my shirt and tie tucked,
I know that after ty, I’ll be fairly

Chris James Walsh


Sky is blue
Grass is green
I play sport
And so do you

I hate school
Hand is dead from writing and something else
Writing is boring and I start snoring

Mikey Sheehan


School is a daily routine for us.
In the morning, we’re sure to make a mess.
Even when the sun is still not up,
Here we are all day awake at 7am on the button.
The teachers are annoying us all day.
I’m dying to go home at the end of the day.
It’s dark outside after school

Kevin Butler


My name is Juan Carlos
I’m 15 years old
I’m from Spain
I live in a town nearly to Huesca
I love sport and videogames
My favourite sport is soccer
My favourite game is Fifa
This year I studying in Ireland
I’m in TY

Juan Carlos


FIFA is a game I like to play
I like to win but you cannot always win
FUT champs is a mode I like to play
Last week I was trash
Ended up breaking two remotes
But in the end its always good when you get a good pack

Alan Curran


The clash of the ash
The wear and tear
The blood and tears
The pain and gain
The skill
The hard hours put in
Is it all worth it or just crap
Its all up to you so go make it yours

Niall Browne

A Simple Game

It’s a simple game
Played by simple people
Two teams of 15 people
Play out in front of many people

All you need is a hurley, helmet
A pair of boots and a jersey
Everyone loves to win but,
Unfortunately, we cannot.

Tom O’Connell

As I Walk

As I walk in to my gym
All my techniques already mastered
I head home eat my chicken
After that ice cream I be licking
Go on a jog 8 miles long
Eat some more chicken, I wanna get strong
Come back home get straight in the bed
Everyday I be thinking of bread
I’m pretty smart I cannot deny it
Buy me some chicken so I can fry it



How does he smell that way
How are his shoulders that big
How does he show such insane speed
How is he so popular
How is he so cute
How does he get all the girls
How does he do it



Soccer, loved or hated.
The people that loves it don’t
Understand how people can hate it
And vice versa.
Soccer can make you so happy
Or so sad in only 90 minutes
Soccer can unite a whole nation
Or separate them in only one match.
My team is Real Madrid
And I hate the supporters of FC Barcelona
But when Spain is playing
We are one supporting.
That is why I love soccer.

Enrique Peris


PlayStation is the best thing you can do
If you are bored, you play PlayStation
When you are with your friend you can play with them
Online or offline
The bad thing about videogames
Is that you can create an addiction in your self
And be playing all days.
In general playing videogames is good but no always



How does she look like that
How she smell like that
How does she talk like that
How does she make the boys stare
How does she have eyes like that
How is she that smart
How is she that unique



Hurling is a way of life
Hurling improves you as a person
Hurling makes you loyal lifetime friends
Hurling keeps your body in shape
Hurling keeps your mind in shape
Hurling day in day out
Hurling is what life’s about



We didn’t get smashed but were out all night,
We thought your man on the bike wanted to fight.
I hid all night
By the bonfire site
Until we were safe again.
The guards went looking
And found nothing but our cans still cooking.


Joe Flynn